Dilraba On Truth-seeking Mission in “Prosecution Elite”

Breaking for 8 long months since wrapping up Prosecution Elite <公訴精英> last June, Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) has been surrounded by a whirlwind of pregnancy rumors. Rumored to air March 12 on the heels of The Starry Lovers <星落凝成糖>, her forthcoming production Prosecution Elite‘s trailer has already exceeded 46 million views, as fans and netizens eagerly look forward to the 30-year-old finally making a publicity appearance for the bigshot drama!

Anticipated Breakthrough Role

As China’s first drama that is female prosecution-themed, Prosecution Elites will be simulcast online and on both Zhejiang and Jiangsu Television. Anticipated to be a breakthrough drama for Dilraba, media observers think she might just be the next actress in line to open up a new string of strong female-led roles, like Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎), whose performance in Wild Bloom <風吹半夏> led to a slew of inspirational, female-centric roles. That Dilraba is using her original voice throughout without dubbing also adds to the drama’s appeal.

Re-enacts Real-life Cases of Cybercrime

Prosecutor An Ni (Dilraba) is assigned to the mysterious fourth prosecution department after graduation. Faced with savvy cyber criminals, she and a team of prosecutors joins hands with the police force led by He Luyuan (Tong Dawei 佟大為) to unveil the masterful deceits of criminal suspects and eventually preside over a series of complex cases.

Prosecution Elite is generating buzz as the first series adapted from real cybercrime cases, in partnership with heavyweight departments, and is marketed as presenting “a whole new female-centric perspective”. As a notable production, it is expected for main cast members Dilmurat and Tong Dawei to pair up and take press interviews or attend livestreaming events together to hype up interest — and netizens are already all eyes, waiting for the truth regarding her pregnancy rumors to be unveiled.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. Using her own voice, there have been a few actors whose voice are really not as good as professional dubbers. They cannot string long sentences well and annunciate some words properly….I struggle to listen to them speak, their voice are more distractions than enjoyment. . Again, that is only my opinion, no offends to others.

    1. I always love when she’s filming modern dramas because it’s highly likely it’ll be her real voice. She has a nice voice and is able to enunciate clearly even when talking fast, if you look up videos of her Gao Wen character in Diamond lover you’ll see what I mean.

      End of this page about “waiting for the truth of the pregnancy rumours to be unveiled” what else is there to unveil at this point? There were rumours and clearly they’ve gone bust

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