Bernice Liu is Getting Married Next Year

Bernice Liu‘s (廖碧兒) roller-coaster romantic life is finally meeting a happy end! Despite negative media attention throughout her on-again-off-again relationship with wealthy businessman Calvin Lo (盧啟賢) for the past few years, the couple will be tying the knot next year.

This will be 42-year-old Calvin’s second marriage, and 41-year-old Bernice’s first. The divorced father is quite the catch, and has a reported net worth of 100 million Hong Kong dollars. Born in a wealthy family in which his mother is a legendary figure in the insurance industry, Calvin followed her footsteps and established his own insurance company, R.E. Lee International, in 2017.

Meeting at a charity function, the couple likely bonded over their shared love for fine wine. While Bernice has invested in a winery in France, Calvin is also one of the largest purchaser and collector of French champagne in Asia. Two years ago, the couple announced their breakup due to his continual involvement with Thai heiress Nina Bencharongkul. Though Bernice and Calvin have since gotten back together, they decided to keep their relationship out of the limelight.

News of the couple’s engagement came to light when the CEO of HKTDC, Sze Kyran (施家殷), posted a photo of the couple and captioned, “Taking this chance to be the first to congratulate Bernice and her fiancé, Calvin! Happy Mid-Autumn festival. They will tie the knot at the beginning of next year!”

Sources: HK01 [1,2]

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Bernice Liu On Her On-Again, Off-Again Relationship with Calvin Lo

Bernice Liu’s New Pursuer is Divorced Father, Calvin Lo

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  1. I am not a big fan of on and off relationships, but for some people it really works and for some is just roller coaster of co-dependence that ends really badly at the end even if in the beginning was wonderful and some and only some moments in between were sweet

    1. @jesspepperwang
      I agree with you and that was what happened with Vanness Wu and his ex. They dated off and on for years like it was child’s play. They then married in spite of all the red flags so their marriage was a repeat of all that plus all other the problems. Therefore, I was not shocked at all when they finally divorced and was actually shocked that they lasted as long as they did. Hope Bernice has better luck but hey, who knows… Good luck to her!

      1. @hetieshou I think the other red flag about this relationship is that the male was not technically single during some episodes as well. WTF is “continuous involvement with Thailand heiress” and I get the separated but not divorced part, but you can’t just wait a couple months so you are officially divorced?

      2. @jesspepperwang
        Exactly and very good points! The guy was not totally single and was not really divorced from first wife and was with the Thai heiress too. It all sounds like one big mess. There seems to be so many red flags. Not trying to jinx it but when anyone has that many red flags and does not solve them prior to marriage, it becomes worse after you marry. That happened with one of my cousins and her marriage lasted a little over a year and ended up in divorce. Not to say it will happen to Bernice but it does not seem very positive when they were dating.

  2. Think positive, sure.

    But this dude is 1) divorced 2) involved on and off with Thai gf, while still dating her

    A tad challenging in the trustworthy factor. Plus his face … also doesn’t inspire confidence.

    1. @nomad822
      Actually, being divorced is ok depending on the reason. Also, as long as they were completely divorced and totally single then it is fine. But if he is not completely divorced and was involved on and off with his Thai girlfriend then that does not sound good. It seems like a big mess. In fact, Bernice’s sudden news of marriage was very sudden to me. Time will tell how it all turns out.

  3. Btw Bernice Liu was attending courses at UBC recently – the Sauder Biz school folks saw her in classes.

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