Fala Chen’s Ex-Husband, Daniel Sit, Dates Bernice Liu?

Fala Chen (陳法拉) ended her six-year relationship with Neway Entertainment Group heir, Daniel Sit (薛世恒), last year. Although Fala is still single, Daniel may have found new love with another beauty queen. He was spotted on a six-hour dinner date with Bernice Liu (廖碧兒).

Daniel Sit and Bernice Liu Want to Find Love

Daniel Sit 3While Fala and Daniel kept a tight lid on their romance, it was rumored that Fala and Daniel had gotten secretly married in 2008 and split because of the Sit family’s expectations conflicting with Fala’s career and lifestyle. Daniel will be signing official divorce papers with Fala soon, and he is now once again an eligible bachelor.

“Daniel invited many celebrities to his birthday party. He tried to date after getting divorced, but the women quickly disappeared. He often mentioned Fala’s name in front of others, as if he is not able to let go yet.  He said he will be signing [divorce papers] soon and will regain his single status. He is constantly asked friends to introduce a girlfriend to him,” an insider spilled.

Similarly, 36-year-old Bernice Liu has been dating sporadically without success since breaking up with Moses Chan (陳豪). Bernice’s high-profile romance with billionaire Richard Li‘s (李澤楷) cousin, Alastair Lam (林忠豪), was short-lived. Born and raised in Vancouver, Bernice’s westernized personality appealed to many foreigners and she was romantically linked with French sommelier Jean-Charles Cazes earlier this year.

Stefan Wong is Matchmaker

Seeing that good friends, Daniel and Bernice, are searching for love, TVB actor and restaurateur, Stefan Wong (黃長興), arranged a dinner gathering to let them get to know each other better. Although Bernice and Daniel had met earlier at a function, they only chatted fleetingly.

Both Daniel and Bernice were seen arriving separately carrying bottles of red wine at Stefan’s restaurant, A La Maison. Seated in a quiet corner together, they enjoyed their dinner date and sipped wine for six hours. Seen chatting outside together at 2 a.m., Daniel was reluctant to leave until Bernice’s assistant picked her up in a car. As Daniel consumed a large amount of alcohol, Stefan had to hoisted Daniel into his car so his chauffeur can take him home.

Bernice’s Ex-boyfriend Doesn’t Comment on Gold-digging Claims

Bernice’s ex-boyfriend, Alastair Lam, revealed in an earlier interview that he felt immense pressure from the media during their dating relationship in 2010. However, he was happy that Bernice has found new love and will send his blessings.

Tabloids often described Bernice as a gold-digger due to her choice in dating wealthy men. Asked to respond on this, Alastair said, “I will not comment. But she is very dedicated towards work, which I witnessed upfront. Her Chinese is not very fluent, and she has her assistant every word in the script for her into pinyin. As for gold-digging claims, every woman wants to find a man who can take care of her. Anyway, I’m very happy now and wish her the same!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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    1. But anyways, its nice to hear of Bernice again. Haven’t heard about her in awhile.

    2. Jennifer,
      Fala and Daniel never openly admitted to getting married…but they did not deny it either. It appears to be an “open secret” that they had gotten married due to joint ownership of properties in USA, as well as Fala’s earlier interview replies on the topic.

  1. “Daniel will be signing official divorce papers with Fala soon, and he is now once again an eligible bachelor.”

    Very glad that Daniel is moving on and dating.

    1. agreed.
      felt that tvb treated her very poorly; giving her the cold shoulder after the breakup with moses. she was once the golden child and had the most endorsements etc; but was suddenly dropped when the ‘news’ broke out. Very poorly handled by tvb and moses.

      1. Tvb is all business as usual but Moses is questionable. She has bad taste in men and she should open her eyes. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. totally agree! i rather watch her than kate LOL bernice is pretty decent as an actress. i like many of her roles.

  2. The three of them are free to date, regardless or not Fala and Daniel has indeed divorced it doesn’t matter, the fact that both have broke up and either one is free to date anyone else.

  3. It’s just shallow to call her a gold digger. Does she have to prove she’s not by dating a homeless man? Glad to see her news again. She’s a talented actress and it’s such a waste she’s not coming back to TVB anytime soon.

    1. IMHO she can hardly be described as “talented”. Her acting is very stilted. I’m glad she’s no longer in tvb.

  4. Hope Bernice find some1 who love and treats her well as she deserve it.

  5. Have always like Bernice to be with Moses, I still feel they look compatible, I mean in terms of look wise. But unfortunately this will always be my own wish.

  6. oh no! I love Fala…so sad for her! Never like Bernice…she does not know how to act…just look sex! and she dump Moses!

  7. Disliked Bernice from the moment she ditched Harwick Lau for a seemingly better man. She also ditched Moses later. That may have caused her popularity to decline. Anyway never really likede her acting – very contrite

  8. What’s wrong with a woman wanting to date up? Like Altair lam says all women want to find someone that can take care of them. Just haters

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