Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 8

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Poor Isaac, the guy who is in everybody’s life doesn’t get his own “me time””

I forgot to mention a very significant scene in Episode 7 (http://www.jaynestars.com/news/episodic-thoughts-triumph-in-the-skies-2-episode-7/) and until I watched today’s almost final scene, I finally remembered. It was when Holly was taking out her stuff at Sam’s place and Coco was there and then we see Holly taking out a doll, the Tri-Angel doll from TITS 1 that Zoe had? Correct me if I am wrong, Belle gave it to Sam who gave it to Zoe? Can’t really remember. Anyway so that ties up the so called fated sort of storyline between Sam and Holly and of course Zoe via the Tri-Angel .

Anyway today’s episode will be a short recap because 70% Roy-Heather-Tony, 5% Jayden-Summer-Isaac and the rest Sam-Apple-Holly-Tri-Angel . Which makes for 70% “What the hell just happened” scenes, 5% of excitement and 25% of some major plot development, at least with regards to the unnecessary character called Apple.

I love Kenneth Ma but I am sorry to say Roy’s story always throw me off from the momentum of the story. Isaac’s story is more relevant as he seems to be involved with everyone but Roy got his own storyline and it made no sense, except perhaps to tie up the loose end with the eventual affair with Heather.

And I discover, I don’t really dislike Fala that much anymore. I don’t really like Holiday, too much secrets, too much lies and too much excuses but she isn’t a bad person to make anyone hate her. Between emo Holly and happy Holly, Fala did much better as the happy devious Holly. Which means tonight she didn’t spoil the show.

The honour goes to Roy simply because I don’t understand why the story shifts to him. I find him rather irrelevant. Like a character too many. Let’s not forget Him Him also is in here. So many characters still yet to be developed.


Holiday snuck into Sam’s room and said in an amazed and slightly offended voice “His room is like so much bigger than mine!”. And very clean and organised too. Anyway she went up to the bookshelves and started looking and mumbling about some Guide Book. The same book Isaac wanted. So immediately I deduced ahhhh PPP again! Anyway whilst looking, and making a mess Sam shouted “Holiday!! Wake up! Breakfast!”, like a mom would to her child. Of course she panicked. Sam opened his door room and was stunned by what he saw, so much so he looked like very confused. What he saw? Holly on her stomach, lying flat on his bed. He went up to her, combed the messy hair from her face and gently asked “Holiday.. are .. you… ok? What are you doing here?” and she pretended to wake up and blurry and made up an excuse like “Wha… what happened? I remember going to toilet, sitting on the toilet bowl doing my business, and then.. then I can’t remember what happened. How I ended up here?” and messy hair and all, she started to scratch her head in confusion and Sam of course, what more can he say? If I remember correctly he told her to let’s go, he will have to leave soon and when he left she had to leave too.

Breakfast and Isaac and Coco eating and Sam asked Holly to sit down and eat as she said “Oh the food’s too oily. I think I will skip” and Sam said “Skip breakfast? No no, I insist. Sit down, and I will get you something else”. Holly sat and said “Such good service huh?” and Coco smiled and chewed and both of them looked at how Sam was so caring and concerned about Holly. Sam said “Here, cereals, definitely to your taste” and Holly started to pour milk onto her cereal as Isaac and Coco both curiously looked at Holly and asked her what she plans to do today as Coco said “Let’s go shopping and tire ourselves from shopping!” as Holly said “I don’t really enjoy shopping” and Coco saw Holly’s bracelet with the lock feature (key is with Jayden if you can’t remember) and said she was looking for that limited edition bracelet and Coco wanted to see more but Holly was apologetic that she didn’t have the key to open it and Isaac was commenting on having to wear an unbreakable bracelet like it was a bad thing. Anyway it was Isaac’s turn being very curious since which girl doesn’t like shopping? It was as if they were checking her out for Sam as I can’t remember who asked what she was planning to do for the day and Sam said “Surely not on some working mission for NASA?” and Coco marveled “You work for NASA?” and Holly smiled and said “Not really.. I am going to check out the sky, the cloud and..”


I forgot what was the third element she mentioned. Sea?


I think Isaac asked “So what do you actually do?” and Holly said “I studied meteorology when I was in university” and Coco was very impressed as she said “Can you predict the weather today in Shanghai? Clear skies?” and Isaac said “Don’t bother with her. When she found out I know about meteorology, she asked the same questions!” and Holly smiled as she said “I wouldn’t know the answer unless I have access to statistics and data” as Coco sneered at Isaac when Holly said “You know what? Not delicious at all. I will go now” and Sam asked after her “Where are you going?” and Holly said “To my date with the sky, the cloud and …*third element I can’t remember* …” and Sam asked some more as Holly left “When you are coming back? How long will you be out?”.

Frankly Sam was like her mom, asking all those questions!

Anyway I suppose Holly went plane picture taking.

