Denise Ho Attacked with Red Paint While Attending Demonstration in Taiwan

On September 29, Hong Kong singer and activist, Denise Ho (何韻詩) joined Taiwan Youth Association in a demonstration to show solidity with Hong Kong.  While marching in Taipei, a masked man threw red paint over Denise’s head and splashed nearby reporters. The perpetrator attempted to escape but was apprehended by the local police. Two men were taken by the police for investigation.

Denise Unmoved by Violence

After the incident, Denise spoke to the media to state her concern over the current political turmoil and criticized the behavior for infringing on the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly. She thought that these attacks would only happen in Hong Kong, but in Taiwan where there is true democracy, she was disappointed in the attacks.

Although this is the first time Denise was attacked for her political stance, she believed that this paled in comparison to what Hong Kong students and citizens are facing. As an activist, Denise will not back down in her fight and believes that the people of Hong Kong will also not back down in face of the violence.

Two Men in Custody

Two men with the surnames Hu and Liang were taken in custody for the investigation. According to the Taiwan Police Commissioner, the two men are core members of the Chinese Unification Promotion Party with connection to organized crimes and they will be strictly investigated.

Taiwan 929 Demonstration

Named as the 929 Taiwan-Hong Kong Grand Demonstration, many student groups, activists and politicians took to the road in several cities in Taiwan in solidity with Hong Kong. Many Taiwanese demonstrators dressed as Hong Kong demonstrators by wearing helmets and black masks and chanted “Glory to Hong Kong, Revolution of our time.” Though the atmosphere was tense, hundreds of police were on the scene to ensure no major conflicts took place.

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