Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 18

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Now Fala, Rebecca, Myolie, THIS IS HOW YOU CRY emotionally. Nancy, show them, show them all!!”

Wow, a very short recap since not much of any relevance to the main plot happens in here BUT fans of Coco/Nancy Wu will rejoice because entire episode is about her. It has an interesting question and I wonder, will you make the same choice? But then the reasons are pretty twisted. In fact my brother stopped watching after this episode and declares the first series better because it had more flying rather than the sequel with all these stupid storyline, sex and love love love. He is sick of it. Well I am not sick yet but my tolerance level is a bit lower after this episode. It is not terrible but I just feel what a way to end a relationship. I’d rather Nick die, at least then I won’t see the selfishness of everyone involved.


Summer sees Chiu and Chiu says and to which Summer already knows, Bass is fired! Yeah! Summer feels that her action has helped many harassed females in the company to seek justice. But Chiu in a stern voice says “You should tell people when such a thing happened to you, if not how will anyone know? Especially you’re a girl in a man’s world here! Not everyone will readily protect you like he did..” and he being Jayden. Summer smiles a little and asks her mentor if he remembers what he told her when she first joined his team? She reminds him that he said something about being strong and deal with any situation. Something like that. Chiu urges Summer to take up the engineer’s license so she doesn’t need to be bullied anymore but Summer refuses because she doesn’t want to do the communication with depts part. Chiu says something about her men are not up to task and she says Teddy is up to task and is ready to recommend him for promotion to Grade 2. Chiu does not disagree.


Am I the only one who is pretty ecstatic that Summer is on good terms with Chiu and that Chiu talks to her like a very very stern and angry father but still has her best interest in mind? I thought that was pretty cool.


Summer and her guys talking about hotpot session and Jayden and Isaac arrives and Summer asks if Isaac can ask Sam to come along as well to thank him and Isaac agrees. Teddy asks (in his usual rude I so wanna slap this Teddy guy way) if Jayden is willing to add some stuff like abalone, etc and Jayden wholeheartedly agrees and gives his sis a small dashing smile as he shouts for Isaac to go with him for some supermarket shopping.

At Summer’s place (I suppose at some point Jayden moved out? When did that happen?), hotpot session. Sam thanks the technicians for a job well done and for making sure that a pilot’s job is easy and all that and the technicians are genuinely moved as they are often ignored and not respected enough and they all feel that Sam is an exceptional and different Captain as he is friendly and is often talked, respected and admired amongst them. Even Summer agrees and Jayden, feigning a bit of fake jealousy in a funny bit which of course is debunked by Summer who looks exceptionally stern but friendly to her brother. Truth is Jayden doesn’t care since Summer, his best girl is at his side. But when the guys show concern for Summer, Jayden makes it clear none of them is allowed to date her! Rather funny scene.

Next up, urghhhh scene.

Holiday at pub with Jayden and there’s Sam and Sam waits until she finishes her call to Manna and he gently asks her; “It is about the tri-angel and Zoe. I want to know, where did you get the Tri-angel and how you got it?” and instead of answering his question, Holiday asks if he is feeling better now, can he now talk about Zoe openly and Sam feels whatever is between him and Zoe is too private, he still can’t talk much and Holiday tells him if he ever needs a ear to listen to, she can be the one and she smiles and leaves. So Sam does not get his answer. Isaac tells Sam they must leave since he needs to be at home to study. As Sam goes out, he sees Holly by the road side and he approaches her and he says “Ho Nin Hei!” and Holly doesn’t like that as only her mother when she is angry calls her that. Well she isn’t pissed off, just feels like “Woahhhh what’s going on” sort of reaction. She asks if it is about the tri-angel and Sam says no but he asks “Which hotel you’re staying now? I mean I promised Manna to take care of you so if you want, you can move back in” but Holly says in a huge smile she is staying with a friend and Sam being typical Sam asks who is the friend, where and all that but Holly just laughs it off when Jayden and his white sports car arrive and Jayden goes to Holly and Sam’s face changes as he realises who that “friend” is and he just told Jayden that he promised Manna to take good care of Holiday and so he now hopes Jayden will do the same and Jayden smiles charmingly and agrees. And they leave together and Sam looks… worried?

