Eliza Sam Annoyed by Her Unreasonable Mom Role in “Plan B”

Life with young children can be chaotic, as Eliza Sam (岑麗香) draws parallels between her own family and her onscreen role in Plan B <寶寶大過天>.  

An Unreasonable Mom?

In the TVB family drama, Eliza frets over every tiny detail about her 2-year-old daughter’s upbringing, and always bursts out in anger and frustration. Perplexed by her unreasonable behavior, Eliza admits, “My character goes crazy all the time – I can’t stand her. When I was reading the script, I was having second thoughts about her crazy reactions–why does she need to scream and yell all the time?”

As Eliza’s son Jacob had not turned 2 years old at the time yet, she could not relate to the tension the Terrible Twos can bring.  “I was wondering if [the script] is realistic, because I had never fought with my son. I had to ask my friends to see if it was really like this.”

As her son grew older, Eliza can personally attest to the havoc in her own family, and reveals that Jacob would be disobedient and reluctant to shower. “I’m going through the exact same thing at home now. It’s a good thing though – I can use what I learned in the drama to handle the situations in real life.”

Despite the struggles, her two sons bring Eliza a lot of happiness, and she often posts photos of them on Instagram. When asked if she is planning for a third child, the actress laughed and said, “I did want a daughter, but I realized that with a house full of boys, no one will fight me for my husband!”

Thanks Husband for His Help

Besides being an overly anxious mother, Eliza’s character in Plan B is frequently getting into arguments with her husband Kenneth Ma (馬國明). Because of his lax personality and lack of regard for splitting household work and taking responsibility of their daughter, she often lashes out in anger.

Unlike the drama, fortunately Eliza receives more support from her own husband Joshua Ngo, who told her to focus on acting. “He promised he would get off work on time to give our son a shower, feed him, and put him to bed. I’m really grateful.”

Facing Off Terrible Twos in “Plan B”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. comment after 5 seconds of watching clip above…. her acting… no wonder she was annoyed….

  2. the way she talks bugs me. it’s as if she’s clenching her jaw or can’t relax her jaw… hard to watch for long

  3. Ironically this drama’s better story come from her cousin and her parents. The main family is boring as hell and have very unrealistic conversations.

  4. I only watched bits and pieces of this drama, and it’s because Yoyo and Cheung wing Hong (omg I suddenly forgot his English name). Their storyline saved the show.

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