Nam Goong Min Shows Off His Hulk-like Body 

Training his body vigorously for Korean thriller The Veil, Nam Goong Min‘s Hulk-like body stunned netizens. While many complimented the actor for his dedication, others questioned whether Nam Goong Min may have used steroids to gain his incredible body in a short amount of time.

Playing a special agent in The Veil, Nam Goong Min felt it was important to have the tough physique to match. To bring his character to life, he exercised a lot and made sure to control his diet. In less than half a year, he was able to gain 31 pounds of sharply-defined muscles.

Although he received backlash from some netizens speculating that he had used steroids, Nam Goong Min did not care about the rumors and even posted a photo of himself crouching by barbell racks on Instagram. He also shared photos of him working out at the gym.

His fans immediately praised the actor for his hard work in building such a strong physique. A fitness YouTuber even came to Nam Goong Min’s rescue by mentioning that his hard work is definitely evident in his fitness. The YouTuber was shocked why netizens had doubts about how the results were achieved.

On September 22, Nam Goong Min posted a new photo of his topless back, and wrote, “Ji Hyuk’s last undressing.” Aside from including his character’s name from The Veil, he also added a hamburger, french fries, and drink emojis hinting that his diet and training were coming to an end. 

Source: World Journal

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  1. Oh my Gosh…. That dedication may have gone too far… At least for me it has.
    Great to be healthy but that is not a healthy built for him. I hope he will healthily lose some of those extra bulk after the drama…

  2. Any actor who can put on 10+ lbs of muscle growth in a couple months is going to be on some sort of PED, that’s just fact. It could be SARMs and not steroids, but still drug enhanced. Muscle growth naturally is a slow process that takes a year +. Any star that claims they grew all that muscle in a short period of time naturally is just BS. Your muscles have finite natural growth dialy, no matter now hard you train each day. They take time to get torn down and regrown stronger.

  3. He is so well-chiseled, healthy, endowed, like his chest too as a female POV, he could afford to put on some pound but that is a lot of hard work. It’s no wonder we haven’t seen him but that’s ok because we are definitely looking at him now and what I’m seeing, it’s ooh la la, what a hunk of healthy muscles at it’s best.

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