Isaac and Sam at home and Isaac gives Sam the wedding guest list that Coco prepared for Sam to lookover. Isaac asks if Sam is ok if Coco asks Holly to be the bridesmaid. Sam doesn’t feel so pleased and Isaac explains that it is not Coco’s idea but the guys’ idea since now they know Holly is dating Jayden, so they can have a spy in the men’s camp and can get through the bridesmaids’ test better. Sam doesn’t want them to because he doesn’t like the idea of Holly and Jayden, as he says solemnly “I mean, one of them is immature, the other is not dependable” and feels this pair will be a disaster. Isaac doesn’t understand why Sam is so bothered since he feels that’s their thing, nothing to do with Sam. Sam explains about how Manna took care of him so he feels obliged to take care of Holly. Isaac feels his brother is now replacing Coco with Holly, seeing Holly as a little sister and is not being objective. Isaac leaves and Sam, feeling a bit unhinged by what Isaac says jokes “Ok big brother, sure, I’m the busybody, you’re so right. Tomorrow, you will make the soup ok?”

Love this part, Isaac the reasonable wiser one and Sam the busybody. But Sam is right about Holly and Jayden.

Skylette offices. Coco, Nick, Sam, Roy and Isaac. Anyway the point is Coco will have a wedding in HK for the in laws and in Australia for themselves and Sam agrees to bear half of the cost and Coco pesters Isaac to bear the other half, jokingly. Also there will be a joint wedding with Colby and Victor. But they got news, Victor is hospitalised.

At the hospital visiting, Coco sees Victor is very sick. At the garden, as Colby, Roy and Isaac goes out to get them something, Coco, Nick and Victor have a heart to heart talk. Basically, Victor is dying. Colby looks strong, smiling and all but is actually breaking down. Victor says she said she will die with him if he dies. Victor wants to stop the wedding and Coco feels they too will postpone the wedding but Victor says they will wait a little longer but Coco can go on with the wedding. He knows Colby wants a baby, like her own way of dealing with his impending death and to give her a reason to live but he can’t have children. He asks Coco to take good care of Colby and Colby tearfully says “You ask me to take care of her, she asks me to take care of you.. she is my best friend, Don’t worry, I will even if you did not ask me to” and Victor is assured.

Isaac, Roy accompanies Colby but she is busy buying baby clothes. They look worried for her and at home with Coco, Sam, Isaac tells Coco how unstable Colby looks, like she is talking and smiling but into a void. Coco is very worried.

Coco sees Colby at the park trying to cheer Colby up but this time Colby reveals the depth of her fear and sadness and does not want to go to her house so that she has to put on a fake happy face. Now at total breakdown she cries why she is not the one who’s sick instead of Victor and wonders if she can go on without Victor. She also says she wants to have a baby with Victor but she herself can’t have baby as well. Coco urges her to have hope but Colby cries tearfully “Where is the hope for me?” and all Coco could do is to look at her tearful friend with worry.

At home Coco takes out the dragon/phoenix bangles that Colby bought her and she thinks and considers something.

Coco and Nick at the restaurant and before Coco can say anything, Nick agrees the wedding must be postponed until Colby and Victor are ready. He assures Coco not to worry about his parents, he will explain to them. Colby arrives and Colby says she will be going to America to do IVF and find a surrogate mother. Nick is kind enough to remind her how difficult to find one who she can trust and all that and Colby says she found the best one and Coco says, and this is like dropping the bombshell that she is the one and she has agreed to be Colby’s surrogate mother. Nick in shock as Colby tearfully begs Nick to agree to this because this is her only hope to survive Victor’s death.

