Eliza Sam: Rumored Most Improved Actress Winner

Riding on her popularity after Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽>, “Goddess” Eliza Sam (岑麗香) will be heavily promoted next year by TVB. One leaked list of the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards winners revealed Eliza to win the Most Improved Actress.

Eliza is nominated in three categories — My Favorite Female Character Award, Best Supporting Actress, and Most Improved Actress. If the rumors are true that she will not go home empty-handed, Eliza better has an acceptance speech ready.

No Pressure to Win

When mentioned that out of her three nominations, she will at least end up with one award, Eliza revealed that she is only somewhat confident, as she already has winners in mind for all three categories. Eliza picked Mandy Wong (黃智雯) to win Most Improved Actress, Elena Kong (江美儀) for Best Supporting Actress, and she has more than one choice for My Favorite Female Character.

“I don’t feel any pressure to win at all. I didn’t even think I was going to be nominated for anything, so any award will just be a bonus to me,” Eliza said.

Considers Hiring Translator

It was reported that many producers wish to cast Eliza in their series. As one of TVB’s fastest rising stars, Eliza will appear in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, Sniper Attack 2013 <神槍狙擊 2013>, and The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時 2>.

With TVB giving her many opportunities, Eliza vowed to do her best. In Divas in Distress, Eliza was simply playing herself. She indicated her desire to try different roles and realizes that there will be many great challenges ahead. Due to her limited skills in reading Chinese, Eliza will consider hiring a tutor and even a translator to help her with the scripts.

Will Look Pretty at Anniversary Awards
Last week, Eliza went shopping for an evening gown to attend the ceremony. She chose a white dress designed by Dorian Ho, which featured a revealing deep-V in front. However, it will be altered to be less revealing, as Eliza believes it is too sexy for her.
With or without an award, Eliza’s popularity will be unstoppable. With her healthy and good girl image, Eliza is already a hot favorite among advertisers. Eliza reportedly has close to half a dozen of commercials with major brands under negotiation.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2299 via ihktv.com

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  1. Most Improved….sure. I can see great overwhelming difference in her acting skill in….wait…I can only recall Diva in Distress. Errr….

    1. I commented on this earlier in the post about the leaked winner list.

    2. Most improved award means nothing…….just means that they need to improve a lot more before they get anywhere…….For Eliza, work on the Cantonese, the acting, and maybe flash some skin or the bra………that always works……..

      1. The acting is ok. At the award show, a clip was shown where she was crying in Divas In Distress and I thought she was way way better than the one Natalie Tong was in it.

    3. I agree. Nominee for Most improved? Compared to what? Compared to other people who hasn’t done any acting? Come on people, can we be like the American’s and make it worth my while to watch the Awards ceremony or do we have to trash talk Chinese people in how stupid they are? Not only do we “borrow” other peoples ideas, but we can’t even hand out awards properly.

  2. As someone mentioned before, improvement from episode 1 to episode 22 of DID.

  3. She doesn’t deserve the Most Improved award, since she only acted in two serials, the first was just a 2-episode appearance. If she gets it, it shows how screw-up the awards are. However, I agree with her choices for the Most Improved and Best Supporting Actress. They are my choices too! 🙂

    1. me too! really hope mandy wong will get most improved and elena for best supporting!

  4. It’s a joke right? It’s such an insult to other actresses that have actually improved and have acted in more series than Eliza has. No doubt she can act but most improved? Do they even know what “most improved” definition means?

  5. Mandy Wong won most improved for Astro awards. I wonder if this will have any bearing on the HK award ceremony on 17th?

  6. Not fair at all. The three nominations are already an encouragement. How could she win any of them with just like one or two series? I barely even remembered her in Ghetto Justice although she was claimed to be in it for two episodes or something. ^^yes. it’s totally an insult for others striving to even get nominated and try their hardest. Tvb is really promoting her too much.

  7. Mandy should be the most improved. Eliza in the meanwhile should work harder to improve on her acting skill first.

  8. I still don’t get the hype with Eliza… I see nothing special about her…

  9. And not to mention TVB lavishes the word Goddess too easily. Seems like all newcomers are goddess, pffftt….

  10. Mandy Wong acting is better than her. She still have rooms for improvement.

  11. What is d noob prediction? She shud not be nominated at 1st place.. Winning, dun hope so much.. My gut feeling, i dun expect her to be in this industry for long time..

  12. She was rather good in Divas In Distress. After all she was one of 2 reasons why the series is what it is. Her cantonese is bad, but she did certain emotional scenes. She was more emotional than the robotic Mandy in the same series. Mandy is win should not win for her performance in this series.

    But I agree. Improve from what? Should have created a Star Of Tomorrow award and Eliza will win that.

