Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 6

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“I know what you’re thinking. I am not So Yee or Zoe”

Do this! Raise your arms above and in sync do the pumping motion as you jump in tune and say “NO HOLLLY! NO HOLLY!” because no Holly tonight.

Do this! Stretch your arms, level in front of you, bend your back a bit where your butt sticks out and shake your butt left to right and right to left and your move your hands up and down and say “There’s Summer! There’s Summer!”
If you are not the fan of each respective star, I suppose you can change the dance and tone of singing. I don’t get why some articles say Fala is the lead, Myolie pushed back as second lead just because Fala will be romancing the 2 OLDER main male leads whilst Myolie gets the younger main male lead. So far I see their scenes as pari passu so seriously, throw away the nonsense “she is lead, she ain’t lead” talk. Let’s concentrate less on screen time and more on who can act better. You be the judge. I have already made up my mind.

Anyway this will be quite a detailed recap since I took notes but you know, not as accurate as Three Kingdoms RPG (http://3kingdomsrpg.blogspot.com/). And as I was taking notes, I got some attitude thrown at me like “Oh someone is studying to be a pilot!” That sort of BS. But I didn’t want to get the names wrong, especially football fans will come chasing me around and kick me in my butt. BUT luckily no football talk tonight. Quite a lot of development for WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW but hey, at least it is just 1 episode later so the pacing so far is ok.


Jayden, suffering at his new lodging place for the sake of his sister. But we are not supposed to know he is brother, yet. Anyway Teddy immediately hated our hero, saw a notice about water cut and took it away. Jayden remembered Summer telling him to check the board for water cuts and he did and saw no notice and so took a shower, in the middle no water and he rushed out in towel (cue! Half naked scene of Chilam where I’d rather he put some clothes on), stupid door locked itself, he can’t get in, saw an older woman walking by, politely and charmingly asked her to borrow her hand phone, she refused and then his towel dropped, woman horrified and Jayden sorta humiliated. Later it was Summer who bailed him out I suppose from the cops and this is where you will see Jayden looking the worst he will ever look. Unshaven face, t-shirt (he never wears t-shirt!), bermuda pants, Japanese slippers, hair messy and frowning as Summer sulkily walked away when Jayden stopped her and angrily said “Koo Har Sun! I am your brother!! Stop!!” and Summer stared at him as he said “I know.. I haven’t been a brother to you but I swear, I will take on the responsibility as brother from now on, I swear it!” but Summer coolly said “I have no brother” or something like that and walked away.


Someone asked me why Myolie looked like a cactus is perpetually lodged in her butt. I said because her character must have been perpetually disappointed by someone she cared about. That someone figured she must have been the half sister of Jayden and rejected by Jayden’s family, hence her attitude. I theorised Jayden was too busy building his career in the army and then as pilot and neglected his younger sister and probbaly left her in foster care or somewhere as terrible. Frankly I haven’t read any online description so I don’t know, so we shall see!!

By the way at this point there is one character I hate more than I dislike Holly and that is Teddy. I haven’t seen such an eager “army of Guanyin” if you know what I mean. Teddy, wake up! Summer will never ever ever ever look at you; her nose is up in the air and it will not look down! Go away pesky Teddy!


Poor Jayden, looked even worse at night since he didn’t or couldn’t go home when Sharon Chan whose name even Jayden couldn’t remember took a picture of him and when Jayden said “Sorry, what’s your name again?” she angrily vowed to publish that picture when he grabbed her hand, stopped her and then began to recite what he did remember about her; clothes, drinks, hair, her 42 inches legs, their one night stand or something, ALL except her name as he confessed “I just can’t remember your name” and he kissed her passionately, or as passionate as TVB allows. At least it ain’t like Moses Chan blowing air into a girl. It is a kiss. Now Sharon is skinny but next to Chilam she looked so robust. Anyway I assume they had sex.

Next morning, 3 silly air stewardess, that guanyin disciple/army, another dude and Summer eating breakfast. Before Summer was there everyone knew Teddy disliked Jayden as he thought Jayden was her ex lover.

