Donnie Yen and Wife Cecilia Wang Celebrate 10 Years of Marriage

Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and Cecilia Wang (汪詩詩) are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary with a couple’s trip to Thailand and a beautiful wedding pictorial.

Donnie met Cecilia, a former model and winner of Miss Chinese Toronto, in 2003. After a short three-month courtship, the couple married in August of the same year. Soon after, Cecilia gave birth to their first child Jasmine and in 2007, a son named James. A romantic man, Donnie volunteered to get a tattoo after James was born, etching Cecilia’s name permanently onto his waist. He also entrusts everything to his wife. At home, Cecilia runs a tight ship, giving Donnie only a few thousand dollars as his monthly allowance.

Despite their 18-year age gap, Donnie and Cecilia share the same ideals and complement each other perfectly. To say thanks to Cecilia and to celebrate their love, Donnie planned a romantic getaway to Thailand. They also shot a wedding pictorial for Chinese wedding magazine Darizi, to commemorate their 10-year journey.

On August 27, Donnie’s fan club posted several photos from the shoot on Weibo. Cecilia showed off her modeling skills as she posed fashionably in beautiful white and pink wedding gowns, looking radiant as she smiled for the camera. Donnie emitted masculine sophistication in tailored formal wear, dropping his action star image for a just a moment to be the loving husband worthy of his wife. The two seemed happy during the shoot, laughing and smiling as they posed with various musical instruments. In a more subtle arrangement, Donnie and Cecilia sat on a simple white couch, his arm around her shoulders. Cecilia leaned her head slightly on her husband while Donnie stared at her with affection and appreciation, symbolizing the unconditional love and support that they share and cherish.

Donnie shared his thoughts on marriage on Weibo. He wrote, “True love is the ability to appreciate each other, to forgive each other, and to understand each other. At the same time, both must share the same dreams and directions. Only then will love be everlasting.”

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  1. They are such a beautiful couple! Considering only the 3 months of dating that they had and for them to last 10 years is truly admirable. I think in the entertainment industry it is actually hard for someone to stay loyal and focused after one has shot to fame but Donnie Yen has done it and still loves his wife unconditionally – he truly is a man.

    1. Really admire Donnie yen too. With his looks, he is bound to be surrounded by girls but he stayed true to his wife

    2. Beautifully said! This sweet couple, hopefully, in many years to come, have more to cherished. ^_^

  2. From looking at that pic, looks like even Donnie had some plastic surgery done to his face or there is a lot of botox………a man at 49 does not have skin like that………….

    1. really? 49?! that’s basically 50!!!!

      he honestly looks between 35 and 40 years max, not 50!!!

      lol he’s got eyeliner and lip tint hahahahha he looks prettier than his wife…

      1. He actually just celebrated his 50th birthday not too long ago.

    2. I think he did use botox because I remember seeing other photos of him when his face was so stiff…

    3. I think if guys took care of their skin well then some may have pretty nice skin even at 49. It is partially genetics too. Some just naturally have nicer skin than others.

    4. I heard he underwent eyelid surgery in the late 1980s and got his teeth straightened.

  3. LOL!! why must people who have pretty face at old age must have used botox?…are you all to speak on behalf of nature & gods of who should be pretty & who shouldn’t?

  4. Congrats to Donniev& Cecilia! Marriage between the regular people is already hard; image, a marriage between a famous male star and 18 years gap model. They really have their priorities, goals, and dreams straight that professional work does not affect their marriage. They must have been working hard to truly share a common focus on their direction. Kudos!

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