Ex-TVB Employee Dishes Dirt on Ron Ng and Raymond Lam

A former TVB production assistant, who is known by the pseudo name of Ngai Man Ho (偽文豪), will be releasing a book that spills the poor working conditions of the station and its rude artistes.  Titled, TVB’s Blood, Tears and Dirt <TVB血淚屎>, the book will hit stores on April 14. Although not directly naming any artistes, Ngai’s accounts point to Raymond Lam‘s (林峯) profanity habit and Ron Ng‘s (吳卓羲) rude treatment towards lower-level staff.

Working at TVB for seven months before resigning, Ngai often shared anecdotes of artistes he worked with on his Facebook account. Stressing that his stories are 100 percent factual, Ngai revealed that he labored day and night at the job. His long hours made it impossible to have a social life and his girlfriend left him as a result. He cited one colleague given only two days of bereavement after a family member died.

“Besides using my miserable experiences to provide entertainment to the readers, I want to highlight the vicious cycle of the television station: how the people in the higher positions abuse those in the lower ranks. When the lower-ranked people are promoted, they too abuse those lower than them. Only 70 percent of the people at the station are nice, while 30 percent are PKs.” Ngai cursed TVB, “Eat [expletive]!”

Dirt on Raymond Lam and Ron Ng

The juiciest gossip from Ngai’s book are his anecdotes on working with “Chok Fung” (speculated to be Raymond Lam) and “Chau Ha Gor” (speculated to be Ron Ng), whom Ngai worked with in 2008 TVB drama The Four <少年四大名捕>. 

Regarding “Chok Fung,” Ngai said, “You are not a bad person except for your strong use of foul language. Some of the things you said were rather piercing to the ears. But you don’t have much attitude and are a normal person. But please, stop asking about my mother [in your cursing] the next time!”

“Chau Ha Gor” was always very obedient to the producers, but his attitude changed when facing other staff. Ngai related how a female assistant was helping “Chau Ha Gor” put on his period costume for a drama when she accidentally hurt him with a pin. “Chau Ha Gor” immediately shouted loudly, “So [expletive] painful!” and was in a sour mood the entire day.

Ngai also revealed how “Chau Ha Gor” was rude towards colleagues. Ngai said, “He really knows how to put on a show. And being such a weakling, the choreographer got him a body double to help him tackle some of the more difficult action moves. After filming, the stuntman also got in the same car as us. Because the stuntman perspired a lot, his body odor permeated the whole car. When the vehicle stopped to let one of the staff off, Chau Ha Gor shouted at the stuntman, ‘Hey, can the smelly person please get down from the car? It’s really smelly!’

Besides spilling the dirt on Raymond and Ron, Ngai also wrote about a few others.  After filming a drama and winning an award, “Big Puppet”. During the drama’s promotion, the lead actors and actresses were expected to perform a dance. However, “Big Puppet” insisted on not doing it and persuaded the other artistes not to do it too. In the end, the content needed to be changed causing many backstage crew problems.

Often photographed and being linked with girls, “Synchronized Swimmer” is always pestered by the reporters about his love life. Because he did not dare show his displeasure in front of reporters, he often vented his temper at the backstage crew, and even complained about the staff to the department head.

Praises for Kenneth Ma

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was one of the few artistes praised by Ngai. Kenneth claimed that while he would be helpful to newcomers, he would also complain when he sees them not doing their work. When asked if it was true that “Chok Fung” always spouted vulgarities, Kenneth said, “I also use foul language! Nothing special!”

Stephen Chan Treats Book as Light Reading

The book contains forwards written by former TVB General Manager, Stephen Chan (陳志雲), as well as veteran artistes Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智) and Wilson Tsui (艾威). Stephen and Wilson claim to not know Ngai personally and only wrote the forwards as a favor to the publisher, and were unable to vouch whether the stories inside were true or not. Stephen said that perhaps some of the stories were “partially true” and may have been enhanced by the author’s imagination “to add entertainment value.” Stephen called the book as an “entertainment book” to be read in leisure.