Isaac’s exam taking day, can’t remember the name of the test. Anyway he was with Jayden on a flight, Jayden will be sort of like his invigilator or assessment or something as Jayden calmly said to Isaac “Today, you’re the captain. You will make all the decision, big or small” and Isaac understood as Jayden told Isaac to check with ground crew about some garbage compacter? I think? Isaac was about to leave when he stopped and said to Jayden “I heard Ha Sun is the technician in charge here. You sure you want me to go? I gave her back the watch, she didn’t seem so angry anymore so maybe this is the best time for you to go?” and Jayden said quite wisely and glumly “No, you go. There are times you must learn to let certain things lie low for a little while, like women, you must give them space sometimes” and so Isaac left. He met with ground crew, Summer was there, then there was the engineer, and he was saying the garbage compacter, the middle one is not working, they can still fly for 8 hours but more than that, they can’t be sure of the potential problems. So Engineer said they need to discuss this with the captain and asked who’s the captain and Isaac said “Jayden Koo but I don’t think the captain will trouble himself with this problem. I will be making the decision” and Summer asked “How long is your flight?” and Isaac said “8 hours 10 minutes” and Ha Sun said “You must change planes” and Isaac was like “What? Change planes? But we have over 200 passengers on board. How am I suppose to tell them to change planes now?” and engineer being very cautious said “You can still fly the plane, but if more than the time limit, whatever is the consequences, you will have to sign off and be personally liable. Are you prepared for that?”


First, they only know NOW after everyone went on board there is a problem with some garbage compacter? I mean if it was engine problem of course they had to change planes. So it must be a lesser problem but still potentially serious. Secondly, Isaac saying he will sign some personal guarantee? This is insane! Indeed, even Teddy and Summer agreed Isaac is insane.


Teddy shocked said “Are you sure you want to do that?” and Isaac said “If in worst case scenario, I will have to take some extra garbage bags then!”


Or maybe step on the accelerator and arrive perhaps 15 minutes earlier? That might help?


Summer looked troubled the moment she heard the term problem for the pilot. I suppose she may be worried for Jayden. Anyway she then said “Perhaps there is a way…”

Isaac went back into the cockpit, problem solved as he smiled and said to Jayden “I gotta admit, your sister is really something! She is so smart. She knows the solution better than the engineer. She figured out the third compacter and the middle compacter is the same and so switched between the two..” as Jayden said “Of course, the middle compacter if not working will cause problem” as Isaac said “Problem solved. She solved this when the engineer couldn’t” and Jayden with some pride said “Of course. She is after all my sister”


Love the way Jayden delivered that line. A sense of pride and a sense of certainty that of course his sister is brilliant. Isaac is right. The engineer only knew to say problems without a working solution whilst Summer thought of a simple solution without Isaac signing on some guarantee or changing planes with 200 passengers on board. She should be the engineer.

By the way 8 hour flight and only pilot and co-pilot?


Anyway as Isaac sat down Jayden said “Have you forgotten?” and Isaac was like Oh yeah and he switched place with Jayden. Jayden now on the right, Isaac on the left as Jayden said “Remember, the captain always sits on the left. It is a very powerful position, don’t ever underestimate the power of sitting on the left. Some can’t even differentiate between left and right” as Isaac nervously checked his place as Jayden called the control tower and this time it was Jayden doing the talking and Isaac was so be ready to fly when he was a bit confused on left and right and then he adjusted, a bit nervous as Jayden looked at him and Isaac calmed down and I suppose did well.


Ahh the control tower lady must be on call 24 hours a day. Same voice. And when it is time to speak more than 3 lines of English, conveniently Jayden now sits on the right, thus as co-pilot does all the talking in English and Isaac the minimum English. I find that rather amusing!

Frankly, with Isaac’s quality as pilot, I will be surprised if he passes at all. No way he could be captain faster than Sam when he seems more incompetent than even Roy!

And why isn’t Roy taking the same exam? Well you shall see why.


Next long long minutes we have scenes of Roy and his double dating life and all that. There he met Heather and Tony on holiday by the beach in Taiwan and supposedly he heard beds creaking as Heather and Tony were next door when actually Heather didn’t even get to wear her negligee as Tony was too tired and he slept. She didn’t blame him. Heather helped Roy with his girlfriend problems by taking messages, etc and in the end Roy was alone and he went hawker stalls eating. And the next 5 minutes or so was the weirdest of this series as this episode turned into some foodie travel show as we see Roy eating and eating and eating and eating until he saw a stall selling some fruit drink that I don’t know the English name for when Heather said to him “You sure you want to drink that? Not afraid of diarrhea?” and it dawned on Roy as he exclaimed “Ohhhhh!!!!!!! I remember you now! No wonder you looked so familiar when I first met you again!”

And so flashback!!

