Elanne Kong Depressed Over Contract Dispute

In April, Elanne Kong (江若琳) decided to terminate her management contract with Universe International early. Although with the company for ten years, Elanne claimed that Universe International never paid her a salary and she only survived on her family’s financial support. With the lawsuit unfolding, Elanne has been depressed for one year, and also experienced mental breakdowns.

Elanne was once highly promoted at Universe International and purportedly had romantic ties with company chairman, Daneil Lam (林小明). When their relationship turned sour this year, Daneil claimed that the company lent Elanne $500,000 HKD and said she is only greedy for money.

Appearing at a recent Christmas function, Elanne admitted that she suffered from depression due to the of the contract lawsuit against Universe International. She has been seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis and is partially recovered.

During the worst phase, Elanne cried frequently and suffered emotional meltdowns. In regards to the lawsuit, Elanne responded, “I’m more passive, so I’m just waiting now. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.”

When asked whether new rumored boyfriend Mike He (賀軍翔) offered any words of advice, Elanne insisted that the two were just friends. “My friends and I only talk about general things. We don’t discuss about the lawsuit.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Yup, agree with you. She can’t act & sing. Correct me if I’m wrong, she started her career in Taiwan, right? But she also not popular there. She’s Taiwanese?

      1. okay everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

        i personally feel elanne has acting potential and she has a very cute, straightforward personality. say what you will, but i think she’s a great actress. i think she’s even won an award before, not quite sure.

      2. Elanne is pretty. I’ll give her that.
        Aside from her appearance, I think she should quit showbiz. She can’t sing and she can’t act. On top of that, I think it has to do with her voice, but she’s extremely annoying when she talks. It sound like she would nag you to death. This would sound extreme, but I wanna punch her in the face and tell her to shut the f up every time she opens her mouth.

        She’s the only actor/actress that has this effect on me.

  1. Did Universe international secured the role of Mulan for Elanne in the recent mainland chinese TV series production OR thru’ her new management company? Anyone knows?

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