Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 5

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Anyway Jayden was super bitchy to Sam and Sam knew it”


No Holly tonight. I just realised her name is not Holliday but Holiday and the entire name is Holiday Holly Ho. Try saying that very very fast and it feels like Christmas is just around the corner. Certainly the most festive name ever.


Anyway entire episode is on Sam-Summer-Isaac-Jayden which makes for fantastic viewing. I must say though, Myolie’s body rocks but her acting however … I know she has her dedicated fans who says she has improved a lot but I belong to those who feels she has stopped improving since many many years ago, such as since Doomed To Oblivion. Whatever you see now is remnants of the fact that she started out the best, with the best potential of all with very earnest acting skills but somehow over the years her acting became like she is acting. I cannot get it out of my mind that she is still Myolie Wu. Somewhere along the way I feel she has lost that “acting feeling”. She is not the worst but she could have been so much better. You can say Mandy Wong can take this role, or some tom boyish looking actress but the truth is, I’d rather Myolie than Mandy. To me Mandy is the new Tavia.

Recap continues.

Summer saved the day with her professionalism in finding the lightning thing. A classic comment by another technician who says “It isn’t there! Why waste our time looking for something that isn’t?” and Summer coolly says “I understand but what if it happened?” and I was like hey man, this is one job you can’t be careless about!! and she spoke to the pilot Matthew and tried to figure out where did that lightning struck and after much time, she looked into the sky, saw a plane flew by and deduced perhaps that strike was hidden in the errr…you know “Jim, I’m a reviewer, not a plane technician!”..that flap thing on the wings thing. Anyway they found it! Summer was congratulated and she philosophised “You must diagnose the plane properly before giving it treatment” like a doctor. Her guys admired her dedication, in particular throughout this episode a certain technician named Teddy obviously has the hots for her but she doesn’t notice him. She is like this… I shall use the term used by Roger Kwok’s Solo in Awfully Legal, this island. She is buddy-buddy with her team but in a way where she still draws the line emotionally so they will go to her house to party but she will go upstairs to bath, exercise, eat her salad whilst watching videos of plane engines and all that stuff. Really hardcore maintenance/technician/engineer vibe.

Isaac is still spooked. One night again he sees “Zoe” in the cockpit, rushes into the cockpit and … NOTHING! Spooked, he goes home and see Coco, Roy and another girl I can’t recognise having a girls’ night out and he asks them what if he really sees Zoe? And Coco says why not try the Ouija board. In the end what they got from the Ouija board is sorta like a confirmation that Zoe is back, where I think they asked did Zoe came back with Sam and it spelt “Lover” and they all were spooked when the lights went on and it was Sam who of course scolded them for being silly although he didn’t know why they were doing what they were doing. Sam asked Isaac sternly “Aren’t you supposed to be studying for your exams (as captain)?” and Isaac says “Yeah yeah right” and he then asked Roy “And you?” and Roy nervously answered “I will” and he asked Coco and Coco said “But I am not taking any exams!” and Sam wasn’t asking her about studying. Can’t remember what he was asking her actually but in the end he walked back to his room to study and Isaac vowed not to tell Sam about the Zoe he saw, so that he won’t cause Sam to feel the pain of loss of Zoe again.

Meanwhile Jayden at the cafeteria meeting the long haired technician again, who told him there was a lady technician back from training at Hainan. By the way I was told that is Calvin Choi but he looked.. different?

Jayden then coolly walked into the hangar, looking for Summer and here is this episode’s entire mystery that will get you asking “Jayden, whatever did you do to cause THAT sort of reaction?” He coolly placed a tube of moisturiser on a table or something and walked away as Summer walked in, saw the tube, fretted and then Jayden as if he has rehearsed many many times said with a pleasant tone, “Hi, haven’t seen you for a long time” or something like that. I am writing this recap from memory 1 day after broadcast, I can’t remember exact words used. But I remember Summer turning, facing him, looking very grave and serious as Jayden said “I bought that cream from Paris. It is very good..” and Summer took it, opened it, turned it upside down and squeezed it hard, all contents emptied and Jayden horrified said “And very expensive!” but Summer just gave him that side eyes as Jayden said “Come on, it has been so many years. Can’t we call a truce?” and Summer walked away and Jayden cried out “I will not give up! You’ll see! You will forgive me some day!” but Summer just continued the way she was.


