Bernice Liu Denied Cheating on Moses Chan: “We Had Already Broken Up in 2008!”

In a recent interview with Face Magazine, Bernice Liu Bik Yee’s voice grew emotional and her eyes became red.  It was not because her ex-boyfriend, Moses Chan Ho, did not reveal their relationship publicly. It was not because her relationship with the wealthy Alastair Lam did not advance ideally and ensuing “gold digger” ellegations by the media and public. Bernice’s eyes brimmed with tears as she spoke about falling ill over Lunar New Year, with the lower right side of body becoming immovable. When she signed release papers to undergo surgery at the hospital, Bernice contemplated that potential paralysis in the lower half of her body.

“No one knew that I had entered the hospital. At first, I considered pretending that nothing had happened. That day, I thought about the possibility that I may not leave the hospital in a healthy condition. The world did not know what happened to me. I did not get married and have children yet. Perhaps there may never even be a possibility to do so….”

In the entertainment industry for ten years, 32-year-old Bernice Liu never countered nor clarified negative rumors. Possessing a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 52 kg, the statuesque Bernice was never perceived to need protection.

Never Acknowledged as Girlfriend

Bernice’s waist surgery led to her confession. Regarding allegations in dating two men at the same time and branded as a gold digger, Bernice revealed that she had broken up [with Moses Chan] in 2008. How could the allegations that she was dating two men be true? Dating for six years, Bernice was never acknowledged publicly as [Moses’] girlfriend. Bernice said she was a normal woman and was waiting for him to openly acknowledge her girlfriend status.  

Suffering Pain in Silence

After being photographed on a date with Alastair Lam, rumors claimed that Bernice broke up with Moses Chan and branded her as a gold digger. Bernice was the culprit in causing good-man Moses’ haggardness.

After filming Show Me the Happy <依家有喜> in January, Bernice suddenly disappeared. In March, it was revealed that Bernice had a major surgery at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. “I was filming Show Me the Happy in Central District and injured my waist at the end of November. It was a simple scene in which I had to walk and talk at the same time. We even rehearsed it a few times. However, I stumbled and injured my waist.” At the time, Bernice did not feel immense pain. On the second and third days, the pain increased. “After completing each scene, my pain was so intense, I had to grab on to something for support. Normally, I can tolerate pain quite well. When the director felt something was askew, he forced me to consult a doctor. During the filming of Show Me the Happy, I entered the emergency room three times. No one wants to delay filming progress because of one person’s situation. I took pain killers to complete the filming of the series and cancelled two overseas appearances. I had to cancel the last trip because I could not board the airplane and quickly entered the hospital.”

Regarding the specific injury, Bernice said that her vertebrae had shifted and fractured. The situation was complex and required surgery. Staying at the hospital and resting for a month, Bernice currently had to attend weekly physical therapy sessions. Bernice was able to wear high heels, walk, and run but was uncertain whether she could continue practicing martial arts and dancing at this point.

“The worst part was that I was unable to move the lower right side of my body while laying on the hospital bed. I do not like to cry in front of other people, especially my parents which would make them worry. However, I was in such immense pain at the time, I could not hold back my tears. I did not know what else I can do. At a young age, I studied dancing and learned Taekwondo and Wing Chun after entering the entertainment industry. I was not injured in wire nor action scenes. I was simply walking on the street and sustained the injury. Isn’t it incredulous? On the hospital bed, I couldn’t even move my fingers and toes. I was afraid I would lose everything I had at that moment, the simplest capabilities that people were born with and that you may take for granted.”  


When Bernice entered the hospital, media rumors were rampant that Bernice was an opportunistic gold digger and Moses appeared haggard due to lost love. Bernice indicated that she did not clarify the rumors at that point because her family felt that the most important priority should be recovering her health; other issues had to wait.

“Everyone thought I was very tough because each time I made an appearance, I was smiling and not crying. This time, I did not want fans to worry and did not want other people to feel that I was using my surgery for publicity. At first, I did not want to let anyone know about the incident and pretend that nothing happened after recovering my health.

“After signing the release papers for surgery, I grew scared. I contemplated that I may not be able to emerge healthily from the hospital. I did not get married nor have children yet…. In the industry for 10 years, I have never stopped. Perhaps this time, God told me to stop a bit and allow me the opportunity to reflect on my career, life, and feelings. Entering the industry when I was 21-years-old, my dream at the time was to get married at 24-years old. My sister, who is older than me by 3 years, already has two children. Even my brother, who is younger than me by 3 years, is already a father. Without realizing it, I have walked a different path. My dream was 8 years late and did not have a chance to get fulfilled yet.”

When asked whether her former boyfriend had visited her in the hospital, Bernice said, “No.” When the entire Hong Kong was criticizing her as a gold digger, did Bernice wish that someone would come forward and speak up for her? “Yes.”

“A public figure does not have any privacy, which is often revealed. A public figure cannot do whatever you want to. Many children decided to keep dogs as pets and study dancing because of my influence. There is definitely a degree of obligation to society. I understand the meaning behind the idiom, ‘If you eat salted fish, you have to withstand thirst.’ However, the rumors were out of control at the time and my image was deeply impacted.

“After leaving the hospital, my family started reading the news to me and explained to me that ‘worshipping gold’ meant being greedy for money. I realized how serious the situation had become. Virginia Lok Yi Ling, my family, and church friends all supported me. It is now the time to come out and speak up for myself. Why were there allegations that I was dating two men at the same time? We had broken up in 2008! Why were there allegations that I did not want to acknowledge his position [as my boyfriend]? I am a woman. Shouldn’t the position be given by the man to a woman?”

The Truth

If Bernice [and Moses] had broken up in 2008, then allegations that she was cold-hearted and had dated two men at the same time did not hold true anymore. If the victim of the so-called love triangle stepped forward to say a word, then Bernice’s reputation could easily be restored. However, from beginning to end, that person did not do so.
“No one came forward to speak up for me. I cannot force it. After this incident happened, I truly believe that women have to rely on themselves.”

“For normal people, a romantic relationship is a regular occurrence. For an artist, there are many issues to contemplate: should you publicly reveal the relationship? Will it be suitable for my image? Is it advantageous?” (What do you mean by advantageous?) “Will there be a positive or negative impact on your image? It’s not me who is calculating. I do not know if someone else calculated this; it is up to the individual’s priority in placing career, image, or love first. In this line of work, I did not think that the greatest impact is that, encountering a stranger on the street, I do not know you, but you know who I am and already possess many views about me.

“After the success of a television series, an onscreen partnership is popular with the audience. Naturally, the audience hopes that you are a real couple. Over these years, although no one admitted to dating, we have been considered a pair. Although we broke up in 2008, it was inevitable to meet again at events organized by the company. 2005’s Love Bond <心花放> [the series featuring Moses and Bernice shortly after they started dating] is currently airing overseas. I realize that even if two people wanted [their relationship to end], it is not truly over.”

Let the past be the past. Bernice noted that she was currently single, although she was photographed eating with Alastair Lam at an Italian restaurant near her house shortly after her surgery. Bernice noted that Alastair was currently a friend only. Compared to recovering her health, dating was not a current priority.

“Over the past decade, everyone told me to not to miss any opportunities. I do not know and will not regret whether because of this, I have missed any opportunities. Right now, I will consider whether I should accept certain work arrangements. Should I rest more? I also consider whether I should walk slower, to find someone who is absolutely loyal, trustworthy, and willing to have children together. The most important thing is to place me as his top priority, knowing when I need him. In the past, I have experienced where someone did not place me first. The first position was always his image or work, but it was not me.”


Excerpt from Face Magazine # 204

Jayne: This interview explains my earlier question as to why Bernice did not come out to clarify gold digger rumors, although they were severely damaging her image. Due to her health situation, she did not have time to deal with the rumors and the paparazzi ran with their speculations or whatever would sell tabloids.

In the interview, Bernice sounds quite upset about Moses for not stepping out and clarifying that they broke up in 2008, the year when she went to Hollywood. In another Appledaily interview, Bernice also mentioned how Moses appeared to be haggard since photos of her date with Alastair Lam surfaced, but he became happy once tabloids discovered his romance with Aimee Chan.

Had Moses stepped out and said they broke up in 2008, how would that impact his image? Many fans liked him with Bernice very much, why did he not want to acknowledge it? TVB pressure?

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  1. bernice is 32? i thought she was in her late 20s -___-

      1. It also depends on the person too.. I have seen many asians that look older than their age too.

      2. Dude, I think all of the actresses that are my age [84’er] look WAY older than me haha. But most Asians have a good shelf life until they hit that threshold in midlife…then it’s like time takes a toll*3.

  2. I’m glad Bernice finally clarified all the rumors and this definitely clears up a lot of unanswered questions.

    Because of Bernice’s westernized, optimistic, and easygoing personality, I was shocked that she was termed as a gold-digger and when she did not come out to clear these rumors, it only made her look more guilty. But from her interview, it seems like Moses was the one who did not want to publicly acknowledge the relationship and Bernice was hoping that he would after three years.

    Hope Bernice recovers soon and can move on in her life.

  3. I’m not a fan of either Moses or Bernice but I feel pitiful for Bernice. As for appearance, Bernice looks too good for Moses since I don’t know their personality. Moses is old and ugly and seems like she was not his priority. I guess after this surgery, Bernice realized how important her health was to her and what a coward Moses was, to lose his image, his career, and let Bernice suffer alone with her reputation ruined.

    1. @Andie,
      You should not judge like that so easily. I am sure that they both had their faults and don’t tell me that you want to push all of the blame onto Moses just because of this interview?? Remember that this is being told through Bernice’s views. Who wants to admit fault and who doesn’t want to become the victim and push the blame onto others?? I am not a fan of either of them either so I am not siding with either of them. I just want to be fair…

      1. @HTS, yes we can wait for Moses to reply his side of the story. But boy, did we not wait all this while for him to clarify that Bernice did not cheat? It’s been over a month and he did not stand up for her.

