Edwin Siu on Dating Priscilla Wong: “Please Give Us Space”

Unlike Edwin Siu’s (蕭正楠) past relationships, the actor is no longer keeping his love life a secret. In early May, the paparazzi caught Edwin and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如)  shopping for groceries and then heading straight to Edwin’s home for a cozy date. Edwin admitted in a later phone interview that he was pursuing Priscilla, and had been doing so since they became good friends after filming Madam Housewife <師奶Madam> together last year. A few days ago, the couple was spotted holding hands on the beach at sunset, confirming their relationship.

Edwin did not avoid questions about his romance with Priscilla when he met up with the press during a brief break while shooting his latest TVB drama, Trade Wars <商戰>. In the scene, Edwin went to a pharmacy to purchase a pack of condoms, but was confronted with heavy rain as he leaves. Edwin declined to talk about why his character went to buy condoms, expressing that the audience will find out once the drama airs. He said he does not feel embarrassed talking about it, but when asked if he had bought condoms in a similar manner before in real life, he said, “Hey, let’s not ask about that!”

With photos of him and Priscilla strolling on the beach, Edwin said he never thought about publicizing or keeping their relationship a secret, implying that he and Priscilla had naturally developed a relationship. “The photos looked pretty sweet, but I do hope everyone will give us space. We are getting to know each other like a normal couple and we are getting along comfortably.”

Asked if he would choose a quieter place to date in the future, he said, “I never thought about being photographed. Besides, with such advanced technology we have today, it doesn’t matter where we go. We’ll eventually get caught. No secrets from us.”

Edwin added that since they are both busy with work, they have not seen each other in a long time, but they would try to work out their schedules to see each other more often. “That day [at the beach] was a holiday for the both of us. That was unexpected. In this industry we don’t have the notion of holidays, so it was great. In the past, I thought it’s better to keep [relationships] low profile, but now my mindset has changed.”

Asked if Edwin would like to collaborate with Priscilla again in a future drama, he immediately shook his head and said, “No! Tony Hung (洪永城) is Priscilla’s best partner!”

Edwin’s ex-girlfriend, Gigi Ho (何傲芝), was recently reported to have “won” the heart of 24-year-old singer-songwriter Aaryn Cheung (張明偉), who was seen driving her around the city. Edwin said, “I haven’t read these reports. It’s stupid to describe this as winning or losing. We all just want to live happily.”

Source: Stheadline.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. No way the media is gonna give space when this is new news.

    1. lol, seriously, every single celebrity couple requests for ‘give us space’, it’s more like making the media hunt them down even more.

  2. wow…………….i thought that priscilla wong won’t really date edwin siu but now they’re dating~~~~~ i think people should just give them some personal space even though that they’re dating it doesn’t mean that the reports kept on taking photos of them and holding hands!!!!!!~~~~

    1. Agree they should be given space.. Every artist dating or not should be given space.. Sometimes i think about people writing gossip how would they like it if people started writing things about them

  3. Don’t know why but I keep getting the feeling that both, esp Edwin, are just drumming up some publicity for themselves. Something just smells suspiciously fake.

  4. The stroll on the beach was kinda big reveal, so don’t cry for space or privacy if you intend to have staged dating for all to see.

  5. Lol they both really bad in the photo. What a strange couple.

  6. You just wonder how any celeb couple can manage to stay together if they have an audience every time they are on a date.

  7. I’m watching the program about soccer with Tony Hung and Priscilla and they are such a compatible couple on screen. Very natural and easy going and I love how they joke around.

  8. They need to GTFO of Hong Kong if they want personal space.

  9. Hahaha… Priscilla look like Myolie Wu with the curly hair!!

  10. hi there

    1. come on, get real.
    2. myolie is one foxy gal.
    3. Priscilla is just not that hot mah.

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