Eliza Sam Promotes Plan “B”

Eliza Sam (岑麗香) has already shed her baby weight and returned to work after giving birth to second son Julius in April. With her new parenting drama Plan “B” <BB大晒> currently airing on TVB, viewers are happy to welcome Eliza back after a four-year absence from the station.

Since male lead Kenneth Ma (馬國明) is currently in China working, promoting the drama fell on Eliza and her costars, Kiki Sheung (商天娥) and James Ng (吳業坤).

Appearing in a floral dress which revealed her new curves and slim limbs, Eliza lamented that she has not completely regained her figure yet and is still wearing a waist slimming belt. She cannot fit into any of her old pants either! However, she is currently breastfeeding and thus not in a rush to lose weight.

Taking care of her two sons, Eliza is only able to sleep for about four hours each night and they may not even be consecutive hours. Luckily, her husband Joshua Ngo has been very helpful, “He will measure out the milk powder and prepare the bottles. Once he hears the baby crying, he will immediately prepare the milk.”

As their family bonds are strengthening, Eliza feels very emotional. She revealed that her 2-year-old son Jacob has started to slowly accept his new baby brother. “Sometimes Jacob will place his toy in his younger brother’s hand. I feel that he is starting to warm up to him and like him more.”

Asked if she plans to chase after a daughter, Eliza prefers to let things happen naturally. “I need to figure out my newborn son first! I’ve already given birth to two children, and I’m really tired now so I’m not thinking about it yet.”

“Plan B” Episode 1 Highlights

Source: Sky Post

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Eliza Sam Welcomes Second Baby


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  1. My gran watched five minutes of it and said, very boring. I then watched one minute of it and changed the channel.
    Without Ali this is so lackluster/filler type drama that has a theme but no story.

    1. @bubbles23 it’s soooo boring and I only watched one episode. my mom said it was ridiculous lol. and I just couldn’t stop comparing Eliza to Ali because Ali was so good in the first one (she’s great in everything let’s be real lol). Eliza is cute but her acting has never been impressive. If this was not related to the original than maybe there wouldn’t be a comparison but it’s hard not to.

      1. @tt23 not just that, don’t know why they think a prime time drama with a child crying for ten minutes straight would be considered entertaining.

  2. I’ve watched all the episodes up to and including yesterday’s; biggest waste of my time. I thought to myself, maybe it gets better but nope, storyline is extremely boring. As well, I can’t stand Eliza’s acting. I liked Kenneth here as he really suits these type of roles, but nothing beats Ali and Lok Yi from the first one. Disappointed.

  3. I didnt watch the first one so cant compare but Im on ep3 and enjoying this so far. Its giving me some jdrama vibes; everything is so extreme sometimes its too much but overall quite amusing and managed to hit some really sweet moments.

    1. @nanika You should definitely watch the first instalment:《BB來了》Who Wants A Baby? starring Ali Lee and Chris Lai, its soooo much better!!

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