        So finally she stood up for herself and you are asking us to wait for Moses again?

      2. @Danielle,
        That is true, but what if he has other issues that we don’t know about?? Like Bernice was sick all this time and did not clarify until now.

  4. Pressure from TVB?? Come on Jayne. Moses is a man.

    Regardless on the validity of Bernice’s story, Moses should have answered to reporters differently. He didn’t have to play the pity card either.

    I hope I never come across a man like this.

    1. He didn’t play the pity card. And there are doubts in both story. And I believe the decision not to tell the press about their relationship was mutual. What nonsense that she was waiting for him to acknowledge.

      1. Yeah I don’t doubt there’s differences in both stories and they tried to fabricated their own side of the story to make him/her look the best. Pity cards were played. Moses acted like he was shocked and hurt with Bernice dating Alstair. Bernice came out with this whole story, when? Right when Yes Sir, No Sir is airing.

        This is another attempt to elongate their name in the limelight. Way to go TVB.

      2. Moses wasn’t required to tell the press about their relationship, however, it would have been decent of him to clarify the fact that they broke up long before and that Bernice did not cheat on him.

      3. @Judy,
        It is true that Moses should have said something, however, if he didn’t then Bernice could have said something as well. Why does it have to be Moses that has to say something??

      4. @HeTieShou I believe Bernice only came out to say all this because she was hurt by how the media characterized her as a gold-digger and how Moses did not stand up for her. If there weren’t any rumors about how she was cheating on Moses, she might not have had to came out to tell this whole story. Although they never publicly announced their relationship, both we and Bernice/Moses assumed that the public knew they were an item already. Therefore, it wasn’t a complete shock to come out and say that they’ve broken up. However, if their relationship was never followed by the media so closely, then she won’t feel the need to straighten things out.

        It’s understandable that both parties would want to see themselves as the victims because breaking up isn’t easy and both sides might have been hurt. Sometimes, it makes us feel better to see ourselves as the victims and to have some sympathy from others. Therefore, this results in a different story from the two parties.

      5. @Funn

        I think she was ‘waiting’ for him to stand up for her after the cheating rumours came out. If Moses then broke the silence on their relationship it would look more naturaly. If Bernice did it, the media might just speculate that she’s only saying it to cover up her ‘cheating’ and Moses being the ‘gentlemen’ will not say anything cause the guy always acts like his being wronged when asked about rumours.

    2. I think they both had the responsibility in their past relationship. I sort of have doubts in her story and his. If they did break up in 2008, then either of them could have just acknowledged that they did. Why does Bernice even have to wait for Moses to do so?? I think a woman should try to rely on herself more and not just wait for the guy to take action. However, I sort of sense a bit of arrogance in her since she says that she wants a guy to always put her first. Sorry but a guy has his parents, siblings, career, friends and other things in their life and not just their boyfriend/girlfriend.

      I also don’t think that it was necessary for her to wait for him to acknowledge that she was his girlfriend. If she wanted everyone to know that, then she could have just told everyone herself. Why would she even have to sit back and wait for him to announce it?? But then again, if neither of them ever openly admitted that they were an item, then it sort of sounds strange to all of a sudden say that they have broken up already. That is why is once again really important to just tell the truth from beginning til end… That way no one can hold anything against you…

      Anyways, I do sort of feel bad for her that she was going through this tough time and no one knew about it.

      1. @HTS

        “…Sorry but a guy has his parents, siblings, career, friends and other things in their life and not just their boyfriend/girlfriend.” Easier said than done. People in relationships tend to view it as their life. Sucks.

      2. @Pandamao,
        I know that many things are easier said than done. However, I feel that that maybe OK for when you are a new couple. But as you advance into your relationship, you have to realize that there are other important people in your lives too. This is especially important if you want to get married and have kids. If your life is only focused on yourself and your partner/wife, then I honestly can’t even imagine kids becoming a part of the picture.

      3. @HeTieShou

        Kids should never be part of the picture. They should just be left at home as you focus on your partner 😛

      4. @ HeTieShou
        Neither of them said something at first because neither of them were getting hurt. Both were getting publicity and money for playing ‘couple’ in promotional events. But once the media started attacking Bernice, he should have clarified… it would have been the decent thing to do. Bernice said she didn’t clarify b/c she was having health issues and wanted to work on her health first b4 going to the media about it.

        It’s not about the girl relying on the guy or vice versa. If the same thing had happened to Moses and he was spotted w/ a wealthy female, I would have expected Bernice to clarify to the media as well.

        Anyways, yes there are more important things that boyfriend/girlfriend in life. But to ask you bf to acknowledge your gf is really not much to ask for.

    3. Also, keep in mind that this is told through Bernice’s views and eyes, so of course she is going to make herself the victim and Moses the bad guy. Which is why in court, the judge has to hear both sides of the story before he makes a decision about what to do. I bet that if we hear Moses’ side of the story, we will probably feel different…

      1. Now be realistic, Moses would never tell his side of the story because he always just smiles, nods, coffee and says “Waaaa no no” and shrugs questions off with some weird brand of humour that’s not really funny.

  5. Hm, sounds true. Oh Bernice, you are such an old fashioned girl at heart haha. I am the female that usually doesn’t acknowledge or grant the males I’m dating a “status”. Sometimes, this is because one feels that the chemistry with the other person just isn’t right for a longterm relationship. Moses didn’t give Bernice a “status” after 3 years of dating. Then she should of set the record straight…but I’m betting Moses was the dominant partner in the relationship then.

    Moses should have “manned up” but I’m he didn’t pay close enough to the escalation to her image deterioration because he was preoccupied with his own. It could happen.

    Please get better, Bernice! I wonder if Moses will give a statement…

    1. @iampheng Isn’t the purpose of dating to see if two people are suitable for each other? Wouldn’t it be better to stop dating if we feel the chemistry is lacking? So it’s okay to be dating, but not enter a long-term relationship if we don’t feel the chemistry is there? Personally, I find it difficult to date someone whom I have no chemistry when it comes to having conversations.

      1. @Chriselle. I don’t know how to do the italics thing. It would definitely be better to stop dating if the chemistry is not there then lead the other person on. But the lacking of feelings might even be mutual because people date for different reasons. It is difficult for you to date someone that you have no chemistry with because that is important to you. For some people though, the idea of being alone is not pleasant, so they date for companionship. Perhaps I will like someone enough as a bf but do not consider him husband material, so we will date, but I see no long term prospects. It happens. It’s probably not what people want to hear though but it does. Some people date for “face value” only because the other person is an asset to there own image. That also unfortunately happens.

      2. @iampheng Yeah, I understand exactly what you mean when you said that people are afraid of being alone. However, I still believe that in the long run, if two people are not on the same page, the person who wants more will be hurt. Unless he/she knows from the very beginning and that the two people make the terms clear. If they’re afraid of loneliness, they can just go out and make more friends. But I suppose the intimacy level is not as high which is why there is the whole friends with benefits thing and all the complicated relationships that are out there these days.

        It’s very unfortunate if one person is merely an asset to another. I’m actually very against that as I would feel being used.

  6. it’s better for her to realize it now, then to marry him and realize she married the wrong man.

  7. I am not a fan of either Bernice or Moses but I just want some clarifications on Bernice’s logic about this latest news. How can Bernice claims that they have broken up in 2008 when neither of them have ever admitted that they were an item?

    1. There doesn’t have to be any logic in this, there were always rumors that they were dating and and then more rumors that she was a 2timer – now she wants to clarify that she isn’t a 2timer because they broken up in 2008. It wouldn’t matter if they ever admitted to dating or not. If they broke up then hence they dated.

    2. @Lacey Some artists refuse to publicize their relationships for fear that it will bring them a bad public image or that reporters will go after them. Because it was quite apparent that they were dating as everyone assumed, it was believable when Bernice claims they have broken up.

  8. Doesn’t Bernice have a PR manager? If not she should hire one. I have never heard of entertainers who clarify rumours by themselves.

    1. I don’t think Chinese actors/actresses have PR manager; the company, TVB, they work for will represent them. Thats why when actors/actresses work for a certain company, they have to get work from that company only. They are not represented by a PR company like the actors/actresses in America.

  9. It was unfortunate for Bernice to suffer from the surgery.

    As for the relationship… post 2008 – 2010 both of them still attended events as ‘couple team’ and exchanging flirty banters in public. Both of them went along with the farce (lol, if only this skill can translate into their series), especially Bernice who needed positive publicity as her Hollywood and TV career is not working out for her. So why pushing ALL the blame on Moses on their status quo now? She should also bear half of the responsibility too.

    1. Thanks for clearing it up sehseh that they were still acting like a couple until 2010. I’m not “with it” to TVB rumors and only started following the news now. I was wondering why all this drama was unfolding if they broke up 3 years ago.

    2. If they really broke up in 2008, I don’t understand why they would continue to give flirty banters at each other. I would assume there would be some boundaries between them if they indeed broke up.

      1. From 2008 to 2011, do they have many things together? I don’t rmb. I rmb there is a function of them in 2011 or end of 2010.

      2. @Fox, I didn’t follow them too closely, but I do remember they did at least attend 2-3 events last year as ‘couple team’. Even in separate events, they will give vague hints and comments when asked about the other party (even topic of marriage).


        Which means if true, then their breakup is a mutual one. They are using the image of couple team to earn more money and positive publicity. It was convenient for both of them, until Bernice was exposed dating Alistair.

      3. Sehseh is correct, in 2010 Bernice and Moses appeared at several promos together, which I happened to have posted articles about. They always appeared vague and denied their relationship, maybe that is why even after breaking up, they thought it would be okay to continue to work together. There was a time in 2009 when their joint appearances did slow down.