Source: ihtv.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. TVB always a great place to work as a lap dog assistant… lol

    1. Yeah, I guess all the artists are probably dogs too, having to lick the assess of the tvb executives……..haha.

  2. Partially true to some extent. I’m sure artists do take it out on others when they’re having bad days. So, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal unless it’s some deep, dark secrets, lol

    1. Ikr this kid Wai Man Ho doesn’t know whata bad day is. And he most likely won’t be hired from TVB ever again.

      1. Maybe never in any production company ever again. This is his karma

  3. i will believe what he is saying…
    he mentionned that 70% of them is nice… It’s very normal that 30% is suck, kind of bad or diva attitude…

    1. Is the so called author so stupid to think all people should be 100% nice and polite in a organization? This is a retarded book written by a retarded person

      1. Well, the retard ex-TVB employee needs to milk it since he is so poor.

  4. The so called author himself uses profanity too, calling people PK. What makes him qualify to talk or write about other. I think all of his so called stories have been enhanced by the author’s imagination to get more readers, 100% sure on that. He just wants fame that’s why he is using TVB to write his whining book or his cry baby book. I will never hire this person who complains then write about it, what a shameless behavior. All companies and organization have their own game rules, if he doesn’t like it then move on, stop complaining like a stupid mor*n who only worked there for 7 short months

      1. Sheldon couldn’t agree more he’s so stupid I thought he was going reveal some deep dark secrets about Tvb or actors but it just some minor issues that everyone has and every job has as well.

      2. Plus some things could be enhanced by the author’s imagination “to add entertainment value.

  5. as much as a work environment and colleagues are unpleasant and unsatisfactory, i don’t think they should be releasing a book of gossip…especially when the contributors were once colleagues of the people they’re exposing secrets about….that’s just ….not necessary. 好無品呀!<- hah sorry only way i know how to describe it

  6. Whatever. This is 50% bs 50% truth for me. Nothing to see here, move along.

  7. In this case , I think truth is stranger (more entertaining) than fiction. It’s too bad this wont get an english translation cause I would really love to read it.
    I doubt he had to “embellish” it much, if at all for it to be a fascinating read.

    The only thing that bugs me is he only worked there for 7 months. I would be more interested in a veteran production staff’s experiences and stories than someone who didn’t last a year.

    1. Though what is written may be true, the book is like a compilation of gossips. These type of news can be found all over gossip rags and on the internet.
      If he were to spill the beans on one particular person that he has worked for specifically for a certain period of time…. well that would be more entertaining 😛

    2. Since he is using a pseudo name, he could be lying that he worked there for 7 months. Won’t it be too easy for TVB to identify him through their employee records, I wonder??

  8. seems like hk media have a slow news day.
    which artiste doesnt rant out at pas?
    francis ng, etc all have poor experience with PA.

  9. I am sorry to say that I’m not surprised because this is part of Hong Kong (working) culture – the ugly part of Hong Kong =((

    According to him, it’s 30% Hopefully this can be cut futher down.

    I think it is good for this to be published. Everyone are trying very hard and working very hard to make a living. Most of us have to start from the bottom … unfortunately most of us are not lucky enough to have rich parents.

    1. If people work in a company for a short period and is dissatisfied with the working conditions, should they all published a retarded book about the ex company, then all companies should have their own book of gossip or dark secret. To be interesting why don’t that retarded author publish a book about himself or his dark family secret, he is in no way qualified to talk about others. It is also a good opportunity for those written characters to sue him. Hk is shameless too for publishing a book of gossips, I guess this is how hk literacy is now. All GARBAGE

      1. Agree. you raise a very good point. even if you leave a company for bad treatment, at least be respectful.

      2. True. But if the author publish a book about himself or his family’s dark secret, no one may be interested to read it at all cos he’s just a nobody.
        So, he’s prolly milking his worth out of anybody as long as it’s somebody that’s known by almost everybody cos he is still a nobody….

  10. The book is probably 100% factual as seen from the eyes of this individual at a specific time and place but may not truthfully characterize the person as a whole that he is writing about. He should write about the horrific working conditions and the upper management of TVB and the slave-driving tactics inflicted to the production/script writing crew. If he enlisted the help of a tabloid to publish s column a week followed by an all inclusive book, he will definitely be a celebrity in his own right and then get chastised for mistreating his underlings, right?

    1. People are generally more interested in artistes than senior management or production crew of TVB. He will sell more copies of his book for sure.

  11. I think he is burning his own bridges. No matter how much you hate your job or the company you worked for, it is in bad taste that he is bad-mouthing the people who you worked with before. You never know when this will come back and bite you in the rear.

      1. even with psuedo name, with technology, its not hard to figure out whos behind it.

  12. I wonder if he wrote anything about Sammul Chan. He is also in ‘The Four’.

    1. Yes he did. He hinted Sammul as ‘B1tchy Fung’.


      This guy is ridiculous… he only worked 7 months and posting stuffs about artistes from hearsay. Talk abt credibility.

      “He cited one colleague given only two days of bereavement after a family member died.”

