Suspend Builds as “Flower of Evil” Winds Down to its Final Episodes

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Suspend Builds as “Flower of Evil” Winds Down to its Final Episodes

South Korean romance thriller Flower of Evil is topping ratings with its fast-paced story and tear-jerking performances. Each episode is more thrilling than the previous, and cliffhangers are providing zero clues as to how the story will end and whether the two leads, Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won, will have a happily ever after. With just five episodes left, suspense is building, and viewers are on the edge of their seats as they excitedly await the show’s developments. To give the audience a little treat before the next episode airs, Joon Gi, the scriptwriter, and the director revealed new information about the series.

The Title’s Meaning

In a recent interview, the Flower of Evil scriptwriter finally broke down the drama’s concept and the meaning behind the title for supporters. As some have found the title hard to understand, the scriptwriter explained that it means a flower can bloom even in places full of evil; such is the case with Joon Gi’s character, Do Hyun Soo.

Hyun Soo, the son of a psychopathic serial murderer, has always suffered bullying, discrimination, and prejudice since young. Having grown up in hostile environments, Hyun Soo is distrustful of others and dislikes socializing until he meets Cha Ji Won, played by Chae Won, who has constantly shown her love and trust for him. Though he may perceive Ji Won as a beautiful flower whom he needs to protect, Hyun Soo does not realize he is also a flower that bloomed through the ugly cracks of evil.

On top of this interpretation, the scriptwriter also revealed that the title shares the same name as a poem collection by French poet Charles Baudelaire. The collection centers on the exclusion of marginalized people by society and highlights the presence of beauty within ugliness. Just like the character in the poems, Hyun Soo is neither absolutely evil nor absolutely good.

Hidden Juxtapositions

To add onto that, the director pointed out that there are several juxtapositions, such as good and evil, lies and truth, and love and hate, embedded in the storyline. Hyun Soo and Ji Won are the most obvious example – the more Ji Won trusted Hyun Soo, the more betrayed she felt after the truth was exposed. Likewise, the most oddly beautiful thing about love is that it can be painful at the same time.

The scriptwriter praised both Joon Gi and Chae Won for superbly portraying the complex emotions of their characters. Aside from their noteworthy individual performances, they also shared incredible chemistry.

Last Episode

With a better understanding of the drama’s intent, viewers are wondering how amazing the last episode will be. Joon Gi gave fans some insight into the finale by sharing his reactions from reading the last episode’s script. In his IG story, the actor described his mixed emotions with three emojis, including a crying, clapping, and thumbs up emoji. Though he did not spoil anything, fans completely understood his emotions based on the events in the latest episode.

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