11 Before and After Photos of Korean Actors Who Went from Skinny to Ripped

The Korean entertainment industry is filled with many good-looking and talented artistes, but when one thinks of a Korean actor, one would most likely recall an actor who has a great physique. Their perfectly crafted bodies come from years of hard work, and they all went through a period of time when they were just seen as “paper men.”

Here are 11 before and after photos of Korean actors who went from skinny to ripped!

Lee Min Ho

Kim Woo Bin

Park Seo Joon


Lee Jong Suk

Lee Soo Hyuk

Song Joong Ki

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon

Park Bo Gum

2AM’s Jo Kwon

Lee Joon Gi

Ju Ji Hoon

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Heard of a couple of these guys but for the most part don’t know any of them. So all I can say is thank you for this article. And please allow me to be shallow for a moment while appreciating these fit men and their bodies and just say… that’s hot! hahaha

    1. @gnomageddon Haha. Im not a big fan of muscle but some of them have good physique. The first few looks better because they were so twiggy, but some others like Song Joong Ki and Choi siwon…I dont know but I think they look better slim. When men are too bulky they also start looking like the Incredible hulk / The Snowman – Small head wide body . Lee Soo Hyuk in the picture there is close to that for me.

  2. hope this trend carries over to HK and mainland China. sick of the skinny twig “men” they have. Eddie Peng had a great body, but it seems he slimmed down in recent years.

  3. Hard to believe that some of them did not take steroids for their gains.

    1. @m0m0 don’t let them or the people in Hollywood fool you. Skinny guys who said they gained 10+ lbs of muscle in 6 months is either outright lying, or they used some sort of performance enhancements. It’s not genetically possible to gain that much in such a short period of time. It takes years to do so.

      People who said the did it naturally on xx amount of excercise and a strict diet are full of crap. The science behind building muscle is working out to fatigue to tear down the muscle so your body builds it up better. The point of PEDs is to help recover faster so you can do it quicker than your body can naturally do it.

  4. Some of their heads aren’t proportionate to their bodies. Looks a bit weird.

  5. I also think some dudes look better when skinny (esp if what made them attractive was their somewhat effeminate face), similar to guys like Song Joong Ki, Lee Joon Gi, Vic Zhou (who I believe actually took hormone shots to look prettier in his role back in Meteor Garden.) When they stop being skinny, it changes the way their faces look. But even with that said, they still look good, just in a different way.

    1. @coralie I agree that Song Joong Ki’s body is too muscular for his baby face. I also find when a man’s chest sticks out too much (as in Song Joong Ki’s case), it’s can be distracting. Defined is good, but too bulky becomes disproportionate. Park Seo Joon’s shape is good.

  6. I have been on Kdrama/movies etc since 2001, and steered away from HK fare since, except some movies. All of the above, are very familiar faces (and still minus many swoonworthy ones).

    Being toned and muscular to some extent is a pre-requisite these days in the Kworld, since the early 2000s. Being hulk-ripped I guess is their own indiv choice.

    Unless in Kpop, they can remain as skinny as they want. Song Joong-ki would be more a Kpop kinda look – being too beefed up doesn’t suit him, because of his small head.
    Even the skinny folks – when they go bare-bodied, it’s surprising to see how toned-sculpted they are too.

    In the most entertaining of them all dramas this yr (for me anyways) – the recent It’s OK to Not be OK … Kim Soo-hyun’s sinewy sculpted bod, is eye-candy on display – sans shirt exposure, so many times, lol.

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