Hah! It turns out Jayden is potential brother in law! So you see, romance died before it began. Anyway…

3 silly girls said “I know he must have hurt Summer, I still want to rent a room here but I so like Jayden… poor Jayden…” as Summer sat down and 3 silly girls said “Summer, how can you not let him back in? Where did he spend the night? Poor Jayden.. but.. I know you and him were ex lovers and you hate him but is it ok that I still like him?” and Summer quietly said “His relationship and I are not what you think it is” and the girls were relieved but Summer looked troubled. After all, Jayden was missing. So the girls worried the same thing but then Summer said “Don’t worry about him. Where there’s women, he won’t suffer”.


Anyway 3 silly girls stood by the pavement and Jayden returned thanks to Sharon (whose name I still did not catch or maybe I did the last time.. can’t remember) and Jayden wanted to spend the day with the 3 girls and invited Sharon who said no and drove off as the girls said Sharon was so stuck up and Jayden smiled and said … something I did not recap but anyway they went their ways.


I see these 3 girls and I remembered Pride And Prejudice and the father saying “Our life holds few distinctions, Mrs. Bennet, but I think we may safely boast that here sit two of the silliest girls in the country” except in HK, there are THREE silliest girls in the country.


Next scene we have Isaac’s dilemma. In discussion with Roy, Coco and her fiance, he wanted to tell Sam about Ha Sun but Coco advised him against it but Roy feels better hurt now than later but Coco thought what if Sam haven’t got through the pain yet and then run to London again? So Isaac decided to prevent Sam meeting Ha Sun for now.

Anyway Isaac still troubled as he was to be Sam’s co-pilot and the thing is every time Sam saw Isaac being absent minded, he will sorta scold Isaac and this time Isaac was like “Yeah yeah, let me check the plane with the technician” and he was looking for Summer, heard her voice over at Teddy’s walkie talkie and said to Teddy no need for Summer to be here and Teddy agreed and Isaac went back onto the plane.

Back in HK after the to and fro flight at the cafe, Sam and Isaac was about to have tea and all that when Isaac saw Summer sitting behind a preoccupied Sam and he quickly rushed to Sam and reminded Sam to wash his hands. Sam exasperated went to the toilet as Isaac said to Summer and Teddy he wanted their table because he got a cold and the place was warmer. Summer told Teddy to hurry up, they were leaving when Sam was walking out and Isaac quickly ushered both of them out. What happened next was weird. He was driving both of them back home! Naturally Isaac received a call from Sam which he didn’t take. In the car a little is revealed about Summer where don’t know who said it but what we know is Summer wanted to be an engineer but engineer required a bit of socialising which she hated so she remained as a technician. Car got trouble, no worries as Summer fixed it and Teddy like her cheerleader said Summer can fix anything and if Isaac wanted her help, she will have to charge her. Isaac was in awe of Summer. Entire scene is simply to show how competent Summer is.

Anyway back home, the fun starts.

Isaac walked in to find a very angry Sam who looked at him sternly and asked “I walked out of the toilet and you were gone! Where were you?” and Isaac cooked up a story about meeting friends or something and Sam asked was it a girl. Frankly I can’t remember the exact details except suddenly Sam grabbed a bag and shoved it at Isaac as he exploded like a big brother to a younger brother “NEXT TIME IF YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE CARRY YOUR OWN BAG AND HAT!! DON’T EXPECT SOMEONE ELSE TO CARRY THEM BACK HOME FOR YOU WHICH IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!” and Isaac guiltily said “Ok ok ok, I understand, I get it, don’t be so loud if not you will wake everyone Uncle!” and Sam was like “Who did you call Uncle?” but Isaac escaped the hairdryer treatment for now. Here I remember Isaac calling Sam the great Samuel Tong whilst Sam retorted Isaac was the irresponsible one. Something like that.


Love this scene because it shows the brotherhood here and of course Sam is especially stern to Isaac as he expects a lot from his brother. Funny scene. I may make it sound like Sam was angry but seriously it was more like a big brother or rather a father scolding an absent minded lazy son.


