Bernice Liu Caught Dating New Rich Boyfriend

Throughout their six-year relationship, Bernice Liu Bik Yee and Moses Chan Ho have had their share of splits and reunifications. On Saturday night, the paparazzi spotted Bernice on a date with new rich boyfriend, Alastair Lam.

After meeting with friends for dinner, Bernice stayed at Alastair’s house until 3 AM before leaving. Next, the pair  stopped at Alastair’s friend’s house. Afterwards, Alastair drove Bernice home in his $4 million (HKD) Lamborghini sports car. Bernice was carrying a $100,000 (HKD) Hermes Birkin bag and smiled brightly despite the obvious presence of reporters.

Who is Alastair Lam?

With a prestigious family background, Alastair Lam is one of the most sought-after bachelors in Hong Kong . His mother, Chong Yuet Wah’s family owns the Chung Nam Watch business. Alastair’s father is a famous surgeon and Deputy Chairman of CC Land Holdings Ltd. After completing his studies in the United States , Alastair founded his own business to realize his environmental interests. In 2006, he invested in environmental-friendly air conditioners and last year, he invested in fluorescent lights. His business portfolio expanded to restaurants, retail, manufacturing, trade, real estate and property management. Alastaire’s accomplishments were recognized when he won the “Young Entrepreneur Award” in 2010.
Apart from managing his own businesses, Alastair is also the Chairman of Synergy Lighting Ltd., the Vice President of Zhongshan Delta Chamber of Commerce, member of the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Committee, and a member of the Film Advisory Panel.  Along with Jaycee Fong Cho Ming, Alastair invested in Rio mint candies earlier. In addition to his business ventures, he enjoys golf and tourism.

Excerpt from the Sun

Jayne: Smart and successful men often attract beautiful women. From the photos, it’s obvious Alastair has eyes only for Bernice. From their body language, it seems that they may be in the early part of a dating relationship.

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  1. WHAT? I mean I never thought of Moses as exceedingly good looking but surely he is way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than this one? Is money everything? Moses is earning well also! Is every beautiful woman a gold digger?

  2. Well honestly, no matter how much an asian actor earns, I don’t think they can ever have as much as those soul called wealthy people and millionaires. Actresses/beautiful women are a lot more greedy than you think.

  3. OMG. Just looking at him makes me vomit a little. But I guess some woman will “do” um, I mean date anything as long as there’s enough $$$. But I always thought Bernice was classier than that. Guess not.

  4. So, Moses is way better than Alastair Lam just Moses is better looking?

    From Alastair Lam’s long list of achievement , I can see that Alastair is a very capable man. This man build his own business empire. This aspect is already attractive enough for a lot of women.

    I like Moses. I find his very charismatic and down to earth and has a sense of humour too. Moses might not be able to translate his charisma onscreen all the time, but, I find his off screen persona attractive.

    But, even then, I don’t think Alastair lost out to Moses. This guy cares about the environment and brainy enough to be successful in a lot of business.

    Money is a factor. But, I don’t get why you guys immediately zoomed in on the ‘rich’ part and disregard everything else written.

    We don’t know what happen between Bernice and Moses. Maybe after so many years, they found out they have a lot of unreconcilable differences or their feelings has changed. Wayne Lai can break up with his wife afer 10 years (forgot the 10 years is dating+marriage or marriage only), what is 6 years of underground relationship?

    Many women will like to marry a capable man who can provide them a comfortable life. Actresses/beautiful women are no more ‘greedier’ than the average women.

  5. I agree with you Kidd.

    I feel that everyone is kind of jumping the gun here and saying that Bernice is the one at fault because she’s just a gold digger like any stereotypical actress. Truth is, we don’t know the full story behind Moses and Bernice. All we know about those two and their ‘relationship’ is what’s found in magazines and tabloids. Forgive me for saying this but how much can you really trust in those so called news pieces especially the HK tabloids. Most of it is just pure rubbish yet some people follow it religiously, it’s just ridiculous. While I’ll concede that Moses is better looking, there’s more to looks that attract a woman and I don’t just mean money. Personality, interests, security, connectedness and more all play an important role in relationships and for me, matter more than looks or money. If you can’t even get along, how do live your lives together.

  6. Woow. that lambo looks niceee. Same, I never thought moses was that goood looking, but damn compared to this dude, Moses looks good.

  7. and you ladies were all saying something about women not gold digging

  8. Sorry if I am saying that Bernice is going for money, but hey who doesn’t to an extent these days?? Some are just more materialistic than others. I once again will come back to what my dad told me, guys go for “se”(looks and beauty) while girls go for “cai”(money and fortune).Even one of my close who is attractive married a rich guy, but she does love him too. However, she does admit that she only partly with him because he has money and can provide for her and her children. She does not even need to work and lives a lavishing lifestyle. She is just a normal attractive girl too so can you even imagine the kind of life an actress would want???

  9. Lets say if this guy has all the qualification listed above but without his millionaire family background, would Bernice settle for him? Not in a million years! So in conclusion, MONEY get you the girls.

  10. Ekinfan, women are gold diggers as much as men are beauty chasers.

    Women want security, men ermm trophies, especially very rich man. So yes Ekinfan you’re right, but half right.

    HK Tabloids may be rubbish but sometimes there is a little truth in rubbish. But I have never heard anything negative about Moses and Bernice as a golden couple. So like everyone says maybe she is bored with him because Moses seems surprised. Maybe there is only so much cappuccino a girl can drink before being caffeine addicted. I suppose she prefers fine wine now.