Roy in cockpit with a captain who speaks better English than almost everyone and in Taiwan and captain gave Roy to drink from a flask and Roy thought it was alcohol and Heather walked in, different company, not Skylette as she said the captain was joking, it was water in it and the captain insisted Roy drink that fruit drink before the flashback which he did and spent the entire flight wanting to rush to the toilet and when landed he did, for the longest of time as Heather knocked on the door and an embarrassed Roy opened it slightly and a smiling kindly looking Heather gave him a new pair of trousers and said “Here, you can change into this”.

Present day!!

Roy asked “You didn’t tell anyone did you?” and Heather said no and Roy was thankful. You know he basically shit in his pants. Poor guy. Anyway they chatted happily and Roy explained how he ended with 2 girlfriends. He was casually dating both, in the end both became his girlfriend.

Holly was looking at the PPP entrance form I think. Can’t remember exactly when. Anyway she sneaked into Sam’s room again and as she searched through the drawers, she found the pilot note book thing and was happy when she saw a picture of Sam and Zoe on their wedding day and surprised she said “Zoe?” and so she took took the Tri-Angel doll out and …


Holly in HK at the airport and begging the ticket counter to find her a seat in the next flight to London but no seat as she pleaded that she needed to go back to London to celebrate I think her boyfriend’s birthday. Sadly no tickets so she walked to a nearby bench glumly when we see a frail looking Zoe clutching her chest and saying weakly “You can have my ticket” and Holly was happy but concerned about this sickly stranger as she said “Are you sure?” and Zoe said “I was thinking of flying back to my husband in London, and you want to fly back to London for your boyfriend. Between us, perhaps you can make the journey” as Holly said “But don’t you want to go back to your husband?” as Zoe gave her the Tri-Angel and said “Maybe we are fated to meet, maybe this is what it is meant to be. Take this doll, it is called a Tri-Angel , a guardian angel of love” [see the origin of Tri-Angel here (http://kyannekoon.blogspot.com/2006/07/triangels-story.html) and here is the one in this series (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FsNUe7gLtUE/UA8Di2ghh_I/AAAAAAAAAqU/AUQ30ME2LMo/s320/k.png) but is it the absolute same as the one in the first series? Googled it, looks the same] and I can’t remember what Zoe said exactly but I think she must have said to Holly to give it back to a similarly fated person or something like that.

Frankly I don’t get why Zoe gave the ticket to Holly. This might also mean Zoe died alone in HK? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway Holly smiled and said “So Sam is your husband…”.

Later some scene of Roy back in HK having dinner with Heather and Tony the loved up but boring couple and all that wasting time scenes. Anyway how on earth Heather could cheat on Tony with Roy? I am not sure I want to know. Not because I hate such scenes but because I know it will deviate from the 2 pillars.

The better scenes are the next few ones.

Sam was at the rooftop of the airport building somewhere when Apple appeared and Apple rushed to him and they were close and all that but Apple was actually an orphan picked up at the airport and Sam was her sponsor and she treated Sam like her favourite uncle and she did mention about Auntie Zoe. The moment she said Auntie Zoe, my mind went blank and I didn’t care about their conversation. Toby Leung, looking much more haggard than Myolie even when she was supposedly sick calls Myolie AUNTIE ZOE?! So Apple is suppose to be a young girl. Can’t they like find a younger girl? What about that girl that likes to scream her lines? How about Sire Ma? Or someone young looking?!

Anyway Holly was also there taking pictures and she saw them hand in hand and she smiled as she took out the Tri-Angel and said “Zoe, you don’t need to worry about your husband anymore. He has moved on!” and after a while she said “I guess my duty is done. I will put this doll here, and hopefully another fated person will pick you up” and she left the doll by the ledge? or something like that and as she left, a hand picked up the Tri-Angel and I was like Jayden? No no, Summer!! Who by the way was also at the rooftop, making it THE most happening rooftop in the airport or anywhere else. She looked at the doll curiously as she looked at Holly curiously.

Holly was busy taking picture, this time in the middle of the open air parking lot when Summer also arrived. As she walked past by Holly, she remembered her and so took out the Tri-Angel and didn’t want to disturb the busy Holly, quietly walked to the bag that Holly threw down when she was taking photo and slipped inside it the Tri-Angel . I suspected what would happen but the actual scene was darn funny. Imagine Isaac’s reaction when he saw Summer in the cockpit and you will know what will happen.

Holly was looking through Sam’s notes, drinking coffee AND looking at the pictures she took (laptop) when she saw a picture of a reflection in a car’s window (which was Summer). She zoomed in and zoomed in and zoomed in and yelped in shock and poured coffee on Sam’s note. Troubled she felt her bag and there she saw the Tri-Angel and she was majorly spooked as she said “I.. I left you on the ledge! I did! What are you doing here?!” as Coco shouted “Holiday! Come down! Sam brought home some delicious stuff! You must try!!| and Holly covered the Tri-Angel with a piece of paper and rushed down.

