Dylan Wang and Yukee Chen Taste a “Forbidden Love”

Dylan Wang Hedi’s (王鶴棣) career is seeing a second peak thanks to this summer’s sleeper hit Love Between Fairy and Devil <蒼蘭訣>.  With his popularity on a hot streak, Dylan has three upcoming dramas allowing him to dominate more streaming time.

The actor will next get a taste of Forbidden Love <浮圖緣>  with Yukee Chen Yuqi (陳鈺琪).  Adapted from popular novel Fu Tu Ta <浮图塔> written by author You Sijie (尤四姐), Forbidden Love tells a complicated love story between eunuch in disguise Xiao Duo (Dylan Wang) and the emperor’s concubine Bu Yinlou (Yukee Chen).

Serving  the emperor directly, Xiao Duo is regarded as the head eunuch and holds a position of enviable power. Disguised as his twin brother, Xiao Duo plots revenge to turn the palace upside down. He did not expect his steel heart to grow warm after meeting Yinlou, who also enters the palace with a secret motive.

Dylan Shows a Cool Yet Chilling Impression

In the character stills released recently, Dylan is wearing a black and white robe, which makes him look cool and heroic. In another, he sends chills down spines with his intimidating aura while rocking a blue robe. As Dylan gives very different and unique vibes than his popular role in Love Between Fairy and Devil, many are thrilled to see his mysterious side.

Forbidden Love is directed by Wu Qiang (吳強) who has worked on many sweet romances such as Well-Intended Love <奈何boss要娶我>, General’s Lady <將軍家的小娘子>, and The Eternal Love <雙世寵妃>.

According to sources, Forbidden Love was produced under a low-key manner last year as filming and plot details were kept tightly under wraps. Details were only revealed recently as promotion activities increased.

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ooh highly mixed feelings about this drama. Eek to the director. Eek to Yukee. Eek to her role as a concubine. Eek to Dylan Wang’s hairdo.

    But yes to Dylan Wang’s role in which we might see some eunuch/feminine mannerisms which means he’s challenging himself. Gonna be a hard buy-in for the storyline though…

    1. TBH, it will be very very hard to top DD-Esther’s chemistry especially with this Yukee girl. I dropped all of her drama except AoL. She is just flat, no sparks and no presence. But alas, she has another modern drama with DD too. Done filming and waiting to get airs….hahaha

    2. I watched the trailer and he does not do any feminine mannerisms. He is basically Dongfang Qingcang without the demon lord robes. He looks great though. I actually like him in more serious roles.

  2. Keeping fingers crossed…Yukee is heavily promoted last few years…
    I am not a big fan of her projects but afew are watchable. She has moments of sparks…but often her acting is rather flat…
    I do wonder how will Dylan do…

  3. Saw the trailer, didn’t see the chemistry between the two leads. I like the FL when she was in Ashes of Love but that’s it. Will wait for the actual drama release before deciding to continue.

    Saw some of the new drama trailers released by iqiyi, a few look interesting or fun but don’t know how the actual dramas will turn out to be.

  4. Yukee hasn’t had a good role since Ashes of Love. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is but she’s just not female lead material.

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