        Although they never admitted to public, I’m sure insiders know they were dating, especially some TVB artists. there’s a code of honor to not spill the beans on other artists’ private lives, otherwise the same will be done. Once in awhile, we have anononymous sources talking to gossip magazines, who could be production crew members.

        Bernice mentioned they broke up in 2008, but it didn’t sound like a clean bbreakup. She admitted that even if they had wanted things to end, due to work they continued to run into each other etc. From Moses’ immediate reaction to Alastair Lam photos, it didn’t sound like his feelings for Bernice were over. He said he even sent her text messages at the time but never got response. He appeared haggard etc.

        On the other hand, Bernice only drew clear boundaries with Moses after Alastair photos were published. She was still linking arms with Moses at the November TVB lighting ceremony. Despite her denying dating Alastair, she seems full of praises for him and said she doesn’t know how their relationship will turn out. Sounds like more than friends. I suspect the clear boundaries were drawn because the press were pestering Alastair’s family, which may afftect their impression on Bernice.

      4. Indeed feelings in relationships that may have “ended” are not truly over until both people are willing to let go. If Bernice’s reason for breaking up was that Moses didn’t place her as top priority and it sounds like she really wants to be acknowledged and even start a family, it sounded like she ended the relationship. However, that doesn’t mean you stop loving the person suddenly and detach emotionally so quickly. I think it’s very hard to truly detach emotionally until one finds another serious relationship again. In this case, it sounds like Alastair came into the scene.

        In an earlier Moses interview with Mingpao which I translated, an anonymous source revealed that Moses and Bernice had many breakups and got back together over the years. That moses was still waiting around for Bernice. The same account was lettered with judgement that Bernice was looking for a better, richer man and telling other people she was single etc. Minus the rich part and other biased judgements, the account seems to match Bernice’s timeline in this interview.

        Personally, I don’t think there was a clean breakup in 2008, they may have even gotten back together for brief stints. It also sounds like Moses still had feelings for Bernice after 2008, possibly even last year. Maybe he was indeed expressing hurt right after Alastair photos were published because Moses sounds like he didn’t know she was dating him. This was the final card that made Moses feel his getting back with Bernice was truly over. Maybe he sent text messages to explain rumor situation and possibly discuss mutual strategy on how to handle situation, but she never answered him. Again, I think Bernice’s interest in Alastair may be a key motivator for drawing such clear lines.

        I suspect Moses and Bernice also have different ways of handling matters due to personality factors as well. He always seem so soft spoken and may just have continued to follow strategy of not revealing too much private matters. He did ask the press to stop writing bad rumors about Bernice, although he didn’t say when they had broken up. If my rationale above is correct, Moses may have his reasons. I don’t think he was playing pity cards, his popularity is above the need to do so. Perhaps he acted like a” victim” because he did feel dejected at the time.

        Bernice on the other hand sounds more confrontational. She wanted the rumor situation to be handled in a more direct way, but Moses speaking in riddles didn’t help matters.

      5. @Jayne: Like you analyze, maybe Moses still has feeling with Bernice. But then Moses is coward and not nice to keep silent when his girl is bashed (not only by 1 but also by most of HKers). Maybe he didn’t want to make it big, but it’s still not nice at all. Maybe it’s why Bernice disappointed at him. She waited for him to stand out and say something to protect her, but end up with just “no comment”.

      6. Ever thought maybe he really felt betrayed? And since if they broke up for so long, I don’t think he is under any obligation to protect her. Whatever is her problem is her business.

      7. @ Funn: Even to a friend, don’t stand out for friend when they are bashed because of he himself is not nice.

        Betrayed? If they broke in 2008 then who betrayed? If they broke in 2011 then how about Moses and Aimee?

      8. @Jayne,
        Thanks for all of the info! I actually sort of had more sympathy for Bernice, but maybe not as much now… If Moses was hurt by her, then why is he even obligated to defend or stand up for her??
        I guess they did not really have a clean break up because they did not even admit that they were dating in the first place. Therefore, it would be kind of strange to all of a sudden announce that they have broken up. Moses also did not say one bad thing about Bernice if I remember correctly.

      9. @ HTS: He has never said anything (not good not bad) about Bernice, only said “I’m hurt” once.

      10. Fox,

        You assume they’re friends after breaking up. If the break up is not on friendly terms, I don’t see why Moses or those like himself should come out and defend their ex. Not everybody can be friendly with another. Let’s see if he responds. if he doesn’t I think his silence has already helped her instead of adding to the confusion and the gossip.

        I believe if anything he and Aimee just started their relationship since if all reports are accurate, he was very hurt and we can see that look until probably when the news of Aimee came out and he looked relaxed again.

        I don’t think this as compared with how Raymond dealt with his breakup is scandalous or shows him in a bad light. And re-reading the article, Bernice didn’t really criticise him, she was more on explaining her silence, due to her serious back injury.

      11. @ Funn: I don’t see why the breakup is not friendly.

        If Bernice and Alastair can be considered as gold-digger and third party, Moses and Aimee should be considered the same way. Aimee might be the innocent third party, but why Moses is clean while Bernice gets all the blames? They can be both clean or get the blames together.

        I don’t support Moses’s no comment.

  10. I am so proud of bernice for finally coming forward; its probably not gonna be liked by TVB
    I believe Bernice and hope her health recovers! On purpose or not, Moses did play up the pity card, he really did nothing to help Bernice by looking all sad etc. (maybe it was completely the press, who knows)

    Best of luck to bernice!

    1. Actually – I have a feeling she wanted to come out earlier but Virginia told her to wait. She mentioned Virginia in the article and it seems like Bernice has enough senses to not bring people in like that.

      I’ll say – I admire her style in handling this. She did not seek revenge like big boobie girl nor did she blatantly tarnished Moses’ image. These were merely communication problems that are visible in all relationships.

      Moses had his faults and same with Bernice.

  11. I’m not saying shes a gold digger but she aint messing with no broke …..

    1. Well actresses(not aiming at Bernice but most actresses)join the circle to live the high life, so of course they don’t want to be with someone poor. Even the average woman wants a man that has at least something,therefore, why would an actress go for someone not well off or from the circle??

  12. This is what the made the situation so complex. The tabloids claimed that Bernice was a two-timer and a gold digger, but what she said was really true. They never publicly acknowledged their relationship. As westernized as she is, she still has a traditional view that the man should take the initiative and publicly announce the relationship and give her the “status.” It’s understandable at the beginning if their relationship is not stable yet, but being together for over 6 years, that’s gotta be a signal that the relationship was serious and committed. So I do understand why she would be upset. Whatever the real reason was behind the breakup, I wish someone would come out and validate it. Right now, from Moses’ response to the media’s questions, he’s definitely playing the victim in the whole situation. So it’s not helping Bernice very much unfortunately.

    1. @Aly Don’t forget that if they broke up in 2008 and they started dating after Love Bond in 2005, then their relationship was only three years. It seems like Bernice only wants to be straightforward with her relationships and doesn’t want to play the games with the media about maintaining a good image. Furthermore, I don’t see how they being together will paint a bad picture for either one of them since both are professional artists.

      In the past, Moses definitely showed us that he was the victim in the relationship and that he was dumped by Bernice like the media claimed, but after this interview, my views about Moses being the victim is beginning to change and my respect for Bernice is coming back. I was a very disappointed in Bernice if she cheated on Moses with Alastair, but it seems like they’ve already broken up before that. However, I feel that it’s hypocritical of Moses to say to reporters how he is trying to get over the unhappy. If they really broke up in 2008, then he had more than enough time to get over her because it’s 3 years already. Personally, even if he didn’t intend to, it seems like he wants everyone’s sympathy. Now I wonder why they broke up. Who initiated it?

      1. No one knows the whole story or the whole truth so we can only speculate. Don’t all artists want sympathy?? It may be true that Moses wanted sympathy but doesn’t Bernice also want it?? If not, then why did she bother to do this interview?? Who ever really wants to admit that they are at fault?

      2. @Chriselle, it’s true, I didn’t think either Moses or Bernice had a bad reputation or image when they were dating. The only benefit I think of keeping it hush hush would be the let their fans feel that they [the artists] were single and this still available.

        Perhaps both of them view themselves as victims in there own opinion. :T

    2. Bernice, if wat she said is true, then Moses is kinda coward to not stand out and say something for the girl he loved. If he only comes out and says that “we broke up in 2008” and then Bernice won’t be bashed by the whole HKers.

      Bernice, if she is lying, then she wants to save her image and Moses can tell LF: “We both dated dangerous girls”.

      In any case, the audience are the lucky one, to have some stories to chat. Ppl always say that they don’t care for the private life of the artists, only care for their works. But the fact is, ppl care for their private life more than their work.

      1. I think those are half truths. I don’t think Moses alone decided not to come clean with the relationship; I think it was a mutual decision and he did defend her, unless she has very short memory. I agree public backlash was especially harsh on her but I don’t see how this interview can help salvage her image. If anything I feel more disgusted with her. At least Moses said nothing, no comment all the way.

      2. @ Funn: You miss some interview of Moses where he said “I’m hurt”. BTW, I agree with pandamao that no comment in this case is more hurtful.

        I might have short memory, too but I don’t see Moses really depended Bernice anytime?

      3. Maybe he felt betrayed so what is there to defend?

      4. If he felt betrayed and then they didn’t break? And then the whole story with Aimee is?

      5. @pandamao,
        Totally agree with you that no comment is not always the best thing to say. I think it is the easiest thing to say, but definately not the best thing to say in every situation.No comment means a lot more than some people may think…

  13. They killed my dream. But, thank you Bernice for answering my questions. A burden has been lifted.

  14. Will they work together again after this? Probably not imo.

  15. I have suspected all along that they broke up because Moses was not able to acknowledge their relationship. Both of them then continued the on-screen partnership even after break up thereby confusing the audience when she was caught going out with that rich guy.