Sam was in pilot’s uniform, Isaac and Coco all of them eating some jam with crackers or something. Holly looked troubled and was not concentrating as Sam asked Isaac “What’s wrong with her?” and Isaac wittily replied “Don’t you know? She’s crazy” which pretty sums up Holly to everyone who knows her I suppose. Anyway Coco was saying the jam was delicious and how Apple could make such delicious jams with fruits she grown and they were discussing about Apple as Isaac said “I remember taking her to Ocean Park many years ago. She was still so little then. How she looks like now? Let me see her face, so that when I see her again…” and Sam teased him “And what will you do when you see her again? What? What?” and Isaac said “Let me see her face!” and Coco was curious too and Sam took out his phone and found her photo and Holly walked to them and looked at her picture and remembered that was the girl Sam was with as she said “Isn’t she your girlfriend?” and Sam said “No. She is family, she is not my girlfriend” and this time Holly looked so troubled she rushed to make coffee and ended up destroying the coffee machine and she said guiltily “I am so sorry!” as Isaac said “No worries about that” as Holly made some excuses and rushed back upstairs and Sam with concern said to Isaac “You better take good care of the machines… and Holiday as well” as Isaac retorted “But she is YOUR friend” but well if big brother says he must, Isaac, you’re Robin to every Batman there is, and so you must!

Holly back in her room, removed the paper and the doll staring back at her in a sitting position. Holly was so troubled and knelt down and was praying as she said “Zoe, I really thought Sam found himself a new woman. I .. I made a mistake, I didn’t know. Please don’t bother me! Please don’t! I swear I will make sure he moves on! I swear!!” and the doll mysteriously then lays down flat and I tell you, if I was Holly, I too will look as spooked as she was in the final scene.

Very funny last few scenes, from Isaac’s retorts to Holiday’s reaction.It was spooky though, that reflection of Summer in the window. I can’t blame Holly so spooked! And the Tri-Angel back in her bag! Love Jayden’s pride in his sister. Love Sam’s reaction to the silly Holly, and Sam really looks like someone who is at total lost as to what to do with someone like Holly and yet he must be polite since Manna helped him when he was in London. He is an educated polite man. I love Isaac’s interaction with Sam and also with Jayden, Sam his real stern older brother and Jayden, sometimes his best friend but at most times also like his adopted stern older brother, and mentor. How he tried to please the both of them is also funny. I also find it very curious that Isaac is in a position whereby he knows the most things about Jayden and Jayden seems unreserved when talking to Isaac about Summer.

What I don’t get is Roy’s scene. I am also choking with shock at Apple’s scenes.

However I suppose this series has to go off tangent sometimes. But Apple at least is connected to the main story. Was she in TITS 1? I mean her character?

But Roy undeservedly gets the spotlight in a totally unrelated storyline. Poor Isaac, the guy who is in everybody’s life doesn’t get his own “me time”.

Which is why I feel a bit unfair for Ron Ng. He is clearly the lead in the younger generation of cast here, he has loads of scenes, many of them important and related to the two pillars of this series as well as their connected ones which is Holiday and Summer and yet.. yet.. he is so ignored!!! So unfair!

Performances wise, Ron Ng did well enough when delivering those witty lines and retorts. He and Chilam has some of the best lines and when you put them 2 together, one Batman and the other Robin, they make the best pair. And when Robin goes off and moonlights with another superhero that is Sam, also the best scene. Ron has great chemistry with Chilam and especially Francis Ng who in one scene about Apple seems to be teasing Ron. I find Francis was generous in sharing a scene with Ron and sometimes Ron seems to get the best lines as well.

Francis continues as the pillar of this series, much more than he was in TITS 1 because his character was sorta boring there but here, he busies himself being the mother of the family and looking after the kids, now including Holiday. Francis still mumbles his lines but his mannerism, his every movement, so very elegant as an actor who knows what he is doing. And a mark of a great actor is one who is in a scene who looks confused, like why Holly was on his bed and is confused and at lost as to what to say or do when you know Francis the actor knew exactly what he was doing and all. I see Sam in Francis, not Francis in Sam. Fantastic performance.

Chilam has little scenes in here but again the other pillar of this series with his simple scene with Isaac and yet says a lot for the plot and all. Love his arrogance and yet his sternness and yet his pride. Also someone who knows what he is doing.

Myolie had little scenes in here today but you know, one face, one expression, one body language. I am finding her predictable and almost bland. Sorry but Myolie does not have the flexibility of the 2 pillars. She needs to loosen up. Surely when Summer is alone she is a bit more relaxed? Her expression troubles me. It is ONE expression. Reminds me of Ghetto Justice and I didn’t like her there. I think there is some spark in Myolie’s acting when she is either with Chilam or with Francis. Can’t wait for more scenes of them together just so I can see a more varied performance from Myolie. As Zoe however, she still has that cheerfulness that Zoe had but like I said, I don’t get that scene. It seems all too convenient to tie up the doll, Zoe, Sam and Holly. Odd scene.

