Alastair Lam Admits He Had Dated Bernice Liu

The once popular TVB couple, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), suffered a bad breakup in 2010 when the Hong Kong media exposed that Bernice had been cheating on Moses with wealthy heir, Alastair Lam (林忠豪). Moses and Bernice also did not admit their relationship had ended to the public until after exposure, and the reports damaged Bernice’s reputation significantly.

Although Bernice insisted Alastair was just a good friend at the time, she stressed that her breakup with Moses occurred in 2008, and that a third party was not the cause of their split.

In his first public interview with Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Alastair admitted that he had dated Bernice before. Asked if he was the third party in Bernice and Moses’ relationship, Alastair said, “At the time, she told me that she didn’t have a boyfriend, so that was why we got together.”

Bernice and Alastair met through a mutual friend. “One night, my friend asked me if I could give his friend a ride, and he gave me her phone number. It was not until then that I realized that she was the Bernice Liu. After meeting up with each other for a month, we began dating.”

Alastair admitted that he once planned to propose marriage to Bernice, but in the end, the couple broke up due to the pressure of the media. “At the time, both of us had a lot of negative news. They kept on saying that she was a gold-digger and a cheater. As her boyfriend, I felt very unhappy. I also felt really bad. I felt as if it was I who had dragged her into this mess.”


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  1. Is it just me or does Bernice look really weird in this picture? O.o

    1. Yea I think she looks weird here maybe because its after her plastic surgery.
      I think she looked better before the surgery tbh.

      1. Her jawline looks better after the surgery. This photo is not the best because her nose looks bigger and those ‘bags’ under the eyes** and those hoop earrings (which she loves) are so out-of-date !

    1. Yeah, you’re absolutely right, but gold-diggers like Bernice would not look at his face when she sleeps with him. She just shuts off the lights, imagine the $ signs around her and just pretends that he’s someone else……that’s how most gold-diggers in HK get by with the ugly-looking mf like this Alastair…..I do give him credit for being smart enough to dump her after banging her and realizing she’s just another typical gold-digger.

      1. Wow….with comments like yours, is it a wonder that stereotyping of women still exist and thriving in this day and age ? Go figure…

      2. Let’s be real here. When was the last time any of you know of a hot girl that went with a fat and ugly guy that was poor?

        That’s right. N-E-V-E-R

      3. @ Mick:

        look at Hyroi Lee…her bf is below average! but she was the one who made the move on him..

      1. Oh, very…..very very jealous… and you?

        Feeling a bit anal today?

  2. I don’t see the need as to why Alastair Lam needed to make a confession that he had dated Bernice…they were fine with the “We are only friends” line for many months.

    Is it for his moment of fame?

    1. Who wouldn’t want to boast when your ex GF was Bernice eh? He probably needs to make confession to earn points for the afterlife. Amen.

    2. Jayne! Changed layout issit? Can’t see the latest comments and all that. Am confused.

      1. Funn
        There is a “Comments” button in the menu bar on top.
        The new layout streamlines choices to make navigating easier.

  3. This fat dude isn’t even in the entertaining scene, why is he giving interviews?

  4. Personally I think Bernice broke up with Moses in 2008 or she dated A. Lam but did not want to admit it. She wanted to continue accepting shows with Moses as a couple so that she could maintain her popularity and make more money. I know there are many fans of Bernice Liu here, but I doubt that Bernice Liu always told us the truth. I don’t think she was always very honest in her statements.

    I don’t think it was Moses’ fault to keep it a secret. He just did not want to hurt Bernice and admit their relationship was over. It was always better for the female to announce it first as some kind of respect. Moreover, if Bernice wanted to keep it as a secret and continue to accept shows as a couple, Moses’ announcement would ruin Bernice’s chances.

    1. I agreed on Bernice part. My stance is that Bernice still wanted to ride on the couple appearance fee after their breakup and Moses agreed to it. But when she was exposed dating Alistair, she blamed it on Moses who doesn’t defend her. What do you expect him to say? That it was all a charade? Remember, you signed the other half contract with the devil.

      1. But when she was exposed dating Alistair, she blamed it on Moses who doesn’t defend her. What do you expect him to say? That it was all a charade?
        From the above incidents, I think Bernice Liu was a rather selfish person. She wanted to “kill two birds with one stone”.

        Moses Chan was a very good gentleman, and he still loved her after the breakup in 2008. He hoped that Bernice would change her mind and go back to him soon.