Anyway Tony met with Sam at a restaurant and said before Sam they were preparing a project to introduce aviation to the less privileged few, because training as a pilot is very expensive and not many can afford it. So this program will help those who are not rich and wants to be a pilot to realise their dream. This program involved other airlines too and Skylette will provide some manpower, etc. This is the first time I heard other airlines even mentioned in a scene. Sam apologised since he spent 2 years taking care of Zoe (so now we know Zoe died recently after 2 years of sickness I assume) but Tony was ok with it and said he found a super rich investor who loved aviation and that was a Mr Heung. Adrian took Mr Heung and a Skylette PR Manager called Rosa for the meeting at the restaurant and basically Mr Heung was eager to invest in the program called PPP (Pre-Pilot Project) which is a while lot of Ps. I mean we have TITs and now we have Ps. What’s next? Anyway the name clearly states the program is about training pilots only. Pre-pilot … that I don’t get. What’s pre-pilot? Anyway Mr Heung wasn’t too happy when Sam refused to drink wine since he will be flying tomorrow to London and rules said he can’t drink 24 hours before (strict!) and Mr Heung let it be for now since he will be on same flight.


Mr Heung turned out to be a major jerk and douche bag just because he was rich. He gave his jacket to the Flight Purser named Rachel (chief air stewardess of that flight) and had all sort of attitude like not checking the jacket and all and ignored question and demanded whisky or something. Rachel was super calm, not even human I tell you. Then later silly air stewardess (played by the cute and lovely Eliza Sum in a surprisingly downgraded role) rushed to Rachel and said that Mr Heung said he lost his passport, demanded to leave plane. Rachel went to him, calmly said she will check the plane… na-da… then called ground and terminal to check at restricted area… na-da… and I was like screaming THE JACKET!!! and Mr Heung having a diva hissy fit said he wanted to leave plane NOW and Rachel said he can still fly to London as they check since he can’t leave plane and I was thinking no passport how he can go beyond immigration checkpoint? Anyway Mr Heung screamed I WANNA SEE SAMUEL TONG!!! and Rachel buzzed Sam and Sam calmly said “Rachel, the plane will depart in 5 minutes. If you can’t find the passport by then, plane will fly” and Rachel understood. Co-pilot asked “That Mr Heung is such an arrogant rich man! But is this ok, to do this?” and Sam said “What? And let the entire plane wait for one man?” and Mr Heung still hissy fit, expecting the flight to wait for him whilst he find his passport which Rachel said they will fly on captain’s order and Mr Heung was now screaming and I think they were about to let him leave the plane because he demanded so but Rachel explained “Once you’re off this plane, the plane will fly on schedule and won’t be able to wait for you” and anyway Rachel touched the jacket, knew something, smiled, gave it to Mr Heung who found the passport inside. Was he sorry for his hissy fit? No, he in fact loudly declared “I will not take this insult anymore! I will rather throw my millions into the ocean than to invest in that stupid program!!!!!!!!”.

Yeah and remainder of the 11 hour flight, I am sure he had too much ego to feel like a douche bag. Jerk.

In London, or maybe HK? Not sure where but we have Jayden teaching Mr Heung how to fly and all that. He overheard Mr Heung complaining about Sam being a rubbish pilot and banned his PPP. Long story short, Mr Heung’s flight instructor next to him had a heart attack and Jayden flying next to him in another small plane calmly guided Mr Heung to a safe landing. Mr Heung grateful said he will repay his kindness and Jayden said he will think about it. Need not thing. I know what he wanted! PPP!

Next thing Sam and Tony met with Adrian in his office who was writing a song for PPP. Tony did not blame Sam for what happened and Sam said to Adrian “Adrian, the PPP program, that Mr Heung.. I am so very sorry… he won’t be investing” but Jayden walked in and Adrian smiled and said “No no I got a call from Mr Heung, he has in fact doubled his investment! So the PPP is a go! However he has one condition, that is Captain Koo to join the program”


And Jayden said “I didn’t expect this” and Tony said “Wow, Jayden you too? Great! Welcome abroad!” and Sam looking more relieved than insulted said “Welcome abroad too! And thanks” because Jayden saved the PPP thing. Adrian then continued his PPP song and the reaction of those 3 men were funniest. Like the song was rubbish but they just had to nod that it’s great.

