TVB Actress Celine Ma Attacked by Protestors

TVB actress Celine Ma (馬蹄露) was photographed getting attacked in a protest last night after she confronted a group of black-cladded protestors tearing down ATMs in Mongkok.

The TVB actress, wearing a visor and large red-rimmed glasses, was seen bleeding in the neck, chin, and the corner of her lips.

According to eye witnesses, the 51-year-old A Kindred Spirit <真情> actress appeared at the heart of a protest that was occurring in Mongkok. After seeing the protestors attempting to break the ATMs, Celine took out her phone to record them. That angered the protestors, who took away her phone and attacked her.

In a circulating clip that aired on the news, Celine was seen yelling at the protestors. “Did I hit anyone? Come at me!” she yelled. After their physical altercation, Celine was left bleeding on the ground. She held onto a foreign reporter, who brought her to the Mongkok Police Station.

Celine recalled the incident when she was met with reporters at the police station. “They were breaking the ATMs, so I recorded them with my phone,” she said in tears. “They then took my phone from me and sprayed me with spray paint.” Asking if she managed to retrieve her phone, she said, “I did, but it’s broken.”

The police station, which was closed for the night, opened up to hear Celine’s case. She was heard telling the foreign reporter to go with her to the station.

Celine’s friend Mandy Yim (嚴淑明) and her nephew Michael Ma (馬米高) were reached out for comment. Michael said, “I heard she’s with the Mongkok Police. I’m trying to contact her now.” Mandy said, “I’m angry. I told her not to go, but she didn’t listen to me. No one should be attacking anyone. (Have you contacted her yet?) I’ve already reached out to a police friend for help. He’s going to Mongkok. I will also be going soon!”

Celine has been very public about her stance in the protests, and supports the Hong Kong police. On social media, she has stressed multiple times that Hong Kong has always been part of China, and has shared clips and media about the Opium Wars, the battles that led to Hong Kong’s handover to the British in the mid-1800s.

Many celebrities have expressed their shock with the incident. Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏) said, “I’ve heard about this from a friend. It’s extremely frightening. No one wants violence to happen, and I really hope this will stop. Hong Kong’s out of control now. I really hope we can return to peace.”

Maria Cordero (肥媽) said, “We were all told to not go out anymore! I’m going to call Celine to ask how she’s doing. I am worried. (Worried that artistes might get targeted?) I really don’t know, but I’ve already promised my family that I will not take part in the protests. Hong Kong is my home after all. I hope it’ll quickly go back to how it was like before.”


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  1. Well …. she should say a big Thank You to Ms. Denise Ho and others for instigating violence on the streets. Didn’t they said that “… in order for the protest to work, you must have some violence???” Even if they didn’t instigate, they should at least come out to voice out that this is wrong-doing. Hong Kong now has so many criminals on the streets ….so uncivilised …. Wow !!!

    1. @starstar

      sadly, their actions are turning HK into a fallen city. if the turmoil ever stops, these punks should be forced to clean up the environmental toxic mess they’ve created.

  2. Don’t these crazy people needs a break for themselves? Don’t they have anything else to do besides attacking others and damaging everything on the street such as taking care their kids or elderly or working geez!! Totally out of control big time sad.

  3. Yet there are still people out there supporting these rioters labelling them as freedom fighters. It makes me puke.

  4. What does she expect when she walks right into a hostile crowd?
    Seems like she wants publicity badly.

    1. @afan202

      She has every right to use her phone to film in a PUBLIC SPACE. On the other hand, these rioters have NO RIGHT to lay their hands on her.

      People like you victim shame. It’s like if a woman walks on the street at night and alone gets raped, you would blame the woman for walking alone at night. People like you are disgusting.

      1. @afan202

        You make no sense.
        Witnessing and recording the crime as it happens is not the same as walking towards a fire. LOL

        It may not have been smart of her to record the crime, but ultimately, the rioters are on the wrong, and you’re defending them. It says a lot about you.

