Dilraba Dilmurat Does Not Feel Age Difference With Wu Lei

As stars of the currently airing Chinese historical romance The Long Ballad <长歌行>, Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) and Leo Wu Lei (吴磊) have been trending for their interactions onscreen and offscreen during behind the scenes. In a recent interview, the 28-year-old actress shared her thoughts on working with Wu Lei, who is seven years younger than her.

Before the series was released, there were already heavy discussions on the romantic pairing of Dilraba and Wu Lei. Many worried there would be an obvious sense of age difference between them and expressed their reservations. Prior to filming, Diliraba also shared similar concerns while feeling a little upset. “I’m still young and I’m also in my 20s!” she exclaimed.

Fortunately, all of Dilraba’s worries dissipated when she arrived on set and found that Wu Lei’s performance was very mature. Especially bulking up to look more convincing as a warrior,  the way Wu Lei carries himself confidently on screen shows a greater maturity than most actors his age.

Diliraba further shared that she really likes her character, Li Changge. While she was previously anxious on whether she is suitable in portraying the role when reading the manhua, her heart settled upon receiving the script and analyzing her character further.

The actress described that Changge is a very tough and dignified girl who is not afraid of getting in trouble despite being a princess. A brilliant military strategist, she learns from others and strives to walk on the right path. Diliraba feels particularly sentimental and confident to play the role well as there are multiple dimensions and emotional layers in the character development.

While the drama has only streamed 30 out of the 50 episodes, Diliraba’s effort is already recognized by viewers who find her performance greatly detailed and her crying scenes to be “well-layered and immersive.”

Source: QQ

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The saddest thing: she’s only turning 29 this year. It’s the entertainment industry. You either get aged out or you have to be timeless and evergreen like Carina Lau–a rare exception

  2. Im loving their chemistry so far!! They look cute together. she doesnt look that much older than him. I can only tell a bit but not a lot.

  3. She is only 7.5 years older and he looks pretty mature for his age. No one batted an eyelid at Nicky Wu being paired with an actress 17 years his junior.

  4. I love their chemistry, too. It’s fine. He’s always very intense when it comes to her, because he loves her, she’s on the other hands, got not idea, so not as intense. I think it’s just the script, there’s barely any skinship, so you can’t really have the whole internet go up in waves lol. Also to have a strong female character, she is basically on her own, rather than the usual trope of he’s helping her. Like yes, there is still the he’s helping her, but her actions a lot of time are against him and he can’t outright helping her, like the shooting at the king’s cup or when they were fighting a war against 1 another (this one was surprisingly refreshing to see how he still trying to win the war even if he knows she want to win, to him, he will win just not kill her).

    He does indeed look young, but his character is so grounded that you don’t think of his age. Same with Chang Ge, she’s so mature that her face suited the character.

    I say perhaps they just need more lovey dovey moments lol, as I want more of that xD

    Also I have to say ZLS is good and all, but how pointless is her character’s storyline? Like you can cut it out, and the whole Chang He’s story would be unaffected =_= such an obvious filler >_>

    1. @littlefish hahahaha totally agree!
      i also want more lovey dovey moments! More actual kiss scenes lol i cant wait until she loves him back hahaha i need more than 6 eps per week lol cant wait for later eps!! All the previews are killing me ahhah

      1. @aktf haha I know. I’m not sure if it’s because of covid, but the whole drama, even for the second leads, there are not much skinship at all. There are many scenes, where if they were in another drama, it would be more touchy-feely? Totally not in this one lol. But it’s still very compelling to watch! Maybe because of the fact that he’s very loyal to his Khan, while she’s very loyal to her court. The thought of killing each other never cross their mind, but if they have to, they would put their country first (at least for her, for him, he will try his best to spare her while achieving his goal, if not, he’s possibly just going to be a forever broken man if he has to kill her). I’m a bit sad at the blur out kissing scene but covid lol. At least I’m thankful that this drama makes me swoon over Leo lol. Also I lol at how the lower class son has better armor than the eldest/main son xD

      2. @littlefish haha yeah. so far leo’s acting is really good!! He s so cute!! Lol have you seen the next few eps?? Omg so heartbreaking.

      3. @aktf totally did! And soooo intense! Leo made that whole event such a treat to watch! It was intense from the get go, and he doesn’t let it ease! A lot of time, I feel pretty flat when ppls cry when their love one die. He managed to keep it in the same lvl and not dropping from the start of the whole event to the end. So kudo to his acting! I have to say that was the most and longest intensity I’ve seen in a drama lol

      4. @aktf The one kissing scene on the trailer on youtube looks fake so I doubt there will be much kissing scenes as isn’t this filmed during peak season of covid last year? Wouldn’t they have written it off most of those kind of scenes since of the pandemic going on during that time?

      1. @wm2017 same lol. Her scenes, her character’s arc, development are all pretty stock standard lol. Even her suitor, his character’s also pretty cliche type. But the fans love them lol, me, I’ll just FF. I found how they manage to turn HaoDu from cold killer to a puppy every single time he saw her now. So much cringe lol

  5. Zanilia Zhao pair up with Wang Yibo in The Legend of Fei and she is 10 years his senior and they even have kissing scenes. She is also married and a mother. So what is wrong with 7 year age gap for these 2 main leads?

    1. @hayden Exactly! Honestly, I can’t tell the age difference w/these 2. It’s like this boy suddenly became a man in this drama. haha lol…I mean you can tell in BTS he’s 20/21 but in the drama itself the aura, costumes & eye contact he’s nailed it and he looks very manly w those masks n outfits. I actually find them a refreshing and cute pair up.

      1. @wm2017 yup, I actually didn’t know/think he was 20/21. I know he was 20 something but his mannerisms have always been so matured, it doesn’t strike me as he was that young! He’s making this series for me xD

      2. @littlefish Yup, I had to goggle him/age as he looks familiar to me but I had no idea he was the child star from those older series. ahaha lol… I am watching it on youtube and viki and I think most comments were saying the saying the same like when he did suddenly grow up and became a man esp on his shirtless scenes? haha lol…Whooo when did that happened. He definitely nailed this role and I have never watch anything in completion of hottie Dilraba either but I think she was good to watch as well. I don’t understand why people care about w/age differences this pair is only like 7 years apart that’s nothing esp Dilraba is super cute too. I saw something about a new modern drama where this pretty woman almost 40 and she is gonna be older than the milky lead of 18 years??? Now, that’s insane. lol haha

  6. I think my issue with Leo Wu is not his face in comparison to Dilraba…but his physique? He looks so slim and weak (I’m sorry) to be a wild and undefeated general. Darren Wang is way more persuasive. And in comparison to Dilraba…who also has a thicker frame (not saying she’s fat but her stature seems wider), she seems to have more gravitas than Leo.

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