Bernice Liu’s Ambition Led to Missed Opportunity in Marriage

Gaining popularity through her role as a princess in Virtues of Harmony <皆大歡喜>, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) debuted to a promising start. Dabbling in music as well, Bernice reportedly beat out Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and was TVB’s top earning artist in 2007. However, her career took a turn for the worse when the public got wind of her breakup with Moses Chan (陳豪) and subsequent involvement with Alastair Lam (林忠豪). Branding her a cheater and gold-digger, negative rumors soon followed suit, including claims that she had gotten plastic surgery. Bernice’s entertainment career continued to nosedive after leaving TVB in 2011, and her prospects in Mainland China did not pick up. In recent years, she has shifted her career back to Hong Kong.

Though her entertainment career may not ever reach a high peak, Bernice is a successful businesswoman. Bernice currently owns a boutique winery in France called Bellavizio. Each year, she would fly to France four times to inspect the vineyard and the year’s harvest.

Failed Relationships

Now back in Hong Kong, does Bernice keep in touch with any of her exes? “When something is over, it is over. Sometimes, we would exchange greetings on social media, but very rarely will we meet in person. Frequent interaction [with an ex] is not good for the current or next partner. I wouldn’t want the other person to do it either.”

When asked about her current views on love, Bernice admitted to taking a more relaxed approach now. “I am no longer 18 years old. There was a point in my life when I really wanted to get married. At that time, there were many chances for it, but I didn’t have the time. All of my friends in Canada were getting married and have babies. A part of me really wanted to get married, but I was also stubborn and really wanted to continue my acting career. I was greedy! I felt that everyone needed to cater to me. I would be working and earning money for the sake of the family, so I wanted those I was dating to let me have my way. He wanted me to take a break from work to spend more time and focus on family life, but I didn’t want to. He didn’t budge, so we broke up!”

Having had several failed relationships, Bernice expressed that the most hurtful time was eight years ago. “My relationship, career, and health all plummeted at the same time. I was hospitalized for three months and, during that time, I gained a deeper insight into things and grew up quickly. I realized that I really needed to love and take care of myself.”

Although Bernice has had many high-profile alleged relationships, the only one she admitted to while dating was with businessman Calvin Lo (盧啟賢). At the time, Bernice felt that she was mature enough to handle any repercussions from the public and the media. However, once the relationship was exposed, so was Calvin’s messy love life and suspected infidelity.

Current Views on Life and Love

On whether she is currently happy, Bernice said, “Being single is easier and gives me more freedom. Earlier, I went on a trip by myself to Bali to go hiking. My family was worried though and made me contact them every hour so they knew I was safe. I don’t mind being single for the rest of my life. Being single doesn’t mean I don’t have friends.”

Known to be closer to her father, Bernice shared that she would have her dad meet her boyfriend. “I would bring the serious ones home to meet him. I tell my dad everything. Our personalities are very much alike. After moving to and living in Hong Kong for so many years, my dad is the only person I trust. Whether it be work-related or relationship issues, I would seek his advice.”


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  1. she screw up her career when she broke up with Moses one of the loyal guy you can have… she ruined it herself can’t blame anyone.

    1. @vodka unless either verbally confirms, how do you know that she is the one who broke up with him? What if he was the one who broke up with her?

    2. @vodka ya, she went for the gold and left Moses for the rich guy. Her image took a tumble immediately since it was Mr nice and loyal Moses that she hurt. Her rich guy and her didn’t work out soon after so she took a gamble and lost. Meanwhile, Aimee saw that Moses was single and soon they are happily married with children.

      Life is full of opportunities. Aimee took hers with Moses and now enjoying family life.

  2. where are you ppl getting your facts from? back when this fiasco came to light, bernice was already broken up with moses when she dated that rich dude. she didn’t ditch one party for the other; it was mutual decision from what i’ve read.

    plus, moses + tvb played victim to bernice’s actions when truth was, they already knew about her situation from the getgo to gain sympathy and find a scapegoat.

    there was so much hate for her when people thought she was cheating on moses; that’s why her image and career took a nosedive. when she revealed the truth years later, she exposed moses for being a traitor, coward and not a particularly honorable man. there was a wave of negative news at that point, but it was quickly covered. gee, i wonder why. it’s obvious tvb wanted to save their golden boy.

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