Bernice Liu Is Still Friends With Rumored Boyfriend Calvin Lo

Rumor has it that Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) met millionaire Calvin Lo (盧啟賢) in March 2018, broke up that July, reunited last year with plans for marriage, before breaking up again months later. Calvin also heartlessly said he would never marry again after losing his ex-wife to cancer, and said his daughter is now his everything. He also referred to Bernice as only a “good friend” and even called her “Auntie Bernice.”

Sounds like a tumultuous relationship, but according to Bernice and Calvin, their relationship was actually very different.

On January 6th, Bernice’s 42nd birthday, the actress was spotted filming a Viu TV show with ERROR member 193 and Jerry Lamb (林曉峰). After filming ended, reporters immediately drilled Bernice about her on-again, off-again relationship with Calvin. Shockingly, Bernice did not redirect the questions and actually answered them with confidence and humor.

“Rumors about me getting married happen every year,” said Bernice. “I apparently already married four years ago! I’ve lost track of how many times I got married.”

As for rumored boyfriend Calvin calling Bernice an “auntie”, Bernice explained, “His kids have always referred to me as that. (Are you unhappy about that?) No. (What is your current relationship with Calvin?) We’ve always been just friends.”

Source: Mingpao

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Bernice Liu On Her On-Again, Off-Again Relationship with Calvin Lo

Bernice Liu’s New Pursuer is Divorced Father, Calvin Lo

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  1. Don’t know much about the guy but based on the pic above, they have that 夫妻相 husband-wife look. On/off too many times sounds tumultuous though and never a good thing. Hope she moves on if he blatantly told her he doesn’t want to remarry and yet, she does.

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