Ethan Ruan Lost His Virginity at 18

Golden Horse Best Actor Ethan Ruan (阮經天) boldly revealed in an interview that he had lost his virginity when he was 18 years old.

Currently promoting his latest film Paradise in Service <軍中樂園>, a story set in the 1960s, Ethan disclosed some interesting tidbits that occurred while filming an intimate scene with costar Regina Wan (萬茜), who portrays an army camp prostitute. In the scene, Ethan, who portrays a virgin, is supposed to act confused but aroused when Regina kisses him. Regina also puts her hand into his pants.

To prepare for this scene, Ethan added extra protection in the front of his pants. He said the scene was very difficult for him to film as he was supposed to act more submissive and shy. Naturally, a biological reaction occurred when Regina touched him inside his pants, and Ethan felt embarrassed afterwards.

Ethan revealed in an interview that he lost his virginity when he was 18 years old, so filming the intimate scene with Regina felt a bit unnatural for him. He expressed that his girlfriend at the time was also a virgin, and that they both felt excitement and fear before going to bed together.

Currently dating Tiffany Hsu (許瑋甯), Ethan laughed and said he does not plan on sharing his filming experience with Tiffany. He said he avoids watching his girlfriend’s intimate scenes in dramas, as it makes him uncomfortable.

Ethan revealed that they are planning to get married in early 2015. Ethan stated that it will be a low-profile wedding and they will only invite close friends. He will not announce the wedding date, but will make sure to announce the good news to everyone after they get married. “Tiffany is the best animal trainer,” Ethan said with a laugh. “I’m a professional at washing dishes now!”

Paradise in Service, a drama film about young boys in the Taiwanese army during the 1960s, will be released on September 5, 2014.

“Paradise in Service” Trailer

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  1. “Ethan revealed that they are planning to get married in early 2014.”

    Surely married by now since it is late 2014?

    1. that is exactly my thought. Maybe the wedding was so low-profile that the media didn’t catch on…

  2. 18 it pretty old, I remember losing mine when i was 13 in middle school

    1. O__O 13

      I mean I knew people who lost their’s at 13 but I always thought that was young lol

    2. 13 is very young..

      So what’s the average age of people losing theirs???

    3. You’re putting us on! Isn’t it considered rape even if you were a consenting party?

      1. In the US, it’s rape if the adult (over 18) has sex with an underage (18 or younger) even if the younger one consented it. Idk about other countries’ law.

      2. Yep. Like everything JJ said – additional to that if the person is convicted – he/she by law will be a sex offender for life. It means he/she has to register every time he/she moves to a new city.

  3. hmm? Just what KIND of biological reaction? I’m going to need to conduct some research with him.

  4. We really did not need to know this, but I appreciate his honesty.

  5. 18? Psh, some folks lose it much later.

    AND most importantly, WHO CARES??

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