      Erm, not only TVB practiced that. Many companies, including mnc & listed companies only give 2 days bereavement leave the rest is on emergency leave/paid leave.

      TVB will never win Best Employer of the Year award and they do have questionable policies & slave driving hours. But not exactly the worst working condition.

    2. This guy is good at giving names. Who else got the treatment?

  13. I despise these kind of people “exposing” artistes and making a profit out of it. Honestly how will that make the world a better place? Besides I highly doubt this is true like most of those books.

  14. Hang on. Using expletives is something that had to be exposed? is he living in his own world?

  15. 7 months, I start considering him a spy undercover as an assistant at TVB to get information for his book =)))

  16. right. you can know someone within 8 months. wonder how many months were actually used to film the drama.

  17. wonder if tvb would sue him if he is making things up

  18. Honestly, this book sounds like an extended version of a gossip mag, which to me means that it’s a waste of time. Plus it’s written by a PA who only worked for Tvb for 7 months — heck, with my 25 years (throw my mom in there and that’s way more than 40 years) ‘following’ TVB, I probably know more than he does! My advice: don’t waste your time with this book, as it’s merely a ‘gossip’ book that is full of useless stuff that everyone probably already knows. If people want to know about the inner workings of TVB or the HK entertainment industry, there are tons of better sources to get that information (quite a few books published over the past few decades give plenty of insight into TVB and does so from a more neutral perspective).

  19. guys, this author is only writing this to earn money… look how much attention it has attracted. whether the content is real or not or partially true is up to the reader to decide, but hey, you’ve gotta buy the book first in order to read it! which means $$

    1. I am not attracted by his book contents, but by his shameful retarded b1tchy behavior. I just want to scold at him

  20. Can’t sue the author for slander if the items stated are partially factual. It is based on what was said and how it was interpreted by the listener (the author) and embellished on paper to sell his book.

    1. its possible if tvb gets it way through in hk courts

    2. Very true, which is probably why the guy used a pseudonym to write the book and also didn’t use people’s actual names (though some of the ‘nicknames’ he uses are way too obvious).

      It’s quite obvious that the guy is just trying to make a quick buck with a supposed ‘tell all’ gossip book (that probably doesn’t really ‘tell all’)….agree that there’s probably no point in taking it so seriously….for those who decide to buy and read the book, just pretend you’re reading a longer version of Next Magazine or something….

      1. I bet no one will ever hired him because of his shameless behavior. Need to watch out for these type of people, they will bite you back. He is a person that brings shame to society and a disgrace to literature. His work is all garbage

      2. If tvb asks the police to investigate the real name, it is easy pleasy.

  21. “Only 70 percent of the people at the station are nice, while 30 percent are PKs.” “

    70%? Lots of nice people in the company. 🙂

    1. He also uses profanity calling people PK, he himself is a PK too. I want to see him fail big time

    2. he means 70% are kehlehfeh and 30% are fadan,siu san,and managers.lol

  22. many of you saying that guy is a retard..how many of you actually invoilved in filming, be it local or oversea? I’ve been Chow Yun Fatt’s Anna & The King & a local movie..both extras with dialogues & have to appear more than 1 days shot, which my name was on the character appearance (for the local movie, anna & the king not sure cos too young that time)….Well, I can tell you that people in film industry ARE NOT so good as you people see on television..so, dun blame him..Pretty Face Doesn’t Mean Good Attitude, like it or not..

    1. Pretty Face Doesn’t Mean Good Attitude, like it or not..
      Agree. Even they are top artistes, they don’t have the right to swear at other people of a lower status. It is no class to do it.

  23. If it’s really true then i hope these two get all the karma they deserve to get.

  24. The people i truly despise are those who have 2 sets of attitudes towards others. To those who’re in authority, they are so nice but to those lower than them , they treat them as dirt.

    1. Same with me. Can’t stand those people with two faces (one real one and one with mask).

      1. everyone have a mask,do you give your boyfriend the same threatment as your boss? or your mother and a stranger the same threatment? we are talking here with a mask too.lol

      2. @kolo, your examples are not valid. perhaps i shld clarify that i’m referring to a different set of treatment for people holding different ranks within the working environment or within society of people with different social status. in other words, those with 狗眼看人低 attitude. certainly you treat your boss and b/f differently or your mom vs a stranger. you’re totally missing my point.

      3. @omg. I agree with kolo, everyone has different masks. What kolo said is totally valid. Masks are just basically your attitude and how u behave toward different peoples.