    Moses shouldn’t have acted heartbroken. I think that really damaged Bernice’s image.

  16. I have a feeling that Moses may come out and say something if Bernice is now telling her side of the story. There are always 2 sides to the story. I don’t feel that it is right to push all of the blame onto Moses now just because of this interview. I can’t believe that just this one interview may change many of the views that many people have had about Bernice.

    1. There’s 3 sides to a story. His side, her side and the truth. 😉

      1. 6 sides. His side, her side, truth, moses’ side, bernice’s side and TVB side as well as backside.

      2. The story will just continue so that both Moses and Bernice will be talked about by everyone and become famous talking point.

      3. Moses and Bernice don’t have much talent in acting so the best thing to do is milk up their scandal some more and everyone will talk about them during breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner

  17. This makes me wonder how true the Aimee/Moses thing is. Bernice and Moses continued to act like a couple until 2010… seems like it was a good publicity/money making opportunity for both of them. Now that Bernice is completely out of the picture, perhaps Moses has picked out another lady for publicity stunts!

    1. I wonder if Moses/Aimee is just publicity stunt to make Moses adorable and to promote Aimee. They have a series together you know and they promoted it together just the two of them at the TV event. Aimee’s price doubled up after she’s rumoured with Moses

  18. Iron = Fe
    Man = Male

    Ironman = Female.

    That’s all.

    The inside story, only insiders can know. I don’t give Moses any sympathy from the beginning and now, still no. Moses will come out and here we have a scandal, a new story to chat after tea time.

    1. The inside story, only insiders can know

      Yeah, I agree with this statement. We weren’t there so we don’t and might never know the truth.

      This is why I tend to stay away from a star’s “personal life” and focus more for what they present in their work. So far, I conclude that Moses and Bernice’s screen persona and acting styles don’t fit my cup of tea but I’m neutral to both.

    2. Ladies, if you are dating a man always make sure, your man acknowledge you as a girlfriend or wife, otherwise you may lose your dignity and pride. Just like Andy Lau’s wife, she has disappeared from the public for more than 20 years that made no difference from a dead person and then she has to a wear mask when going out; more like a robot or a puppet.

  19. If Bernice and Moses rumored relationship is true, then does that mean Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu rumored relationship is real too?

    I guess it is people like me that is preventing them from publicly acknowledging their relationship.

    With him denying dating and admitting to being single, me hard fan can continue daydream about how to get his attention, what it is like to stare at a pretty face 24/7, touching him, hugging him and kissing him. Ahhh…

    If he’s taken, we hard fan will get heartbroken and we would lose interest in his news. At that point, who cares about what kind of car he trades in– I won’t be the person riding it. All his news wouldn’t be exciting anymore.

    These idols depend on gossip magazines to stay popular. If he’s with Myolie, there’s no more speculations…. no more hope for us lonely souls. =(

    1. BTW, I’m single. If you’re a man and available, I don’t mind dating you. I’m nearsighted. I can take my glasses off and imagine you’re Bosco. Hehe.

      1. You need a single TVB fan-man whose farsighted and can imagine you as Myolie Wu. I think the last criteria will be hard to find though…

      2. As long as I have the “chok” look, I’ll look like Myolie Wu.

    2. This is the case. It’s false to assume that fans will run away if an actor get married. That’s a traditional view but I respect if you feel this way.

      Things have changed. Most fans now behaved more maturely and have changed mentality too. What they are dreaming now is not imagining themselves being the partner for their actor/actress but for the stars to have a complimentary partner.

      The actors/actresses life are their own. We don’t know how they live it everyday and we don’t own their choices. I care more about their work than their “real life” situation.

      1. True. I presume most fans including myself are logical and are just kidding ourselves. We don’t want to be the next Mavis Pan, being judged by the public and constantly worrying our good-looking boyfriend/husband being stolen from us.

        In every way, Myolie and Bosco match very well. They both are mediocre but adorable TVB actors, both love to shop, and both cannot sing. They both are tall, raised in a single-parent household and are willing to buy over US$1000 shoes when they make roughly US$500K/year. I’m very fugal, and would not spend more than US$100 on shoes even when I have the money. Besides, I prefer my BF with a minimum of a college education.

        With that said, as a fan, I do hope my idol finds true love, gets married and passes on his good-look genes. But once that happens, the story ends. The gossip columns have nothing to say other than occasional public bickering, occasional cheating, then marriage, then kids…. nothing exciting to anticipate. As a loyal fan, I would continue to follow his news, but most of us would stop chasing after him in the airport and screaming our lungs off shouting “I love u” once he’s married with kids.

      2. @TVB fan LOL at your comment about Myolie and Bosco. But they are indeed a cute couple!! 😀

      3. @TVB Fan,

        Married men can be even more attractive! If he’s not married or single, I will think there must be something in him that puts people off.

      4. I’m heartbroken. Just found a photo of my favorite idol smoking!!! =(


        Why can't any of the TVB male actors be closed to perfect in real life?!!! I don't mind that he drinks socially, but he also smokes. =( Why?! No wonder he doesn't have breaths to sing. Years of smoking have damaged his lungs to the point of not having chi to sing. Why Bosco? Why? I hate people that smoke. =(

        @Vivien, at first I was about to defend Bosco…. but now I have no words to say. I have "no eyes to know a person" aka my judgement has been flawed. Please no more incineration to my wounds. I need comfort. I need to be pampered at the moment. I just dumped my idol. I already posted remarks in his official sites to quit smoking. Hopefully he quits soon.

        What do you guys think? Can you trust this article?

      5. @TVB fan,
        I know that Bosco was raised in a single parent family by his mom, but I did not know that Myolie was as well. I thought that Myolie had both her parents. Was she raised by her father? I remember her mentioning her dad a few times but never her mom. Most seem to favor the mom over the dad more…

      6. @HeTieShou: Myolie never mentioned about her biological mom, or at least I’m not aware of. Her dad has remarried and she has a Japanese step-mom. It is her step-mom who named her “Myolie” which she said is short for “my only one”.

      7. @ TVBfan: I don’t like smoker but I think you are making Bosco’s smoke a too big deal :P.

      8. @TVB fan,
        Thanks for the info! At first I thought that Myolie was half Japanese. Oh so her step mom is Japanese. Basically she was raised by her dad. No wonder she seems pretty close to her dad.

      9. Ahhh she is close to her step mom. That explains why she knows Japanese?

      10. Good to know that she is close to her stepmom. I didn’t know that she knew Japanese too. Now I really wonder about her biological mom…

      11. @TVB Fan,
        I know what you mean about the smoking part. Actually, a lot of actors and actresses as well as singers smoke. My dad once told me that a lot of them smoke because it helps make their breathe better and have longer breaths of air. It didn’t make sense to me, but I think my dad was referring to another kind of smoking, not sure. A lot of the artists smoke so don’t feel disappointed when you see them smoke. I must say that in the past when I first found out that my idols smoked, I was really disappointed. However, over time I got over it, especially when a number of them quit. I then heard that they have to smoke in order to stay awake and relieve their stress from the long hours of work… I wonder how smoking can actually help? Aren’t there other ways of staying awake and relieving stress??

    3. Bosco and Myolie’ scandal is different.

      They deny, then admit, then deny, then admit, then deny and so on…

      Overall, don’t know if they have ever dated or not.

      1. “Bosco and Myolie’ scandal is different.

        They deny, then admit, then deny, then admit, then deny and so on…

        No. It’s Bosco admits, Myolie denies, Bosco admits, Myolie denies.

      2. No, Bosco also denies, then admits, then denies.

        But quite true, Myolie has never admitted 🙂

      3. @Fox and Kidd: You think Myolie is denying because she is also a “gold-seeker” like all the top TVB actresses/ Miss HK’s? She did mention at one point she admire Gigi Lai’s marriage. She wants to leave herself more room for potential suitors? I really hope that Myolie finds someone else. I used to like her but now that she’s rumored with my idol, I somehow despise her and am happy to hear negative comments about her.

      4. You think Myolie is denying because she is also a “gold-seeker” like all the top TVB actresses/ Miss HK’s?

        How about non Miss HK’s?

        I’m not negative at Myolie, the truth is that. I like Myolie so I think you are misinterpreted my comment :P.

      5. I think Myolie wants a better suitor and don’t want to appear taken. She’s afraid a more prospective suitor don’t want to approach her because they believe they media reports.

      6. Myolie always evasive of Bosco on every functions and interviews I saw on TV. I think she doesn’t like being gossiped with him. Maybe she’s waiting for a better person or maybe she doesn’t want to lose her single image and make male fans run away to younger and prettier actresses.

        Last week there’s a news about Myolie force Bosco to admit she’s his gf because Bosco flirt with his assistant while filming in mainland. The news might be false because Myolie look like a strong elegant woman I think if it’s Myolie she will just leave and find a non flirty man.

      7. “@Fox and Kidd: You think Myolie is denying because she is also a “gold-seeker” like all the top TVB actresses/ Miss HK’s? She did mention at one point she admire Gigi Lai’s marriage. She wants to leave herself more room for potential suitors? I really hope that Myolie finds someone else. I used to like her but now that she’s rumored with my idol, I somehow despise her and am happy to hear negative comments about her.”

        I don’t think Myolie is a gold digger but maybe she’s targeting someone better than Bosco in her mind. There must be many more potential suitors for her out there who’s better looking, better attitude and etter financially than Bosco. Bosco isn’t rich and need to struggle to own houses. He’s also flirty with every woman he meet.