      2. @anon I didn’t think you would get it. Stupid is as stupid does.
        She has called protesters as ‘rubbish’ in social media and she has been warned not to go out.
        Stupid is as stupid does.

      3. @anon haha this comment, I agree. These comparisons aren’t even supporting their opinions in the first place.

      4. @afan202

        Doesn’t the same apply to rioters whining about ‘police brutality? they wouldn’t have been tear-gassed if they hadn’t been vandalizing property and throwing gas bombs at cops.

      5. @msxie0714

        Exactly, these rioters are complaining about police brutality (Compared to the west, it barely exists if anyone has been following) then these rioters turn around and beats up anyone that doesn’t agree with their stance. I suppose anti-china brutality does not matter. These rioters are straight-up braindead.

      6. @anon @miyabi what u said about the west was many years ago n theyve improved. No one said they’re perfect but at least they have basic human rights, law n order n freedom of religion. When the British ruled hk there was no right to vote but they had law n order, freedom of religion n basic human rights. Simply say, the rules were written on the board n as long as one dont cross the lines one is fine. Now under chinas rule right now, they would go to ppls home n arrest ppl m murder the whole family n cover up, threatened if u speak out will kill u, white terror, etc. I was walking on the street the other day n all of a sudden many police Van’s stopped. Then police dressed like ninjas came out n push ppl to the ground n beated arrested them. They weren’t protesting n that was not a designated protest site.

        Now tv owns by li ka shing son, who’s not afraid of ccp reposts about cops evilness. lots of horror happening in china, medicines that paralyze millions of infants then parents complain n got beaten up n jailed, building trash burning site near residents home n beat those who complain. Not to mentioned Xinjiang, dailin n millions imprisoned for practicing religion.

      7. @lisserdilavervi first of all, and i mean no disrespect, but i can hardly understand what you’re trying to say. So you need to brush up on your language skills. secondly, i’d like to ask what kind of law and order you did not have in hong kong in the past 20 years? you have enjoyed much economic growth, you have transportation that far surpassed the efficiency of the boston subways, and you have city laws that actually are the envy of 90% of nations in asia itself. do you really think there aren’t any mosque burnings in western countries? you think white people would really help you when you are down and out? the usa can’t unite because the gops and democrats are busy fighting each other. the only thing the repubs and democrats could agree with one another is to stop china from overtaking them as the world number 1 economy. oh, and also stop them from bagging the most olympic gold medals if they can help it. they don’t even care about little kids who have died in mass shootings. they have not been able to reach a single consensus to change gun reform laws. they don’t care about their own people. they treat their own citizens inhumanely – refusing to provide insurance and affordable healthcare – what makes you think they’ll give a flying ass about you? what is it that you do not have compared to them? you have everything!

        do you guys know what happened to julian assange? what about edward snowden? the govt is hunting for him for high treason, he has dozens and hundreds of charges against him, because he exposed the us government ala the nsa for spying on its own citizens. these are the exact things china, or any other government would do when confronted with someone who committed treason – and yet when the west vilifies china for the same things it would treat their own citizens – you all swallow the lies and propaganda like goldfish.

        you guys are idealizing western countries so much, you fail to understand that there are so many people suffering and would give to trade places with you in hong kong.

        i’ll tell you why most people don’t leave, and it’s not because they love “white lalaland” and enjoy the “democracy” so much. it’s because they already have families here. friends here. their entire lives are here. they paid taxes here.

        i can’t even process what the hell you protestors are doing.

      8. @miyabi Hi Miyabi, very well said …and with good English and grammar …hehe. And true of what you said ….the HK-gers have enjoyed much economic growth. And now, the same can be said about China. From a “Nobody” from yesteryear ….to become “Somebody” now… until the Whites really really take notice of!!!

        “Now, the Whites realized what a huge threat China is to them!!! China is jumping way ahead of them. “Oh No! This can never ever happen to us! We can’t let the Chinese jump over our heads” ..USA is wailing and crying out loud with the acknowledgment of the threat China can posed to them.

        What a Big Bully!!! And to add salt to the wound, we have these HK-gers dogs running to USA and UK to seek help. What a shameful thing to do.