I deduced Summer is Jayden’s sister. He doesn’t call her Summer, he calls her Ha Sun. Jayden is a Koo. So I assume Koo Ha Sun? The better question is what did he do to her that she so hated him? Whilst you may pity Jayden, later on after what he did to Sam, I screamed COMEUPPANCE!! He deserved to be given the cold shoulder treatment by Summer I tell you! And someone said to me she must be his ex girlfriend. Frankly I doubt Jayden will put so much effort on an ex girlfriend. Summer is family, question is did he did something to her, like a jerk he is innately?

Yes Jayden is a jerk. You will see why.


Isaac was in the cockpit with Jayden when Jayden saw Summer’s signature on the maintenance sheet and he ordered Isaac to check the coffee maker as he called the technicians and demanded to see the person who signed the maintenance sheet. Isaac was checking the coffee maker when Summer walked in, he looked straight into her face in shock and before he said anything, and I suppose Summer got that sort of reaction a lot as she immediately and sternly said “I am not So Yee and I am not Zoe. I am Summer Ha Sun” and she walked away and Isaac stared at her in shock.

In the cockpit Jayden asked about the faulty toilet and Summer explained and all that and Isaac walked in and heard Jayden said “Must you be so cold to me?” and Summer repeatedly asked “Is that all? Can I go? Anything else?” and Jayden repeatedly sorta begging her to stop being so cold and rude to him but Summer was not moved by him and so she left and Jayden looked troubled and Isaac was confused.

At home, Sam was busy practising and getting his feel back in the flying thing as even though Skylette employed him, he still needs to pass his exams to be captain again and for a moment I wonder “What if he failed?!” Isaac gave Sam a box and he said “You left this with me, Zoe’s things” and Sam looked nonchalant as he put away the box. Anyway Isaac asked “Sam, what if.. you know… you see .. I mean…” and Coco shouted “Dinner’s ready!!” and he didn’t get to ask his question. Dinner was pizza and Sam approved as he said “I’d rather you eat these takeaways rather than those reheated microwaveable food”.


Exams day for Sam. He dressed, looking cool as Captain and he remembered a weak looking Zoe said “Isn’t it about time you end your holiday and go back to work?… I want to see that handsome Sam Tong in his pilot’s uniform flying in the skies.. and you can answer my question .. what is at the end of the rainbow?”

Something like that. Sam looked teary eyed, I feel teary eyed, entire recollection was so tragic in its own way.

He went to work, the other pilot named Matthew I think will evaluate him, he will be flying for real and he found out Jayden just exchanged duty roster and will observe him in the flight. So when Sam asked for more fuel, Jayden coolly asked “Is it necessary?” and Sam said “Just in case” but Jayden said “But if it is not necessary, then you will have to offload the petrol in mid air” and the person whom Sam was requesting for more petrol asked “Err so Captain, do you still need that extra fuel?” as Matthew said “He’s the captain, he makes the decision” as Sam said “Yes” but he looked like he doubted himself for a second.

In the flight, all was ok but Jayden was super observant when tower said to Sam there was so military exercise and to divert from that space and Sam agreed, but instead of just diverting a short way, he diverted like the long way and again Jayden unload his inner bitchiness as he smiled but sarcastically asked “Is that necessary? Such a long way? How do you explain to the impatient passengers?” and again Matthew said “He’s the captain, he makes the call” and Sam looking a bit doubtful made the announcement and Heather prepared extra food, etc to appease the passengers as they will delay about 1 hour I think. In the end Matthew praised Sam for the great perfect landing and the fact that the extra fuel was used and so Sam knew what he was doing and Jayden again sarcastically commented that Sam was either lucky or he was unlucky in the deductions. Jayden then cryptically said “But if you have landed 1 minute later (again I just put a number), everyone will be happier” and Sam was like confused with that statement.