      8. Honestly, I think it is really stupid and deceiving of them do that. IF they are truly dating, then why don’t they just admit it?? It’s not like anyone is against them dating. I know that there are some crazy fans that still dream of being with their idol, but most fans should be ok. If they admit it, then a big burden will be lifted off of their shoulders and they can go out freely without worrying about getting caught. Also, I think it would be better for their relationship if they are really in one. One day when the truth finally comes out, it will not be good for them or their image. Haven’t they learned from the mistakes made by other artists in the past???

      9. Honestly, if Myolie is trying to appear available when she is actually dating Bosco just so she can get someone that is better or richer, then I don’t think of highly of her. I wonder why she didn’t try to go for Raymond then since Raymond is a lot richer?Maybe Raymond doesn’t like her in that way… No offense to any Myolie fans since I like her too, but not quite at the fan level. However, I would feel disappointed in her IF she was with Bosco but left him for someone richer in the future(now that is assuming that they have been dating all along).

        But then again, I guess that is how a lot of actresses are. My brother always tells me that I should understand that actresses enter the circle because they want to live the high life, so I guess I can’t blame them for wanting someone richer. But I do find that sad since it shows that they are materialistic and would choose wealth over everything else… Of course who doesn’t want financial security, but I really don’t like it if all people go for is money…(ok talking in general again and not aiming at Myolie).

    4. There are many couples that are obviously dating but will not come out and admit it until they really caught. I find that sad that you have to hide in the bush like that… What I hate most is when they are caught but always say that we are “friends” only. Boy does that excuse turn old..

  20. Alright. I’m going to stop commenting in this thread because I feel after watching episode 1 of Yes Sir No Sir I might have developed a sufficient dislike for Moses (cause of his acting there) to be bias against him in this saga.

    1. I don’t plan to watch this one but still curious, is eps 1 that bad?

      1. Just watch the first 15 minutes of ep.1

        ooo the dread… Moses is the only one overacting in the bad annoying way; not the cool Louis Koo kinda way or the stylish Nic Tse way or the sense-affecting Liu Kai Chi way. Oh shit its bad…

    2. @SDS,
      I watched 2 episodes of “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” and had a few chuckles in gag lines. The dialogue is littered with a lot of HK street-talk an quite rude. Moses has a gentle brand of humor, but he has good timing. His onscreen timing seems more fluid than his” Gentle Crackdown Days.”

      “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” is acted and directed in an over-the-top anime style, where it’s loud, brash, and the script goes everywhere for laugh lines (mo lei tou). Since the days of Stephen Chow, everyone seems to have adopted this style in humor in HK. Following TVB style, every extra needs to have a retort and you laugh because everything is done out of context. It had some refrshing banter between Cheung Chi Kong and Moses,in the police training scenes etc. The situations are not too humorous, it’s just the smart-mouthed retorts similar to American sitcoms.

      “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” will no doubt be compared to Stephen Chow’s “Fight Back to School” and even Japanese dram “GTO” for the wild, violent students. Maye Bobby Au Yeung would have livened Moses’ portrayal even more.

      However, the pace is quick and I found it to be more funny than “The Rippling Blossom” where the family feud, struggle between the brothers, and Tavia and Michael’s love-hate relationship attempted to be more serious when it should have just stuck to the comedy genre.

      1. I disagree. I think Yes Sir Sorry Sir is boring and Moses don’t have the excellent comedy timing that Bobby has to carry a comedy series by his own. Moses is helped by the gags in the script and his more veteran costar. I want Bobby to come back and and do comedy for TVB again

      2. @Jayne

        I can accept his acting in episode 3. But episode 1 was just too much… along with the over over-the-top acting, editing, sound effects and nonstop chatter. Its like a constant stimulus bashing… i suppose its just not my kind of humour. I like Stephen Chow, but ep.1 was not like that at all.

        Problem with the cop-undercover comedy is that its been done to death. Most memorable is Chilam and Gordon Liu in Shades of Truth.

      3. SDS,
        How many years has it been since “Infernal Affairs” and TVB is still making reference to it in all undercover cop jokes. The frequency indeed makes the scriptwriters seem unoriginal. But Cheung Chi Kong is a good comic actor, so I enjoyed his banter with Moses.

        “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” is loud! Comedy these days seem to be about non-stop deliverance of gag lines, similar to “The Simpsons” style. If the joke is not funny, move quickly to the next one and eventually something will be amusing if you deliver enough gag jokes. Nothing in “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” is laugh-out-loud hilarious, but my chuckles were maintained throughout. I find this method better than the awkward daydream sequences Chilam had in “The Rippling Blossom.”

        The greatest annoyance factor I find so far in “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” is not Moses, but rather the students. They all act gangster-like and resort to the same scowl to say “I’m nasty” all the time. Since the students will dominate much screen time, I hope this nasty snarl goes away soon or it will continue to irritate me.

        I also want to watch to see how Tavia will act in an all-out oddball comedy such as “Yes Sir, No Sir.” I want to see how Ron and Linda will fare as well. The opening sequences depict Ron as a very masculine cop and Ron and Moses’ duet song is quite good!

      4. Saw the trailer; looked interesting until Tavia walked in. I have seen her so many times, kinda bored. Moses does look silly and he can do silly. But I am not sure about rowdy students and Tavia in a comedy. Linda is in it and again not sure I like Linda-Moses pairing.

      5. Why does Moses act like an overacting fool so many times. The way he acts in comedy is always the same old tactic. Having said that I enjoyed the roof scene because of Cheung Chi Kong. He’s a good actor.

      6. I haven’t finished yet. At this rate that Moses is going I’m feeling that Ron’s masculine and cool cop role will be more interesting to watch than Moses. I have an affinity for cool cops.

      7. @Lol,
        This is totally out of topic, but I once went to a bachelorette party where the male dancers are onstage in uniform and they stripped down to bare chest. I have gone to Chippendale show as well…and men in uniform are a big part of female fantasties! 🙂

        In the show I saw, the uniform fantasy figures featured were: policeman, fireman, mailman, navy officer, pilot, and doctor. I liked the navy officer the most because of the way the uniform looks (think Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men”). Professor wouldn’t have been bad either…haha or computer programmer (since so many Asian men in the USA work in technology).

      8. I agree based on cool looks alone Ron already won over Moses and he hasn’t even appear :D. Ron look great in the themevideo

      9. Yes Sir Sorry Sir official TVB forum is full of people complaining about Moses and want Ron to replace him

      10. Hey but the teacher in GTO is very unique. He was a bad boy so he understood the bad boys very well. I don’t know about Moses’s character but I guess he is a cop so he can’t be street boy like in GTO. Therefore the way he teaches students won’t be street like like GTO.

      11. Those who complain at the TVB forums are just a few of the Ron’s fans who forgot to bring their brains out. I can’t believe they are actually people who believe words by words those morons said.

      12. It is normal that fans would always want their idols to take the lead but when it is to the extend of badmouthing other actors, it become childish and naive. Ron is a good actor but Moses and Tavia is not bad either. I enjoy all four of them and I believe a success of a serie depends on all actors, actresses and the production team. Watch the whole serie before commenting something like Ron overshadowed who and who.

      13. @Jayne

        I do admit, I don’t watch Simpsons ever since the jokes style changed as you’ve pointed out. Banter is good, but its overdone and often annoys more than it amuses.

        Undercover cop jokes will always be gold because HK cinema was always about cops, triads and undercovers since the 90s. Infernal Affairs was just the final touch to sement a generation’s of social angst into one good film.

        The gangster talk is annoying. Its basically HK ghetto talk. I guess they’re using it to make it more ‘realistic’ and that the students are naive… I think its overdone. To me gangster talk belongs in Young & Dangerous. lol

        Since episode 3+4 Moses is acceptable. I think that’s partially cause the SFX, frantic editing and gangster talk have lessened. Although I must admit, his style of comedy has been used and reused a lot. Sometimes irony, satire, subtlety etc. can be better comic relief than just being bombastic. If you want to be comedic at least show some range. Not that Moses doesn’t show other types of comedic talent, its just always saturated by his same ‘dumb’ look.

      14. @Jayne

        I forgot to say Tavia is truly unfit for comedy. Lol Also I think its only Moses and Cheung Chi Kong providing the comedy. And maybe the other teachers. But everyone else seems quite serious. Especially Tavia.

        Honestly there’s some dread for me seeing Tavia in a new series now. I use to enjoy her performances but now she’s just state of the art bland. What happened to her charisma?

      15. @SDS

        I agree Moses way of comedy is done to death now by him and its always the same expressions and goofy looks in every series. He’s not Stephen Chow so please don’t do that! TVB is promoting him so much but Moses doesn’t have the capability nor the acting skills to carry the burden yet.

      16. @Funn

        GTO was superb. TVB can never do something this good. The lead guy also has a lot more acting skills than Moses who’s leading Yes Sir Sorry Sir.

      17. Sorimachi Takashi.. haven’t seen him act for a long time. Should start watching again. But to compare with GTO is sort of redundant since different story? This is more Fight Back To School isn’t it?

        Of course GTO was excellent but if you want one criticism, Japan has a rich source of stories from mangas and GTO was one of them. Moses is a good slapstick actor, he isn’t that bad, it is the director who should be kicked for not controlling him or not DIRECTING him.

      18. I am done with episode 3 and I’m afraid i am done with the series. The pace is too slow, the lines not that funny (except for the roof scene in episode 2 as someone has mentioned above) and i don’t like tavia’s nose. Did she do something to it?!?

      19. @Funn

        Moses keep using the same face and expressions in all his comedy scenes since HOG. Of course fans always defend their idol’s talent and blame directors, script, etc

      20. Wait! Wait! Give it another 2 more episodes. TVB is like that; 1st part always crazy pace, then slow down and then come normal pace, about 5 episodes in.

        I know Moses uses the same expression. A good comedic actor is either such a brilliant actor who can act funny (Dayo Wong! He can act drama too!) or a poor actor who somehow has good timing (Moses).