Coco and Nick at the pier and Nick for the first time shouted at Coco that he refuses. Coco tries to explain about Colby’s fragile state of mind and Nick angrily says “You have always chosen your friend over me, but I have never complained. I have always compromised but not this time! You can’t have their child; if this is your first pregnancy, it should be OUR child!” and not matter how Coco explains, Nick refuses and in the end Nick says “I am in love with you because of your loyalty and your determination, your strength and your toughness. But this is also the reason it has lead to this. You have already made up your mind, you made the decision. No, this time I won’t compromise, this is my limit” and he leaves as Coco tearfully looks on.

Coco, Roy, Isaac and Sam now at home and Nick has told them everything. Isaac and Roy disagrees with her action and Roy says “There are a lot of ways to help a friend. This is not the way, no man can ever accept such an arrangement. To sacrifice your own happiness, it is wrong!” as Coco pleads that Colby needs her help since she is in pain and Isaac says “Then what about Nick? Doesn’t he need your help too, since now he is in pain too?” but in the end Sam says to them to stop and Isaac angrily asks if Sam is agreeing to her mad idea and Sam says “No, but I won’t disagree with her either. I will instead respect her decision” and Coco looks gratefully to Sam for his support.

Coco in her own room and Sam walks in as Coco looks at her own checklist before going to America and Sam asks gently “Will you regret this?” as Coco sort of cheerfully-ish asks “I thought I have your support?” and Coco considers his question for awhile and she says “Sam gor, what do you think of me, personality wise?” and Sam says he thinks she gives everyone an impression she is a tough cookie, strong, independent and says that with affection. Coco says “Everyone thinks I am strong, that I will never crumble. But how many knew when brother died, and mom and dad were too distraught and sister in law was too emotional to even function properly and I had to pretend to be strong for them that inside, I was crumbling and near to having a nervous breakdown? I haven’t met Nick yet but Colby, my best friend was there for me at every call. Every time I felt like I was crumbling, I gave her a call and she would rush to me and she would hold my hand (and she is now holding Sam’s hands) like this and she will always tell me not to worry, she will be there for me to support me. Now it is my turn to support Colby and I have to do everything I can to help her” and Sam says “That is your problem. You always keep all these stuff in your heart, if you won’t tell us, how are we supposed to know? You can’t blame us, including me for not understanding. But what about Nick? Did you know I had a speech ready when I was at your engagement party except that turned into Tony and Heather’s divorce party so I did not say anything” and Coco asks what he was gonna say and Sam basically says “I am very happy to be here at my beloved sister’s engagement party. My little sister is really something..” and basically he talks about his worries that Coco will never get married because she has a blunt personality but he is very happy that she finally finds a good man that is Nick who is understanding and loving to her, and so he no longer worries for Coco” and Coco is tearful as Sam asks if she will regret the impact her decision has on her relationship with Nick and she says with a finality “No I won’t”.


Second scene to mention Joe Ma’s character not by name. He was Vincent right? Also she mentioned Belle, again not by name.


At the airport, Sam and Coco and Coco thanks Sam for supporting her. Isaac appears, very stern and Coco thinks he will scold her again since he looks angry and Isaac says “Yes I am angry! But I am angry that you did not give me enough notice so that I can take leave and go with you!” and Coco tearfully and gratefully says that she is happy she has 2 brothers who cares about her. Sam mentions another name who cares for her as well except he uses the guy’s Chinese name so I don’t quite get who. I think he is talking about Roy. Funny how in private they refer to each other in their Chinese names. Anyway Nick appears, they leave and now only Coco and Nick. Basically Nick says he wants to see her before she leaves because he may not have that chance any more and Coco says they still work in the same offices but Nick says cryptically “Yes, we may be the same persons but we are also different due to the choices we made” and basically he explains he is the only son, he has a responsibility to his parents and Coco understands and she says tearfully “I am very sorry for hurting you” and Nick says “I won’t wait for you, once you leave” and she nods and cries and hugs him fiercely as she says thanks to him for loving him, for accepting her and all that.


