Elva Hsiao and Kai Ko’s 12-Year-Gap Romance Finally Confirmed?

Taiwanese pop diva, Elva Hsiao ( 萧亚轩), was caught on a date with rising star, Kai Ko (柯震东), in a park. The news spread like wild fire on the internet, where 32-year-old Elva and 20-year-old Kai’s romance grew increasingly obvious in fans’ eyes. Despite reportedly behaving like “teenagers sweetly in love” in the park, the pair maintained that they were only good friends. 

Dating rumors of Elva and Kai first surfaced in January, when they reportedly went on a movie date together. Eye witness accounts circulated online claiming that Elva and Kai had kissed in a nightclub in February. A male model claimed that Elva had dumped him for Kai, allegations which led to Elva’s dissatisfaction. Kai and Elva both appeared as guest stars in Amei’s (張惠妹) concert in Taipei, Taiwan last month.


On April 10th, Elva and Kai donned sunglasses and dressed casually for a walk outside Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall in Taipei. Kai even walked backwards, making Elva laugh heartily. Kai pulled out his sweater, upon which Elva grabbed onto it, resulting in a “sweater hand-holding moment.” The casually intimate moment was enough to send the Taiwanese paparazzi wild!

When Elva and Kai discovered the presence of reporters in the park, they immediately pulled apart, stating they were only friends.

Elva Hsiao Still Observing Kai Ko

Aside from her successful music career, Elva Hsiao was a quiet millionaire.  Last October, Elva’s mother, Ye Xiuling (叶秀玲), purchased a $85 million Yuan luxury 90-square-meter apartment in Taipei’s Ryan Street. The property ownership was registered under Elva’s name. Elva and her brother were set to inherit their mother’s assets, valued at over a billion Yuan.

Kai Ko shot to stardom after Taiwanese movie, You Are the Apple of My Eye <那些年,我们一起追过的女孩> became a mega box-office hit last year. After winning the 2011 Golden Horse Best New Actor Award for his performance in the film, Kai was on his way to fame and fortune. His name became quickly linked with numerous actresses. Due to Kai’s romantic reputation, Elva Hsiao allegedly placed him under “observation mode” despite reportedly dating for months.

Elva Hsiao’s Ex-Boyfriend, Sunny Wang, Shocked

Elva Hsiao’s ex-boyfriend, Sunny Wang (王阳明), was apparently shocked that she may be dating Kai Ko, who was 12 years her junior. Sunny stated, “I am very surprised because I have not seen the two of them together. I’m a little shocked!” Sunny indicated that it was Kai’s youth that shocked him the most in the alleged romance with Elva. Asked about his view on older-woman-younger-man relationships, Sunny responded, “It depends on each person’s need!”

Managers Deny Dating Rumors

Asked about Elva’s park date with Kai, her manager, Jiang Cheng Jin (蒋承缙) stated, “They are only good friends. There is no need to think too much about the matter.” Jiang further added that Aimee Sun (孙芸芸) had suggested a group gathering to drink coffee together. However, Aimee was unable to attend as originally planned.

Kai’s manager, Lin Yi Chen (林怡辰), responded that Kai and Elva were only good friends. “He has been filming a lot of night scenes [for a new movie]. It was a rare opportunity to go out with a group of friends during the day. They are only friends; what more is there to say?” Kai’s manager further added that no photos of the pair actually holding hands were taken. “They were only playing around on the street like friends. There’s nothing to be shocked about!”

Sources: Haibo.cn, Sina.com.cn, xmhouse.com, dbw.cn

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Jayne: Kai and Elva do look like a couple in the park photos. In one of the photos, Kai’s arm swung backwards, as if reaching for Elva’s hand. How do you feel about this couple? They remind me very much of Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse, when they were dating.

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  1. Gap is too big. She may be ready for marriage and children but is he? He is much too young.

    1. But the trend is to have children when you’re 40 now it seems…

      1. andy lau is only 50 i think hahhah even thou i think he does LOOK way older than 50 hahah LOL

  2. I am so shocked that they are dating. I used to be really against the “Jie Di” type of relationship,but not anymore. However, the age gap should not be too big since women age faster than men do. 12 years is WAY too big of an age gap…

    1. agree. totally not against older women dating younger guy, but 12 years really is too big of a gap.

