Denise Ho Shares Pro-Democracy Views in CNN Interview

Known for her activism, Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho (何韻詩) participated in a number of political movements and would often voice her opinions on various social issues. Attending the recent Hong Kong extradition bill protests herself, Denise was interviewed CNN and spoke in fluent English voicing the democratic spirit of the Hong Kong people.

As an activist, Denise has publicly shown her support for the 2014 Umbrella Movement, the 2016 “Mongkok Fishball” unrest, and the recent extradition bill movement. Because of her political activism, Denise’s career is frozen in China and lost major commercial sponsorship. She was even arrested for participating in the 2014 Umbrella Movement protest in Hong Kong. Unafraid of the impact to her career, Denise continues to be vocal about her political stance.

Interview with CNN 

Following the extradition bill protest on June 16, Denise accepted a live interview with CNN. As Denise immigrated to Canada at the age of 11, she is fluent in English and French, and clearly expressed her rejection of the extradition bill. Denise emphasized that if the bill is passed, it will affect the entire population in Hong Kong. Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Denise also spoke of the accumulation of frustration at the government and the solidarity for democracy.

Named BBC Top 100 Women and Pro-Democracy Forums

Denise had previously accepted an interview with BBC in 2016. That year, Denise received international attention when cosmetic brand Lancome cancelled Denise’s concert to avoid political backlash from China. In the same year, BBC also named Denise as one of the Top 100 Women for her democracy activism.

As recently as May 27, Denise attended the Oslo Forum on Human Rights in Norway and gave a 12-minute speech on her experience in the 2014 Umbrella Movement.  At the forum, Denise promoted Hong Kong’s identity and asserted, “We are not Chinese or British. We are the people of Hong Kong.”

Outside of her pro-democracy activism, the 42-year-old singer is also an activist for the LGBT community and established a charitable foundation to help the disadvantageous members of society. When there is a socially controversial topic, Denise is not afraid to express her views and has become a pro-democracy icon in Hong Kong.

BBC Interview

CNN Interview

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