Woahhh…. so Nick didn’t die! So Jim Jim is the better man in the sense he accepts her for being a surrogate? But then I understand Nick’s position although I feel Coco is young enough to have other children so what’s the big deal?Because deep down Nick is a very traditional man. He can compromise and all but not this time. As for Coco, she loves Nick but I also feel she has good reasons for doing that for Colby who is her BFF. But then it also shows she never really loved Nick THAT much.

However this is a good question.

Will you agree to be a surrogate mother for your best friend’s child? And consider

a. best friend’s boyfriend will die very soon
b. she has made it clear the baby is her reason to live, so for me that is pretty twisted logic
c. your boyfriend does not agree but to be fair to Nick, Coco never really asked him first, she just made the decision. I never thought Coco really respect Nick in that sense.

For me, for my best friend, as Coco described Colby, YES I CONSIDER. But in the end I won’t agree. Why? Because Colby’s reason for wanting a child is not right. Colby is still young. She can marry another in future. Coco should have used another way to console Colby. Having a child at such a tragic circumstances in the end is not going to end well. So I feel whilst Coco is selfish in putting aside Nick, and Nick is selfish for not understanding, the real culprit is Colby. She is raving mad. And why can’t she get pregnant herself? She has no uterus?

I feel this part of the story is just too K-drama for me. And the logic setting up to that k-drama bit is such a fantasy-like setting and also very dangerous. A woman like Colby will make a terrible mother because her reason for wanting a child is wrong. It is not have Victor’s child (I assume sperm bank? If not ok let’s assume it is his sperm) or maybe it is, it is her ovaries perhaps or maybe not, not sure of the details as TVB just set up the scenario without any facts to support it, but she wants the child because she can’t go on without Victor’s child. Imagine what an emotional wreck she will be as a mother. Or she could be too emotionally clingy to that child, or later on when she can’t find new love, perhaps resentful. Colby is still young. Victor and Coco should do her a favour to make sure she learns how to go on. Having a child will not ease that pain and depression. Sorry to say, I feel Coco is noble but in real life, she will destroy her friend’s fragile emotional state and prolong her “in denial” state whilst destroying her own happiness. Nick is a good man.

Performance wise, Nancy Wu is exceptional tonight in the final goodbye scene. Now Fala, Rebecca, Myolie, THIS IS HOW YOU CRY emotionally. Nancy, show them, show them all!!

Other than that, no comment!


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. Nancy Wu always acts well. Don’t know why she is never promoted by TVB.

    “Performance wise, Nancy Wu is exceptional tonight in the final goodbye scene. Now Fala, Rebecca, Myolie, THIS IS HOW YOU CRY emotionally. Nancy, show them, show them all!!” ………. Agree absolutely.

    1. Nancy probably needs to dump her agent and get a new one.

  2. I have watch all 20 episodes in one day plus the episode 16 missing Fala and Chilam makeout scene.

    My god, WTF TVB is doing this series!

    They just put too much BS love triangles all over the places.

    This episode, I think it was rush at the end with CoCo who help with her friend to be a surrogate mother, nonsense arguments, this and that. They could have done a K-drama style.


  3. I hope nancy gets her due recognition.
    Both Francis and Chilam complimented her in interviews.
    Francis said that all she need is a good role or leading actress role .

    1. TVB has to do something about it. If both veterans complimented on Nancy Wu’s good acting, Nancy deserves to be promoted by TVB. I hope TVB has got the message.

      1. I read something a while ago about Nancy not getting promoted because she won’t “kiss-up” to the producers/execs. I don’t know if that’s true, but Nancy does seem to have an independent and strong personality so I wouldn’t be surprised if she only believes in gaining success through her own hard work. Sadly, that’s a difficult thing to rely on in this industry.

      2. But at the same time, I heard that Nancy would accept any kind of roles easily in order to polish her acting skills, and she succeeded.

        If she is so easy-going, I don’t understand why she is in bad terms with those TVB producers.

      3. I do hope her upcoming series with bosco, that she would have same “weight” as Kate

      4. I am not a fan of Nancy but I appreciate her ability to act well. I am however afraid she will end up as the one next to the leads. Not a bad role to be but not the lead.