        I’m not a Chinese from China but from a different country. But i feel shameful seeing the HK-gers doing that to China. Like one of the China’s Chinese guy who was being cornered, bullied and taunted by the Rioters (from You Tube video). He said “After all, we are all still Chinese” (“Wo-men-sher-Chung-Kwok-Ren”). That really hit a chord in me.

        You want “democracy”?. You think it is much better? It is just another fallacy. All is not as sweet and rosy as you think it would be.

        USA has its fair share of racist issues as well ….between the whites and blacks (not to mention Immigration rules). Don’t tell me USA is all good and China is all bad. At least China ….has the majority of a Chinese race. You don’t get racist remarks from the majority of other races.

        And as @charcoalmuffins said “Stop believing that HK-gers are better than mainlanders because they are not. And stop blaming China for everything.”

        Dear HK-gers, after you have done damage to China, the Whites will just laugh their heads off on how stupid you are to be easily manipulated. You can’t even lift your head high in decades to come. You bring your own country down.

      9. @lisserdilavervi Hong kong belongs to China. Why does everyone keep telling people who lives in HK to move back??? . Hong Kong is a sovereign territory of PRC therefore HK is China. They are already in China. If you dont think so it will be anyways. You cant change it. Also. If these kids really want a revolution.. They really need to think of a better way. The way i see it, is an effective protest needs to win hearts from the people, media and internationally to force for a change. The more they destroy HK.. The more hate they will get from locals and media. All these videos showing them beating people who called themselves Chinese already proves why these kids shouldn’t get freedom to begin with. Isnt it ironic these kids who are fighting for democracy doesnt allow freedom of speech? You really think HK will have a future if you let these yobs take hold of HK? Since the day they started beating and burning infrastructures that took ages to built-these people already lost their fight.oh and please dont bother sending me another facebook link because there is already a large amount of fake and manipulated images of HK news on there. May i suggest a recommendation for these fools? Go back to school. Get education abroad. Be someone beneficial to HK. Give love to the city. Try to make a positive change instead of burning things that come in their way or whine about their sad boring life. Stop believing that they are better than mainlanders because they are not. And stop blaming China for everything.

      10. @charcoalmuffins Lol….haha….You ROCK!!! Yeah, the biggest problem is these HK people always always think they are so much better than mainlanders. I still remember my trip to HK in 2007 one of my mom’s friends said this China currency will NEVER surpass HK’s haha LOL….I remember thinking whooo Ms. Know it all….haha lol….

      11. @charcoalmuffins Why are you saying that “it will be anyways”? “Will” is future tense; therefore contradicting yourself when your previous statement indicates that “HK is [already] China.”

        Other than that though, I agree with you about the kids. There’s got to be a better way than to sabotage their own home. Whether they win or lose, the destruction is still gonna be there. It’s going to take time to rebuild these infrastructures. Say if they won, are they going to proudly walk to work/school because the MTR is out of order? lol
        I don’t think anyone would accept violence willingly, so why would the government give in the rampage?

      12. @anon This 52 year old actress claims to love china yet she dont even trust its police. Holds on to a westerners hand n begs him to go into the police station with her. She dont even know this western reporter but knows the police dont dare to hurt her in front of a western reporter.

      13. @lisserdilavervi Despite not knowing the western reporter, it appears to be a smart move. I don’t know if the police would hurt citizens without reason, but with all the commotion going on, bringing a western reporter, someone who stands on the neutral side, could give her double reassurance for her safety. I don’t follow her on social media, but whether she claims to love China or not, it doesn’t entirely contradict her actions.

        P.S. Btw, I don’t mean that American/Brits are on the neutral side. Just that this reporter is not in this whole mess.

      14. @afan202 if there is fire and if i really love the building, i would really do something about it. just like this case, she love her hong kong, she is trying to do something about it, exposing the idiot protesters.

      15. @parallex I understand what you mean, but her case was different. She could’ve reached for the police, but instead, she decided to do something on her own. It may seem heroic, but it was actually dangerous.

