Pro-Democracy Singer Denise Ho Forced to Cancel Hong Kong Concert

Hong Kong singer and activist Denise Ho (何韻詩) was looking forward to headlining her concert next week, but she was forced to put the brakes after the venue abruptly terminated the lease agreement. The cancellation follows news reports that the singer is being scrutinized for her pro-democracy activities.

The Hong Kong Arts Centre issued a statement and cited the singer violated a clause in public safety as a reason for the termination. However, Denise’s music label Goomusic denied that their concert has any public safety risks, and claimed that they have not received any further evidence or explanation of any violation against the terms.

Expressing their disappointment, Goomusic criticized the Hong Kong Arts Centre over the handling of the situation, “Established in 1977, with the objective to promote contemporary performing arts, which has been running successfully and independently all these years, we doubt very much where the [The Hong Kong Arts Centre] is heading, and how they are going to face the public in the future. We reserve our rights to pursue legal action, and claim all losses and damages against the HKAC of this cancellation.”

Denise is Under the Radar for Pro-Democracy Activism

As an outspoken activist, Denise has publicly voiced her support for Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy movement protest. She is one of the trustees for the 612 Humanitarian Support Fund which was set up to provide financial and legal support to those injured, arrested or attacked during the protest. While the fund has been suspended, it is currently being investigated on suspicion of violating the National Security Law and assisting Hong Kong’s rioters.

Aside from being linked to the 612 Humanitarian Support Fund, Denise is under local authority’s radar for participating in last year’s banned June 4th candle vigil and the Hong Kong-Taiwan’s 929 March Against Totalitarianism demonstration.

Internationally, Denise’s activism ruffled some feathers after she urged the United States Congress for actions in defending Hong Kong’s autonomy, and called on the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva to remove China from the organization.

Source: World Journal

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  1. She has to support HK autonomy if she wants to get married in the future. The HK’s LGBT community has been fighting for gay marriage in HK for a long time. If HK totally unite with Mainland and follow Mainland government’s law, the gay marriage hope will be gone for good.

  2. she fighting for the future of Hong Kong… it’s sad a city we all loved, we know one day HK will be doomed under the hands of China

    1. @Vodka HK will be just another City which is part of China… It will be no different from all their other Cities… They will have to fight to do well economically.. That is a fact everyone will have to learn to accept and move forward. No point looking back and being sad. HK needs to get stronger…

      1. youtube has a multitude of epic Chinese city drone shots. so shocking to see what city planners have done in the last several years.

  3. It’s pretty sad, but I appreciate her courage to stand up for HK. She speaks for the people, yet she’s the one who ends up suffering for it. We need some folks willing to stand up and voice disapproval. The ones who don’t, and then want to smother those objections, are the ones preventing progress.

  4. It was understandable that major events would be cancelled in the midst of a pandemic. With Delta in HK already and Mu just outside the gates, I thought people would be happier if mass gatherings were cancelled in a place with such a dense populations as HK so we could stop the spread of the virus and stop people from dying. I have a lot of family in HK and I appreciate this cancellation of all major gatherings as I don’t want them to die or get sick. I don’t even want people I don’t know to get sick or die. But it appears some people place their rights above public well-being and feel they have special rights and a different set of rules to go by.

    It is made out that Denise’s is the only concert that has been cancelled. Other major events have also been cancelled but not a word has been mentioned in this article. Liza Wang’s show has also been cancelled twice. So I don’t see why people feel that Liza’s show should be cancelled because she is pro-China and Denise’s show being cancelled is political victimisation because she is homosexual and anti-China? Just like how Nicole Kidman’s whole team got let into HK without quarantine because she is Caucasian and normal non-celebrity Asians have to do 21 days in hotel quarantine. Can we please put politics aside for a moment when dealing with this pandemic?

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