Fan Bingbing Makes a Comeback in Korean Movie “Green Night”

Since her shocking tax fraud scandal in 2018, Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) entertainment career in China has been unable to be salvaged. While she is still a successful beauty entrepreneur, the 41-year-old remains ambitious in her acting dreams and can be seen starring in a new Korean LGBT thriller, Green Night. It is said that she has already flown to Germany to prepare for the movie’s premiere this week at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Green Night started filming in February 2022 in Korea, and is said to be primarily produced by Hong Kong investors with the assistance of a Korean company. It is directed by Chinese director Han Shuai (韓帥), winner of the Grand Prix for Best Film in the Kplus competition at the 2021 71st Berlin International Film Festival.

In the film, Fan Bingbing plays a Chinese immigrant who works at Seoul’s airport security checkpoint. She is immediately attracted to  a green-haired woman played by Lee Joo Young best known for her transgender role in Itaewon Class. The pair develop a relationship, leaving their oppressive, useless husbands. When the young woman involves her in her shady activities, it becomes clear that the two have more in common than they thought. On the lookout for the big hit that could free them from all their dependencies, they venture into South Korea’s underworld where they hold their own against men who seek to dominate, possess, and use them.

“Green Night” Trailer

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  1. She must miss acting. alot. Some may not rate her acting but I have watched afew of her projects and I have like a couple of them. Will be keen to watch this project of her..

  2. Read somewhere this is actually classified as a HK/China film. The director and producers are all Chinese with a Korean co-star.

  3. I actually think she’s a good to solid actress, but I would not say she’s a thespian. That’s a different league.
    Her beauty opened a lot of doors and she was smart enough to make a lot of money from commercial success instead of critical acclaim. It’s almost as if her beauty is a disservice to her because she can tackle psychologically disturbed roles well but is often given something that has high production value and a lot of cleavage i.e. Empress of China

    1. Lol, The drama with 3 versions… I have all 3 versions. The China, Hongkong and Taiwan..

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