        If there was a fire on a building you really loved, the only real way to save it is to dial for help (999), having firefighters to wipe out the fire. I hope you won’t be walking towards it, right?

      16. @anon @afon202 I’m sorry, but your comparison doesn’t work. She absolutely (100%) knew that if they saw her, they will fight back, but because of her bravery, she filmed them.

        A woman walking on the street at night, depending on where, percentage varies. It’s not a full 100% that a woman WILL get raped if they walk on the street at night.

        Whereas the fire comparison may work because obviously no one can walk through fire without getting injured. However, if you were to say *only* “walking towards it,” then that comparison doesn’t work either because you can’t burn unless you have contact with it.

      1. @jimmyszeto she gets a winning ticket to more job opportunities hk n china bc tvb forces their employees to kick ccp s ass. Get sponsor, star in ads or get more roles.

  5. Many black clad protesters in HK are undercover cops. You would know this if you live in HK and get your news straight. Otherwise, you are either ignorant or stupid.

    1. @afan202 how do u love your country? by destroying public property? set fire to mrt? disrupting the peace and order? attacking police who were trying to maintaining order? beating passerby? shouting vulgarity at senior citizens? begging to be re-colonised?

      these arent normal behaviour of a someone who loves his or her country nor is it any “peaceful protest”.

      this is the works of hooligan, rioters, looters and anarchist.

      1. @parallex @anon
        This has turned into a mob addiction. More low class crap with nothing to do are joining in. Smashing up places and beating up others in the street. Self destruction of their own homes. Well done to them!

  6. I saw the video from when she got spray painted to her kicking the guy and then he pushes her down to the ground.

    The video clearly shows that guy started it by pushing her arm down first. That’s why she kicks him but she barely touches him and then he pushes her down to the ground.

    But the pathetic idiots on Twitter spread lies and cut out important info. to make her look bad while making the rioters look innocent. And the fools reading those posts who believe their lies are idiots too.

  7. these people don’t even know how lucky they are to have hong kong under china. it’s such a beautiful city. and they destroyed it. it’s embarrassing.

    they’re so ignorant to believe that the uk and the usa are better off than china, that these countries fully exercise “democracy”.

    if white democracy could solve everyone’s problems, you wouldn’t have all those years when the whites segregated the blacks, when the whites confined all innocent jp citizens to camps after ww2 under roosevelt, or when the whites prohibited chinese from entering the usa and were all relegated to menial and demeaning jobs. you wouldn’t have all those awful reagan and bush years, and all the years when obama was in office but even he was unable to get congress to pass fun reform laws. what did their democracy do for them in 100 years? i can go on with this. i haven’t even touched about the uk’s problems yet. hong kong ppl don’t know how good they had it.

    who do these protestors think paid for all the amneties? it all came from hong kong taxpayers!!!

    i just can’t with this. it’s disgusting that people don’t know all the white folks are laughing at their behaviour, while putting a front saying “we support you, hong kong.”

    wake the fck up.

    1. @lisserdilavervi “what u said about the west was many years ago n theyve improved.” – So why don’t you allow China the same few centuries to improve, instead of demanding change after only a few decades of governing?

  8. HK has gone mad. Even the actors are divided. You have the Gregory and Denise vandalising Legco, you have Celine speaking out against the rioters and getting whacked. God bless HK.

  9. I don’t see how burning MTR stations and beating up others have to do with democracy. Hope that rationality and peace can return to HK soon.

  10. All the thugs, which is really worse than the triad gangsters, had been brainwashed into thinking democracy or self-governance will solve all their problems until their willing to commit untold crimes and sins. But sadly it ain’t a happily ever after affair. With so many people crammed into a small place, the problem can only be solved with the help of their big brother north of their border.

    1. @kikilala totally agree! Not for nothing, I think the HK people are just sour cause China has become so strong over the past decade and they don’t need to depend on HK for its foreign investments. Back in the 90s if a foreign company wants to get into the Chinese market they would go through HK, but now they would go through Beijing or Shanghai.