In the plane, they were having lunch as Heather looked on, Matthew at the back and Jayden asked “Tell me, how did you know about the potential delay?” and Sam explained he read the news and knew this area had a lot of military exercise and Jayden asked “But you heard the tower, you need not divert so far away, you can still divert within 5 miles from the area, instead of 60 miles away (I just put a number here but it was very far). I mean you could have saved 1 hour of the passengers’ time” and Sam in a friendly tone said “I know, but why take the risk? I am sure the passengers will place more importance on a safe flight rather than a fast flight” and Jayden sarcastically said “But that is just so wasteful of company’s resources” and Sam said “Better be safe than sorry” and he went to the toilet as Heather said “Seems more like an inquisition rather than friendly discussion” and Jayden just smiled.

At the airport, the silly fanclub girls rushed with Jayden who saw Sam and finally that cryptic comment has an answer; if Sam had landed like 1 minute later, the girls would have qualified for overtime allowance since it will be beyond 11pm but now they can’t. Sam realised he made a slight blunder in the popularity contest and Jayden happily walked away with the 3 girls in tow. Anyway Sam passed the exams but he felt like he was out of sync, out of times.


The entire scene which is excellent was also quite educational. You see the 2 different approaches to flying by Jayden and Sam, both equally good captains and pilot but both with different approach. Jayden is the maverick one, he aims to do things which pleases the passengers and company, save fuel, save time, and if can’t save time, be popular with the colleagues. He likes to take risk, so he questions Sam who did not fly within the permitted 5 miles of the military exercise zone. Sam on the other hand is more old school, he plays it safe. He wants more fuel, he’d rather delay if it is more consistent and more safe. He takes the long road to achieve the same results for the sake of consistency and safety to be sure. To him no incident means he did everything right. Jayden is not wrong; Sam is not wrong either. Some passengers may like Jayden as the pilot, but I prefer Sam. Remember the turbulence in I think episode 1? I do think Sam will divert to another airport rather than risk the turbulence like Jayden did. Anyway Jayden was super bitchy to Sam and Sam knew it.


Roy asked Sam how was his flight with Jayden and Sam confessed he felt Jayden wasn’t very cool with him. Isaac did not believe Sam’s take on Jayden but Roy wisely said “I can understand his reaction. After all he was the only star of Skylette, now with Sam in Skylette, his status is shaken” and Sam just smiled whilst Isaac didn’t quite believe his idol would be so petty.

I can’t remember when exactly is the next scene; was it here or during the pizza scene but anyway just recapping for completion sake since it is significant;

Isaac said “I saw a technician named Summer and she looks like Zoe” and Coco said “You even know her name?” as Sam unperturbed said “Looks like Zoe? How can that be?” as Isaac says “If not 100%, at least 90% lookalike. You don’t believe me?” as he stared at Sam who didn’t betray any emotion and Samk said laughingly “If you can be a pilot, anything is possible” and Isaac pretended to be offended as he said he believes he can make Sam angry by saying 2 wrong things and Sam said he can do it by just 1 and Sam pretended to be angry and anyway they had a good time laughing. Isaac did mention he believe Summer must be Jayden’s lover, as they had a lover’s tiff but Sam told Isaac to mind his own business.


I had a good laugh about Summer looking 90% like Zoe. As we all know, Summer and Zoe both are played by Myolie but indeed in the space of a decade or so, Myolie’s face changed subtly but clearly, both due to age and some help from the scalpel. So it is indeed true Summer looks 90% like Zoe, that 10% being the real change. I thought it was funny.


But he was! He was petty and jealous and sarcastic. Oh how I hated Jayden for how he treated Sam and doubted Sam and all that, like as if he was right. He was, but Sam wasn’t wrong! Anyway I was so happy when he got his comeuppance thanks to Summer. Summer showed him attitude which he sorta showed Sam. Good for Summer!!


Summer at her huge summer house where she lives with the 3 silly air stewardess (those in Jayden’s fanclub), a few of her team and she welcomes all Skylette members. And I feel like everyone KNOWS everyone? This is the part I don’t like. For a while this series was different but now back to the same old formula. Anyway before that Summer was jogging, Teddy running after her like her faithful dog (literally!) and she continued jogging, quite coolly (after all she is summer, as in hot but accessible as opposed to Winter which is cold and unfeeling) and Myolie looking great with her exposed tummy and all. A car pulls up next to her and it is Jayden who says “Why don’t we do this? If I can stay with you the entire jogging trail in my car, you will have dinner with me?” and Summer rolled her eyes and jogged fast and cut into the stairs and Jayden’s turn to fret a little.