    2. Moreover, Moses’ became more and more popular in the last few years, and Bernice’s was just the opposite. Bernice could still maintain her popularity by “keeping” her relationship with Moses.

      Perhaps Alastair felt it was unfair to blame Moses for the breakup, so he confessed the truth. Or he was able to see more of Bernice Liu after this “rumour”.

  5. Alastair is very ugly looking. Don’t know why Bernice Liu had dated with him in the first place unless he’s a super rich guy.

  6. Now that’s fkugly. Whatever makes her happy.

    Moses have never claim her as the gf. If u were her, you would cheat too. No need to be hiding her. He did not hide his relationship with Aimee.

    1. Moses never denied his relationship with Bernice. It was Bernice who did not want to admit it officially that they were a couple.

      Moses admitted this time with Aimee Chan because Aimee never denied it in the public.

      1. For all I know, TVB must approve every relationship. Ok. So, TVB didn’t want Moses and Bernice to admit their relationship in public. See how Boscolie didn’t admit their relationship until Myolie reached a safe point in her career. However, TVB is ok with Moses and Aimee flaunting their relationship. Hmm. I wonder why? Perhaps to help boost Aimee’s popularity because she’s a favorite. So, I don’t think it’s the artists’ choice.

    2. No one knows the real story. What if it was Bernice that wanted to hide the fact that they were together n Moses just respected her n went along with it? After all Bernice doesnt really have a good track records esp when there r tons of pics with her hanging out with rich men!!

      1. Men bashing and generally debasing of women, I can see where that’s coming from. But women bashing women…. I can never quite understand this. Maybe that’s why men still rule the world ? Ok that is flying off tandem a tad bit but still my core gripe.

        When an actress/woman goes with the well to do she is automatically labeled a gold digger. If she goes with a regular Joe, she’s called silly stupid for settling. And of cos her regular Joe will have even worse names plastered on himself, likes of ‘eating soft rice’ ‘eating slipper rice’etc.

        Are our cultural backgrounds and upbringing so readily steeped towards bad age old stereotypes ? I seriously hope this is not the case or norm but just voices of a minority ?

        Looking at Bernice’s sad affair/scandal, Its really a no win situation for her. I am not a fan of hers but I really hope that things will look up for her soon. The poor gal’s been dragged through the mud enough. Just when the dust is finally settling, here comes Mr Lam digging up the past all over again.

        We will never really know the truth about any of these rumors scandals and what not’s. So let us ‘chik de hou fook’ literal translation, earn some mouth luck and keep the ugly comments in check.

      2. Have the no idea what u r trying to point out by saying women bashing on women. Definitely not taking sides but juss stating my opinion.

  7. From what I read, Moses has never made their r’ship public like what he did to Aimee. Either he learnt his lesson or his love for Aimee is greater than Bernice a lot. And Bernice also clarified in her interview after she recovered from backbone injury which put her to rest for many months that, TVB has been defending only Moses and allowed the paparazzi to defame Bernice. Lastly, Moses has started with Aimee when Bernice was seeing this fat guy.

    1. See, I was right. He have never said Bernice was the gf in his past interviews. I guess he’s in love with Aimee that why he don’t care if everyone knows.

    2. It was Bernice Liu who denied her relationship with Moses Chan. If she denied it, Moses would seem very awkward if he admitted their relationship. Probably Bernice already had her plans for this breakup years ago, or she was not sure of her relationship with Moses.

      Aimee Chan did not admit it at the very beginning, but never denied it. She just smiled at the beginning of their relationship. She then admitted it after a little while. Of course, Moses learned his lesson, too, after his relationship with Bernice Liu. If they both admitted it, they could make further statements about each other thereafter, unlike Bernice Liu that he could not say a single word after their breakup or when Bernice was dating Alastair Lam.

    3. If Moses Chan was the victim in the rumour and Moses was their biological son while Bernice Liu had already left TVB, TVB surely only defended Moses. Why would TVB defend Bernice Liu if they knew the truth? TVB obviously knew the truth, but just did not want to disclose it for Bernice’s reputation.

      1. Hello. U seem to be UNaware of the actual news. Go check the history. Bernice was still under contract with TVB when her rship with Moses turned sour & TVB defended only Moses that time. Bernice reputation was completely tarnished when she was still with TVB.

  8. Her beauty certainly doesn’t fall under the Asia standards. She’s much prettier in person! Sad but true. If he wasn’t rich, she would care ABOUT his looks.

