Nam Goong Min Plays Vengeful Ex-Spy in “The Veil”

Starring Nam Goong Min, South Korean thriller The Veil delights viewers with its dark and action-filled plot. The drama’s premiere was met with positive reviews, and earned a nationwide viewership rating of 7.2 percent.

The drama follows Nam Goong Min as a top agent of the National Intelligence Services who suddenly disappeared while investigating a crime. A year later, the character reappears with no memories of his past, and vows to take his revenge on those working at the agency for causing his downfall.

Nam Goong Min confesses he prepared for the role by undergoing intensive training to achieve a perfect body image, while deliberately adding complex layers to the character. The actor hopes that viewers can see his character’s strength and charisma with just a glance.

After watching the premiere, many netizens praised Nam Goong Min for his ability to choose a good script and left their compliments for the drama’s exciting plot. With more episodes left to air, netizens can’t wait to follow Nam Goong Min’s character path to exact his revenge.


Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. He is definitely one actor who climb his way to the Top the hard way… He really deserves it. I enjoy watching his dramas…

    1. Agree! I’m enjoying it so far! He fits so well with he character. I’m also gad they didn’t blur out the bloody and gruesome parts lol

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