Eliza Sam Enjoys the Benefits of Being Popular

Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) popularity has only increased since the release of Sniper Standoff <神鎗狙擊>. Frequently stopped on the streets by fans, Eliza is also in high demand for brand endorsements. Her work has steadily increased, making it more difficult for the Vancouver native to visit her family.

On the streets, pedestrians immediately recognize Eliza as Lai Chan, the youngest member of the SDU in Sniper Standoff.  Wearing a skimpy tank top during the training scenes, Eliza easily stood out from the male cast. She will also be involved in a romance with Michael Tse (謝天華) in the drama.

Several days ago, when Eliza was buying afternoon snacks, the shop keeper immediately recognized her and even offered her 50 percent discount for the snacks. An elated Eliza chimed, “If I can get 50 percent discount when I buy a flat or jewelry next time, that would be great!”

At a Mid-Autumn Festival event earlier, Eliza lamented that this is the third year that she is not celebrating the holiday with her family in Vancouver. She could not take time away from her busy filming schedule for TVB drama, M Club. The 29-year-old beauty confessed that she loved to bake pastries and during her free time, she would make them for her friends and her apartment’s security guard.

Since the Mid-Autumn Festival will be this Thursday, she intends to find the recipe for moon cakes and bake them for everyone. When asked if she will be baking any for her rumored boyfriend, Alan Wan (溫家偉), Eliza said “No. For men, only my brother and grandfather have tried my baking.”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Eliza Sam is a sweet and lovely actress, but her acting is still green. She seems to have potentials in acting, but needs to work hard to improve it, and her Cantonese too.

    I think her sniper role could be a bit too heavy for her as a newbie.

    1. agree her acting is very rookie. she shows too many features,she act with her face and not with her heart.agree this role is very difficult to act for such a sweet person.time will tell if she can be a real actress or not.

    2. Oh, agree……a lot of these CBC’s need to put in more effort to get rid of that awful accent when they speak Cantonese….At first, it sounds kind of cute but when they get into some serious dialogue, sounds god-awful……..When will they ever learn.

    3. Eliza’s acting is terrible, yes, terrible.

      She speaks not with emotion but more of memorising and then regurgitating all the words out. It does seems she does not understand what the heck she is actually speaking, OMG, what a poor actress!!!

      She comes cross as bland, robotic and dull. All she can do is smile, smile and smile some more, in any occasion, even when acting angry, sad, or what not, as if her smile can do wonders to negate her faults.

      I just wonder why is she so ‘popular’, you guys criticize Rebecca Zhu so much when she is quite good for a newbie in ‘Forever’ and een in her debut drama ‘Sterling Shackles’

      Eliza is bad in all dramas, Period. No two ways about it, but all I see is praises and praises. Just wtf is happening to audiences nowadays?

      If tehr eis one single reason why I will stop watching ‘sniper’ it is because Eliza is there !!!!!

      And her canto is BAD, worst of the worst.

      1. I agree with whatever you said above. But the problem is not just the acting is that we are dealing with a wide audience in HONG KONG who have no idea what acting is all about and certain not what a great film and TVs is . They just watch and suck up whatever is on TV and assume its the best.

      2. Eliza sum is cute only because her accent and how bad she acts made me laughs.

      3. Oh god, I’m not the only one. Been hearing about her, this is the first drama I watched with her in it. She looks bland for me, and her robotic delivery of the dialogue is god aweful, I know the character is same old same old, but she managed to make it so irritating and annoying that I just want to strangle her. And what’s up with the way she speaks? She spoke slowly and word by word like a baby receitig the poem carefully >_> or a baby try to speak but find it hard to find word to express themselves. She’s kinda the same as Rebecca zhu for me, I’m afraid -.- though I didn’t hate Sui Yau in the first 5 episode, so I guess Rebecca is a bit above this chick >_>

  2. She always looks so happy and bubbly. She can’t pull off the sniper role.

      1. I hope koni returns to tvb – didn’t she get married recently?

      2. She was amazing. Loved her. She should have taken this role instead of Eliza

      3. I’m also a fan of Koni Lui in Catch Me Now. I think she is still with TVB but she seems to be focusing on hosting roles (e.g. the Wakaka show recently). However I think she will be in M Club, seems like Eric Tsang is promoting her – she always affectionately calls her “Ah Pa”!

      4. Oh yes, Catch Me Now was awesome and Koni pulled it off even if she usually has a rather shallow image.

    1. But I feel for Christine at times- I mean god knows how hard she has tried to improve on her acting and her accent, but seems to go no where on actual improvement. I dont dislike her as an artist, but I just think that sometimes her roles just go to waste knowing that some other actress can do a lot better and shine in the role to get somewhere in their career.

    2. No way! At least Christine Kuo is pretty. This girl….seriously, am I the only person who finds Eliza Sam not at all attractive? Let’s not even talk about the acting.

  3. Awful actress, next hot beauty that can act better then her TVB please!

      1. it’s pretty sad – linda chung is around about her age and is far more popular than her

      2. Chung BB has been promoted crazily in the past to get her popularity ASAP. Eliza mui mui has just stepped in that road, she has time to catch off since she started later than.Chung BB. Potential, I think Eliza has more than Chung BB. She can go far if she is ready to challenges.

      3. It’s pretty sad – the article is about Eliza Sam’s rising popularity, and somehow someone turns it into a childish popularity contest between Eliza and Linda.
        What’s even more sad – Linda is nearly 30 years old and she’s called Ka-Yan BB.
        What’s even more pathetic – people think she’s ‘da best’, even though her facial expression is the same when she’s angry, sad, scared, being manipulative, etc. She may be popular for reasons I find a bit nauseating, aka her sweet pure virginal persona, but there’s definitely nothing good or versatile about her acting. Same goes for Eliza. She’s pretty, but her acting is atrocious.
        What happened to standards? Are there still any left, or it is all about a pretty face and a make-believe image?

      4. I love Linda and I like Eliza. I find them both similar; cute and wholesome and with boat loads of talent with the right role. Say what you want about Eliza, having chemistry with the audience is half the battle won. I do think she can act. Much like Linda when given a difficult totally opposite her true self sort of role always excel. I feel Eliza has the same potential and I haven’t been that excited about anyone since forever. Eliza can play cute bubbly ditzy girl or a sexy goddess. Not many can say they can be both. Even Linda can’t play sexy.

  4. I like her but I do want her to take her time with acting, you know. Like not getting over-promoted=_=

    1. yeah, like heaps of celebrities: they get over promoted, then they disappear. i’d rather her get promoted slowly, a bit at a time

  5. Seeing that they are rich celebrities, you should try and charge her double the amount instead of giving her a discount.

  6. I cannot stand her acting. Watching her talk just makes me cringe!!
    I just wish TVB would give her a small role to start off and slowly give her a bigger role as she improves.

  7. she tries too hard to act cute, too much saccharin gives you diarrhoea.

    1. LOL I’ve known Eliza for over 10 years. She’s always been cute and bubbly on and off the screen.

      1. For a 19 yr old perhaps but she’s pushing 30. Wonder if she’ll still be so cute and bubbly when she’s 40, 50, 60, 70………

  8. Eliza is cute and I do like her but I feel she is a bit miscast in the sniper role because I always feel like she is fidgety and overly excited.

    Knowing that she is to join SDU as a sniper she should be mentally prepared to stay still as statue in single position for hours. But she is always blinking – maybe it is character flaw not her acting.

  9. The Sniper drama is utterly crap in terms of the story and acting. SO cliche….

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