  9. I think Aimee Chan is the victim to be blamed for the breakup of their relationship no matter Aimee truly loves Moses or not.

    1. Nobody blames Aimee for the breakup b/c she wasn’t in the picture yet. Only blame Moses for being a “retracted head turtle” w/ Bernice.

      1. Many people hated Aimee on this Forum, not only for her acting and Cantonese, but also for her relationship with Moses. If you visited this Forum regularly in the last year, you would surely know.

      2. That’s right. Ppl hate her bad acting and her in your face lovey dovey relationship w/ Moses. But nobody thinks she broke Bernice and Moses up.

      3. I know, but a lot of people hated her because of her relationship with Moses. If Moses went for Aimee after he broke up with Bernice Liu in 2008, why did people treat their relationship so badly? Moses has his choice to find another girlfriend. A lot of people here used to like Aimee when she was new, and began to hate her after she had a relationship with Moses. Indirectly Aimee was blamed for being an “intruder”.

      4. Nobody here blames Aimee. She was so not part of their breakup. Where do u get ur facts? That’s right. We hate her acting.!!!!!

      5. Well, I have read many posts here saying that they hated Aimee because of her relationship with Moses. I did not make up this fact, why should I?

        I am not a big fan of either Moses Chan or Aimee Chan.

      6. They wrote that they hate her for her relationship with Moses because of the overexposure. Nothing to do with Bernice.

      7. aimee chan’s acting is surprisingly horrible :/ the only good performance i think she had is in forensic heroes….. since then its been all down hill 🙁

      8. in actual fact, ppl hated Aimee because her acting is not even good but she has been receiving special treatments, promotions & even nominations for whatever reason. but now, with the double standard treatments extended to Eliza & Christine Kuo as well, looks like Aimee won’t be the sole victim already.

      9. Who is worse in acting? Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam, or Rebecca Zhu? Now we have more newbies who cannot speak proper Cantonese, perhaps people can tell more.

      10. ” Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam, or Rebecca Zhu”

        Absolute worst?
        Rebecca Zhu and Christine Kuo

        Most hated
        Aimee Chan who is not the absolute worst

      11. Funn:
        Good answer.

        Whether you like or hate an artiste, it is your personal choice.

        In terms of acting, I think Aimee Chan is the best among those four newbies, and Rebecca Zhu and Christine Kuo are the worst. Eliza Sam seems to have some talents; she will improve when she has more exposure and acting experience.

      12. Aimee Chan is NOT a newbie. She has acting experience for more than 5 years, yet you are comparing who is the best actress against these true newbies like Rebecca and Eliza who just debuted this year? You just told us volumes about how lousy Aimee is at acting.

      13. As per Wikipedia, Christine Kuo has filmed 4 movies and 10 drama series since 2009. Is she considered a newbie, too?

        Aimee Chan has filmed 14 drama series and 1 movie. She started her acting career in 2008, just one year before Christine Kuo.

      14. Aimee Chan and Christine Kuo have more or less the same amount of acting experience. I guess people can tell easily who is better in acting.

      15. Aimee was MHK 06, Christine Kuo is MCI 09. That’s like 3 years?

        Besides I didn’t say Christine is a good actress? She’s just a BAD actress, just like Aimee Chan. Eliza and Rebecca are true newbies, who knows if they will end up like Charmaine or Linda?

        FYI: Aimee Chan and Mandy Wong debuted in the same year.

      16. In the past, Miss Hong Kong had to fulfill her obligations as Miss Hong Kong by doing charity work and visiting charity organizations for one year until the next Miss Hong was crowned. If Aimee Chan won her Miss Hong Kong in 2006, she would not be cast in drama series or sitcoms until 2007. TVB was not that aggressive in promoting newbies in the past. She was probably given some guest roles or just to appear in shows in 2007. As per Wikipedia, her first drama series was in 2008.

      17. As for Mandy Wong, she was professionally trained as an artiste. She attended the Hong Kong Academy for Performance Arts with majors in theatre, dance, and singing. She was placed among the top 5 finalists in Miss Hong Kong Pageant Show in 2006. She joined TVB that same year and was part of TVB’s graduating acting class of 2008. She debuted with a brief appearance in TVB’s 2007 sitcom “Best Selling Secrets”.

