What Bernice Liu Looks for In a Partner

Sharing updates on her romantic status with netizens, actress Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) says wealth is not one of her criteria in the search for a prospective partner!

Is Someone Who “Doesn’t Like to Trouble Others”

In a recent interview with the media, the 44-year-old, who is now a certified wine sommelier and manages her own wine businesses, revealed that many of her friends actively introduce potential partners to her. However, it is “not that she does not want to date”, but that she is “not someone who dates casually”, said the single actress, who cites how all her previous relationships have in fact lasted for years.

Spontaneously asked to list down what she looks for in a prospective partner, Bernice replied, “It’s actually very hard to quantify, because it’s a two-way thing, maybe (the other party) can’t give me what I want, and also that person needs to be very open-minded,” said the former Miss Chinese International. Describing herself as someone who doesn’t like to trouble others, she states that being in the celebrity line, “we are always followed, or photographed, even when having a meal someone might asked to have a photograph, you don’t know if the other party minds it or not,” Rejecting the suggestion that wealth is one of her criteria for choosing a life partner, she added matter-of-factly, “I’ve enough to make my own living,”

Long-held Maternal Instincts

Having expressed yearnings for motherhood previously, Bernice candidly told the host that it is “probable for her to drop a surprise announcement one day” that she has become a mother! With shifting definitions of what constitutes a normal family, Bernice feels that it is no longer necessary to be confined to traditional notions.

“There’s a chance, because I don’t know what I might do… it’s not about whether I should or shouldn’t,” explained Bernice, who observed that many married couples are now unhappy, while those who have stuck together for many years without being tied by marriage are in fact happier. “It is more important that both parties are happy,” she chimed.

Source: HK01

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  1. I don’t think her “celebrity” status is that much of a concern considering that she hasn’t really been in the entertainment industry for many years. Once in a blue moon photo shouldn’t be a big deal for any man. On the contrary I think it’s harder for women who are very successful in their own right to find their match. Plus not to mention the fact that she’s older. The unfortunate truth is that men tend to go for younger. And if they want to have a family still, someone in their child bearing age. Unless Bernice froze her eggs, otherwise if she wants to use donor eggs or adoption, not a lot of men would want to go through all of that. It’s a lot to handle when first dating someone and considering a future with them. Anyhow, I wish her the best.

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