Anyway HK has typhoon warning level 3 and rule is if there is red alert no one can be on the runway. Jayden was about to fly but now can’t, so everyone was stuck in the plane. Here we were introduced to athlete Him Law, name unknown yet and a very bossy big brother, the actor with the biggest nostril hole ever back in TVB (I welcome him back!!) probably his coach or manager or both and complaining big time since if they missed this event, they will have to wait 2 years. Unknown name Him was ok but brother was giving air stewardess Rachel a hard time. Summer I suppose took it personally that she couldn’t finish her maintenance routine when there was red alert and without cleaning up the tools, they dropped all tools and ran into a nearby shed. Amazing. Anyway plane still stuck, every restless and I was told as the plane waits, there won’t be any any aircond!! But here we have since I can see the TV on and all. Anyway huge complains and Jayden coolly walked out and grimly announced they will have to wait until the tower clears the runway for flight but Him asked can’t the maintenance pull the plane back into hangar or something which they can’t since it is red alert and someone asked can’t a bus come and fetch them since they should leave the plane but Jayden rightly explained “The red alert is a law and a safety measure for the ground crew. When there is red alert, no one can be on the runway. Do you expect the crew to risk their lives to ferry you all back to the terminal? I don’t think so. We will fly when we are cleared to do so. Please be patient” and he walked away, everyone shut up and his fanclub grew as a flight stewardess (probably one of the 3 silly girls?) said “He is sooooooo cool!!”. Well, she is right. He is cool!


But my question is would Jayden have kicked Mr Heung off the plane in the same situation faced by Sam? I have no doubt Sam would have acted the same as Jayden as he did in this situation, but maybe more polite.


An impossible scene ensued. Another new character, this time Toby Leung and I suppose in what was Zoe’s old job. And aiport in chaos as flights cancelled, passengers wanted their bags back, no room to sit and we see these airport PR people taking blankets to cover sleeping passengers on terminal, distributing food and bottled drinks, etc. I tell you, THAT never ever happened. If any you will get a food coupon, you go lineup for your food. Blankets? I doubt you even have space to lie down! Very very impossible. Or is it only for Skylette? Anyway also first time I see another airline logo (Yellow) on a plane featured.

Anyway I think next day or maybe a long long time later but less than a day later, good to go. Jayden heard Summer’s voice that all is ok and checked and he looked out and Summer have a thumbs up and he did the same and she waved goodbye and he waved back. I believe this was Summer’s standard goodbyes to pilots, nothing personal to Jayden.

Later Isaac, Coco and I think Roy together, Isaac was very stressed as Ray pointed out, he wanted to prevent Sam from meeting Summer. They were at the airport, looked down and saw Sam walking back from the Skylette office and then Isaac panicked big time when opposite there was Summer. Somehow Sam missed Summer and was it Roy who said probably Sam and Summer had no fate and suddenly Sam received a call to go back to the offices and he turned around, Summer was helping someone with their luggage bag and Isaac was full of nerves and decided to rush down and Roy and Coco along and Sam and Summer could have passed one another when suddenly Sam stopped, turned and came face to face with Summer. He looked in shock as Summer in that cactus in butt moment said sternly “I know what you’re thinking. I am not So Yee or Zoe” and Sam snapped out and said “You… you know Zoe?” and Summer said “No, I never met her but I got that question a lot” and Sam smiled a little, still in shock said “I see. I am pleased to meet you” and he wanted to shake her hand and she briefly shook his hand and glumly walked away. Sam was still in shock as his eyes stilled for a moment when we see Coco, Roy and Isaac looking at him with concern.

LOVE the final meeting! I know a lot of you may not like Francis Ng but this scene alone explains Francis is probably the best actor in this series even if Chilam has the most interesting character. Because of Francis Ng’s supreme great acting, I don’t care his Sam is boring. I don’t find Sam boring. He in fact has a temper. Look at the way he scolds Isaac. But this scene, the shock, then snapping out of it but in the end he still looked dazed with shock. That ladies and gentlemen is what great acting is about. I see Francis Ng as Sam Tong and I believe him as Sam Tong. Chilam as Jayden made me suspect perhaps there is a bit of Jayden’s arrogance in Chilam but in Francis Ng, I see Sam Tong, I actually just see Sam Tong. I don’t see Francis Ng. He may mumble his lines but I can understand him. His English may suck, but at least he tries to speak well. He may not be handsome but hey, any guy in a pilot uniform will look good. He may be old but he is the veteran where young ones can learn acting from. And all these from the last 5 minutes itself proves why Francis Ng is the best actor in here.