      21. Waiting to watch more might be good idea. Maybe Ron can save the series when he comes out. Moses need support now.

      22. Never thought Ron as the saviour! Must be really terrible.

      23. @Vivien n Funn,

        You are right, Ron’s literally the “savior”! The undercover/triad spoofs seem to be getting better too.

        I like Miss Chan Chan. Was she Doris in Off Peddar?

      24. Ron is born to do this type of cool characters. I heard he already made many girls swoon when he only appeared for just 5 minutes in the 5th episode. He’s truly a savior to the series

      25. “Never thought Ron as the saviour! Must be really terrible.”


      26. @moonriver

        I watched it! Ron’s grand entrance is so good that he make the series many times more interesting that it is with only only Moses

      27. @Fox
        lol. The series is bad for me until Ron comes with his grand entrance as the saviour!

        The best scene in this series remains the roof scene with Moses and Chung Chi Kong. Although Ron and his grand entrance and naturally cool persona make the series better than it is before with Moses ott acting. Ron is born to be cool 🙂

      28. @Funn You’ll be surprised
        at how naturally cool Ron is when he first entered the series in the 5th episode. I just watched it and know now why many girls swooned over his entrance. Ron is cool and adorable.

      29. @moonriver @lol @Funn @Fox

        Ron indeed is hot and handsome in this series. Yah literally a saviour with his appearance.

      30. @Jayne – I miss Dayo Wong’s style in reference to comedy genre series.

        He’s super funny and his jokes are subtle. It’s either you get it or you don’t.

      31. @Pandamao, what do you think of Johnson Lee? He’s subtle and sarcastic, reminds me of Dayo a bit, but his jokes are not as hilarious though.

      32. @Jayne –

        Johnson relies on his talent in impersonating and his facial expressions. Dayo, on the other hand, is more sarcastic in his humor.

        In terms of comedy roles, I prefer these male artist (in order of preference)

        1. Dayo Wong
        2. Bobby AuYeung
        3. Yuen Siu Cheung
        4. Ronald Cheng (his Beautiful Cooking and Colorful Life was to die for)
        5. Johnson Lee

        Wong Jo Lam is not funny to me. I find him more annoying than anything else.

        I also prefer Ah Lek over Eric Tsang.

      33. Dayo Wong is my favorite comedian. He’s simply brilliant in a subtle way in his comedies. I love it.

      34. @ lol: Actually Ron is the only reason (Linda might plus a little power) for me to watch this one. So I think I’ll download Ron’s cut parts in this one. Maybe Linda’s, too. Hmm, but Ron and TY? Then I’ll watch the beginning :P.

        Ron’s appearance in eps 5 is quite cool and interesting.

      35. Me? Comedy roles…

        1. Stephen Chow but the likelihood of him going back to TVB is not just zero but negative infinity.

        2. Dayo Wong

        3. Ronald Cheng who is a very good comedian.

        The rest is depends. I don’t particularly find Louis Yuen or Johnson Li funny. Wong Cho Lam is great at impressions, and he is daring.

        As for Bobby, I rather see him in a dramatic role, as someone really stuck up.

        Moses, rather comedy than drama but rather not see him for awhile. Overexposure.

        And when will Ah Chan ever go back to acting? What is he doing now? Where is he?

      36. Ah lek? Don’t like him. Too full of himself. Eric Tsang has actually become a very good actor. Just think Infernal Affairs. I’d rather him as dramatic than comedic.

      37. Eric Tsang is a good actor. Did anyone here watched Comrades, Almost a Love Story? This is one of my most favorite and memorable acting from Eric. It was poignant and heartfelt to me.

      38. @Masaharu,

        Yes, Comrades, Almost a Love Story was a classic. I was touched by both Maggie and Eric. And the mickey mouse tattoo.

    3. Pandamao, I did not watch Liza and the Three Gods religiously, but I saw the concert performance. How come Johnson gives me the feeling that he doesn’t want to be in drag. He seemed quite aloof and not as upbeat as Cho Lam and Loius?

      Johnson seems quite reticent in real life. I didn’t watch his directorial debut, which is a parody on the entertainment industry interested in idols and not recognizing real talent. But I read reviews saying it was quite funny.

      When Johnson was playing minor roles, his cool indifference captured my attention. He’s not as physical as the other comedians and has hoody eyes most of time, but I like him.

      I found Louis funnier in his earlier career. I wonder if it is overexposure.

      Btw, I find Kenneth Ma to be witty humorous. Maybe he can give Moses a run for his money if kenneth loses doltish look and puppy eyes. Kenneth is quite humorous in his remarks to reporters sometimes and showed promise in some comic roles.

      1. Yeah – Kenneth Ma should play on his innocence. I don’t know if it’s him really innocent or trying to be.

        I started liking Kenneth in the 70s series with Michelle Ye and Adam Cheng. He’s got a swagger in him that’s different from the other F4.

        And speaking of F4, I’m loving Sammuel in the series airing right now, Relic of something … I will miss him!!!

      2. “How come Johnson gives me the feeling that he doesn’t want to be in drag. He seemed quite aloof and not as upbeat as Cho Lam and Loius?”

        Partly maybe he didn’t want to, partly because the characters he played is mostly aloof type. But as Hungry, he seemed to enjoy himself. I think it is just his expression. He gives me an impression he is Dayo Wong sort of comedien; the smart aleck one with an attitude whilst Louis is more people friendly (and he is the most popular with the audience amongst the three) whist Cho Lam was the most daring.

      3. “Btw, I find Kenneth Ma to be witty humorous. Maybe he can give Moses a run for his money if kenneth loses doltish look and puppy eyes. Kenneth is quite humorous in his remarks to reporters sometimes and showed promise in some comic roles.”

        Agree with you. Kenneth is often very humourous in interview. But, being humourous in interview doesn’t guarantee a success as a comedic actor. Stephen Chow is a great comedic actor, but, he couldn’t even tell a joke funnily in a real life. So, really can’t tell if Kenneth can become a good comedic actor or not.

  21. Especially ladies, if you are dating a man always make sure your man acknowledge you as a girlfriend or wife, otherwise you may lose your dignity and pride. Just like Andy Lau’s wife, she has disappeared from the public for more than 20 years that make no difference from a dead person, when she has to go out she needs to wear a mask that look more like a robot or puppet.

    1. I suspect Andy Lau’s wife actually enjoys looking the way she looks when captured by the media. I mean, if she’s a Andy Lau diehard fan too, then I guess she’d be willing to be his puppet-robot-maid-shadow-milk nanny-bodyguard thingy.

      Its all about what you seek in a relationship I guess. I think the non acknowledge goes less to dignity but more to the fact it might just mean the guy doesn’t love you enough to be prepared to defend the relationship. That’s my opinion anyway.

  22. Hmm…I guess we need to wait for Moses’ explanation on why he refused to admit Bernice was his girlfriend, back in 2006-2007, especially when they were often engaged to make “couple appearances” together at events and shows, didn’t that show how well-liked their couple image was back then? Why didn’t Moses just admit it? It wasn’t as if it would be detrimental to his and Bernice images back then since they were “scooping couple money” together?

    Or maybe perhaps TVB just ordered Moses to keep it under wraps like Bosco and Myolie (if they are really together) as he was one of their contracted leading man and they needed him to have a “fake” single image in order to create romantic rumors with his female co-stars to promote their series? Free publicity via those paparazzi like weren’t there rumors of him and Charmaine Sheh when they were promoting “Can’t Buy Me Love”? His new romance with Aimee could also just be a passing fad (:

    But, anyway, something tells me Moses is not quite the perfect gentleman we seem to perceive because according to Bernice’s official twitter, @Bernice106, Bernice tweeted this on 16th April 2011: “Oh! Is some truth starting to surface?? How interesting…”, which could be referring to this interview. If her tweet was really referring to this interview about Moses then it could only meant that Moses wasn’t probably a good lover in his past relationship with Bernice.

    No doubt Moses is a good, humorous man and friend to his colleagues (I could still remember Raymond Lam crediting Moses as one of the people he wanted to thank and went as far as to buy and present Moses with a video game (which Moses thought was porn initially -_-“) after Raymond won some TVB award) but through this interview, I guess he probably wasn’t exactly a good boyfriend to Bernice since he didn’t even visited her in the hospital and be there for her when she needed him (or his clarification) most (even as a capacity as an ex-bf there after). Which leaves me quite disappointed with Moses (if what Bernice said was true) cause he’s one of my most favorite TVB actors! Oh well, but at least thank god this interview proved that he’s not broke-back, Bernice’s past twisted-by-the-paparazzi allegation that Moses was gay got me quite worried there, lol! 😡

    1. *Oops I meant “didn’t even visit” not “didn’t even visited” :S

    2. I think Moses is a very typical Chinese man–very shy, quiet and stubborn. He doesn’t like to share his personal life/feeling with the public except his love for coffee. I wouldn’t think he would change his old ways just to clear up some makeup news.

      He shouldn’t be the scapegoat. A lot of people could had spoken up for Bernice i.e. her dad, Alastair and her friends.

      But overall, I think the real story is that Bernice failed to marry into a wealthy family. She’s forced to continue her contractual obligation with TVB, hence need this interview to brush up on her good-girl image. End of the story. Hehe

      1. @TVB fan:

        Thank you for sharing your opinion to my take on this matter (:

        Haha your point no. 2 matches my sentiments exactly, I also thought that other people close to Bernice should have spoken up for her, especially their TVB Management Executive, Virginia Lok!