Fala Chen, I have blasted her from the moment she appeared but in this episode, maybe HK’s air is different, so she seems more acceptable. A credible performance, whilst another actress may give Holiday a sense of truthfulness in her perhaps belief in love, fate and karma, somehow in Fala, her Holly seems too often lying, making up stories or seems more like a cynic. I did not recap but here was was a scene of her writing a letter to her missing boyfriend and was something like she will be flying up to the skies soon. This in a way shows Holly as someone who believes in romance or a romantic, someone clinging on to her lost love, someone who is a bit like Belle I dare say who couldn’t let go of what she thought was her true love with the cheerful personality of Zoe. However in Fala, Holly seems to have more of a sense of cynicism. I never thought Fala as someone cheerfully carefree but Fala did manage to inject in Holly a sense that perhaps she has said too much lies, not a liar but not truthful with herself. I don’t think that was what was intended for Holly but Fala injected that. As long as she is not emo, I am ok with that.

Toby Leung looks like she needs a good night’s sleep. Perhaps too much pool time with Ron who at times also looked quite tired?

Kenneth.. oh Kenneth… waste of my time today watching his Roy. I wish this series concentrate more on Roy as pilot. I mean even Isaac is taking his career seriously and Roy, perhaps the more talented pilot is busy chasing after 2 girls.

Anyway such suggestive scenes in 2 episodes already. Today was the bed creaking. Yesterday plenty of big breasted girls with Chilam and Kenneth.

So.. what’s next?

Whatever it is, I hope for more Batman/Robin/Sam and also Jayden – Sam rivalry as well as perhaps Sam and Summer bonding, hopefully much to the annoyance of Jayden. I hope!


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. Thanks for the review Funn! My god, agree with you. I like Kenneth but his story with heather etc is soo boring that i had to skip

  2. Thanks for the review!

    I actually starting to like Fala chen more now… it was such a hilarious scene when she lays in Sam’s bed hahaha XD and when she notice that she thinks she saw ghost when it actually Summer who just looked like Zoe.

  3. Anyone ever notice it is always Coco announcing “dinner’s ready!!” or something like that?

    1. haha yeh she does but sometimes Francis do that aswell xx

  4. i really want to know what was in the box Isaac gave back to sam when he said this was zoe’s
    I wonder what sam’s reaction was when he knew his wife decide not go to london to met him
    did she really die alone or was her brother in law with her when she died

    1. Actually, Zoe did die alone…Francis revealed in an interview last week that Sam wasn’t by Zoe’s side when she died…that’s why it didn’t surprise me to see that scene where Zoe is in HK alone and meets Holly. And knowing that Sam didn’t get to see Zoe in her last moments, it makes more sense now why Sam was so obsessed with taking time off to make pastries in order to find that ‘taste’ that Zoe liked — when they were eating that cake, it was probably the last time he saw her alive…

      Anyway, based on some of the scenes from the opening theme video, looks like there will be more flashbacks of Sam and Zoe later on, so the story of what happened in those 2 years that Sam took off from flying will probably make more sense later…

      1. wouldn’t mind more of zoe! better than watching the irritating holly!

      2. I’m surprised they would have written it so that Sam wasn’t by Zoe’s side when she died, considering how in love they were at the end of the first series. Sam was at her side almost every minute when she got sick in the first series, and to have left her alone when she was close to death is a bit surprising.

      3. @blueangelstar: I agree with you…that’s why I’m thinking there has to be more to the backstory and eventually, they will reveal what happened that caused Zoe to be in HK and Sam to be in London and therefore not able to be by Zoe’s side when she died. At first I didn’t believe it either even after hearing Francis say it in an interview, but then during that scene with Holly at the airport where Zoe tells her that if she were ever to meet her husband, “tell him not to feel guilty or blame himself”…that already tells me that the piece about Sam not being by Zoe’s side is true…

  5. Yes, what the %^#$ with Apple calling Zoe auntie Zoe! How young is this Apple? Issac went to the theme park with her when she was a student and Issac can’t recognize her now.

    Let’s say they went 10 years ago and Apple was around 14, then Apple is only 24. LOL. Toby Leung is a miscast, bigger than Fala. Why not use Toby’s sister in Seasons of Love instead?

    1. Yup…I agree — definitely miscast! I couldn’t help uttering WTH when I watched that scene…Toby looks way too old to play the role of Apple (please don’t tell me that later on when she sees Isaac she is going to call him “Uncle Isaac” — Toby looks way older than Ron does…LOL).