Back at her house, she walked in and Teddy rushed to her and said “What is Captain Jayden Koo doing her?”


He doesn’t know their animosity but Jayden Koo is the star of Skylette so he was curious what is a captain of a plane doing in the house. No big mystery with his reaction.


Summer stared at him as the 3 girls giggled happily as Jayden said “I have decided to move into here. Since I can afford the rent, I am sure I can move in here” and Teddy didn’t like his attitude and said “Who says you can?” and Jayden looked at Teddy and warned “Cut that attitude, you’re not the one who makes the decision” and Summer said “I only have 3 rules” but I can’t remember which 3 rules except for paying the rent and no outside people brought back to house (cue to Jayden – no lovers) and I think no sleeping around in the house? I really can’t remember. Teddy again interrupted and disagreed but Jayden unload his entire load of attitude on Teddy and said “I have had it with your attitude” which is very Jayden-like and anyway he agreed to all the rules, Teddy looked unhappy, Summer looked expressionless, 3 girls squealed happily and Jayden looked smug.

Unfortunately he didn’t like the small room, he hated the pillow, he hated the bed and he lamented “If not for Ha Sun, I will never suffer like this!” which is true. One of the air stewardess went into his room and basically invited him to her bed but she pushed him away regrettably as he promised Summer and her rules and then he saw the girl wearing a bracelet which he recognised as the girl said “Oh this? This is Summer’s! She said some heartless jerk gave her this and she didn’t want it and so let us all choose whatever we wanted”. Jayden was angry, he rushed to Summer’s room, knocked, Summer opened the door and Jayden angrily said “It was a birthday gift! It was a thoughtful birthday gift that I specially chosen for you! How can you give my gifts away?!” and Summer coolly answered “I didn’t want any of it” and Jayden said “But I chose it with care! I bought it to give to you, specially for you! How can you treat my gifts that way?!” and Summer just stared at him, not much to say and slammed the door, and Jayden looked in utter disbelief that he can be so rejected by the one woman he puts so much effort on said “You will accept me again one day!! You’ll see! YOU WILL SEE!!!!”

Poor Jayden in a way. So much effort, non appreciated.

All in all a good episode and a nice intro on Summer even if I groan on that everybody knows everybody thing. Summer is like a tom boyish individual island but she is not unfriendly; just not super friendly sort. I am however quite bothered with how eager Teddy is in pleasing her. I hate guys like that. As for Jayden-Summer mystery, I haven’t read any online description of them but I deduce Summer is Jayden’s sister because Jayden will never use so much effort and take so much crap from a girl unless she is family. And oh so much crap he took and I believe he deserved it, for all the crap he dished out to Sam. Sam didn’t deserve to be second guessed, not in front of Heather and certainly not in front of Matthew. I thought Jayden was a bit childish in those moments. And certainly very Cool Mort.

Performance wise, I will have to say, the 2 veterans that is Chilam and Francis, both playing different personalities are the pillars of this series. Without them, this series will not take off the way it did. They made this series enjoyable; I love Chilam for his attitude and Francis for his consistency. Both are very good actors in their own way and made their characters memorable. A special nod to Francis for his consistency. I am sure you can hardly find a difference between his Sam then and his Sam now. The mannerism, the behaviour, the way he speaks, all same!

Myolie so far so good. English speaking scenes are convincing, I am not sure if I am convinced she makes a convincing technician but she makes a believable tom boy with her lower tone of speaking. However I still feel she is acting like she is acting. I miss the old earnest Myolie. But this is not her worst and I look forward to rediscovering what made me love Myolie in the first place. I hope! Oh how I hope!

Ron Ng has a huge role in this episode, he was ok. Not too bad, not that wooden. Not earth shattering, just Ron.

The rest no comment.

By the way am I the only one who doesn’t miss Belle at all? I never liked her in the first series. And I am not a die hard fan of Flora. This series will work with or without her.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. A friend once told me that Francis commented on Myolie’s acting in an interview and it was something along the lines of, “She is unable to ‘let go.'”