    2. It’s ok if the relationship is just for sexual pleasure. Age doesn’t matter there. If its for life time commitment, then the ‘boy” might be too young for that.

      1. I personally find that sad that some would only date for sexual pleasure…

      2. Well, this world have plenty of different ppl with different personality. I of course strongly disagree with such personality (sleeping around)

    3. 12 years is not that important if she’s 52 to his 40. Or 62 to 50.

      But at 32 … that means he’s only 20!
      Barely out of teenhood.

      I think 8 yrs diff max = less of a gap.

    4. The issue I have here isn’t the age gap, but the fact that Kai Ko is 20. HE’S JUST A KID.

  3. Well…women do live longer than me haha

    Maybe they are just having fun?

      1. That is not always true but I guess is true to some extent.

  4. I think they look really cute together and props to her for catching the eye of such young hottie. However, I would have been more comfortable if she was 42 and he was 30 rather than their current situation. I think he is a little too young at this moment and have not had enough experience in life. But, if it’s all for fun and game, then what’s the harm.

    1. Haha society seems a lot more open about older women dating younger men these days. I can’t say for the future if that’ll ever be me but it seems to be quite a thrill I guess. Considering that teenagers in general seem more immature and superficial, I don’t know if I can ever be attracted to them even 10, 20 years on.

    2. Agreed. He’s too young at 20 and has his whole life ahead

  5. Seems very coupley. I don’t really think its a big deal when celebrities date tbh. They’re human after all. I keep hearing of Kai Ko these days but he came out of nowhere to me.. And never followed Elva.

  6. Uhm, maybe 12 is a very long gap. I don’t know how it will work but 12 years, pretty hard.

    1. The gap has a better probability to work if Kai Ko is not a “20 year old kid”…yeah, personally I think this relationship of 20 year old boy and 32 year old women is a bit hard to go to further stage…

  7. He’s the toyboy. She’s just using him for sex. Crude, but true.

  8. never like elva, don’t understand her music, don’t think she can sing neither in pretty department. It is probably part of Publicity stunt, i remember she even show up in kang xi together with sunny. So she and kai probably just for publicity? if they really dating it will be at night or somewhere ppl won’t be able to notice, the pic show that daylight time and in the park. Anyway, too big age gap, they probably will end up like kutcher and demi moore.

  9. 12years is a big gap but i think it’s ok. I think they just wanna have some fun plus Kai Ko is still too young to take it seriously.

  10. i don’t have a problem with the age gap per se, but rather the fact he is just 20. i doubt he is ready to settle down at his age. elva is just wasting her time with this vanity affair. if he was say 27, and she 39, the relationship would have a better chance.

    1. “i don’t have a problem with the age gap per se, but rather the fact he is just 20. i doubt he is ready to settle down at his age. elva is just wasting her time with this vanity affair. if he was say 27, and she 39, the relationship would have a better chance”

      Yeah..my sentiments exactly..

      1. I would go even further and say maybe if she was 40 / 50 and he was 28 / 38.

        And agreed that he looks like Matthew Ko! ‘You Are The Apple of my Eye’ really was a good movie though. Never liked Elva’s music though.

    2. This is like Faye and Nic. Faye was 31 and Nic was 19 when they begin dating. The relationship didn’t work out because she wanted to settle down and he wasn’t ready for it. I think this will be the same case for Elva. She will be ready to settle down, but he won’t.

    3. Agreed! 20 is too young for a guy! Guys mature late

    4. I have to agree that maybe in another 7 years for him. Still it’s alright for guys to date older women but no more than 10 years.

  11. He kind of looks like Matthew ko in the first picture.

    12 years seriously. That’s way too much for a women. That’s like me dating one of my younger brothers friend. Me and my little bro are 12 years apart. Wowww. That I wouldn’t do

    1. it’s OK for a male to date a younger female, but not vice versa?

      1. No, it’s fine. And I find brother-sister relationships to be very cute. But the issue here is that Kai Ko is just a kid. He’s barely an adult.

    2. ahhaah i thought so too…
      no matter how cute/handsome the guy is i dont think i will date any guy younger than me for 6 years. 5 years is my MAX haha 12 i cant imagine too young for me for whatever reason haaha

  12. 12 years gap wow. Compared to this, Tavia and Him rumors actually ain’t too bad.