      5. I am not a big fan of Nancy Wu either, but I appreciate her ability to act. If she can act and she is quite pretty and young, why can’t TVB give her a chance to act 1st lead roles instead of promoting those newbies who cannot act or speak proper Cantonese?

      6. Hong Kong itself is probably the problem. At this point, no one really understand what HK audiences are looking for. You give them acting ability, skill or talent, they don’t look like a lead. You give them someone who looks like a lead, but the acting is just hard to swallow. Hard life in the e-industry now.

      7. I think that being able to act well and leading a series may be different. Nancy has a great ability to act but she works well in these kind of secondary roles. Truth be told she probably won’t work as well in a lead role. Secondary characters always seem to have more develpement for some reason.

      8. The problem is that TVB made Nancy Wu a supporting actress from the start and never gave her a chance to lead a series. She has been a supporting actress for 10 years already, and the danger of playing too many supporting roles is that viewers will not accept you as a leading actress anymore. Nancy, like Tavia and Mandy, came out from TVB’s artiste training class, and TVB prefers to promote their beauty pageant winners like Charmaine (who was horrible when she was a newbie, but TVB crammed Charmaine down our throats in one series after another until viewers were brainwashed to like her, ugh), Myolie, Kate, Fala, Eliza, Linda etc to be lead actresses right off the bat over genuine talents from their own artiste training class.

  4. The concept of many different story-lines connected only through relations of a character only works for sitcoms (i.e. Come Home Love). This story-line with Colby & Victor just do not fit well into this drama and frankly, if Jim Jim wasn’t an aspiring pilot, I’d find his and Coco’s love story unnecessary too. (But I am a fan of Nancy’s acting so I do enjoy her scenes.)

    Can we go back to focusing on the airline, being a pilot, problems that arise in the industry and how they deal with it?

    1. Please don’t mention Come Home Love!!!!
      The most stupidest episode I’ve ever watch!!!!
      Just look at how the end Angel/MaYau with LeongFan!!!!!! So stupid!!!!
      LeongFan been secretly loving MaYau for TWENTY YEARS!!!!! An finally they get to be together and get marry!
      And from the beginning, LeongFan DID NOT EXPECT to have a baby with MaYau because he knows she doesn’t like children’s.
      And guess what them separate?!!!!!
      That is if they are to have babies, their babies will have some kind if serious sickness!!
      I am so terribly upset with the STUPID PLOT!!
      I mean, can you imagine someone silently in love with another person for TWENTY YEARS?!!!
      He is always doing lots of things for her behind her back, like the garden part.
      And for me to accept he let go of her because they can’t have their own baby just ridiculous!!!
      Which mean all he wants is just a baby, then why need to wait and love someone silently for TWENTY YEARS?!!

      1. I just watched that scene. It was very heartbreaking. But if you look back at the dialogue Angel and Leung Fun said during that breakup scene, both were unwilling to let go of their relationship but they had to. It was very BRAVE of ANGEL to break up with him because like you said, someone has LOVED her for 20 years..It is also because Angel is 37 years old.. At that age, it would be hard to bear a child. And if they do have a child, it’s 75% of being sickly. Sickly = abortion.

  5. I agree that the logic behind Colby’s decision to have Victor’s child is screwed and irrational, a decision made without much thought about the future. the child will cause Colby’s mourning and moving-on period even more difficult as she’ll cling onto the child like a parasite. After she has moved on and find a new lover, she’ll resent her irrational decision of having a child and her partner would also find it hard to accept her and the child. Either way she’ll most likely turn out to be a wrecked mother. Coco should’ve been wiser to comfort Colby using different methods, rather than jumping the gun like Colby.

    On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed Nancy’s acting, and the actors who played Nick, Colby and victor.

  6. I dont like this drama at all, this is so boring to watch.
    Why everybody keep on talking about it nothing good to watch.