    As in, in every role she plays, you still see a trace of Myolie herself. She is unable to be a completely different person and put herself fully into the role. I believe this is similar to what you have noticed about Myolie, Funn.

    Anyway, loving the balance in this episode. Neither Sam nor Jayden being wrong. Summer extracting ‘revenge’ for Sam (although unintentional, but symbolic since she’s ‘mistaken’ for being Zoe).

    1. Watched an interview, Francis said Myolie is too obedient, and to be a good actor/actress you have to rebel sometimes and fight for things that can prove your role. He also said something about Fala like that she acts based on logic and she is a step by step actress, he also commented that acting is not based all on logic.

      1. I’m not particularly wow’ed by Sam Tong though Francis is a good actor. I think he’s a good teacher too – when he has the patience lol.

  2. I don’t miss either Flora Chan’s Belle or Myolie Mu’s Zoe. Belle was not a very pleasant character and I am not a fan of Flora Chan. I didn’t like Zoe’s character. I just missed Joe Ma’s Vincent. He seemed to be a very lovable and dedicated husband.

  3. ‘This series will work with or without her’ (referring to Flora Chan). The same could be said about Myolie.
    I find in terms of female characters, Nancy Wu is the best so far but there is rarely any mention of her. Why is that? Given she’s been in every episode so far, she speaks clearly and acts quite naturally and is perhaps the most comfortable to watch, why not more mention of her instead of always obsessing about Myolie or complaining about Fala? Can you give an answer that goes beyond 1) the fact that Nancy’s not the lead female in the series, and 2) your personal likes and dislikes? Thanks.

    1. Nancy’s dialog are just filler to me. She doesn’t say anything that adds to the story. I feel like her character hasn’t been developed enough even though she’s been in every episode so far.

      Not mentioning Nancy may not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing …

      just my opinion of nancy, not funn’s

    2. nancy is a great actress maybe as great as myolie, but coco so far is more of a filler without outstanding scenes.

    3. Nancy’s filler dialog/scenes are far more watchable than all of Fala’s scenes and most of Myolie’s scenes. This in itself deserves mention. I find her, Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma a lot more fun to watch than Fala, Francis, Chilam and Myolie. The latter four act and speak ackwardly, esp in English.

      1. LOL Ron and Kenneth’s English speaking skills aren’t much better.

      2. Its not surprising you find them fun to watch compared to the other four, as they are just acting as comic relief (until their characters get further developed). I cried when watching zoe and sam’s scenes, not exactly fun yes?

  4. What I couldn’t figure it out was when Summer first bumped into Isaac in the plane and her first remarked was she wasn’t Zoe. How did she knew that Isaac wanted to ask if she was Zoe since it was their 1st encountered?? That scene was not good. It would be better if Isaac had uttered Zoe’s name out when he saw Summer and she heard it and replied she isn’t Zoe. Instead she uttered it 1st. I think that scene was a small flaw.

    1. Reason : summer works at hong kong international air port. Zoe worked at hong kong international airport.
      Besides issac and family, there are also thousands of people who works at that airport, of which im sure hundreds would have met and known zoe, and would have expressed that same shocked look as issac. After 10 times, she probably knew why they are shocked.

      1. probably. but i still think the scene would be better if isaac just uttered zoe name 1st. anyway, just my view.

      2. Hmm – makes sense but the airport is huge.

        Skylette is not the same as Solar. I agree with SY, could have added a line like, “Everyone has called me Zoe, I’m not her.”

      3. I believe zoe is an airport operations employee, not a solar employee. her duties include patrolling the airport, checking on the maintenance of washrooms etc. So there is a high chance of many airport staff who would have met her.

      4. We are suppose to think Jayden and summer were lovers. Anyway I didn’t question the Isaac-Zoe scene because I assume she got asked that question a lot. Yes airport is big but we can assume Zoe was pretty popular so she knows everyone.

    2. I was confused at that part too, but I think there’ll be some explanations later in the story to explain what she knew that he was expecting Zoe.