  13. Aaron Johnson is with director Sam Taylor-Wood who is 23 years his senior. They met on the set of “Nowhere Boy” when Aaron was still a teen, so this 12 year gap doesn’t seem too bad…

    Ok, I should shut up and not compare them – each relationship is unique. I’m perfectly fine with such an age gap, but perhaps it would be more tolerable if the youngest party was a little older/more mature.

  14. Like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? Their marriage did last 8 years.

    1. And look what happened. He cheated on her repeatedly with much younger women. Don’t know which is bigger insult; cheating or cheating with a much younger woman

      1. Well the knife in the gut for Demi Moore would have been that she is/was already insecure about her age. She is like an older version of J. Lo.

      2. J.Lo is desperate to stay in the spotlight. Soon she don’t even need to sing just do a voice-over and be totally naked in her MVs, LOL.

      3. I guess we can’t say that older women and younger male don’t always work out, but I think the female would definately be a lot more insecure if the guy was a lot younger than her. Guys would definately want to go for girls more his age or younger,especially when the gap is that big. I used to be really against the “jie di” type of relationship, but am more open to it now. However, the age gap should not be so big.

      4. I am ok with such relationship but for this particular one, I think it is doomed. He is much too young. She may want A, he wants B, so they can never really get to be together since different wants. If it is for fun, then go ahead!

    2. Demi and Ashton broke up due to Ashton’s cheating. And they have 9 year gap.

      1. Hehe, im sure Fox meant in “fox years” which means she is once again totally right 😛

      2. Not 9? Maybe I’ve a mistake, tq Ita and I’ll check again.

        @exoidus: You are talking about yourself? I always admit when I have any mistake but seem that you are the one who never can’t admit you are wrong. But you like to say ppl are that, don’t understand why.

      3. I will always admit if im obviously wrong. I suppose im not wrong just bc I don’t agree with you on certain issues and therefore can’t admit being wrong.

        If I did that it would be so wrong, LOL.

      4. Fox, you welcome, demi is 49 and ashton is 34. 30 and 40 is men’s prime time while for women 50 is nearly meno stage and go through alot changes in their body. I think when men in their 20’s they kinda proud when they can date somee older, cuz it make them look more mature ad able to tame a cougar. But once they are mature enough like 30 , they tend to want to date young chick haha. That s just purely my personal observation though.

      5. The other day I came across this video on youtube about 中女, the derogatory term about unmarried women (don’t know if the term is just limited to hk women) in their 30s +. Thought you guys would be interested in watching. It goes with Ita’s comment. Some of the ways the women in the video think are a little traditional, that I disagree with, but overall, women have it toughest.

        part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiXqwsqYKrc
        2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mAzptE5Z0M
        4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUhrcnXhUOk

      6. peary: And this is what Steven Ma wrote on chung lui in his book.

        Middle-Aged Men? Middle-Aged Women?
        Recently, there is this faddish coined phrase in town; it’s ‘chung lui’. The phrase denotes: middle person, middle-aged person of the female gender. If one has the habit of reading the daily newspapers, then it is inevitable that one will notice that recently these two words cropped up frequently in the news contents. Let’s not mention the entertainment news, even Hong Kong news, front page features, and also even the news supplements, they all have traces of them. Actually, ‘chung lui’, these two words are not problematic per se, clearly they are just abbreviation for middle-aged women, an appropriate definition. However, I believe all women, including the middle aged or those approaching middle age, that there are not many among them who like to be so explicitly labeled as ‘chung lui’.

        Earlier on, a friend invited a group of close friends to dinner to celebrate his/her birthday. The guests were a mixed batch of males and females; I was there too. After the celebratory dinner, we all stepped out of the restaurant, and at that very moment, unbeknownst to us, my friends and my pictures were secretly snapped. A few days later, the tabloid news came out. Its heading ran: “Steven Ma in the company of three ‘chung lui’ partying (po) into the night,” etc etc.. Not going into the validity of this news article, just that singular matter of my three friends being labeled as ‘chung lui’, and to have their pictures blown up so big already made me feel bad.

        As an artist, having my pictures secretly taken is not surprising. The more salt you consume, the more you are able to endure the thirst. (i.e desensitize) But I felt sorry to have my friends made the news with me. Among these three friends, two are already mothers. Though being labeled as “chung lu”, I believe they would not be all that bothered. But what is truly ‘awful’ is that the last one, who is still a young lady, is summarily categorized as ‘chung lui’. How terribly upset she was! Later she texted me, saying that her lifetime of happiness is now unduly destroyed by me.

