Denise Ho’s New Girlfriend Once Cheated On Her Boyfriend?

Pictured above: Cannan Fong and Denise Ho (left). Akina Fong (right) with her younger sister, Noel.

The world has never been this small. And such a mess.

Last December, singer and LGBT activist Denise Ho (何韻詩) was photographed kissing her assistant, Cannan Fong (方迦南), while the two were having a beachside picnic on Telegraph Bay. This immediately led to speculation that Denise had broken up with Taiwanese actress Joanne Deng (鄧九雲), whom she allegedly dated for several years. Some sources even said that Denise had cheated on her with Cannan.

But Denise is not the only one who is facing infidelity accusations. Three years ago, Cannan apparently cheated on her longtime boyfriend with a “mature woman” called Noel, whom she secretly dated for a few months. There is speculation that this Noel is the younger sister of former news presenter, Akina Fong (方健儀).

Both Denise and Cannan have declined to comment in regards to this report.

Reporters reached out to Akina, who remarked, “I have nothing to comment. I’ve never taken an interest in my sister’s affairs, but I will support her no matter what she chooses to do. She’s very independent and has been on her own for a long time. This is all gossip for us to laugh at.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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