Next is of course Chilam as the ever cool and diva and sometimes with a mean streak Jayden. I like his rivalry with Sam. It is not healthy rivalry though but it is so interesting. Chilam in this episode shows us a side of Jayden we can like and yet also has this side of Jayden we can despise. Why the rift with Summer? Big mystery!

Myolie Wu is so far still in the cactus in butt acting mode. I only see 1 expression. Sometimes I thought I see a bit of doubt, worry when it comes to Chilam’s Jayden but so fleeting, maybe I imagined it. As Zoe, she was likable and infectiously good natured that you can’t hate her for anything. As Summer, you get this feeling she takes things too personally, like even the typhoon is something she wished she can fix but clearly can’t. Character is interesting, but so far it is pretty one note. If Holly is incessantly childish and immature, Summer is incessantly butt hurt sort of character like you wonder, what the hell happened? And yet she is nice to everybody else, or rather think she is nice since she is not super friendly, cold and all that like Ice Queen but yet rents room to Skylette employees, feed them, etc. Kinda like a contradicting character. Wants to be a loner but isn’t doing everything to be a loner. I don’t get Summer. I get Holly even if I don’t like her. But Summer, she is pretentiously intriguing. And I suppose Isaac will relax her a bit, like let down her guard. Anyway whatever Jayden did or didn’t do, it must have hurt her a lot. That itself is also quite a mystery which I hope will be solved in next 2 episodes because drag it anymore and it becomes a nuisance. So far Myolie is ok, but JUST ok. I feel something is off with her performance. But can only comment more as she goes along. Now between her and Fala, each has their problem. You can say I enjoy Summer more but that is because Holly is such a silly character and badly acted by Fala at this moment. I wonder what if they switch role? Will Fala cut her hair short and be convincing as a cold arrogant looking Summer? Perhaps. I really miss Zoe though.

Ron Ng is Ron Ng. So far he is comic relief. I will however be very worried if he is my pilot.

Paul Sinn or is it Pal Sinn? Anyway nothing much to do except the grinning singing guitar playing song writing CEO of Skylette. Wait! Is he CEO?

I must comment about the air stewardess. So far all of them are on point in terms of looks. I may say silliest girls but performances wise, no complain.

Except for that silly drop all tools and run at the runway scene, the especially special treatment at the terminal during the typhoon scene and the impossible Mr Heung scene, the middle one being the most impossible of all, everything seems pretty logical.

But one good question was raised about how come Isaac never met Summer before? Good question. But why question this which will only make your head burst? There is no answer, never will there be any answer. Just go with the flow for this question alone.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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    1. I think is Pal sinn. He is hilarious, watch him in super trio, I think ppl call him paw gor something like that.

      1. As in ‘leopard’ pal I think? Not sure though!

  1. Chilam physique is not bad for his age, but can still be more toned up. But at least better than Ron because I think I saw a love handle when Ron sat inside the car to start the engine. And it was good Myolie explained why she said she isn’t Zoe.

    1. Haven’t seen Ron since he didn’t take his shirt off. No better or worse than Ron. Chilam’s Physique is errr not good for many reasons. Kinda soft you know. And too thin. Let Him take his shirt off.

      1. Haha Funn, everyone knows Him has a great toned body. Chilam is decent for his age. If you watch the episode again, pay close attention to the scene where Ron has to restart the car. You can see the love handle on Ron body.

      2. Yes, a bit flabby there. I suppose we will see Francis taking off his shirt rather than Ron.

  2. I forgot to add the following in this recap which I did in my own blog which also cleaned up a bit of spelling mistake. Anyway;

    “One final prediction. Both Him Law and Fala’s Holly will join Skylette through this PPP thing.”

    1. I thought it was obvious, self-explanatory that Him and Fala will join Skylette..

      That’s how S4 joined Solar via their pilot training program.

      1. Of course it is obvious but PPP is the reason why they could join. PPP benefits those who is not financially able but talented enough to join.

        S4 I suppose did it the proper way which is expensive. I suppose the training for PPP is in HK like localised hence cheaper.

