Fan Bingbing’s Huading Appearance Literally Canceled Last Minute

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) infamously went missing for three months after a TV anchor exposed the actress for possible tax fraud. Secretly detained by authorities, she stayed out of the public eye’s for three months before finally emerging in October 2018, admitting to tax fraud. Reports say she was ordered to pay out nearly 128 million yuan in fines to avoid prosecution.

It’s now been two years since the incident, and Fan Bingbing is still struggling to return to mainstream prominence. While the 39-year-old is making millions as a streamer, Chinese authorities are keeping a close eye on her, and it appears that they don’t want her to make a comeback too soon.

This week’s appearance for the 27th Huading Awards would have been Fan Bingbing’s first mainstream appearance in a long time. Fan Bingbing and her team treated this appearance with care—she glammed up with a long black gown and walked the red carpet with grace. Many netizens and fans shared that they felt a mixture of shock and relief after seeing Fan Bingbing back in business.

Fan Bingbing also uploaded a photo of herself in the gown on social media, writing, “2013 was the year I won Best Actress at the Huading Awards. This year, I get to return to the Huading Awards as a special guest!” She added that she still has a long road ahead when it comes to developing her acting career, and promises to work hard.

Her appearance on the Huading stage was almost a done deal, but shortly after being called to the venue, she suddenly received a cancelation notice—Fan Bingbing would not be appearing on stage as a guest presenter. Before the awards show ended, Fan Bingbing was seen leaving the venue with her staff. According to organizers, there was a last-minute change to her schedule and they decided that she wasn’t needed.

There are many speculations as to why organizers suddenly canceled Fan Bingbing’s appearance, but according to Hong Kong actress Rain Li (李彩華), who also attended that night to present an award, many guest presenters had their schedules changed last minute.

“I was told to present a different award,” said Rain, who sat in front of Fan Bingbing that night. “It’s possible that she went through similar changes.”


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