  11. @ Darren

    “Lets say if this guy has all the qualification listed above but without his millionaire family background, would Bernice settle for him? Not in a million years! So in conclusion, MONEY get you the girls.”

    I think she would.

  12. @ Darren

    “Lets say if this guy has all the qualification listed above but without his millionaire family background, would Bernice settle for him? Not in a million years! So in conclusion, MONEY get you the girls.”

    If a guy has all the qualification listed above, even without the rich family background, he’s already better than a lot of guys. Why would Bernice settle for him?

  13. Maybe status is a priority? But I always believe a man who makes his own money makes his own status.

  14. Sorry, type error for my previous post.

    @ Darren

    “Lets say if this guy has all the qualification listed above but without his millionaire family background, would Bernice settle for him? Not in a million years! So in conclusion, MONEY get you the girls.”

    If a guy has all the qualification listed above, even without the rich family background, he’s already better than a lot of guys. Why wouldn’t Bernice settle for him?

  15. Good for Bernice!

    It’s wrong for Bernice to go after money, but okay to go for looks? That certainly seems to be the implication when people say this Alistair guy is unattractive!

    Why should she settle for a relationship that is unlikely to go anywhere in the foreseeable future over a guy who might treat her like a queen (not just thinking of the materialistic side)?

    If guys are allowed to be attracted to beauty, why aren’t women allowed to be attracted to power and money? Sure, I will look down on a woman who marries solely for money, if the woman is capable of making her own living. Just like I don’t look favourably on men who goes only for beauty.

    But women can also genuinely attracted to guys who are intelligent, capable of providing a sense of security, etc. This Alistair guy seems to be both these things when he has managed his businesses so well. In addition, he also cares about the environment. But all this doesn’t matter because he’s not good-looking so obviously Bernice must have only been attracted to his money?

  16. yeah, he built his business empire without any help from his family……….

  17. I’m with Kidd on this one. He might be ugly but it seems he is very capable and makes his own money.

    Sure Moses is a likeable guy, seems like a gentleman and better-looking than this one but I don’t think it’s fair to say Bernice is a gold digger and that she left Moses just b/c this new one has $. The two probably had legit reasons to break up. They were together awhile… that is, if you believe that tabloids that they were together. 😉

  18. Money will attract ppl to want to know the person, but personality is what makes a couple get together. what’s the point of being in a relationship without real love and happiness?

  19. I believe the tabloids. They were together. Nice guy finishes last eh? No doubt he is capable which is why he should choose his woman wisely. One who loves you for you and not kaching. But then the line is so hard to draw.

    But she looks happy. Isn’t that real happiness?

  20. ^Do you enjoy giving very generalised, offensive comments?

    According to you:
    – Women will throw their friends under the bus for a guy, but men will always choose their friends.

    – Smart, business savvy men = nerds.

  21. the nerds with the money, not just plain nerd.
    I am not a bit surprise by the news. What is new, she is not first actress to be with a rich bachelor. Hopefully the break-up with Moses was on a friendly term. There a plenty of women in HK or the world, Moses will find his other half and she would love his Cappucino and never get sick of it:)

  22. Look on the bright side, from Jayne’s observation, they may be early into the dating phase. Things could take a turn of change.

    Don’t be too shallow to judge too soon. Give them the benefit of doubt. Since this Alastair Lam cares for the environment (assuming so from his business ventures), he may be a nice, sensitive and caring guy on top of being intelligent. I think this is what women are most attracted to… and I think this is what Bernice is attracted to since in her interview, she mentioned them having the same interests in business. She looks like the intelligent type to want someone who shares common and constructive interests with her. Him being rich may just be a bonus.

    I’m not really a fan of Bernice’s acting though i admire her beauty and the charisma she exudes. I am a fan of Moses though, and i hope he takes it well and not let it affect his career. i’m really proud that he commented so professionally, calm and sensitive, not wanting to bad mouth Bernice. All the more liking him…

  23. A “real” gentleman would of carried Bernice’s orange bag! Well, I guess at least he opened the car door for her, maybe to prevent it from being scratched if she opened it herself? LOL. Lastly, from the last picture, he is walking before Bernice…typical ego male – don’t even wait for her!

  24. Bernice is better suited as a model than an actress. She has an attractive appearance, a very photogenic face and cute charismatic appeal – but her cute charisma lost in dramas and her beautiful offscreen curves make her look “big”.

    Well both Bernice and Moses are adults so they must know what’s best for them.

  25. Well, on the face of it, it appears that Bernice is going for the ‘better’ catch. Alastair,though nothing to look at, especially when compared with Moses, is super rich, talented and is the nephew of none other than than Li Ka Sheng himself. In other words, it spells wealth, talent and status. Most girls would be flattered, indeed, to be Alastair’s girl friend. But to be fair to Bernice, we can’t judge and quickly jump to conclusions that she is a ‘gold digger’ etc. If Moses was ever her boy friend, then it will depend on how much she really did care for and love him.If she did than I would think very poorly of her.

  26. why is all beautiful women such a cheap kind of species? why why why ?

  27. @ tyler

    Why is choose the cream of the crop cheap?

    Not talking about tyler, since I don’t know tyler, so, don’t know how his life is.
    It’s funny how some guys, who themselves are not much of a great catch, keep on eying the beautiful girls, wanting the beautiful girls, instead of considering the more average girls around them. But, when these beautiful girls choose someone with better quality, they label these girls as cheap, shallow etc. What a hypocrite. Both men and women want the best partner for themselves. Men want beautiful wife, women want husband who can provide them security. If given the opportunity, both men and women will go for the best.

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