        I think Ms Lok should have vouched for Bernice’s character and emphasized that Bernice definitely wasn’t a gold-digger (especially at that point in time when the unpleasant reports of Bernice came out and she was heavily criticized for being heartless in dumping Moses to be a gold-digger), and since Bernice stated that Ms Lok supported her (from the article), I can’t help wondering why there wasn’t any input of word of fairness from Ms Lok for Bernice to the press when she can so explicitly place all her support and hold interviews and press conference and cry with Raymond (when Raymond and Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang scandal broke loose) but no action for Bernice, quite unfair how TVB treats their artists differently.

        Hmmm…actually I don’t think Bernice has a innocent good girl image, I thought her portray to the public has always been sexy (Marie France Bodyline) and healthy fit (ambassador to Nike) 😡

      2. @TVB fan,
        You made some good points that I didn’t really think about before. I also sense something a bit strange… Bernice mentioned that her family and friends all supported her, so why did they not speak up for her? Her dad could have since I heard that he is close to her and supported her in this field. If he did not even speak up for her, then I don’t think everyone should have expected Moses to. It seems like Virginia treats Raymond a lot better than Bernice. Hey, life is unfair and so is TVB.

    3. That is if you believe the decision was one sided. I believe it was mutual.

      1. Hmm…up till now, I don’t know who to believe, especially because they are actors who hone their skills (;

  23. They dated? I thought they were just a rumored couple!

    1. ME TOO!!! Boy, they (or maybe only Moses heh heh) kept their relationship under wraps really well! Although I did suspect something between them, when the paparazzi captured Moses buying groceries to prepare dinner and all the ingredients he bought were Bernice’s favorite! But that was some time back 😀

    2. Yea same every here talks as if they knew they dated…Ahhh I’m so out of it…hehehe but I don’t really like them as a couple tho. There has been a lot of gossip about TVB artist and their private lives recently

  24. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m so glad I finally got to hear/read Bernice’s side of the story. As a fan (more of her as a person than an actress), I was disappointed in this ‘scandal’ since Moses was painted quite the victim and even I felt bad for him. After listening to Bernice’s side, my view as totally changed. I’ve regained my level of respect for Bernice.

    Even if both sides aren’t being completely truthful, at least I learned that they’ve actually dated. 😛

    Actually I’m a little mad at Moses now for not denying anything! :/ I’d like to hear what he has to say now.

  25. To be fair to Bernice, if what she has said in this interview was sincere and true and not to save her image of being labelled as a gold-digger, I do feel for Bernice cause as a female, can you imagine walking down the streets with your boyfriend and not being able to hold hands, share a quick kiss or hug and being acknowledged to others as “oh, she’s just my friend” (and keeping your relationship underground) for 6 years??

    And I think I can also understand Bernice’s desire to be publicly acknowledged as Moses’ girlfriend during their 6 years courtship, considering that Moses was a diamond bachelor and other female TVB artists was attracted to his friendly, funny and charismatic gentlemanly disposition, you would feel insecure and pressured that your man is surrounded by sweet young things all the time and not to mention, when they mistakenly think he’s single and available. : x

    But anyway, I just thought that Bernice should have picked a better timing to accept this interview as Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang’s tell-all on Raymond Lam interview had just blown over, releasing this interview and “blaming” the fault of their break-up on Moses would make her seem like she’s trying to pull an expose on Moses and along the way, gain some sympathy brownie points for herself :S

  26. Was it such a secret they were dating? It was like an open knowledge, like Myolie and Bosco. The one more under wraps would be Charmaine and Kevin, if they’re still together.

  27. “When asked whether her former boyfriend had visited her in the hospital, Bernice said, “No.” ”

    Question is not did he visit but rather did he know? Since she said she told no one and since supposedly they broke up in 2008 I don’t think she would have told him.

  28. I feel that Bernice feels more emotional than physical hurt. In her hour of need, so to speak, when criticisms were hurled at her, where were her friends? Nobody came to her side at all, most of all Moses. Why Moses? Because his name came up so often, citing him as the the one who was hurt by her ‘indiscretion’, and so whether or not he was really hurt he should , as someone has said, have the decency to say something. I suspect he believes in the adage that ‘silence is golden’ but for goodness sake, this lady’s reputation is at stake and he should, like the gentleman he professes to be, defend her.

  29. Hey, have just thought of this: Wat if actually Moses is kicked out of the new series because of this one and they only announce tat he is busy with the coffee shop. Actually until now I still dun think open a coffee shop is worth to put down all the works on hand.

    1. I think Moses thinks it is worth it. He is passionate about coffee so I believe he will do just that.

      1. Yes but his passionate related to his work (do show, endorsement, etc). Now he put down works for this. This satisfaction is kinda weird.

        Hmm, still think it’s not nice of Moses to say nothing for Bernice when she is bashed. Maybe after the breakup, she thought of him as friend while he was not.

      2. @ Fox

        I don’t find it weird. When he’s younger, he can say ‘I put off my coffee for work first’. But, he’s already 40 now. Maybe he’s now thinking ‘How long more must I push off my dream? I would never achieve my dream if I keep on putting it off. I’m not young anymore’. So, he go on with his coffee shop.

      3. I don’t think he is that passionate at coffee. Artist is his full time job and he is doing well with it. I don’t believe he’ll satisfy a successful full time job to a new job that he can’t ensure will be successful or not. He is just 40.

      4. I agree that coffee is Mo lifelong dream and passion. He always mentioned that his dream is to open a coffee shop.

        @Fox He is now at a comfortable level in TVB acting career wise, and he has good rapport with advertisers. So it is the right time for him to go ahead with his coffee shop right now. “Just 40”? Lmao, not everyone want to open business as means of retirement from acting.

      5. @ sehseh: Kidd’s comment gives me the feeling that Moses thinks he is old enough to retire. Tat’s why I commented “Just 40”.

        Well, I still think of a double reason.

      6. I think he realise it is now or never. Who says you have to wait until retirement to fulfil your dream? I am sure he loves acting because that gave him the access to his lifelong dream but opening a coffee shop or dealing with coffee is perhaps his ultimate ambition in life. What is so strange about that? 40 is young of course and I see his coffee shop as part of his grand ambition, not retirement plans.

        ” still think it’s not nice of Moses to say nothing for Bernice when she is bashed.”

        I think Moses has said enough and by not adding onto the argument, he has pretty much summed up his opinion which is to say the least so as to inflict the least amount of damage. Didn’t he come out and said Bernice isn’t a gold digger?

      7. @ Fox

        sehseh: Kidd’s comment gives me the feeling that Moses thinks he is old enough to retire. Tat’s why I commented “Just 40″.

        I mean no such thing. Sehseh got me right. Opening a coffee shop and acting is not an ‘either or’. I just mean that he’s 40 now, so, maybe he thought he shouldn’t continue to put off his dream to open a coffee shop because of acting jobs.

  30. Moses is indeed busy with preparing for his new coffee shop because many Malaysian spotted him in Malaysia.
    As for Bernice side of the story, how sure are we that they really separated in 2008? I remember last year I still see Magazine published pic of Mo & Bernice in a taxi at night.

  31. Where is the coffee shop? I heard Bukit Bintang? Very expensive area. Definitely high end coffee shop.

  32. If they really break up in 2008 I’m amazed how good they are at acting friendly and loving in outside events and functions but onscreen TVB series they are below par actor and actress.

      1. Friendly breakup maybe or maybe not but their acting vague about the relationship as if they’re still a secret couple.

        Too bad onscreen they don’t act with the same skill.

  33. They get double pay when appearing together. I have some doubt about this whole thing. There have been many times that Bernice was caught by reporters seeing other guys and everytime Moses will help her by saying it is normal to have guys as friend. However, Moses did not say so when Bernice was caught with Alastair. Why won’t he say the same thing and save the “money making opportunity’? Is there something really happen that make him refuse to help Bernice? I still remember when Bernice response to reporters the next days, she sorts of accusing somebody and then the next day deny everything and that Moses has called her to inform her, he did not say those thing to the press.

    The next thing that puzzle me is that she has no time to clear things up when things happen, but that happen in Dec 14 and she was interviesed many times. I remember seeing her in the entertainment news calling Moses ‘somebody’. She has a lot of chance to clear her name. Why wait until now?

    1. Seriously don’t know who to believe anymore, it’s a case of his words against her words for now, unless they ask an inside source or close friend of theirs? we will never know the truth or a close sketch of what transpired Bernice’s sudden outburst and greviances and the actual of their breakup anf whether their getting together was nothing more than an act.

      I have this wild and crazy speculation that Alastair MIGHT have been the third wheel behind their relationship, wasn’t there one report that stated that Bernice injured her leg or had some illness or something while Moses was away in another country filming so he sent his friend down to help Bernice whilst she was in the hospital?

      I’m guessing that that friend Moses sent COULD have been Alastair, cause I remember that report was about a year or two ago and you know, helping a damsel in distress when she needs someone the most could score a huge good impression and ground for developing things further (I.e. Shirley Yeung and her bf) Oh well, just my insane speculation :O

    2. maybe she didn’t think it would go that extreme into hurting her image? and later when it did, she had to have her surgery and now, after the surgery and thinking about it while sick she brings it back up?
      random guesses
      Bernice seems straight forward most the time unlike Moses who doesn’t answer questions directly other than coffee =P

      Luckily this probably won’t hurt as much as others news (such as PSS+LF) since most people know who they are and lots expected something between them before

  34. “After leaving the hospital, my family started reading the news to me and explained to me that ‘worshipping gold’ meant being greedy for money. I realized how serious the situation had become. Virginia Lok Yi Ling, my family, and church friends all supported me.

    Is it written in TVB artist contract that they have to say good things about Virginia Lok and thank Virginia Lok a lot? Why is there a need to specifically name Virginia Lok as someone who supported her when ‘family and friends’ would be sufficient and all encompassing?
    I don’t see how Virginia has been supportive. When the media wrote all that stuff about Bernice, Virginia has never said one word in Bernice’s defense. So, how has she been supportive of Bernice?

