Donnie Yen Leaves Los Angeles for Hong Kong

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and his family, including his wife, Cissy Wang (汪詩詩), were in the United States promoting Disney’s live action Mulan film earlier. With lockdowns and travel restrictions occurring throughout the world now, Donnie immediately made arrangements to go back to Hong Kong.

Donnie and his family arrived at the Hong Kong airport in the early morning of March 20. Flying in from Los Angeles, they were spotted wearing face masks and gloves. Despite requests from reporters for a quick interview, Donnie did not stop for questions and merely answered questions as he continued on his way.

When asked whether he will self-quarantine at home for 14 days, Donnie said, “It is everyone’s social responsibility to do so, even if there are no rules or regulations on requiring people to self-quarantine for two weeks.”

On whether the pandemic has affected his work and films, Donnie said, “The focus of society right now should be on the pandemic. The most important thing is good health. Work is secondary.” After responding to questions, Donnie and his family hastily left and returned home.

Source: HK01

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