  13. tvb should give her the most charismatic newcomer or the one with most potential instead of the most improved actress. her star rises too fast,she has a very expressive face but she needs to improve her cantonese first to become a succesfull actress of the new generation.

  14. TVB should create some Best Newcomer awards instead of giving out the awards that other people deserve. I like Eliza, she’s bubbly sweet and I see a great future for her, but giving her Most Improved for one show is beyond ridiculous.

  15. I like Eliza Sam, the best newbie among the 3 (Rebecca Zhu, Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam). However, she should act more drama series before she can get “Best Improved”. It makes more sense if she gets the “Most Favourite – Female” as there is no requirement to be the “Most Favourite”. Or TVB should create a brand new category for her “Most Promising” or “Artiste with Best Potential”.

    It is really an insult to many other good artistes. Selena Li has not got an award yet, not yet a “Most Improved”, and there are many more good new artistes.

  16. Gosh, I woke up and just had to comment on this. What do I think? Undeserved, BS, not worth it, all rigged, and all just a damn game in the entertainment circle. It’s not like I don’t like her, it’s just that I learn more on the EQUALITY and FAIRNESS line. If she wins, it’s a total SLAP to other candidates, especially Mandy Wong, heck, Mandy Wong altogether since that list seems like Mandy is the most suitable. Eliza just came on this year and she’s gonna win? It’s like saying Rebecca Zhu will win Best Supporting Actress (I know she’s not nominated, but for example), and Aimee Chan winning Best Actress. Not cool in my opinion. End of #rant.

  17. What is her family background like ? Daddy financing her career ? I mean it wouldn’t be surprising. PERHAPS she should learn how to speak Cantonese properly first. Her acting isnt’ that great. For her first time as a lead actor ….I was greatly distracted by her enunciation on ever word.

  18. who deserve it or not it doesn’t matter. It’s a fair game…she is so likeable, charming and most people from their own working circle loves her sweetness and kindness. If the audience likes her all that much then she can totally take the most improve award. That’s what their industry is all about popularity and likeability it’s not about how long you’ve work for years etc. Try work on your personality first. Eliza Sam is the package hat TVB needs to brng high ratings…

  19. BTW I think herr accent was pretty cute more importantly it grabs attention from the audenices to listen closely and that is when she shows off her down to earth peronality and her sweet smiles. Ppl likes her positive energy that’s why she is so popular and ppl are draw to her. In my opinion she stands out, there hasn’t been an artist quite like her in HK this time around.

  20. But there are so many other great actresses out there!! Aghh, saddens me really. People like Nancy Wu or Selena Li…and few others, they’re all top notch and should be doing more lead roles. Yet, it’s taking them 10 years or more to get to only where they are now compared with these green actresses. Just imagine – Eliza getting LEAD role in Diva in Distress!!! I dont dislike her, but seriously?? Like I’ve said many times before, to be even nominated along with them is a disgraceful for those experienced and more deserving ladies.

    1. couldn’t agree more! and tvb wonders why people leave? they never invest in their 2nd line and 3rd line actresses, and whats with promoting random pageant girls, with really bad accents? even if people like pretty faces, they will get tired of seeing it and prefer to see real acting

  21. oh we have the same exact Chinese name but that is not the reason I like her. I like her strictly base on personality.

    1. No, Mr. Larry my Chinese name was exactly the same as Eliza “Lai Hern”. But my last name was Lau instead! I have family members teased me my entire childhood for such an ugly Chinese name but Eliza ROCK her that name…ppl are calling her princess Hern Hern!

  22. congrats to eliza if she does win!
    stay positive! lol at all the haters

  23. TVB’s definition of improvement: “What? She was in Ghetto Justice 2?” “What? She was in The Confidant?” “Oh yeah, she was in Divas in Distress.”

    1. Eliza Sam was really in “The Confidant” for 2 minutes the most ……. one of the candidates for the selection of concubines. She was in the first role of candidates.

      1. Ep. # 20 (the one airing last Friday). Eliza Sam was in the front row for a minute or two. No action or dialogues. I saw her name in the cast as well as “sau Lui” (in Cantonese).

  24. I hope Eliza is right and Mandy and Elena does win. I don’t see it being possible for her to win. TVB can always wait until next year since she will be a part of so many heavily promoted series.

  25. Never seen her in anything yet, but she looks pretty in photos.

  26. how can she win most improve if she only acted in one? what are we comparing her acting to ? doesnt make sense. i mean i like her, she’s cute , she is bound to win some award because she is being heavily promoted right now

  27. I love Eliza but i don’t think she deserve an award yet, there still Nancy , Mandy to win supporting and improved actress.

  28. Saw her n person once in KL. Arrogant and smiles only on camera. Such hypocrite attitude as a newcomer. Used to like her abit for her appearance in Diva in Distress, but after seeing her true self, let’s just forget about it. Prefer Rebecca Zhu more.

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