      2. Isn’t it the same thing?
        And it’s 100% certain that Him and Holly would join Skylette. Afterall, how else would Him meet Nancy ?

      3. It is not the same. If it is the same PPP is failure. Coco you don’t get my point.

      4. what does PPP even stand for?
        And in Canada, if we’re talking about real life pilot training, it’s called Pilot training program (PTP).

  3. Francis Ng is so good in this series. He looks handsome in pilot uniform. Chi Lam is also good and very handsome; I love them both.

  4. Why Pre Pilot program? Why not Pilot Training Program (PTP)? Or Trainee Pilot Program (TPP)? Or We Train You Poor Souls Who Want To Be Pilot But Can’t Afford The Fee Elsewhere (WTYPSWWTBPBCATFE) or why not Skylette And Other Airlines Pilot Training Initiative (SAOAPTI)?

  5. Funn, and why you ask so many question? ha ha …

    1. I got more questions but I shall leave it for later. All about some plane emergency action scenes or totally lack of. The most emergency is some turbulence.

      1. Calm down calm down. We still have 37 episodes to go. They can’t squash everything exciting into 6 episodes

      2. I just ask you for fun; please don’t mind it.

      3. I BET! I BET there won’t be a plane got problem must land somewhere scene. Because 37 episodes is above L-O-V-E

      4. Thanks. I thought 40 episodes. i feel a bit faint at the prospect of 43 recaps.

  6. She probably rents and feeds that and has the nick name of “big brother”, as it’s may be what she needed from jayden in the past.

  7. Frankly, people need to stop complaining about their english. They all speak reasonable english for their background. You cant have everyone speaking in rp, it would end up being fake.

    In tits1, francis was a old fashion guy who plays the er hu, and stoicly recited his “i am an aeroplane poem” in some form of english. So if he spent two years in england with zoe, i think he might have made some improvements, but he shouldnt be speaking with a perfect british accent just after two years.

    Since chilam’s character worked in the Australian army (i think), hes australian, or a
    an immigrant? So his english should be good. Myolie is his sister, so perhaps they may have the same background. They are very fluent, but not exactly native.
    Kenneth’s character has a HK working class background, with his father/uncle as the bus driver, delivery van driver, so he speaks with a HK accent, like the average person in HK.

    And holly’s accent is americanised, as she just came back from the US. Some people’s accent change from influence.

    1. Since chilam’s character worked in the Australian army (i think), hes australian, or a
      an immigrant? So his english should be good. Myolie is his sister, so perhaps they may have the same background. They are very fluent, but not exactly native.
      Kenneth’s character has a HK working class background, with his father/uncle as the bus driver, delivery van driver, so he speaks with a HK accent, like the average person in HK.

      And holly’s accent is americanised, as she just came back from the US. Some people’s accent change from influence.

      ^ Thank you Nicole! This is what I was trying to talk about but I failed at explaining that. This is exactly what I was trying to say but some commenters was like, “nope, no excuses”.

  8. Funn, your prediction came true! 😀 They’re no lovers, just siblings!

  9. When Jayden came out to talk to the passengers, it seemed like he was stricter than normal because he knew his sister was out there. Usually, Jayden tries to be more charming and less blunt. Also, I think the workers dropped all their tools right away because of the lightning and it wouldn’t be safe to run back with a metal box and tools?

    I liked the scene with Francis yelling at Ron and when he saw Summer for the first time.

    Also, Jess Sum always seems to play the more mature/older roles even though I’m pretty sure she’s the same age as the other flight attendants.

    1. Yes I’ve noticed that too, with Ben Wong and Kenneth. She has that look to match up though.

  10. my guess on why Issac has never met Summer was because she was overseas? the earlier episodes (forgot which) had Roy telling Issac about a “xi jie” returning from overseas and Jayden went down to check it out.

  11. for me, Jayden is charming and all and actually has a trace of his Rippling blossom character. Sam Tong is exactly like the Sam Tong of 10 years ago. i marvel how Francis can carbon copy that persona, speech, traits, etc, 10 years later. he is just superb. for me, Sam Tong aka Francis works for me. while both are good, my preference is Francis/Sam. 🙂

  12. But one good question was raised about how come Isaac never met Summer before?

    Just my little opinion for this question. Didn’t Summer leave HK for Hainan for a year or something? There is a possibility Isaac transferred from Solar to Skylette after she left for Hainan, hence, the reason why they never met. This is the only plausible explanation I can come up with for this question.

