Elanne Kong to Pay Eight-Figure Sum for Contract Violation?

Elanne Kong’s (江若琳) relationship with management company, Universe International, is growing more bitter by the day. After crying about not having received a salary for ten years of work, Elanne has allegedly refused to sign a remaining five-year contract. In response to her move, Universe took legal action against Elanne, and the reported amount of compensation for turning down the contract could possibly be an eight-digit sum.

Universe earlier sent out a legal letter with additional documents to Elanne, asking for her signatures immediately. According to reports, the documents included a film contract for Hot Madam <辣警霸王花>, directed by Wilson Chin (錢國偉), as well as a management contract. Universe stated that if Elanne fails to sign the documents by a certain deadline, they have the right to investigate the resulted loss she brings to the company. Universe executive Alvin Lam (林小強) exclaimed, “We will investigate the matter until the very end!”

In terms of the current situation, Alvin revealed, “Elanne did not sign the film contract. Furthermore, she completed ten years of work, but refused to continue with the remaining five years. This is obviously a breach of contract! Everyone should respect what was written on contracts! We have handed everything over to the lawyers and will investigate until the end.” When Elanne was asked about the case’s progress, she reported there has been no reply from the lawyers yet and will leave them to handle the business.

On the other hand, director Wilson Chin already has names of other female artistes who can replace Elanne for her role in Hot Madam. Since there is still one month left before filming begins, there is time to make adjustments to the script. Director Chin shared this is not the first time a main lead has dropped out on him and there was a similar experience in the past when actress Dada Chan (陳靜) suddenly disappeared in the midst of filming.

Producer of Hot Madam, Charlie Wong (黃永峰), expressed that relations with Universe have been good and they will not ask for a compensation regarding Elanne’s dropout. He added, “It’s unfortunate that we’re unable to work with the company’s artiste, but hopefully there will be a chance in the future.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Shirley  for JayneStars.com.

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  1. A 15 year contract with no escape clause, that is bordering on slavery. However, since I do not know the original terms whether she was given money upfront for signing etc., I have to be given more info before further chastising anyone.

    1. If she doesn’t want to stay and she isn’t even that popular and can be replaced. don’t keep her just to shoot chong kui so she will be invisible for the next five years.

      They’ve had such a public falling out. Sure a popular star can be taught to pull such a tactic to get out of her arrangement because now the relationship is spoiled but if you are going SO FAR, then I know you are not happy here so just go even if legally I can make you stay.

      if it is not true about her salary complaint, then I would just post the facts on the internet or show them to new actors to assure them that the company is on the up and up but if it is true, then let her go so she can make money elsewhere because this company is not behaving in a kind and well behaved tone when they respond. They sound quite mean.

  2. Elanne Kong should not sign anything from Universe International, who now sound desperate to nail her to slavery.

  3. no yee hay, no chivalry – I hated reading about when Mo Seen shoot chong’ed underpaid popular actors.

    You know for a fact that this celeb thing is the only thing they have – that most of Hong Kong is not born with a silver spoon in their mouths, so if you are in a position to control their jobs and how much they are compensated, you keep them on a short leash, right?

    That’s completely unfair and very ugly.

    Is the general public supposed to watch a company teach an individual a lesson in deep pockets? WOW, she DESERVES to be punished because she has never seen a big snake take a poop, correct? So teach her a lesson and scare other working entertainers from not appreciate just being employed.

    I have a bad feeling about the Hong Kong legal profession from what I have read about how law firms bill over there. This is a very unkind lawsuit but the company won’t suffer from openly being cruel. They won’t get boycotted or anything.

  4. That is so scary that the management co. can do that to their artists. I would be too scared to sign anything if I were her. How is that even legal? It sounds like she has no choice or freedom in the matter whatsoever.

    She needs a GOOD lawyer or mentor to advise her on her future, otherwise she will end up servicing businessmen and if she refuses she will be bankrupt and living under a flyover.

    I wish her luck in escaping such brutal, controlling a-holes and hope she can find an honest manager to keep her safe.

    1. It’s a legally binding contract. She’s not the only artiste having to pay to get out of a contract.

    2. There are too many pimps/crooks running the entertainment industry, which really needs a reputable organized union to protect artists.

      This is definitely a red flag for all artists to be careful of Daneil Lam/林小明 (who is now “hiding” behind Alvin Lam/林小強) and/or Universe International.

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