Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s Hot Romance

Although romantically linked to Aarif Lee (李治廷) in the past, it turns out that Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) may in fact be dating The Empress of China <武媚娘傳奇> co-star Li Chen (李晨), with whom she reportedly spent Valentine’s Day.

Photographs of Li Chen heading over to Bingbing’s hotel room in Shanghai during the Valentine’s Day weekend circulated like wildfire in the media, neither party has directly spoken about the subject. However, both have been flirting with each other through their Sina Weibo blogs.

Evidently prepared for endless questions from the paparazzi, Bingbing put on her best smile and ignored questions about Li Chen during her recent promotions for The Empress of China. When asked whether Li Chen had spent two nights with her in Shanghai, Bingbing absentmindedly answered, “Huh?” Acting confused, Bingbing turned away from the paparazzi almost immediately and did not respond further.

While Bingbing and Li Chen’s secret romance was only exposed recently, the public already began speculating that the 33-year-old actress has accepted Li Chen’s marriage proposal and will be tying the knot in June.


Source: Ming Pao

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      1. Perhaps he aims FBB from the beginning and dates the copy to test before starting with the original.

        Just kidding.

  1. Aarif was slightly more good looking and rich.. Lol

    1. Atleast she choose a mainland guy and not a hongkonger/taiwanese or an overseas chinese/foreigner. Sticking with her own people not like Yang Mi, Gao Yuan Yuan, Tang Wei etc. I’m not from mainland btw.

      1. R u sayin that its wrong for a pretty mainland actress to marry non mainlanders? Rolf

      2. @meromero i think that its because of their popularity. The pairings of mainland actresses and their boyfriend/husband(non mainlander) are usually – popular wife/girlfriend and so-so husband/boyfriend. Not trying to be rude but Hawick basicly got to where he is today thanks to his wife. But he seems to treat her so well it is his wife lol. Dont know about the others but atleast Hawick seems like a nice guy.
        Its not wrong tho

      3. @Kai: Sorry, Hawick is already something before dating and marrying Yang Mi. Sealed with a kiss was merely a mess to me but he got fame through it to become a nan shen of novel adaption. Up to this moment, it is hard to tell Hawick or Yang Mi, who is more famous.

      4. Hawick was already popular in mainland before he married Yang mi, After her married Yang Mi his shows were not so good. Anyhow I hope the new series with Tang Yan would turn a different direction. I really like Hawick!

      5. Yes,Hawick was already popular before dating and marrying Yang Mi. You marry who you are compatible with,love,etc… Their nationality,race,etc… Should not matter at all. In fact,it seems like mainland actresses hope to hook up with actors from HK and other places in order to get out of China,which is why do many mainlanders try to come to Hk and other countries. I guess even if you are rich in China,life is still restricted so many still want to live elsewhere.

      6. Might be some cases but not in the case of Yang Mi.

        And HK girls are dating Chinese guys as well. Example: Niki and Jeremy Jones.

        Btw, backing to Li Chen, look like he brings luck to the girls he dates. Viann is now rising actress in China and FBB has in hand the highest rated series with some records. Li Chen, you are lucky guy.

    2. I don’t think it about marrying for fame while some people do marrying for money.
      Ada Choi and Sonija Kwok’s mainland husband don’t have high income nor is their husband famous.
      Barbie Hsu and Rene Liu’s mainland husband are wealthy though.
      As for Hawick,he is not really popular in china nor was he ever popular in HK.

  2. Yeahh,hawick was already popular and famous before dating yang mi

  3. Being in Chinese running man sure is a good thing for him. Now get to date more popular actresses.

    1. He is as popular in Mainland as Kevin Cheng. ROTFL

      Two middle-aged HK A’holes still trying to act young.

  4. Fake beauty is always look hot and it won’t less forever.

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