Bernice Liu Enrolls in Global Business Program

Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), 44, has been a food and beverage entrepreneur for several years now. With the industry taking a hit during the pandemic, she decided to invest a seven-figure sum into furthering her business knowledge. Enrolled in a globally renowned business administration program at INSEAD, Bernice has ambitious plans to expand her business network.

Bernice passed an admission exam, and was selected from more than 200 other candidates which include CEOs of multinational companies. The program will span 17 weeks and have classes in France, Singapore, and Dubai. There will also be onsite visits to large companies in Israel, United States, and Brazil. At the end of last year, she flew to France to start classes and quickly bonded with her classmates.

Outside of class, Bernice would often meet up with classmates to discuss business ideas and travel during school holidays. Although the program fees are high, she feels that the course is well worth the money. “What’s unique about this course is that it is global. Where can you find a course where you can learn from global companies? I need to work hard to learn how to manage a business well. It’s a bit hard to fit in drama filming with my school schedule, but filming commercials is okay. I also have a lot of shows that are in collaboration with other countries’ embassies.”

Although her educational life is going smoothly, her businesses has been deeply hurt by the pandemic. Earlier, she decided to cut her losses and close down her restaurant. Revenues at her bar also greatly decreased as 20 customers tested positive for COVID-19 recently.

Transitioning her red wine business to an online operation, sales are relatively stable. She often holds live streams to promote her wine brand. Although things are starting to open up, the industry needs time to recover from the pandemic.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Bernice added, “We also have to think of new ideas and can’t stay stagnant. Shareholders and I are currently discussing opening a coffee shop, but we’ll have to think carefully about the retail location, sourcing supplies, and most importantly coffee-making equipment. We can’t just rush opening as all details need to be planned well.”

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