Attacked By a “Lecherous Landlord”; Denise Ho Escapes in the Middle of the Night

Last month, Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho (何韻詩) took a month-long break to travel around Northern Europe by herself. To save money, the 38-year-old decided to rent lodging at local homes.

Her European trip proved to be quite an intense experience. On March 31, she uploaded the following status to Facebook: “Horrifying night in Finland. I was scared out of my mind. It’s a good thing I remained calm and escaped safely. I am safe now. I’ll go more into detail once I come back. Right now I just want to sleep.”

Denise updated her fans about the situation three days later. She wrote, “In Rovaniemi, Finland I became a character in a horror film. I came across a lecherous landlord and had to escape in the middle of the night.”

Fans immediately voiced out their concern for Denise, leaving comforting comments. One fan wrote, “You’re a handsome guy, but you are still a leng nui (pretty woman). Please don’t put too much trust on people. To go to unfamiliar places by yourself is really dangerous! It worries others!” Denise, who outed herself as lesbian in 2012, replied, “You’re right. After this horror encounter, I’ve finally come in terms that I am a leng nui.”

Another fan asked, “How lecherous was the landlord?” Denise replied, “To a scary amount.”

Denise did not go into detail about the horrific encounter, but a magazine reported that the drunk landlord crashed into Denise’s room in the middle of the night and tried to rape her. In their struggle, the man ripped open Denise’s shirt, revealing her bra. In the end, Denise managed to escape from the man and ran out of the house, her clothes still ripped apart.

Denise, however, said the magazine’s claims weren’t entirely true. “Some of it is made up. Some if it is exaggerated. But it’s true that I came across a lecherous landlord and it’s also true that I left the house at the middle of the night.”

When asked to clarify what exactly happened, Denise dismissed the question and said, “I’ll talk about it later.”

Source: IHKTV

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  1. Scary!! That’s why it’s never a good idea to travel alone!! Just glad she made it out without much damage!

    1. @happybi
      Most of Europe is perfectly safe to travel alone in. I’ve done it many times and have had invaluable experiences. However, like with any traveling, you need to be smart and do your research and take proper precautions. I would never, ever stay in some stranger’s house in an unfamiliar place, even if some website said it was okay.

      1. @rikachicky Good to know that but personally don’t think it’s safe to travel for a long time by yourself anywhere. Not just Europe. But yes, staying at a strangers house is not smart. Just glad she’s OK.

  2. Before Denise came out, she always dressed androgynously. But, her appearance has become more and more feminine after she came out.

  3. If Denise was popular the comments section would be loaded with comments of sympathy. Zero popularity!

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