      I like what someone suggested in the comments to episode 7’s recap — let’s switch out Toby with that little white girl from London and call it a day! LOL…

      1. ” ….. (please don’t tell me that later on when she sees Isaac she is going to call him “Uncle Isaac” ….. ”

        hahaha……..oh my…..this comment cracked me up. thanks for the laugh. LOL

    2. Toby’s role is like a supervisor to the ground crew – so the age (ie late 20s) would make sense. There is probably something wrong with the lines, ie it is ok for Sam Tong to be her sponsor, but it is ridiculous to her Zoe Antie Zoe, and the fact that Issac took her out to the theme park when she was young, it just does not add up.

      And also Toby is a TERRIBLE actress. I cant bear to watch her in Season of Love, hopefully she is better here.

      1. agree toby is horrible actress and only got this role because of her father. funn mentioning the pool incident with ron just made me remember how horrible she is as a wife too.

      2. totally agree. Toby is such a drag in this series. yuck.

      3. not only a drag and terrible actress, she’s also too OLD looking to call zoe an auntie when she looks like zoe’s auntie! toby look so haggard probably tired after seducing ron in the pool late at night!

    3. Toby leung is a lousy actress in all the shows, don’t even bother to watch her

    4. That scene with Apple definitely wasn’t done very well — the dialogue was horribly put together. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Apple refer to Sam as ‘big brother’ in that scene? I recall her saying something about how she missed seeing her ‘big brother’ and then Sam talks about being away for 2 years. So if Sam is referred to as ‘big brother’, then why is Zoe referred to as ‘Auntie’????

  6. I agree with you about the Roy scene I thought its really a waste of time explaining how he juggle between two girls and keep lying through his teeth. To me TVB just wanted to film the scenery in Taiwan and had no better storyline to used then to put Roy and her girls in the picture. Throughout the 70% heather and roy scenes in Taiwan,I enjoyed the background scenery more than looking at the actor/actress on screen. Pardon me,I was so distracted by the street food lol

    About Myolie’s acting I thought she is doing a good job so far as Summer. Not FANTASTIC nor was it bad.I think having one face,one expression and one gesture like u said in your review is appropriate for her character. Summer lives in her own world and like what Jayden said she likes machines more than interacting with people thus making her somewhat anti-social? I have a friend who is somewhat like summer an anti social person with the same wooden expression every single day that makes me wonder if she is actually human with no feelings but she still join my group of friends and we hang out sometimes just that she just don’t talk most of time and we will do all the talking while she just sit there quietly and listen. People like them usually have a bitter past or an unpleasant childhood that’s why they felt lonely and wanted company but not socializing. Though Summer doesn’t talk much I thought Myolie did acted in a way where her eyes did the talking. Especially the part where she squeezed the lotion out and stared at Jayden with full of hatred in eps 5. I thought that was pretty good as I can feel her holding grudge towards Jayden not too strong not too weak just nice and not over exaggerating.

  7. I think the one thing that most people can agree on is that no one cares about Toby/Apple. lol

  8. Funn, I think Holly was saying sky, clouds, and waves.

  9. Toby leung is the most irritating thing to happen to tvb. Next to her, everyone looks like cuddly, lovable bunnies. Thanks for ruining tthis episode, Toby Leung.

    1. agree. toby ruins the episode. her screentime could’ve been given to summer and jayden!

      1. There’s enough for Summer and Jayden. Toby’s role needs to be covered as the airport ground staff however, it would be better if someone else other than Toby played the role.

  10. I think tvb should start giving Ron bigger roles again from now

    1. ron is a great guy and great actor and handsome 🙂

      1. I agree I really don’t know what people mean when they say Ron stiff and wooden in that case Wayne and everyone else if stiff and wooden

      2. Ron is stiff and wooden but doesn’t mean he isn’t watchable as Isaac. At least not a train wreck.

    2. dislike holiday more and more. fala’s acting is over the top and she’s a waste of screentime!

      1. well who ask you to watch her?? and i personally think he have improved.

    3. lol,
      “Triumph in the Skies 2” is Ron’s chance to resurrect his career after harmful negative news last year over his personal life which impacted his image.

      However, there hasn’t been much noise about Ron since “Triumph” aired. He’s watchable as Isaac and although he’s in every scene, I find him serviceable but not a very memorable performance. Isaac the character is likeable, so it may improve viewers’ impression of Ron afterward.

      The real test of Ron’s acting abilities will come in romance scenes with Myolie.

      Jayden is actually a very unlikable character on paper, but Chilam manages to inject his personal charm into the role, as well as depict his flawed qualities to gain viewer interest.

      In his few minutes onscreen, Him left a memorable performance.

      Francis is interesting to watch onscreen because you don’t know what he will do next. However, his character is too paternal and almost seems out of place among the younger characterizations.

      Kenneth is more comic relief and I find his Roy to be cute. An improvement over the original series.