  11. These protestors are getting out of hand now. Everyday you hear new about how bad the Chinese government and the Hong Kong police is but no one talks about the violence that the protestors do. I’m glad this article came to light and finally shows that these protestors are not all angels either. There’s actually a lot of news out there about how they vandalize public places and use violence against pedestrians or anyone that does not agree with their view. Hong Kong is way out of hand at this point, it no longer safe to be there. No matter how this ends, HK will never be the same.

  12. What’s the difference between protesters and gangs now? I’m all for peaceful protests, but certain groups are using the “protestor” label to incite violence and wreck the city.

    Yes — police brutality is wrong and should be condemned but these so called protestors are doing what they claim they hate. The hypocrisy is appalling.

  13. lots of horror happening in china, medicines that paralyze millions of infants then parents complain n got beaten up n jailed, building trash burning site near residents home n beat those who complain. Not to mentioned Xinjiang, dailin n millions imprisoned for practicing religion.

  14. The protestors also just wanted the communist china to honor their sino british agreement that grants hong kong universal suffrage n high autonomy. 22 years after handover that still doesn’t exist. Ccp china said that agreement is expired. So if that’s the case then hk own by china is also expired. So china shouldn’t own hong kong.

  15. People living in the west are considered to be very lucky to enjoy democracy, freedom of speech/writing, freedom of religion, and freedom of criticizing their governments and government leaders. They have never suffered anything like the people of China, so of course they don’t know.

    I agree that the Hong Kong protesters have gone too far now in order to ask for democracy and have done too much damage to the people in Hong Kong. I don’t know how it will end, but I don’t think it will end with peace. It is very sad to see that Hong Kong has changed from the Pearl of the Orient to a city full of violence, riots and protests, and is in the world news almost every day.

    However, if people are not happy living in the West and don’t support their governments, but think so highly of China, they should always move to live in China.

  16. feel bad for her. these protesters are out of hand. i don’t get how people believe that these protesters are doing the right thing… they’re clearly ruining hk and making it worse.
    and what is up with people blaming china for everything?
    what did china do to deserve this?
    everyone is just hating on china because it is growing and becoming more powerful.
    western media is always trying to defame china because of its current success.

    1. @kool88

      America is unglued because they can’t bear the thought of an Asian country rising to the top. During the 80s, an economically powerful Japan was was striking fear among Americans, resulting in widespread Japan-bashing and the murder of Vincent Chin. Japan was subsequently forced to sign the Plaza Accord that sent them into economic doldrums for decades since. The current object of western fear is a rising China where their goal is destabilization.

      1. @msxie0714 WOW, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I didn’t realize there is still someone out there who knew this piece of “history” !!!

        And now, the Whites are trying to do the same to China. Just that HK and Taiwan don’t realized it at all … the sneaky tactic being used.

        Just think about it for a second ….who will stand to win if China is down????

    2. @kool88 Uhm… you do know the reason this riot started is because China is trying to change a law that they can just apprehend anyone in HK, bring them to China and do whatever they want to them, without a basic human right of being judged with a clear, uncorrupted system, right? I don’t agree on blaming China for everything, but I am completely agree that the current mess HK is in right now is China’s fault, absolutely!

      1. @littlefish

        For the suspect to be extradited from HK to China for trial, it needs to be a crime in both jurisdictions and carries a criminal sentence of 7 years or more, so small petty crimes cant be extradited, and if it’s not a crime in both jurisdictions, China cannot extradite anyone in HK.

        I wish more people would do the research on their own about this extradition law instead of listening and reading all the fearmongering bias news sources that have their own agenda.

