Bernice Liu’s New Pursuer is Divorced Father, Calvin Lo

While Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) was seen shopping with her younger Infernal Affairs <無間道> co-star Kevin Chu (朱鑑然) during the Lunar New Year holiday, the 39-year-old actress may actually have another man in her life. Spotted vacationing in Finland together with 40-year-old CEO Calvin Lo (盧啟賢), Bernice admitted that they are in the midst of getting to know each other.

Bernice’s preference in boyfriend material seems to be mature, successful businessmen in recent years. Her last publicly confirmed relationship was with billionaire Richard Li’s (李泽楷) cousin, Alastair Lam (林忠豪). At the time, Bernice had admitted that she admired Alastair’s business acumen and learned a lot from him.

The latest man in Bernice’s life, Calvin Lo, is a successful investor and CEO of life insurance company, R.E. Lee International. The Lo family owns numerous properties in Hong Kong, including a $80 million HKD home in the Peak Gardens area.

“Calvin has been divorced for several years and has a daughter with his ex-wife. When he met Bernice, he was dating Thai girlfriend, Nina, at the time. They had a good relationship; Calvin and Nina would take turns flying to see each other. Nina’s family has a successful telecommunications business in Thailand,” an insider revealed.

Last October, Calvin was photographed celebrating Nina’s birthday together. One month later, Calvin was seen behaving intimately with Bernice in a restaurant. The pair drank a significant amount of red wine, and kissed and hugged each other despite the presence of other diners.

Bernice and Calvin had met at a charity function and grew close to each other quickly. When reached for comment, Bernice admitted that she is currently in the process of getting to know Calvin better. “If there is good news, I’ll make sure to let everyone know.”

When reporters asked whether Nina was Calvin’s girlfriend, Bernice simply said, “She is Calvin’s female friend.”


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  1. Was going to ever since Bernice left Moses, she has never gotten her love life together. But a search and it appears there may be lots of untold stories behind that messy breakup. It may even be Moses playing the whole PR game to make himself look good…

    1. @mike
      There are plenty of types of women out there and Bernice based on recent evidence is the ambitious lady striving to become a successful entrepreneur. It is no surprise that she prefers businessmen as partners since there will be more common interests and support her eagerness to learn more. She is exemplary of the type of women on why International Women’s day was celebrated yesterday. Moses although also has business interests in recent years is far behind the business acumen of other that Bernice has dated. Incompatibility would be common. The negative press Bernice got was extremely unfair. She does not seem to be the gold digger that is looking to marry into a wealthy family and retire.

      1. @jimmyszeto I think it’s unfair for men who are entrepreneurs, because they don’t have the wherewithal to date successful business women to gain insightful experience. Bernice is successful, but she’s had a lot of help along the way, mostly from her ex-partners/bfs. Not to say she doesn’t deserve credit, but comparing her acumen to Moses is unjustified. In addition, Bernice pretty much lost her career in TVB after breaking up with Moses, so she has a lot more time on her hand to really invest in her business. Moses is a lot busier in comparison.

      2. @coralie
        Not comparing the business acumen of Bernice And Moses. Just think that maybe Bernice found businessman to be more appealing and compatible to her personality of continuing to learn. If that is true then there is more bonding and topics of conversation if her interests were more in business than in acting. In Moses case maybe he felt a more family orientated girl was more suitable for him.

      3. @jimmyszeto didn’t Bernice start her business after dating Moses, though? I thought she did. I don’t think she dated him for his business interests; more so because they were in the same industry and had commonalities. she dated hawick lau too, but he wasn’t involved in any type of business then.

      4. @coralie
        Nope but people fall in love with each other and as the relationship evolves then they can see if compatible. As people grow older through experience then they know what they want. Let’s take Michelle Ye as an example. Early in her career she was just an innocent girl and dating Benny Chan who is quite playful. Many years later Michelle is has her own studio and creating mainland series. Would be an ideal world if we are sure of compatibility when falling in love..

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