  7. Hi Funn,

    What do you think of Kenneth’s acting thus far? I’ve read many criticisms of his acting and I’m just curious to know what you think.

    1. I like Kenneth but I hate his English speaking scenes and his story thus far. Worse is I find his story, character AND performance all very very boring. So my impression is not good.

  8. Nancy Wu’s acting far surpasses that of Myolie and Fala. I don’t think TVB is so stupid as to overlook her. Rather, I think TVB is waiting for the right time to promote her. Unfortunately in HK good acting isn’t enough, the audience’s approval is just as important. I think once Nancy becomes a household name, TVB will give her the lead role.
    On another note, has anyone noticed how much screen time Ron Ng has? It almost feels like he’s the lead, even though he’s not involved in the Chilam/Francis/Fala triangle. I do think he’s become a better actor.
    I do agree with Larry 3, this series is a big mess. The storylines are all over the place and the series as a whole lacks coherence. It’s hard to watch but watch I will.

    1. Agree. Nancy Wu is by far my favorite female character in TIT 2 and it is not because I am partial to all the original actors from TITS – as I find Roy rather dull in the sequel, when he was innocently endearing in TITS, whereas in TITS 2, Roy’s goofiness and vacillating between 2 girls is just overplayed to the point of exhaustion. Who really cares about Roy’s love life? He was only a small supporting character in first installment to make up S4. As S4 are no more, Kenneth Ma shouldn’t have reprised his role if TVB cannot come up with a better storyline for him in the sequel.

      Back to Nancy. I find her to be a much better actress than Myolie and Fala. While Coco is only a supporting character, Nancy manages to flesh her out and make her to be an interesting and wholly rounded person, with a mind of her own. Even if I do not agree with Coco’s hasty decision to be a surrogate mother for Colby, I can empathise with their situation and respect Coco for her courage and conviction, and that’s due to Nancy being able to connect deeply with her character – the mark of a good actress. Without that inner conviction and assurance in her acting – in the hands of a less capable actress, Coco would be in danger of turning into a very illogical and unbelievable character. The scene where Coco opens up to Sam Gor was very well done and sold it for me. Nancy acts with her eyes and was able to convey both Coco’s vulnerability and strength to the viewers. Nancy has definitely blossomed from playing the bratty and sulky kid sister of Vincent in TITS 10 years ago, into a fine young actress in TITS 2. She is definitely the scene stealer in TITS 2 – whether it is a light-hearted bickering scene with Isaac, or the sad goodbye scene at the airport with Nick..

      Yet with all that said, I am not going to continue with TITS 2, after episode 20. Lost my patience with too many unnecessary filler characters and boring relationships, unappealing main love triangle. The poor writing and the draggy pacing has lost me. I’d rather spend my time this week catching up with my favorite sport instead. Might tune in later to see how TITS 2 ends, but I can’t be bothered anymore to watch the whole thing.

      1. Correction – Nancy Wu is by far my favorite actress in TITS 2. And I’m not even her fan!

      2. I know what you mean. It is like I could see the whole plot thing a mile away and so there is not much surprise. I would like to have a nice surprise though; like Victor and Colby dying and so Coco is stuck with a baby that’s not hers. Makes Jim Jim’s choice of loving her and accepting her much more satisfying than that of Nick who is a nice guy but not as generous we thought he was.

      3. Funn, your idea might just happen. It is not improbable that Victor and Colby will both die – because, nothing is improbable with TVB. If they want to clear the way for Coco to be a single mother and HimHim to be the knight in shining armor who accepts both mother and child, then it will happen! Lol

  9. i wanted to ask what is the name of the actor who played teddy (ah b)’s best friend?

  10. Plot is going no where. Too many “fillers” in here. I know the sequel is not promoting a new group of rising stars (remember S4 and Michelle), but there’s very little pilot training. It’s triangle relationships left and right. I’m losing my patience…

    1. Me, too. I stopped watching TITS 2. May skip some episodes and watch the end.

  11. Funn, I’ve seen you commenting on K-dramas on a couple of your posts and I feel like you’re seriously misinformed, that or you’re watching the wrong kind of K-dramas.