      2. @anon in plain text, you are right, the bill doesn’t seem to be bad at all. And as the background why the bill is needed, it’s a good thing the bill is made. However, the bill itself present many problems: China has a bad track record of protection of fundamental rights, and if HK to have this bill, and they have a high profile suspect that China wants, China will use its political power to pressure HK to hand over the suspect. There are also other problems with the bill that make it a not good bill, not when it’s gonna be used by China and with their legal system, it’s gonna be bad and be abused. China need to start having a stronger and more transparent legal system before enforcing new bill in HK

      3. @littlefish

        ‘China has a bad track record of protection of fundamental rights, and if HK to have this bill, and they have a high profile suspect that China wants, China will use its political power to pressure HK to hand over the suspect.’


        I am not saying that you’re wrong but you basically just stated an accusation without an ounce of evidence to support your claims.

      4. @anon perhaps you can do some research on your own when you have time. If Im not as busy I might search for you but I’m just so jam packed . And I am being sincere to hope you can learn the truth one day.

        Look at the end of this video where the guy screams, how embarrassing
        These young people are the future of China. Yet they don’t care about human rights and freedom. All they know is patriotism. I hope you don’t blindly be like them. The reason Communist China suppress religion is bc they want to control people’s mind, easier to brainwash them and make them into slaves.

      5. @sarala

        “Look at the end of this video where the guy screams, how embarrassing

        HAHAHA! Ever heard of video-edited misleading videos?

        “These young people are the future of China. Yet they don’t care about human rights and freedom. All they know is patriotism. I hope you don’t blindly be like them. The reason Communist China suppress religion is bc they want to control people’s mind, easier to brainwash them and make them into slaves.”

        Here are some facts for you to learn so I can end this conversation and put all the conspiracy theories to rest.

        According to the CATO institute’s Human Freedom Index of 2018.


        Ranked 3rd: Hong Kong
        Ranked 17th: USA


        Ranked 1st: Hong Kong
        Ranked 6th: United States

        Based on FACTS, Hong Kong has more human rights and economic freedom than the USA, so the fact that Uncle Sam running his mouth preaching about the lack of democracy and human rights in HK is bogus. He should focus on their own country and fix their own problems first instead of budding their nose into other people’s business. You have no idea what you’re even talking about using “facts” from what you’ve learned from the evening news. How embarrassing.


      6. @anon are you asking me to give you an example on a bill that hasn’t been passed???? Lol. Also the details of the bill that you gave: 7yrs crime is actually the 3rd amendment the proposed bill has, initially, it’s just 1year.

        So many crimes that the Chinese government has done on its citizens have been swept under rug, like how they massacred all those protesters in Tiananmen Square.

        The only reason why China hasn’t done the same to HK is because the whole world is watching, and HK is famous on its own right

      7. @littlefish you are very smart to look deeper and realized theres no law n order in China. I have many relatives and friends tells me the horrors thats happening everyday now in China but they censor it out. If a big country like China wants to make up something to arrest someone, who can stop them. no judicial systems in China at all. Most of the biggest lawyers and judges came out to protests. If the extradiction bill is pass they can persecute those business man like Li Ka Shing and take over his business just like what China did to Jack Ma and that tencent owner, Fartan Ma and most big corporation owners.

      8. @sarala
        You are totally right. That is why when the Extradition Bill was to be passed, Carrie Lam could not even get the support of:
        1) Law Society of Hong Kong
        2) Business Associations in Hong Kong

        Wouldn’t you be surprised that the above two professional organizations did not support the passing of the Bill? There must be some good reasons for them for not supporting the passing.

      9. @sarala yup, look at Fan Bing Bing case. As much as I don’t like her, but they can totally make her vanish if they want to.

        Also China is always playing the long game. Whatever they initially doing isn’t bad, as long as it’s in place, so later on, they can be stricter and stricter, to the point of suffocation. Just look at the silly censorship in Cdrama and you see how much freedom they have! But people who live in China is so blinded by their patriotism to see the other side, just like the saying the frog live in the bottom of the well, can only see a small sky

  17. @lisserdilavervi stop relying and posting Facebook memes and links to prove that China is the bad guy here. Your FB links shows protestors holding America and British flags. Your argument is invalid.

  18. @lisserdilavervi

    Your British/American banana leader flag holders genuflect and bask in the glow of meeting western politicians and beat up those who speak mandarin. Any American and British citizen doing something similar and wrapping themselves in enemy flags would be arrested for treason.