        Fact is, who does not go through mid life? This is a phase of life that all of us will go through one day. Today there are ‘chung nam’, ‘chung lui; tomorrow they may be termed as ‘mature males’, ‘mature females’; or perhaps not improbable, there may even be the “secured males or secured females”. But all these are just merely adjectives, that’s all. Age is never the problem, how to live life is what matters!

        Lastly, I would like to use this essay to convey my apologies to that “miu lui” (young lady). If her lifetime of happiness is truly destroyed because of me, then……. let me make amends ba. Heehee!

        source: 2008 圖文並謬 Pg 22-23
        translator: Tamaya

      7. @claimine thanks for the post
        I don’t usually go back to what I posted. And I did not know that Steven Ma wrote a book.

        Yea, HK has alot of these derogatory labels. I caught a youtube video of them calling Fiona Sit a chung lui, and she’s a young lady for sure.
        I posted the video links because the career successful women talk about how tough it is to find a lover and get married after 30 years old. There are also two video comments a guy and erica yuen gave. I am in my mid twenties now and sometimes I fear that I will be unmarried and called chung lui soon.

      8. @exoidus: Show me one time you admitted you are wrong? I’ve never seen. You judge other ppl but don’t judge yourself, how fair you are. Basically, you only talk but never do. It’s so you.

        @Ita: Tq for the info. I always thought they had 9 year gap and now I know it’s 16 years. Such a long gap. I feel pity for Demi when Ashton in the end, still cheated her for a younger girl.

      9. claimine, no I haven’t heard about it until now. But I just found it on youtube. Thank you.


        Okay, I just finished watching the first episode. I think that if the ladies have to go through a make over and coaching to find their love, not every average women would be able to successful accomplish. If you are lucky to be born beautiful and from a wealthy background for maintenance, then, you don’t have to worry about much. For an average or below average woman, juggling between just struggling to pay your bills, (let alone climbing the corporate ladder,helping your parents,maintaining your physical appearance and looking for love is really hard.

        The last few years, I’ve been focusing alot more on my appearance. When my older brother is home for vacation, he would say “who cares about that, focus on your career first!” Do men understand that men and women are different? I don’t even know if my career will pick up, first of all, (I am a uni graduate with a professional degree but unfortuantely, my industry relies heavily on economy. Couple with my passive and shy personality) but if my career becomes stable when I am 35, and that is the age I begin my extensive search, will I find a single man age 35-38, that I like and that likes me back waiting for me? Am I being pessimistic or realistic? How many men are still available and suitable (not so terrible, that they are at the bottom of the barrel)? And will they be willing to give me, a career stable woman a chance, or will they look towards the young, eager, fresh faced ones? If they will, will they be ready to settle within the next two years?

        I guess these days, I just hope to have a lot of money. I don’t hope to find a man in my life or get married. Now, I think money is just the most important thing in the world.

        This topic always embedded in hk movies and series nowadays. Charmaine’s movie with Alex Fong. Sergeant Tabloid, with Niki: woman in her 30s, having trouble finding love; needs to find love fast because her “value” is diminishing (Police career, just another story wrapper) Even on this blog, how many comments suggest Lynn should stop wasting her youth on Aaron.

        Winnie, the life consultant was in one of videos talking about her problems in the vids I posted. Maybe she found love?

      10. @Fox,

        My misconception of you being infallible is clearly a demonstration of me being wrong 😛

        How can you be infallible when you think that I can’t admit being wrong leh, hehe.

        You must have a really bad impression of me thinking that im such a person 🙁


        I think “love” and “career” aren’t mutually exclusive i.e. can choose both and no need to wait!

        Sure time is in short supply and therefore you will need to find a partner that perhaps is in the same situation i.e. focus on career now and/or understand your situation and accept it.

        Not everyone is suited for marriage and in this society it’s perfectly fine. Sure money is important, but how good is money if you don’t have someone to share it with?

        Good luck with your career and love life 🙂

      11. @exoidus: You said it yourself. You included my answer in your answer. If I can’t admit I’m wrong then you are doubled me in this skill. You and me, both know nothing about each other other than something we discussed/discussing in here. I don’t judge yourself then please don’t judge myself, or I’ll do the same thing to you.