      18. How can we compare the acting skills of Mandy Wong vs. Aimee Chan? One was trained professionally (in college as well as in TVB) while the other one was not. Moreover, Aimee cannot read/understand or write Chinese which is to her disadvantage.

      19. Professionally trained or not, talent is a factor. I do not feel Mandy Wong is that great, nor do I think Aimee that bad.

        Christine has the looks, unfortunately, the longer the dialogue, the worse her accent and the more horrible her performance is. She really needs to work on her diction first.

      20. Talents would help an artiste move up faster. I cannot say much on Mandy Wong as I have not watched a lot of her performances. She seemed to do well in most of her characters.

        Personally I think Aimee has some talents in acting. For someone who cannot read or write Chinese, she seemed to do okay in her characters. At least she is improving.

        For Christine Kuo, I think she is the worst among these four actresses. I totally agree with you regarding her acting skills. It was a pain to watch her acting. She was not even good in answering questions in short interviews

        Eliza Sam is another newbie with acting talents. I think she will shine in the next two to three years.

      21. The others are worse than Aimee when it comes to acting, but they’re all bad anyway. Another point that annoys me about Aimee – and it may be a stupid reason, but I can’t help the way I feel – is that she seems to be channelling herself in most of her roles. You know, the ABCs or CBCs who think it’s cool to toss in English all the time…

  10. I used to like Bernice Liu in the past, but after I read too many rumours about her relationship with Moses and her dating Alastair, I changed my mind and had a better idea of her personality.

    1. But that’s why they’re called rumors. Nothing has been proven. U cannot believe everything the tabloids write.

      It’s kinda like how the housewives used to dislike Kate b/c they think she looks “wu lei jing”. She was just misunderstood.

    2. After hearing many rumours, we should be able to identify which one was true and which one was not true. Most people could over the years.

      1. Still, we don’t know her personally so it is a bit over to judge a person personality when we don’t even know her.

      2. If u read her twitter u can tell. Always talkubg aboyt this name brand n that name brand. She comes across very materialistic. N who knows if she’s tellung the truth that her n Moses broke up in 2008. She doesnt have the best track in telling the truth. What if they actually broke up in 2010 when he found that she was cheating on him. But as a gentlemen he doesnt wanna cause drama n doesnt wanna expose her lies. He seems like a gentlemen enough that he would juss go along with it to protect his ex. Esp since her reputation went out the door n he was still semi defending her.

      3. Not necessarily… I think we can have a better idea based on what we hear over the years,however, it is still all based on speculation since we still don’t know them personally or the true story. Only they know that so we as outsides can still only guess and speculate… Therefore, we will forever not know what is really true and what is not. Unless it becomes very obvious…

  11. Alistar Lam isnt even rich. The guy is just the nephew of KS Li and so people think he is rich. I think she broke up with him after she realized he was actually a con. She broke up with Moses thinking she found a rich guy only to find out she was conned into bed by a con artist. haha. actually Alistar and Bernice deserve each other on that basis

    1. This could have been true. Not surprised if Bernice had dumped Moses for a richer guy. Many people knew about it in the entertainment industry.

    2. Where you get your info that she’s the one who broke up with him? from all news and from what he said himself in this interview, it seems like he’s the one who initiate the break up with her

      1. Wouldnt anyone IF they found out that ur gf/bf was cheating or could have cheated on u?

    3. Hm…that can be true and sort of reminds me of Shirley and Gregory’s situation. But luckily Bernice did not get pregnant or anything or she could have ended up like Shirley.

  12. Why so many say Alastair is ugly? He looks ok to me. I bet if he slims down, he won’t look worse than Moses.

    1. Kidd, he’s ugly. But money does make an ugly looking man acceptable.

      Looks alone, fat or not, he is ugly. But maybe he has a heart of gold.

      Or maybe not since his revelation may prompt Bernice to go “Jerk!”.

      1. I’m not married so luckily I am not cursed. But perhaps my future husband will be richer.

  13. ““At the time, both of us had a lot of negative news. They kept on saying that she was a gold-digger and a cheater. As her boyfriend, I felt very unhappy. I also felt really bad. I felt as if it was I who had dragged her into this mess.””

    Unhappy because she is a gold digger and a cheat (what’s with this cheater nonsense!!) or he can’t stand the media pressure? Why push the buck to Bernice?

  14. I don’t think Moses is goodlooking and Alistair even worse. Bernice needs to date a perfect looking stud like Lee Min Ho Korean actor. Someone like him deserves the goodlooking title.