  12. I was rewatching the first series and I agree abt the less flying and more relationships. I think it is because of the issue of being able to film at the airport..thats why the scenes are less about flying and more relationships. I don’t even recall one scene filmed inside HKG. while the first episode of the first series had tons of coverage of HKG.

  13. Dislike Nancy’s decision and as you said, disrespect for her b/f and relationship. She’s deciding like a singled person, which means if she keeps this attitude she can never have a give-take relationship. Nick can find better one and he should.

  14. I don’t know how I feel about Coco’s action. I mean, she didn’t even ask Nick. There’s no respect there. I felt bad for Nick, but no so much for Coco. I guess she gave off that vibe that she didn’t regret helping Colby, which only means that she doesn’t love Nick THAT much (like you said, Funn). I just needed a tad of regret from you, Coco. Just a little.

    So, would Coco have accepted Nick’s proposal had she not witnessed the whole Victor-Colby’s proposal? I think not.

    AND, the airport was touching. I really felt the breakup when Nick said he wasn’t gonna wait for her. Nick has been so accommodating, so it really is the end when he said that.

  15. I think I can understand about the surrogate mother part… to love someone so much, having a baby would feel like you are having part of him even after he dies. Since Colby and Victor love each other, it’s understandable why she’d like to go to that extend.
    As for Nick and Coco, I have the same feeling that they both don’t love each other that much. Maybe they get along well and i mean if you date for a long time, you might as well get married, isn’t that the norm? Nick is a good guy, Coco is a good girl so why not? Just look at their proposals, at the end, everyone says he is good and she just agrees.
    So this scenario is kinda like a test for their relationship and they both didn’t pass it. Coco agreed before talking to Nick about it and Nick decided to break up with no loose ends immediately without considering what she’s going through…Oh well, it’s quite quick but can’t have it both ways, they are side-couple anyway and she’s supposed to be with Jim Jim.

    To be honest, I started out watching this because of Nancy, love her acting. And since we all know Coco will be with Jim Jim, I was expecting a start-a-fresh couple, and maybe her relationship with others like Issac and Sam… So when it started out with Nick’s proposal and how he’s a good guy as well, I was quite disappointed and somehow know it would set-up the stage that she would be a bad person to break up with him.

  16. It’s obvious that Nick likes Coco more than she likes him. Coco is so selfish. I don’t think any men can accept this unless he cannot have babies. If a man can accept this, then I think the man is very weird or I should say open?

    1. I want to know and understand…what is so unacceptable of your girlfriend/wife being a surrogate mother? Assuming it’s not your sperm, not your wife’s egg. Basically just another guy’s sperm and another girl’s egg in your wife’s womb. The baby has nothing to do with you, not your dna or your genes. It’s not like your wife slept with another guy and had his baby.

      I really can’t understand what is the big deal. Anyway Nick was fine with postponing the wedding, so just postpone it for a year and let Coco have Colby and Victor’s baby. One year later, Coco and Nick can carry on with their plans..

  17. I also think that Colby would make a terrible mother. She spent nearly the first 10 episodes that she showed up in complaining about Victor being aloof and not caring about her. Then she wants to get married and have a baby when she finds out he is dying – she is so impulsive!

    If my best friend asks me to be surrogate, I would agree – if my other half agrees too. And I would not break it to him during lunch then blame him for not being supportive.

  18. Nick and Coco did very good. The ending was sad. Nick should get some more screen time. He’s not bad looking.

  19. Sheeh. They just set up this plot so that Coco can breakup with Nick and end up with Jim Jim.

    I guess I should happy that the scriptwriter didn’t make Nick have an affair with someone else or something bad like that.

    I also agree that Coco never love Nick that much. During the co-pilot selection test with Jayden in the early episode, she totally forgot about Nick and only concerned about Isaac. She also rejected Nick’s marriage proposal umpteen times.

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