    1. Yes. It was mentioned that Summer went to Hainan for training, so it’s reasonable that they never met

  13. Someone please agree with me …the theme song is slowly growing you right?!?!?! someone please!??!?!

    i’m loving the song now!!!!!!!!!!

    1. yes, it did. i am beginning to hum/sing along. 😳

    2. I just hummed the song, the way George Lam sang it, exact tone and even accent, in humming.

    3. I seriously don’t think there was anything wrong with George’s TITS 2 theme and I was wondering why netizens was complaining so much of it. It just baffled me. N yes I also agreed that is kinda grow on you after a while. I nvr like TITS and same goes with the song but I am watching this now all because of Chi Lam

    4. Maybe that song is the type that grows on you???

      1. Brainwash, as in all TVB themesongs. After 3 more episodes, you will think no other song fits this series.

      2. definitely grew on me .. at first i wasn’t a huge fan but didn’t think it was as bad as netizens make it.

        Now – i actually thought it was quite uplifting … fits the TITS2 storyline pretty well.

    5. Anyone here likes or remember the theme song of Bullet Brain or Beauty at War.

      I am sure most of us like songs from Inbound Troubles,divas in distress,Rosy business 1 and 2

      I think if the drama good, seems the theme song also sound good .

    6. I was thinking the same thing as you pandamao. The theme song begins to grow on me too.

  14. “But one good question was raised about how come Isaac never met Summer before?”

    Because she had just returned from Hainan.

    1. She was in Hainan for 1 year. Before that, where was she? Where was Isaac?

    1. Did you read my recap? In ep 6. He showed up already!

      1. Funn, think his name is Jim Jim here. That’s what I heard from his brother/master/angry whoever calling him. “Jim Jim needs to practice bla bla bla”.

        TVB needs someone new to get names.

      2. Jim Jim. I honestly did not hear it. What’s the brother’s name? Pim Pim?

  15. Anyone noticed five seconds of Fred Cheng towards the end where he was passing out water, food to the passengers? LOL.

    1. Very observant! I was too busy thinking that scene was pure fantasy to notice Fred anywhere. I do pity him. TVB needs new young blood, here we have one and he is handing out water and food and nothing more and yet someone as untalented as Toby Leung consistently gets prominent roles. It just frustrates me how connection works. And it should be ok if she can act but she can’t and it makes the whole thing suck. But isn’t this series the one which is where the whole pool-gate was?

      1. This is tvb for you always taking ppl for granted

  16. Agreed, Francis Ng is so godly. He is totally Sam Tong.
    Chilam’s character, his arrogant-ness kinda reminded me of his character in Point of no return.

    I do hope Myolie has more than 1 expression in the upcoming episodes… Or maybe its the character.
    Glad she didn’t overact.

  17. Anyone notice the scene where the rich man demanded to leave the plane but ironically he was seemingly in an economy class seat? Why would a rich man like him book a seat in the economy class? Tab is so unrealistic

  18. @Funn: LOL…love reading your recaps! Definitely a great complement to watching the episode!

    After having read the full summaries for the remaining episodes this week (episodes 7 to 10), you should probably enjoy the ‘Holly-less’ episodes now because she will be back at the end of episode 7 (and looks like eps 8 to 10 will revolve around her as well). But at least we will get to see alot of Francis in the next few episodes, so we can look forward to more awesome acting (though I’m also enjoying Chilam’s performance as well)…and more of the ‘backstory’ with Zoe will come to light as well, so at least that’s something for people who were fans of the Sam/Zoe story arc to look forward to….

  19. Isaac probably didn’t see Summer because she was away on training. In an earlier episode, they mentioned something about a girl coming back from a year-long training in Hainan.

  20. Ohh dear dear! ChiLam is soft like tofu. That scene with towel kinda makes me think less of him as hot. At least some work out for this drama to make his playboy character more perfect. And to think Sharon wants to sleep with him again after seeing his soft no muscles body is weird. Sharon is blind ha ha ha

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