Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah in Discussions to Lead “Mr. Hong”

South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho‘s phenomenal performance in Start-Up caused viewers to have the “Second Lead Syndrome,” in which they root for the second male lead and wish for the female lead to choose him. Now that Start-Up finished airing, fans are looking forward to his next project and hoping he’ll get to play a male protagonist this time. That day may be coming soon, as Seon Ho and actress Shin Min Ah are reportedly in talks to headline the upcoming TvN drama, Mr. Hong, which would air in the first half of 2021.

The new Mr. Hong would be a drama remake of the popular 2004 rom-com film of the same name starring Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Joo Hyuk. Set in a small village by the sea, the story revolves around the mysterious but helpful neighborhood hero Hong Doo Shik and dentist Yoon Hye Jin, who moves from the city to a rural town to open a dental clinic.

The role of Hong Doo Shik is a warm and nosy man who always gets involved in everything happening in town. Despite being well-rounded, he only accepts minimum wage jobs and would take on the responsibility of solving other people’s problems. While he is known for his kind soul, there are also various rumors circulating about his background. He gets entangled with a confident and materialistic dentist from Seoul. However, she is not individualistic, and instead, she is very passionate about helping others in need.

Mr. Hong will mark Min Ah’s first rom-com following 2015’s Oh My Venus if she accepts the drama offer. As both Min Ah and Seon Ho are known for their cute dimples and sweet smiles, they would likely evoke excitement if they get confirmed as the cast. News of their potential casting is already inducing discussion online, with fans expressing their eagerness to seeing them play a couple.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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