    1. Haha ^5! I posted a comment echoing the same thoughts, a few comments up! Ms Lok was probably too busy covering Raymond Lam’s *ahem* (during the Mavis Pan Shuang Shuand scandal) at that time I guess?

      But, yeah, I feel unjust for Bernice that Ms Lok did not stand up for her publicly as well and throw as much support as she thrown in for Raymond : x

      1. @Ah K

        I don’t think it’s because she was too busy dealing with Raymond Lam’s case. Bernice’s rumors surfaced a couple months before Raymond’s.

        As for Virginia, I don’t know much about her except that since she manages the artists and which productions they get to star in, I suppose everyone would want to bribe her and be on her good side.

    2. Maybe she supported Bernice from works? I rmb I read somewhere that 620 said Bernice isn’t gold digger.

      I don’t understand this much hatred toward 620. She is doing her job, just like all others. Why Stephen Chan isn’t that hatred? Because Stephen’s favourite doesn’t have that many fans (and antifans).

      1. Because 620 is ‘rumored’ to have bias towards certain artist(s), which is normal, but as TVB’s artist manager head, it isn’t so normal anymore…

        Bernice was rumor to be on Stephen’s side so maybe thats why 620 hardly said anything

      2. I don’t think she is too biased towards TVB assets :P. Actually I think most of her favourite are in TVB’s top. Lol, special treatment to a valuable asset is nothing special to a manager head. The ones who can bring more money to the company will be treated better than the rest.

        I don’t see why it isn’t normal.

      3. it isn’t normal because work should be work, based on work abilities etc
        lots of her favs weren’t and still aren’t that great actors/actresses (but that may just be my view) and because those favs of hers are on her good side, they get the job/character first, hence the money

    3. Maybe Virginia defended her in private and gave her advice about what to do??? None of us will ever knows what happens behind the closed doors.

      1. @Chriselle:
        True true! It was also mis-calculation on my part cause I significantly remembered news on Bernice being labelled a gold-digger came way before Raymond’s news but don’t know, just thought that maybe some lil’ small birdie told Ms Virginia Lok about the latter before it broke out in newstands so she could do some damage control first?

        Don’t know manx, just my crazy thinking 😛

        Are you 620?? Lol! Just kidding! Oh dear why do you call Ms Lok, “620”? Sounds like some prison cell inmate number 😡

        Haha hatred is too strong a word lahs, obviously I don’t feel any hatred towards her since I don’t even know her personally and she didn’t murder my entire family or something ( :

        I’m only “dragging” Ms Virginia in (and not Stephen Chan) since Bernice mentioned in this article about Ms Lok showing support for her ( :

        At that point of time, I doubt being a strategist behind closed doors for Bernice, was the best sort of support for Bernice.

        She desperately needed someone with a high standing to stand up and “clear her name” for her publicly and not let her remaining “reputation” go to ruins (especially when the reporters were maliciously blaming “Show Me The Happy”‘s poor ratings on Bernice alone, which was quite unfair as in a production, everyone should shoulder the blame of not bringing out the series well and not on one person alone, which I felt would be too pressurizing and depressing for an individual to handle)

        Plus actions speak louder than words man, I mean citing a recent example, (I’m sorry if I upset people by using this example since it can be quite sensitive and we’re still hurting from the devastating effects it had on the residents there) it’s akin to asking people to pray for Japan after that unfortunate tsunami incident but are our prayers really gonna tide them through? Definitely not, at this point of time, what they really need is our donations and our contribution to their GDP by buying their domestic exports and not empty words of prayer prayer prayer and prayer.

        Just saying, hope I don’t sound too emotional and over the top! Sincere apologies if anyone has been hurt by my comments : (

      2. *And I know Liza Wang did stand up for Bernice when reporters blamed her for the poor series rating but we were talking about Ms Lok here hence…

        But anyway, I shall stop digressing on and on about Ms Virginia Lok since it’s getting on my nerves and most probably other reader’s nerves as well! :p

      3. @ Ah K: I get used with using tat nickname of her :P. 6=Lok, 2=Yi, 0=Ling. I’m quoting Kidd, not you ah.

      4. @Ah K,
        I actually partly agree with you and yes actions are a lot stronger than words.However, since we don’t know the whole story, I wonder if it was a good thing for Virginia to just try to clear her name? I think it Moses and her personal matter so I don’t think Virginia wanted to get too involved. What if she did the wrong thing? Since it is not really her issue, I don’t think she wanted to put herself at an awkward position.

        I actually really agree with you about the Japan tsunami situation. That is exactly what I think as well. I mean anyone can just say that they wish the victims well and will pray for them, but that’s it. Sorry but that is NOT enough and honestly, will that really do something?? I am not a religious person so I am not sure if there are truly gods out there that will really help make a difference. I have relatives that are all talk and no play. They would say that they feel sorry for the victims and will pray for them, but when people ask them donate they refuse to. If you don’t at least donate and aren’t there to help in person, I wonder what is the point of praying and wishing them well. Sure you do have them in your thoughts and that is a good thing, but that is surely not enough at all..

  35. BTW, thank you to Thuy and Chiselle for responding my query earlier. It still kills me that these actors and actresses still denying their rxnships, why can’t they be like Hollywood stars readily admitting their relationships to the world.

    Didn’t Bernice at one time broke up with Harwick Lau? As I recall, she went out with him because he had helped her with her Chinese prior to her relationship with Moses. @ that time, Moses has already gained fame with fans. Also, if Allistair is her current companion then I don’t think the rxnship will last very long because most rich playboys only like to go out with actresses until a better one comes along.

    1. Yes, she broke up with Hawick Lau once, in 2004 or 2005. They both announced the relationship and the breakup.

    2. I agree with you, everyone in hollywood is dating even the underage stars but I think it has to do with their contracts in HK and how there might be some rules to dating a co worker since they both will feel awkward if they break up and they have to keep their single status or clean cut image the company gives them. In hollywood, if you are a great actor/actress people will still go see your movies but in HK they are making money on the stars image more so than their actual talent.

      1. Obvious isn’t it that Moses and Bernice are both making money from their IMAGE much more so than their talent since both aren’t really good at acting in series. That’s why now both are trying hard to salvage their squeaky clean image.

      2. Thuy, good point abt HK is more interested in making $$$ on the stars’ images than their work. I do agree that the artist’s image is very important to the public, however, when the studio is taking control of one’s personal life is a bit too much. Its just so tragic.

  36. There was this game show that Bernice and Moses were on, and Bernice has this really sweet look on her eyes and smile when looking at Moses, which makes me think that she was into Moses more than Moses is into her. In an interview I saw, she claims that she wants to have a family in her 30’s, and I think Moses wasn’t making much committment to their relationship. Maybe that’s why she was dating Allistair, she wants to date other people and see where it could lead. Why wait for someone when you have already wasted x number of your years on the person. It’s not fair to blame her for being a gold-digger. I really don’t think she’s like that. She’s into DYI projects, I don’t think people like that would be materialistic.

    1. I agree. If they’ve been in a relationship for so long Moses should have at least admit that they were together. And now Bernice is left with all the explanations.

  37. It must be a predicament for Moses to come forward to defend a woman whom for years he hasnt acknowledged that they had been dating. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. What was he supposed to say at that time? Would it have helped his public image by admitting that his rumored pairing with Bernice was true and the deception of a different kind had continued since 2008 after they broke up? So Moses and Bernice were involved in a web of deceit which is no concern of us or the press.

    Bernice, whose reputation is ruined by allegation that she’s a two-timer and a gold-digger to boot, chose not to defend herself. Her supporters also chose not to be vocal in their supports of her. In the beginning Bernice didn’t see the need to clear her name. Nobody seemed to do so on her behalf. Why? In Raymond Lam”s case his colleagues were very vocal in their supports of him. They’ve reassured him that he isn’t alone.

    She did an about-turn over the allegations. Is the gold-digger tag a stumbling block to her chance of marrying above her station? Prospective in-laws will look at her with a jaundiced eye.

  38. i am happy now bernice clarify what happen. i personally thinks tvb treats bernice unfairly. if you look at raymondlam scandal with mavis pan, he got all the supports including virgina lok. And Bernice get no support and being bash without any evidence.TVB treats artist so unfair……

    1. I love watching TVB dramas, but TVB treats stars unfairly. TVB only cares for money. Only if you are obedient and bring in revenue, then you will be a star. Its very simple.

  39. @Jayne – Moses have a new interview about his situation with Aimee and Bernice with Oriental Sunday 698! Let’s hear what he wants to talk about.

  40. I don’t see why so many people are attacking Moses. If it’s true that they broke up in 2008, why didn’t Bernice say anything about it? She couldn’t come out and clearly stated that they are simply friends and they have no relation whatsoever. She never had a problem with moses not “standing up” for her then. But now after she’s getting negative reviews she starts blaming Moses? And Noe she wants to play the victim because she has injuries with her back?

  41. Why are we getting so involved into this story. It’s between Moses and Bernice. So if you start dating a rich guy, should you be labelled a “gold digger”? Not fair for Bernice. Life moves on. Apparently, tthey were not meant for each other. Either parties has never confirmed or denied their relationship. Who cares…

  42. Those people who labelled her as gold digger is quite sad. It’s nothing wrong she dates another person (so happened the other man is rich that does not make her a gold digger). Moses never acknowledge their relationship after all these years. If you’re her, what would you do. Okay, maybe you’ll do it differently but after all it’s Bernice life and it’s her choice. Just because she’s a celebrity, people start to talking and talking non stop of her. I feel for her, for her case I don’t see anything wrong. After all she’s a woman that deserves to be loved by a man. Good luck to her new relationship

  43. Moses was a user who wasted Bernice’s time until he finds someone else. What a wimp. Not the type I would consider a real man.

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