    3. The whole thing about Summer puzzled me no end too. She’s meant to have COME BACK to HKIA after a year of training or something from Hainan. That means that she was there working at HKIA a year or so back. So it made sense only for Roy (who was working in Taiwan) and Sam (who was in London) to not know of her. The others, like Isaac and Coco should have seen or heard of this look-alike Zoe. PLUS she owns the house that the air (head) stewardesses rents… It just sounds like no-one knows of this kick-ass airplane technician who is 90% Zoe-lookalike!

      Believable – I think not!

      1. I agree and very good point but then if only skylette ever lands anywhere so we are to just suspend disbelief. Maybe she worked elsewhere?

      2. Agree, the scene didn’t flow well at all. It made no sense for her to be exasperated with people thinking she was Zoe when people like Ron and Coco had never seen her before.

      3. In light of ep 6, I now think it flows well without going too much into backstory. But why Isaac never saw her before is of course a bit far fetched. Perhaps Skylette was always using another side, but now moved to the side where Summer is the technician? Or is she Skylette’s technician?

      4. Zoe worked for the airport, not Solar Airways, so she may know many people. Summer’s reply to Issac makes sense as she may be tired of people mistaking her for Zoe all the time.

        Issac and Coco not knowing about Summer is a big loophole. If Issac and Coco joined Skylette within 1 year, then it makes sense that they never met or heard about Summer. But Coco seems like the kind of busybody that knows everyone, so I assume she and Issac joined for quite some time.

      5. This. zoe being a popular and nosy girl, many people would know of zoe, but few will know of the quiet technician.

        the second series is about 10 years from the start of the first series. Sam was 35, and now hes 45? How many years did he spend languishing in london? How many years ago did zoe die? When did she start getting sick again? Those air stewardess living with summer, might not know zoe, as their characters seem rather young (24-26?) doubt they have been working at the airport for that long.

        Also, from the first episode, patrick dunn’s character said that many collegues jumped ship to skylette with him. And didnt pal sinn’s character say to francis that skylette is new (or small) company? When did they jump ship? Did they jump ship before or after summer left for training? Summer is an employee of skylette, as she only rents her room to skylette staff.

      6. “How many years did he spend languishing in london? How many years ago did zoe die? When did she start getting sick again? ”

        Episode 6 says he went away 2 years. I assume Zoe died NOT too long ago, a few months perhaps. The 2 years he spent traveling the world with Zoe and I assume she was sick for 2 years or had 2 years to live.

      7. The jump ship part is probably also 2 years?

        And Skylette can’t be small, They do fly to London and elsewhere. I assume they’re big company but new.

      8. If Francis’s character is 45 in TITS 2 and he spent 2 years in London w/ Manna, that means Zoe and Sam were at least married for 10 years (:

        And he could have spent the 2 years looking for the perfect recipe for that cake.. to fulfill his last promise to Zoe.

      9. I didn’t know Sam spent 2 years in London with Manna. For 2 years, he did not see a single photo of Holiday?

      10. Hmm quite illogical when Coco doesn’t know Summer existence while the three Jayden’s fanclub girls know Summer. Aren’t they colleagues?! Oh well…

    4. They explain this in the next episode… It is what Nicole said… Many people have called her that before…

  5. What? I thought Holly is short for Holiday, lol

    Enjoying Sam vs. Jayden. Poor Issac is in the middle.

    1. I think Holly is her name but Holiday is her mom’s nickname for her. Because when she gets mad at her daughter she calls her full name “Ho Nin He” which sounds like Holiday. I believe she said something like that to Sam in the show.

  6. Well it wasn’t a surprise when TVB invited both Julian and Francis to star in this drama..

  7. I loved the intro for Summer too (: No signs of Holiday… joy. I agree with SY the scene when Myolie sees Ron she automatically just claims that she is not Zoe, that was a major flaw. Too fake. I also agree that with/without Myolie and Flora the franchise would still have been a success mainly because of the refreshing idea about flight.

    1. When I watched that part I just assumed that rumours had circulated the airport about Summer looking like Zoe. Also I don’t Ron is the only one who thinks that Summer looks like Zoe. Perhaps his other colleagues had the same impression too?

      I wasn’t too fussed with that “flaw” to be honest 🙂

    2. agree much. the series is much more enjoyable without holly.

