Celine Ma Gets 11 Stitches After Attack

Caught in the middle of protests in Mongkok, Hong Kong TVB actress Celine Ma (馬蹄露) was brutally attacked on October 6. Multiple blows landed on her chin and the back of her head until she was left bleeding on the ground. After being sent to the hospital, Celine received 11 stitches for the injuries.

Intending to meet a friend for dinner, Celine first made a stop in Mongkok to return a clothing item she bought previously. While there, she saw someone vandalize the ATM machine and started filming the act. Angered in being caught on camera, the attacker grabbed her phone and started hitting Celine.

An insider familiar with the attack revealed the details, “He a tennis racket and hit her head with the handle and then punched her chin several times. A man dressed in black saw what was happening and yelled for the attacker to stop. A woman and a foreign reporter also came over to assist and call the police. Celine lost a lot of blood and she felt really faint afterwards. After the stitches, they advised her to stay at the hospital until her situation was stable. The police escorted us out in their car. Celine is now at a safe place, but I can’t reveal where she is though!”

Receiving seven stitches on her head, two on her chin, and two on her lip, Celine was bleeding heavily when she arrived the hospital. Staying with her was her good friend, Mandy Yan (嚴淑明), who posted on social media to let everyone know that Celine’s situation is under watch, “A sleepless night. Holding on tight to Celine’s hand. Proud of you. #JusticeWillNotBeAbsent #CelineMaIsARealHero”

Since Celine had vocally supported the Hong Kong police during the last four months of protests, the foreign reporter who helped her during the attack clarified that his assistance was not due to any political motivations. He didn’t know Celine previously and only realized that she is an actress afterward.

Actor Gregory Wong (王宗堯), who was arrested earlier for his involvement in the Hong Kong protests and is now facing official charges, urges other artistes to be more careful about their own safety. Commenting on Celine’s injuries, Gregory said, “It’s best to be more careful! Everyone has freedom of speech and their own political views. Even I won’t intentionally walk into other camps to directly provoke other people.”

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Actor Gregory Wong Arrested for Involvement in Hong Kong Protests

TVB Actress Celine Ma Attacked by Protestors

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  1. Gregory is an idiot! It might not have been bright for Celine to record the incident in plain sight, but it was a crime for the perpetrator to violently attack Celine, yet Gregory is openly victim-shaming her. Spoken in a true rioter fashion!

    1. @anon People like Gregory and apologists for thugs are not much different from fanatical zealots blinded by a misguided sense of righteousness. They won’t accept any criticism or blame since it’s always the fault of others

    1. @chunkymonkey

      HK Police have only been reacting to the violence of rioters with an equal level of violence. In some cases, the cops are not even responding with violence and are just getting plummeted by metal pipes and objects by rioters.

      In the US, protesters don’t even need to be violent and the US cops and troops will respond with violence.


      1. @anon

        Yes the protesters were wrong for hurting her (vandalism is also unacceptable), but have you been following the news at all? The police have been absolutely BRUTAL during these past few months… so brutal to the point I went into depression. Every time I close my eyes, I would see the same scenes where the police are beating innocent people up. I even have nightmares. It makes me sick that you would say “the cops are not even responding with violence.” Both sides are clearly wrong!

        Check out the list of misconduct from HK police


        I guess politic is really not for me. I used to be happy and cheerful, but this HK incident is making me extremely depressed, sigh 🙁

      2. @vell

        You’re delusional if you think the HK Police are going around instigating violence on rioters. Lol

      3. @vell so you don’t have nightmares for the “REAL” innocent people in hk that gets beaten up by the rioters? They are not BRUTAL for doing that?!? If they are not there to destroy the city, the police won’t be there. So why don’t you tell the rioters to go HOME, stop screaming at the police and stop beating up innocent people! When you go to sleep tonight, think of those that gets beat up and their family! Hope you have a good night sleep!

      4. @vell you are delusional and too caught up in what you think is right. The HK protestors have taken things way out of hand. There was a new article posted on The NY Times website about how these protestors are now beating and abusing people that do not stand with them. Their actions are beyond words. At the rate they are going I won’t be surprised that some innocent person might lose their life at the hands of these protestors. When that happens your protestors will be murderers, good luck sleeping well then.

      5. @vell it’s brainwashed and delusional people like you who are supporting rioters vandalising, terrorising, destroying HK! HK police has been the most patient and controlled professionals. Wake up!

  2. while she is a passerby, it was herself who confront the violent rioters by record those who was demolishing a atm machine. if you do so then you could imagine some crazy rioters could beat you up. it is not the first time rioters beating other citizens. so she could have been more careful. gregory wong: everyone have freedom of speech. of course but no one have the freedom to beat someone up. and speaking about provoke, the rioters are provoking the police many times now, so how do he think about his fellow rioters?

    1. @afan202 wtf..she fell and got those cuts?? What kind of **** are you looking at? Even though some videos blurred out before she fell.. you can still see he punched her.

  3. Lol i am liking all the cut videos. The so-called “freedom fighters” think they can fool others easily. oh wait, they have already fooled most of the ignorant and uninformed world into thinking they’re so peaceful and For-Democracy. People are so keen to be seen as “woke” jump onto the bandwagon like mindless frogs.

    Lol, gregory is just a nobody. His manners and behaviour betray his real character. “don’t provoke people in their territory” i am laughing so hard. those people were breaking ATMs. you resort to looting to make a point about DEMOCRACY? “provoke people in their territory” hk doesn’t just belong to you. also aren’t you all just terrorists at this point?

  4. Well, this article is very interesting as it does not (maybe could not) explicitly identify the attacker’s political affiliations. The foreign reporter did the correct thing by remaining non partisan lol.

    I hope this incident will be a cautionary tale for other unwitting “heroes”!

  5. Violent masked protester acting violent under the mask of anonymity. *surprised! not.*

    That’s Hong Kong needs the anti-masked policy. Would those masked protesters acted that way if they are not anonymous and are being recorded. absolutely no.

  6. When law abiding citizens can’t function in their daily lives due to fear and MTR closures, their gov’t have failed them. They are ill-prepared and inexperienced on how to handle riots. Their hope is that the fire will burn out by itself. In the meantime HK is burning and spiraling into the abyss.

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