      1. When Kenneth’s a comic relief, it’s so enjoyable to watch!

  11. thanks for the review, Funn. i enjoyed every of your write up. we are getting free preview right now and after watching the episode, i quickly go back to my lappie to see what you have written. 😉

    guess what? i watch the same episode twice a day. once in the day and then the night slot too. 😳 i am so waiting for Summer’s character to take shape. so far, nothing is happening. i heard this clip where Ron did an interview and he mentioned Myolie’s Summer character has to be totally different from Zoe. so i guess there must not be a trace of the perky gal in Zoe. so, Summer is all stoic and all.

    for now, i am so Zoe/Sam deprived, i am tempted to watch TITS 1 again….i must have watch it like 6-7 times. 😛

    so far, Sam, Jayden and Issac are the soul of the series. gotta exercise patience to catch Summer bloom. 🙂

    1. Was it better first time or did you find it lacking the 2nd time? I mean wow watching twice a day, same episode.

      That means… my mistakes is twicefold. You know, that camera, football club and the rest!

      Yes I am waiting for Summer to bloom or go boom, either way I am hopeful.

      1. heh heh….yeah, i may not sit fully for the 2nd but scenes i like i really don’t mind so regardless, first or 2nd, i still enjoy it. 😉

        no worries…i actually am not that observant. i was not aware of the goofs. 😳

        i just finished epi 9 and at the moment, the script for Summer is really limited. there’s nothing for her to deliver any punch. like we have about an hour each episode and at every 15 minutes, there’s interval for advertisements. she appeared like for a quarter of an episode. looking forward to more of her screentime. 🙂

  12. i think funn is too critical on myolie. it’s not that myolie is one note but it’s because summer is an introvert who doesn’t outright show her expressions! myolie is making it subtle and is following what summer should be.i believe she’s this cold because of her bad past after jayden leaves her alone. as said in the show summer and zoe are absolutely different personalities!

    1. Myolie’s character is boringggggg. All she does is black face and act cold. You call that breakthrough? Insult to myolie. She is much better than this BREaKTHROUGH role you say 50 times. You embarrass myolie with your actions.

      1. You know Coconut, I agree with you. Myolie can do better.

    2. Leave Funn alone, she isnt saying myolie is a bad actress.. we just stating that she is good but can do better thats all.

  13. Holly is getting more and more likeable. I quite like her character’s personality, she seems very fun.

    1. disagree. i think fala isn’t that natural projecting holly’s fun image and there’s traces of fala in holly. it’s contrived and evident that fala was only ‘acting’. this makes her holly irritating.

      1. @se;_fi_wu, everyone knows you dont like fala but prefer myolie lol.

    2. She’s likeable. There’s got to be a hyperactive Holly opposite to Myolie’s deadbeat Summer. One who smiles all the time to one who barely does.

  14. sam tong is gettig better once he come back to skyleytte and start being a pilot. must say that francis and chilam comebacks are much better than ‘ungrateful husband, son and father’ gallen lo and the ever wooden ray lui. i remember how much their acting sucks in born rich, but francis and chilam are mesmerizing especially chilam!

  15. Haha. Issac and Holly are quite a handful for Sam. I like the duo. Issac is such a comic relief. Surprisingly, Ron is delivering here.

    So, more will be revealed about Jayden and Summer right? It doesn’t seem like the conflict was THAT big between them. Summer seems to let go a little bit after Ron talked to her.

    1. Yes Ron is a relief this is another Ron break through there we go all Ron needs is a good role

    2. I think we will see more why Jayden left and also Jayden’s background and perhaps an expose to all his tall tales. I do think his past was very ordinary and desperate, which was why he left his only sister and probably only living relative and in a way abandoned her for his career which must be the only way he can get to be a pilot which is expensive and he is poor. Because military if anything does provide benefits in terms of scholarships and etc. Conflict is supposed to be big since she must have abandonment issue but I suppose acting wise is inadequate to show that level of conflict and inner turmoil.

      1. I suppose. I’m not really feeling the issue here.

        While Jayden appears as a confident, flirtatious playboy, he’s probably vulnerable inside. As his past unfolds, we’ll get to see that side of him I guess.

  16. I notice there is a Ron camp, Fala camp and Myolie camp, each as dedicated.

    1. Of course every actress and actor has their own fans, even eliza, aimee chan and christine kuo has their own camp, but im really curious, does TOBY LEUNG has any fans at all? Please let me know. Shes one of the rare actresses that everyone agreed to dislike.

  17. Toby oh Toby, why she has to be in every drama. And I though Fala is unbearable. Agree with Funn that Fala act more natural now in HK compare when she was in London?.

    1. Fala just has an annoying character, she does well enough in likeable roles, toby just does badly in all sorts of characters irregardless of whether shes good/bad/friendly/annoying.

  18. Did anyone notice Toby’s staff has weird names? Water I think is Fred Cheng’s name and someone else was called Gentle (spelled Gentl in the captions).