      4. @omg: i shld clarify that i’m referring to a different set of treatment for people holding different ranks within the working environment or within society of people with different social status. in other words, those with 狗眼看人低 attitude
        That is exactly what I meant too.

  25. Frankly, i dont believe what the author said is 100% true. Maybe bcoz he just revealed only 10% of the truth.

    I “strongly” believe he’s actually too “optimistic” with the working condition & ppl’s real face behind the TV scene.

    Instead of 70% nice & 30% s*cks, it should be the other way round given the reason that he only told 10% of the entire story….

    After all, human is human…. winner steps on loser / superior insults inferior….

    COMMON….we have to accept that this is a Chinese society whereby the rich & powerful one is respected while the poorer & less successful one is humiliated to death. Nothing surprised to me…really….

  26. ok…………i get this article is trying to talk about
    them both which is raymond lam and ron ng
    i properly think that they even always as usual staff
    member that always works at tvb everyday they both always go to the main land of china and do tv films
    …………………(this just my opinion)

  27. wow……………………….can’t Believe that they a ex-tvb
    staffs that never ever contribute in tvb ……………..

  28. I believe the author. I won’t be surprised both of them (Raymond and Ron) are bad persons. Rude, use foul languages, divas, two faces, etc. Similar to Kevin Cheng.

    I wonder who are the Big Puppet and Synchronized Simmer.

    1. No doubt that what the author says is ‘factual’ — from his perspective at least…but the problem that I have is the ‘gossipy’ way in which the guy is going about doing it, especially when he hasn’t worked at the company very long and probably hasn’t worked with very many artists (“The Four” was from 2008 right? Then he probably worked at TVB in 2008 or perhaps 2007…sorry, but 7 months and working on 1 or 2 series are hardly enough to truly understand how an organization functions and how artists normally behave while working). To me, he’s no different than a tabloid reporter for one of those gossip rags that only has a small piece of information and embellishes it 10-fold in the hopes of making it an ‘enticing’ story.

      In any case, probably shouldn’t matter much to me, since I’m not fond of most of the artists he mentions in his book anyway and I don’t really give a hoot what this guy says since he already lacks credibility in my eyes….the unfortunate thing though is that there will undoubtedly be people out there who will read the book and believe every word it says as the truth (probably the same audience that reads those tabloids and is quick to believe everything the tabloids print).

      I think as long as people who read are able to separate fact from fiction and read with a grain of salt (just like they should when reading a gossip magazine), then it should be no big deal….

      1. Oh, please, llwy12. I have never directly replied to your comments before, but I have read many of your comments previously which ALWAYS (and when I said ”always”, I mean it) indicated that you didn’t easily believe this, believe that, did separate difference between facts and fictions, you were not an idiot because you had other sources, you read between the lines, blah blah blah, etc.

        My suggestion to you is this: let other people believe what they want to believe, and let them think and have their own opinions instead of trying to act smart and accusing other people as idiots and believing anything blindly. Because at the end of the day, you will just appear to be like a journalistic dictator, like how HeTieShou is known to be a moral dictator in this website.

        Being an adult myself and having worked in the field of journalism before, of course I know how news is ‘created’ to make a complete set of newspaper, magazines, and online news. And I didn’t read the book nor do I have to read the book to know what he said was true. And I believe majority of people here and out there who said they believed this article, or any other topics – whether in regard to the entertainment industry or outside the entertainment industry – if that matters, are not as stupid as you think.

      2. My suggestion to you is this: let other people believe what they want to believe, and let them think and have their own opinions
        Good suggestion. 清者自清 ……….. those artistes should know.

      3. @Qwerty,
        Ok, why drag me into this?? First of all, I have never tried to be a moral dictator. You just think or claim that yourself. I do agree with you that we should believe what we want to believe,BUT whether any of it is true or not is a different story. However, as readers,fans,outsiders,etc.. NONE of us will ever know the truth so we can only guess and speculate. But of course if we like certain artists or anyone, we will of course give them the benefit of the doubt. However, IF we dislike or hate any artists or anyone, we tend to believe the negatives rather than the positives.

        We are all human with good and bad, so in my opinion some of what this author says may be true to some extent. However, I have a good feeling he definitely added more salt and pepper into the mix. As we all know, that is what reporters and media are always famous for so why be shocked???

  29. If this person does not name a few stars, why would it be news? The series he worked on with Raymond and Ron was made many, many years ago. I think he needs money now so he decided to pen a book. If he did not use Raymond and Ron, who would give a crap and talk about it! Plus he does not use his real name, no guts! What a worm! Just a parasite feeding off others!