      12. Thanks Claimine,

        A very insightful post from Steven Ma yet again. He can write well.

        But the last line, he seems to be “flirting” with his friend, no?


        Thanks for your post. Yes women’s price tag diminish quickly after some age. If girls were smart, they would quickly find the most desirable mate for them to hook onto when they are still price worthy! This is the way of the world…

      13. Canto: I suspect the woman in question might have been Vivian herself. lol!

      14. Steven Ma’s ode to Women

        Two women, two mothers, talk about what?
        “I won’t want to be a female in my next lifetime!”
        Or perhaps,
        “I would still love to be a female!”
        Two women, two mothers, complaint about what?
        “I wish my son is like this!”
        Or perhaps,
        “I wish my daughter is like that!
        Haha! Two women, two mothers; amusing! 挺好玩的!
        Women, in my heart, are represented by mothers, sisters and of course, wife. (lo po dai yan)
        Women, in my heart, represent attentiveness, solicitude, romance, efforts, sacrifice.
        Women, in my heart, represent being over-sensitive, suspicious, petty, imaginative, emotional.
        Truly, women’s good or not good, there’s no need to elaborate especially women who are mothers;
        Put aside their shortcomings, just their virtues will be too many to numerate.
        In any case, take labor pains, can we even endure that?
        Truly, in my whole life I could never experience such pain as that!
        I know many women, single, married, those who love liveliness and those who prefer solitude.
        But what do they really want in the end?
        A husband? A boyfriend? Older brother? Younger brother? Son? Friends?
        Or perhaps a father? paternal uncle? maternal uncle?
        Or companions?
        Women, I really don’t get what you’re thinking?
        Perhaps, you too think us men are at times…very clueless! 不知所谓(?)
        But then, males and women are naturally very different!
        Don’t want to get into it!
        One of my pet catchphrases is: Women, just let me be! 女人﹐讓我吧﹗
        If our mindsets are the same, then, no discussions is even necessary!
        And so, women, I am willing on behalf of all men to say sorry to you all
        I am willing on behalf of all men to say to you all … I understand your hardship
        And have also experienced your grieve;
        Hope to share your happiness, even more so, hope to stand by your side!
        Women ya, women ya…we love you!

        source: 2008 圖文並謬 Pp108 -109
        Translator: Tamaya

      15. Canto: Yes, Steven has a knack with written words. He wrote this in his weibo.

        I am a person who prefer to use written words to express my feelings.

        Hence, I am not very good at doing romantic stuff, but I can write them for you;

        I am not very good at saying romantic words, but I can write them for you.
        So long as you like them, I will write for you. 12/26 21:33

      16. @ Claimine

        I didn’t really like the Ode to Women as I don’t like guys who think too much about women, much less write a poem about them unless he is John Keats.

        But the other translation you quoted, about him not good with words but willing to write romantic words. I think that is very romantic. A typical Scorpio.

        If you like Steven Ma so much, maybe you would like Scorpio guys 🙂

    3. yes, i am still SURPRISED they lasted as long as 8 years haahaha… its a miracle by that being together that long itself hahaa lol

  15. He’s a kiddie boy and she’s mature enough to be his auntie ROFL. This won’t work!

  16. Folks in here are SO political correct…if they wanna have fun, let them have fun.

  17. OK. If an old man dates a younger girl, then he’s a pervert. If an old woman dates a young man, then the discussion is: he’s too young to settle down. lol.

  18. In Today or even Yesterday’s Asian world, this relationship is such a debacle. She typically is the pointed arrow, as the saying goes “Old cow grazing the tender grass”. Anyway, Kai in all eyes, can only be perfectly matched with Michelle Chen..

  19. does steven ma have gf, don’t hear much about his love life.

    jayne should do an article on bride wannabe. it’s getting really popular.

  20. I think age gap to Elva & Kai is not a problem. Though 12 years is quite alot but for Elva, she’s still pretty, charming, charismatic and well-maintain as a woman 😀

    As for kai, standing besides Elva, he didnt look too kiddish.

    Love is everything, age gap nah … not an issue. Key issue – e lady must maintain her youth, well-groomed and pretty at all times. Im sure celebrities like Elva can easily achieve that.

    Cheers to Elva & Kai, Ganbette for your surgery !

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