  19. … so did she go outside to confront the protestors or was she just outside, minding her own business and happened to see them breaking into an atm… and then confronted them?

    Well, the lady has guts! I am of the mind that the people can protest as long as they’re not losing sight of the larger goals. I personally don’t care about the destruction of public property because properties aren’t more important than the ppl. However, if this was an attempt to loot an ATM, that’s highly suspect!

    I hope the actress is getting the medical attention she needs!

  20. While I’m not condoning the violence these protesters are doing, I can’t say Celine was smart either. I agree she’s stupid to do that, you can video record the crime, that’s fine, do it silently. You don’t go in and poke at an angry fire ant nest and expect not to get hurt =_= what was she thinking? If I see an angry mobs trying to do stuff to an ATM, I’ll video record in a way they can’t see me, call the police and get the hell out! I’m not gonna stand there and mouthing them *facepalm

    Also who to say that someone is not making the situation worse by initiating the violence? The protesters might be all well and good and started off with good intentions and peaceful. But if someone can benefit from a chaotic HK, they can just hire a few people to start the violence and it’ll spiral out of control! Atm I think the protesters need to take a step back to reset, and stop other taking advantage of the situation and their goal.

  21. Its pretty sad to see what the rioters are doing to Hong Kong. Their rioting seems to have no end goal. If you ask me, China’s actually shown real restraint in all of this. Had this been done in Trump’s country, you know the orange clown would have sent in the police and army guns blazing.

    It honestly feels like the rioters are trying to goad China into sending in the army, and China is not taking the bait. I dont blame them for showing restraint.

    What’s funny is these Hong rioters think the Brits or Americans can help when those two countries are knee deep in their own problems. They aren’t going to give a crap about you guys. If the Brits were really trying to help and not manipulate you suckers in helping the US, they would have given all those HKers the opportunity for Brit citizenship back in 97, rather than freaking out about an influx of Chinese people to their beloved UK. Lets be honest. The Brits are about the most racist people in the world. Brexit pretty much proves it. Why would you think they would help you when you aren’t white? You guys are just making Chinese people look bad now with your sucking up to foreign powers.

    1. @theyenman Hi, you couldn’t have said it better. In UK, my daughter had experienced racist remarks from them. They don’t really like the Chinese. Maybe because we are too hardworking people and they are afraid we will take over their jobs soon …hahaha. If the HK youths now wants a democracy country, i dread to see if HK will be under these rioters one fine day. What will be the outcome.

  22. i initially support the peacefull demonstrations but when i see how this demonstrations have changed from peachefull to violent, i dont support it anymore. why are the rioters doing this to their hometown? i can’t see how the rioters can reach their goal by demolishing public buldings and assets, and by provoking the police everyday. the hate for the hk police is tremendous, oke there are some corrupted police but i dont think the whole 30000 hk police unit are corrupted. this is going totally out of control now. the hk economy and other hk citizens are paying the price for their fury. the leaders of the democratic parties in hk should make a statement to their followers to stop this violence otherwise im afraid the only outcome they wait is the chinese army and they are not that gentle as the hk police. pls stop this violent and start talking with the gevernment.

    1. @kolo Agree. As I said above, use words instead of violence. At least with words, people can see your reason and possibly side with you, but through violence, people only see the remains of your wreckage and their lives being negatively affected.

      P.S. you = the protestors

  23. This is now no longer a protest but riot. Don’t those protesters understand that they are actually discouraging investors or tourists to come to Hong Kong and create jobs for these so called young people in the future? People are not coming to this city because they feared for their life too as getting beat or getting hurt for no proper reasons at all. I have always heard about Hong Kong being a very nice city to visit and delicious food to eat but now all these have been destroyed.

  24. I seriously think those artists who supported this kind of VIOLENCE PROTESTS should think how they are affecting their fans thinking. They will follow what their idol said or do as they think they are always right. Protest with a valid reason but don’t create disturbance for people around you

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