Fan Bingbing’s New Rumored Relationship

Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) has been struggling to make a comeback ever since her tax evasion scandal in 2018. During the past two years, she has participated in several magazine shoots, events, as well as a cameo in a Korean drama but has not made an official return to the Chinese entertainment industry. In 2019, she broke up with actor Li Chen (李晨) and her romantic life has been relatively quiet. Recently, paparazzi caught the 40-year-old actress attending a family gathering with a mysterious man, who is suspected to be her new boyfriend due to their intimate behavior.

In the video, Bingbing is seen holding the man’s hand. He in turn kissed the back of her hand. She often touched his belly, and also wrapped her arm around his waist. The man pulled her into his embrace, and she laid her head on his shoulder while he kissed her forehead. When Bingbing’s mother stepped out carrying bags in both hands, the man immediately stepped forward to relieve her of the burden.

Although the man’s face was blurry, eagle-eyed netizens discovered that he had appeared in Bingbing’s vlog for her brand, Fan Beauty Secret, in May. He was sitting by her side and had a ring on his ring finger. It is said that he is her business partner and an executive team member.

After the news was released, the man was quickly revealed to be Guo Yanfeng (郭岩峰), who is the same age as Bingbing. It is said that he was in the army for 18 years and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (second rank). After discharge, he worked at a finance company as the Assistant Vice President and was also the youngest member of the management team. A netizen disclosed that Guo Yanfeng is a high achiever, yet possesses an easygoing personality. It is also said that he has already met her family.

Source: HK01

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    1. She probably realizes the qualities of a good partner is more than just having a movie star’s face.

  1. There is a Chinese saying:”kill the chicken to frighten the monkey.”…She was the chicken…along with a few periodically..

  2. Well even though I find her overrated, I think it’s great she’s found another partner who isn’t afraid of obstacles in her way. Or the media press regarding their relationship. Congrats

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