    1. Agree without Raymond and Rons name the book would be worthless and won’t be in the news. He most like need money.

  30. hell i’m not even in the entertainment industry and i get that sort of flak very often… profanities, curses and all that jazz…. welcome to the world where $$ rules

    1. So true! Grow up! or leave the job as he did! But now trying to make a few quick buck$ after all these years! So okay to name names BUT not his own! Coward!

      1. He is not a coward. Infact he is a hero to those who got the same treatment as he did, but they do not have the courage to voice it out.

        There are plenty victims of bullying out there. Either they lock themselves up in a closet or spill the beans.

        There are many reasons why victims of bullying dont tell, examples:

        *Afraid the bully will retaliate.
        (ie. to be left without a job)

        *Feel pressure to be quiet.

        *Concerned no one will believe them.
        (ie. like you guys)

        *Worried about being labeled a snitch.
        (ie. again, like you guys)

      2. I guess @Jo here is a big fan of that retarded author who thinks he did the right thing. Ex-employee bashing and publishing former employer is definitely a shameless and an unethical behavior. These types of people are cowards of admitting that they can’t endure anything and they are losers. Can you name one company that doesn’t have these behaviors? this retarded author is using tvb to make $$$ that is the main reason behind his book. This is not voicing out, it is a baby whining that he sucks at his job. Working for just a short period, the contents are hardly credible and all his words are subjective & bias. His goal is to bash so he only thinks of the bad matters and never the goods. In what companies only has good deeds and no bad deeds(maybe in his lala land).The book should be called “my life as a loser in tvb”

      3. Agree with @Princess
        He should just grow up! Stop fussing around like a b1tch who whines when his life sucks

      4. Since the author was working at the studio many years ago, there should be no retaliation from writing this tell all book, so why hide behind a fake name! He knows that naming all those stars will generate FREE publicity and make news! He is no fool, just a coward!

  31. In a way, isn’t he praising Chok Fung lol?

    “You are not a bad person except..”
    “But you don’t have much attitude and are a normal person”

    1. Yeah, as an artist, it’s attracting to be humble and act like any normal person instead of all diva like. So it is a compliment.

  32. What do we expect from that two main characters who only have hots for voluptous China Plastic dolls. That says very little of their brains.

  33. The media is making such a big stink out of the trivial things that this money and attention seeking wolf has written. It is just a mention of a few bad habits that these guys have. Hey, so many people swear. So what. I do not like to see or hear it being done in front of elderly or children, but swearing is such a norm.

    When I first heard that this book is coming out, it sounded like it was so sensational, juicy and scandalous. I had no idea it was just about a few bad habits that everyone does on a daily basis. This pseudo clown is just looking to make a buck off the names of these.men.

    1. Good points Trini! Maybe this guy got fired from TVB an is now seeking revenge??? But maybe some of what he is said true, but of course not 100%. I bet he exaggerated a lot of it. However, only he, cast and crew at TVB would know for sure if any of it is true or not.

      1. I too believe there is truth in what he says. It is the low class, rift raft way in which he chose to do it. I have a beef with that. Then there is the media, grovelling like a hungry pack of wolves to sensationalize every word. If what I read so far is true, it is nothing more than terrible habits that these men have. We all have bad habits, even celebrity idols.

        What is even funnier is how the fans want to kill the guy for exposing some bad habits of their knights in purity amour, as if these men can do no sin, great or small.

  34. Look, he only worked there for 7 years. That means he wasn’t in a high position, so he probably didn’t deal directly with the artists. The scenarios he mentioned was probably what he saw while walking by and didn’t get the full story. Or he only saw it once or twice and tells us that those mentioned are always like that.
    Plus, all big companies are going to be like that with people looking down on others and so on…

    1. I think it is only 7 months. IF he worked there for 7 years, maybe it may make more of his stories more believable.

    2. 7 months, sorry. Way too short for him to even get close to a Keh Leh Feh.

  35. If it’s true, I want to hear it (both good and bad). I don’t want to hear only what the artists and/or their camp want us to know. Of course they don’t want people to know about abusive behavior (verbal/physical/mental/emotional/sexual harassment, etc.), some of which may even be illegal.

    In the past, there have been very famous cases of harassment in the workplace and people speaking up against it. Nothing wrong with speaking up against abuse, especially if doing so may benefit others.

    “The innocent have nothing to hide.”

    1. how do we know that he actually worked for tvb? was he fired ? was he resigned?

      depending on fired or resigned, how he views tvb will be scarred.

    2. you are only interested because it regarding raymond lam, someone who you despise.

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