  15. thank god she left tvb. she’s just as bad of an actress as as aimee, christine, eliza etc.

  16. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…for Bernice to be attracted to Alastar, it could have been the outward visual “bling bling” that he had on at the time (car, watch, clothes,flash cash, platinum/black card etc.) which may have trumped his physical appearance which many viewers find not appealing. Additionally, A Lam may have the gift of “gab” and smothering attention which may have charmed her. I am sure many of you have seen in shopping malls, streets or restaurants very good looking guys or gals with not too appealing opposites. Did you pause and wonder what caused them to be attracted to each other?

  17. Let’s be real here. When was the last time any of you know of a hot girl that went with a fat and ugly guy that was poor?

    That’s right. N-E-V-E-R

    1. Wrong…you do not really know if the ugly guy was actually poor or dressed down to look poor as not to advertise their wealth…also look in the ghetto, there are “hot” girls with undeducated ugly poor BFs.

      1. That’s a poor example aptos. Back to my question, do you personally know any hot girl that is willing to be with fat, ugly guys that is poor?

      2. Whenever guys see an ugly, fat guy that got a good looking gf, we would ask if that guy is rich. And guess what? That’s Always the case.

  18. This guy isn’t believable at all!! After all this time he decides to bring up the past again to hurt someone that he was supposedly going to propose to? jerkface!!! She didn’t need his money, she was one of the highest earning actresses with sponsors and all.

    And why does everyone seem to think Moses is such a gentleman and a great catch?!?! He pretty much stepped on her in order to remain “popular” and acts all victim like…coward.

    1. Honestly, none of us know the whole story so I don’t think it is right to blame it all on Moses, Bernice or anyone… What is done is done and there is no turning back anymore… I wonder why Alastair had to suddenly confess that he dated Bernice?? is it to clear things up? For his 15 seconds of fame?? Who really knows??

    1. I’m not a fan of Bernice but I do trust she is a victim in Moses and this fat guy’s case.

      1. I am not a fan of Bernice or Moses, but I don’t think any of them are 100% innocent…

  19. seems lots of people hate Bernice 😉 I on the other hand love her

  20. Holy Crap! What an eye sore that “Alistair” is!

    I guess only a loser like him would want to brag about his ex trophy girlfriend.

  21. i am neutral w/her in terms of looks wise or acting wise. just average. if she has dated Hawick Lau before he is the most good cute looking on she has ever dated, Moses Chan is NOT A LOOKER himself ok but yes above seems worse. who knows if she is a gold digger or not i mean looks are NOT always everything i guess.
    Look at ex HK Mandy Cho or something, she is a pretty Ms. HK i think but did u guys see the husband’s face??? OMG, talk about beauty and the beast so not every couple matched. i see extremely unmatchable couples all the time out in the streets who knows if its always about $$$$$$?

    1. I remembered Mandy Cho’s husband. He did not look good …. not super ugly but just not too natural.

      1. hahahhaah, thank god someone agrees w/me. he seems a bit of like ‘down sydrome’ kind of face right? OMG, when i see handsome successful businessman or something in cantonese title i was like Ohhhhh OK…. hahaha…lol..

      2. I was shocked to see the face of Mandy Cho’s husband. He was not ugly ugly, but something very unnatural (or as you say “a bit of like ‘down sydrome’ kind of face”). Perhaps he is loaded with money and is a very successful businessman.

        Anyway Mandy Cho got pregnant first before she got married. Perhaps she had no choice with her pregnancy.

      3. yeah, i guess that’s whey they say when women dated ugly, old or bald men then obviously they are gold diggers. but i think mandy cho went to school w/him or something so even thou hes unnaturally ugly, perhaps shes NOT all the for money. she is pretty ms hk but soooo…under promoted from TVB, dont know why but it just is….

      4. Most of the Misses Hong Kong were under-promoted, except Kate Tze and Aimee Chan. Anne Huen was promoted for a few years until her popularity went down. Kate was promoted to act those tomboy roles at the beginning, and her look suited those characters. Aimee Chan was lucky and got promoted more by TVB due to her relationship with Moses Chan. Also she joined at the right time that TVB needed to promote newbies desperately.

  22. This guy should have said “No Comment!” to the question if he dated Bernice or not. Now, there is no need to tell anymore. Only the urge to brag with the trophy. Otherwise, I can’t see any benefit for him to confess now.

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