  19. Fala Chen is getting more and more annoying in the series…..seriously! even Myolie Wu is more interesting to watch than this Fala Chen…good that she had left TVB

    1. Disagree. Up to Ep. # 8, Myolie looks like an iceberg with no emotions, no smile, and feeling. On the other hand, Fala is a funny, sweet, and happy girl. Perhaps you like to watch an iceberg on screen, but not me.

      1. We shall wait and see how the iceberg melts and if the monkey will evolve into a normal human being.

      2. I prefer to watch a monkey playing than an iceberg though.

      3. Good point, Crystal. Everyone has different tastes and expectations. Let’s hope that we can all get our own choices.

      4. It also depends whether you are Myolie’s fan or Fala’s fan, or you only care about good acting and are not a fan of either one of them.

      5. I feel both Summer and Holiday hide their true emotions. Summer pretends to have no emotions while Holiday pretends to be happy.

    2. woahh there Ben! sure you are a myolie fan but you have to me fair. and btw, i would really like to know how is fala getting annoying? i thought she was much natural than in London

  20. Tony and Heather seem like a loving couple, but somehow I sense that Heather wants something more. She’s not satisfied and perhaps she finds that sense of satisfaction in Roy through intimacy.

    1. I don’t think so..remember Roy heard noises from the other room but Heather didn’t get to wear her bikini or whatever that was. I think Tony was cheating on Heather.

      1. Never thought it that way. So she wasn’t in the room? How daring of Tony. That will explain why Heather ended up with Tony. But I would like to think Tony was not feeling well, a boring guy much like Sam.

      2. No I think Tony was tired so he fell asleep. Heather has not even used the sexy night gown she bought cause when she was folding it the tag was still on. I think Heather wants more intimacy, more passion. Tony thinks that they are an old couple so to Heather he is lacking what Roy has. Tony keeps asking Roy to come over more often for dinner so in a way Tony kinda help pull these two together.

  21. i was laughing really hard when Toby said Aunty Zoe.

    I was like WTH…. she looks even older than Zoe…

    And she wasn’t in TITS1…

  22. i wonder that sam knew the the Tri-Angel doll was missing from zoe’s things
    i also hope sam gets the doll back
    so if zoe died alone in hong kong then i guess sam and his family don’t know when she died
    i hope that there will be a flash back of when sam got the news of his wife dying
    if apple called zoe auntie zoe then this must mean that zoe was at least 30 or older when she died
    this must mean sam and zoes was married for at least 8 or 9 yrs before she pass away

    1. But Sam said he has only left flying for 2 years to take care of her, so does that mean it’s less than 8/9 yrs?

      1. The 2 years because she was sick. So they may have married for nearly a decade. Till now still not sure when she died. Because the exchange was like he left 2 years ago, he was with Manna for 2 years, he came back recently because wife died, but he was there 2 years, nursed his heart that long… frankly I don’t know when Zoe died but it can’t be 2 years ago.

  23. i would like to know if sam will have any more flash backs of his wife zoe after episode 8

  24. I thought it was an airport in Taiwan where Zoe first met Holiday, as Holiday spoke Mandarin at the ticket counter, and they were initially speaking Mandarin to each other, plus it looked nothing like HKIA.

    Perhaps that was where Zoe sneaked off to die alone so Sam wouldn’t have to see her like this, i.e. he didn’t leave her, as suggested above.

    1. Ahhh come to think of it, yes indeed. So she died alone.. in TAIWAN????????????

  25. Hey, thanks guys (and girls) for correcting me in some minor to major mistake. Really appreciate it. I did amend it at my own blog http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/ but since I don’t have access to here, those mistakes that you have all pointed out, may not have been amended. Some yes, like that football club and camera brand but some little ones which I have went to add and amend (that poop and chocolate quote) is not reflected here as opposed to my blog.

    I do appreciate the amendments. But I do appreciate a little less sarcasm in pointing out the mistakes. I do make mistakes but not as much like in this series, mainly because I rushed my reposting here. I don’t think I made so many mistakes in my 3 Kingdoms RPG and that was a somewhat historical drama. I do admit I am at a total lost at all those flight terms, exam terms, etc so I was a bit general in my description. Anyone who cares to give them proper names, I have no problems in going back and adding those terms.

    Thanks again.

    1. Funn! You’re blog is so creative and beautiful! It is now my official favourite blog ever! very imaginative! 😀

    2. Thx for ur write ups! I find myself looking forward to it after each episode!

  26. I freaking love Francis/Sam Tong! He looks so, so dashing in his uniform!!!
    Chilam is okay, but doesn’t capture my heart like Francis do …*swoons*…

    Special mention to Toby Leung…the moment she said Auntie Zoe, I died there. Total miscast, like what the hell??!

    Kenneth and Elena scenes so far…boring.

    Fala Chen…acting sucks. She needs to be more on par cuz she’s supposed to be Francis’ other half and the as a female lead. So annoying having to watch her.

    Nancy Wu is stellar as usual…hope she gets more screen time.

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