  8. repost my comments here:

    that’s the best episode for the week! and colcluded that chilam and myolie are the best and most outstanding and most memorable after these 5 episodes! was great too because no more fala’s annoying role and bad acting! most audience now agree that myolie overshadows fala big time when she appears alhough tvb gives fala more screentime! that shows the difference of quality of acting between myolie and fala, myolie makes a breakthrough and gives a dominating inpression and shines after only 1 episodes while fala failed to make it with more screentime! netizens criticisms to fala are legit!

    1. sorry to me francis was too consistently francis and very bland. he got totally overshadowed by the amazingness from chilam and myolie who gives fresh and lively performance. francis also failed to create chemistry with fala but maybe that’s because of fala’s weak acting because sam and zoe are awesome and fala also has no chemistrt with chilam, while summer and chilam are amazig to watch! really shows why fala shouldn’t be tv quen and myolie is one

      1. I agree. Francis wasn’t a standout to me in the first series… yes great actor, but his role lacks excitement and charisma that Chilam’s Jayden has.

      2. lolll thought you already commented in the previous review .. anyways, I don’t see how Francis is overshadowed tho, he’s great as always 😛

    2. you were probably frothing at the mouth when you saw myolie jogging in a sports bra.

  9. I really like the chemistry b/w Julian and Myolie as siblings. At first I was quite upset to throw Myolie to Ron but right now .. the story is developing very nicely.

    1. agree! chilam and myolie have the best chemistry in this series and they also are the most outstanding!

  10. Myolie Wu must be happy that she has so many big fans here, and poor Fala Chen. She does not seem to have any big fans on this website.

    1. lol, Myolie has a lot of haters here along with basically any other fadan. Females tend to get more hate. Also, just because people do not like Fala’s CHARACTER, it does not mean they do not like her.

      1. Very true. Though it seems pretty obvious to me who can and cannot differetiate between an actress and character.

    2. that’s expected. myolie clearly more talented than fala and it shows in this series where myolie stole the limelight with just one episode while fala was ridden with criticism after having lots of screentime and still get overshadowed.

      1. besides lacking in acting and singing it also doesn’t help that fala consistently have negative rumours of not getting along with her co stars so evidently affected her image. maybe she can only get along with her husband, buf that also already divorced.

      Although I am neutral to myolie as her acting remains the same in all her shows, but she still ok to watch. I am not like someone here who kept writing and dissing another actress.

    4. You are a big fan of fala who keeps dissing myolie.

    5. A big fan of Myolie and a big fan of Fala going head to head….

      1. And now world war 3 will soon commence.

        The suspense…..

  11. I said this in a different post but Summer reminds me of Sam Gor while Holly reminds me of a young Isaac, so I find it funny that these guys will fall in love with someone whose personality is like their brother. haha

    I liked the introduction of Summer to show that Jayden is not perfect. I was just not expecting her to be that much of a tomboy with her lifting weights. Zoe would be eating, not avoid socializing! It was interesting to see how different they are.

    I also liked the scene of Francis vs Chilam because they were both right, even though Chilam seemed like a brat about it. I’m glad that Francis is finally back in HK interacting with more of the cast.

    1. Haha, I noticed that too. Holly is young and immature like Isaac in the prequel. So, well be seeing her transformation later on.

      Myolie is a competent actress, but it’s ridiculous that’s she’s playing a different character. Either keep her as Zoe or cast another actress. The look-alike is overdone, TVB.

  12. Also, I don’t miss Belle only because I feel like her story was complete in the original series. I hope they at least do a little mention of her along with what Michelle, Samuel, and Bosco’s characters are up to.

    1. most people already forgot these roles except for belle and vincent. no need to explain where they went.

      1. That’s not true. Michelle’s Zita was the first Chinese female pilot. Perhaps she’ll be mentioned later on when Fala’s Holly joins.

      2. No, I do want to know about Zita, Donald and Chris.

    2. I’m also curious about the whereabouts of the remaining S4. They’re part of the reason why the first series was a huge success especially towards the audiences who first watched it when they were young.

      1. yeah wouldn’t hurt to have someone casually mention where who and who went.

