Bernice Liu Has New Love Interest?

Ever since Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) announced their marriage, there has been endless gossip surrounding the “unlucky” personal life of Moses’ ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu (廖碧兒). Reports mentioned that not only has Bernice’s love life turned for the worse, her career is also suffering. Earlier, Bernice was reported to have turned to “traditional methods” to find her Mr. Right, which consisted of wearing a tri-colored bracelet and worshipping.

Bernice has resorted to portraying supporting roles in mainland Chinese dramas, a drastic change from her usual lead billing status in TVB dramas. It has also been reported that Bernice’s income dropped significantly. Once crowned as 2007’s highest-paying Hong Kong television actress, it was reported recently that Bernice had to sell her 600-feet The Latitude estate to make ends meet.

But Bernice’s misfortune does not stop at her lack of career and love life. The 34-year-old’s former boyfriends – Hawick Lau (劉愷威), Moses Chan, and Alastair Lam (林忠豪) – have all moved on to different phases of life, while Bernice is stuck to doing “second-rate” dramas in mainland.

After breaking up with Bernice in 2004, Hawick went on to become one of mainland China’s most popular television actors, opening up his own production studio, and dating the country’s favorite idol actress, Yang Mi (楊冪). While Bernice went to mainland after her nasty breakup announcement with Moses in 2010, Moses remained to be one of TVB’s most cherished actors and even started a family with Aimee Chan. Alastair, on the other hand, announced his new relationship with mainland Chinese architectural firm heiress Carol and went to see his business reaching new heights.

New Boyfriend?

Hong Kong paparazzi caught up with Bernice at Hengdian World Studios, where she is shooting the Chinese drama Lucky Treasure <吉祥天寶>. The reporters spotted Bernice having a secretive dinner date with a “muscular Mandarin-speaking male” at a hotpot restaurant. Bernice, accompanied by her assistant, chose a concealed table at the corner of the restaurant, where they sat behind a transparent curtain. Ten minutes later, a muscular thirty-something year-old man entered the restaurant. He seemed to know where exactly Bernice was sitting and went straight to her table.

Once he sat down, Bernice ordered the server to lower the transparent curtain. After asking Bernice what she wanted on the menu, the man proceeded to order the food.

Throughout the two-hour dinner, the pair communicated in Mandarin. As Bernice is not yet fluent in the language, she had to ask her assistant to translate for her. Nonetheless, Bernice and the mysterious muscle man chatted amicably.

Her friend paid for dinner. Although they both resided in the same hotel, Bernice and the man left separately. Bernice was the first to leave with her assistant. Her friend left the restaurant a few minutes later.

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  1. Bernice’s face look slimmer now but she’s aging.

  2. How could it be a date when her assistant was with them the whole time, and Bernice and her assistant parted way with the man after dinner? If it was really a date, she wouldn’t invite her assistant with them even if her mandarin was not good. I hope reporters would leave her alone. Just because her exes are currently dating/married doesn’t mean she has to do the same. She should take a time to find the right man for her….it’s not a race against her exes.

    1. 100% agree with your last sentence. All the best to Bernice!

    2. I agree and it is fate as well and hope that she finds her other half soon. It is not a race with her exes.

  3. I really like Bernice n all the characters that she carried on. As for her personal business why do we care are judge? Not like we care.

  4. I like bernice’s acting. It is unfortunate that tvb did not support her after her breakup with Moses

  5. It almost sounds like a blind date or something…

  6. I love her smile so much and her acting skill as well. I can’t never forget her acting along with Frankie Lam and Steven Ma in Steps.

  7. No, that wasn’t her acting, that was her personality. She is not the best actress by any means.

  8. she’s down the hill regardless of how people judge her acting. From leading actress like a rose or sunflower to becoming surrounding leaves.

    She’s lucky if she’s hired as leaf.

    Thats the price for dumping moses.

  9. After Bernice, all men find better girls. Bernice can open a serial show of dating for men to get better girls after her.

  10. Sometimes it’s really about destiny. I felt sorry for Bernice that Moses didnt announce their relationship all these years. And Moses immediatley announced his relationship with Aimee & it happened as fast as thunder & they’re now married. It really has nothing to do with the number of years one dates.

    1. that’s love at first sight and maybe moses and aimee are fated to be we cant say who is wrong and right

  11. To be honest, I’ve always like Bernice – ever since I saw her in Healing Hands 3.

    It’s a pity that politics played such a big role in the demise of her TVB career – if she had played her cards right; she would’ve been a number 1 fadan in no time given how much she was receiving in endorsements alone!

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