Dilraba Dilmurat May Be Pregnant After All?

Raising suspicions of pregnancy due to her seven month-long absence, Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) attempted to dispel rumors by posting a photo of her slim waistline. However, it was soon exposed to be an old photo, which drew everyone to increasingly believe the rumors to be true.

Sharp-eyed netizens pointed out that the blue cardigan Dilraba wore in the photo belonged to a 2022 autumn collection, which did not make sense since it is long past the season and celebrities are known to always wear and show themselves in the latest trendiest pieces.

Additionally, her post was uploaded too randomly as Dilraba rarely makes fitness-related posts nor often displays herself wearing stomach revealing photos on social media. Prior to the controversial photo, Dilraba is mainly seen covered up in loose and oversized clothing in recent weeks, so her sudden post is viewed as highly contradicting.

Who is the Father?

After feeling certain about Dilraba’s pregnancy, netizens are starting to try to identify the father of the baby. Currently, Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) and Yang Yang (楊洋) are both highly suspected due to their romantic rumors with Dilraba. While fans who watched You Are My Glory <你是我的荣耀>  are rooting for Dilraba with Yang Yang, others believe Johnny and Dilraba went from a reel to real based romanced, based on claims that they share the same wallpaper background.

Despite being under intense public scrutiny, Dilraba was spotted wearing a thick oversized coat at the airport. Almost immediately, rumors are circulating that she is traveling overseas to give birth. A blogger went as far as photoshopping airport photos to insert a mysterious, masked man behind her. As the photo has been exposed to be photoshopped, her agency issued a statement that legal action will be pursued towards false claims that affect Dilraba’s image and reputation.

A man was photoshopped into the original photo (right).

Source: [1]

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I do love how some artistes are really not willing to share much of their private lives with their fans. rightfully so, they too have right to their privacy. When it is time to release any news, the public will know. But when they do not, it is also their own choice.
    I wish more fans learn to respect their idols’ privacy and personal choices.

    1. No need for her to be with a man old enough to be her father. Dilraba has enough fame and money by now. She does not need to relapse to anything. She has made it.

  2. Well it is the middle of winter in China right now so it makes sense to be covered up in loose and oversized clothing.

    Who’s knows, maybe she’s pulling a Isabella Leong. Or maybe she’s indulged too much on food in those 7 months, she was never stick skinny to begin with like most Chinese stars.

    1. The last few years she has been looking very thin. It makes her look unhealthy sometimes (those skinny arms). It’s ok if she can gain like five more pounds or more.

    2. I find it weird that she’s taking a 7-month break from acting. But I do agree that it’s winter. If there’s no legit photos of her belly, the paparazzi can’t just say every female celebrity in a jacket is pregnant.

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