  13. This episode was pretty interesting, introducing Summer to the story and her character is pretty interesting especially how monotone she is towards people. I would like to see how her character develops in future episodes. Probably just me but during that scene with her and the other female flight attendants, her attitude and expression gave me the vibe she was more into girls than guys…but I know that’s not the case since she will be involved with Issac later on, just the first thought that came to mind.

    The chemistry between Coco-Issac-Sam is worth mentioning as well, especially with Ron and Nancy it’s great to see they still have that connection bond since its been a while they collaborated.

    1. If they really wanted to give Myolie a “breakthrough” role, they should have made her into girls instead of guys!

      Agree on Ron/Nancy/Francis chemistry. I think Ron is a bit more uptight in scenes with his big bro or maybe it’s intentional from Ron to show how he’s still intimidated by his big brother. But Ron and Nancy have a great, easy chemistry and I’m a bit saddened that they weren’t paired up since I really enjoyed them in TOB.

  14. I share two similiar view of Funn:-

    1 Do not think much of Fala
    2 Do not think much of Myolie’s acting


  15. Honestly I enjoy the drama so far although lack of many factors. Scriptwriter like run out of idea to continue the story. We have Joe Ma as flirty pilot from TITS1 then Chi Lam to continue the playboy pilot in current. Fala is pretty but her acting not up to standard to pair with Francis and Chi Lam. I can’t understand why must cast Myolie as Summer if they decided to cut Zoe role. Worst is pair her with Ron, I really wanna ask the scriptwriter which guy want to date a gal who resemble his DECEASED sister in law? TVB need to be more creative. Then no mention at all about previous character like Zita, Belle, etc. Lucky Francis and Chi Lam can act so viewer keep chasing for it.

    1. But Issac had a crush on Zoe in the first installment so in TV land it makes perfect sense for him to get his chance now.

  16. Myolie’s character nothing special, kind of boring. Her acting as tomboy not natural, looks very forced and staged. Not smiling and giving death stares, anyone can do it. I bet Kate can do it better too. What’s so breakthrough with this role? Myolie had better roles and acting before.

    Sei_fei_wu stop promoting myolie’s character, makes everyone have high hopes. Not fair to myolie.

  17. I really dont think Fala is suitable for this role at all. I rather her play a air stewardess that is involved with a younger guy. It will be interesting to let her portray a elegant air stewardess and when she’s off work, she wears the punk/rock look. The main problem is that she doesn’t have chemistry with with chilam or francis. I was really hoping that myolie would be in fala’s role because her chemistry with chilam was awesome in the rippling blossom. But this is impossible. Fala’s character doesn’t “add” to the plot but somehow drag it down.

    1. fala and francis can’t connect the gaps between them and fala and chilam just doesn’t match.

    2. Agree with you. Would be interesting to see Myolie in a pilot role. I think she can do a good job as one. And I like your version for Fala role. Sounds much better than her role now. I think TVB miscalculated when they gave the role to Fala, thinking it would made her renew the contract with them. If TVB knows she won’t renew , she might not get the meaty role at all.

      Enjoy Coco role. Although she isn’t the main, but she appears in every episode so her screen time is a lot.

  18. I enjoyed eps 5. Good to see Myolie and no Fala.

  19. to me sam and zoe are meant for each other
    they went though so much just to be together now that she is gone i don’t think any one should replace her in his heart
    when Isaac gave Sam a box and said it was zoe
    i really want to know what was in side the only thing thing came to mind is the triangle doll that sam gave zoe and wedding pictures and things that remind them of each other i hope sam finally opens the box

  20. Jajajajaj read all the comments of you guys saying who is better and what ever….. Jajajajaj really wants to say that Myolie role is good and amazing specially in the last part when the music is playing in the background when all of the crew of maintenance saying looking for Tai Louis. Really love it. And in chapter 5 has nothing to say…. Is awesome to see that chapter wants to saw more like those chapters when chilam, Ron, Francis and Myolie appear. Thanks

  21. I hope Summer will keep appearing jogging in every episod with those sport outfit, awesome figure she look out there.

  22. I like the part where Jayden gave Sam a ‘hard’ time during Sam’s first flight- it’s pretty exciting to watch!
    Jayden – such a bad-ass! Awesome!!!
    Oh… Myolie’s body ….WOW !!!!!

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