Fan Bingbing Fined 883 Million Yuan For Tax Evasion

By on October 3, 2018 in NEWS

Fan Bingbing Fined 883 Million Yuan For Tax Evasion

After going missing for several months, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) has finally reappeared on Wednesday. Reports on Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion turned out to be true, and the actress admitted to all accusations in a long apology letter she posted on Weibo Wednesday.

In June, former Chinese television host and producer Cui Yongyuan (崔永元) tipped authorities about Fan Bingbing’s habit of signing “yin yang contracts” as a way to evade paying tax. According to the Chinese media, Fan Bingbing reported only 10 million yuan in a 30 million yuan contract she had for the film Air Strike <大轟炸>. She recorded the remaining 20 million yuan in a separate contract, effectively paying 7.3 million yuan less in taxes. She also evaded 248 million yuan in additional taxes.

The Jiangsu Taxation Bureau reported that Fan Bingbing has been fined for 883 million yuan (approximately US$129 million) for overdue taxes and other offenses. As a first time offender, Fan Bingbing will not be faced with criminal prosecutions if the fines are paid on time. The deadline of the due date has not been disclosed.


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Fan Bingbing Fined 883 Million Yuan For Tax Evasion

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  • 5 comments to Fan Bingbing Fined 883 Million Yuan For Tax Evasion

    1. jimmyszeto says:

      ‘Evading $30-$40million worth of taxes and not prosecuted because it’s a first time offence’. That’s hilarious!

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    2. jimmyszeto says:

      Just goes to show how ridiculously overpaid chinese celebrities are. Some of the most famous international sports superstars would not have a net worth equal to Fan BingBing’s fine of $129million US.

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      • @jimmyszeto That’s honestly not a problem. China is huge and the top stars are usually known all throughout Asia so if they have that value and are able to make bank? Good for them.

        But what FBB did (and no doubt lots of rich people all over the globe do to) is deplorable. I can’t imagine worst scums than billionaires and filthy rich people evading taxes when they are already hoarding so much wealth in a world with so much economic suffering and practical slave labour.

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    3. jimmyszeto says:

      It does not matter how pretty FBB looks. Her personality stinks and is a criminal. I don’t know what China use the tax money for but certainly more useful purposes than her illegitimately hogging it in her coffers. Her fan base is enormous including people in poverty, middle class who pay full taxes and young people who look up to her as a perfect role model. She is an utter disgrace and cannot be given respect anymore….

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    4. m0m0 says:

      well, the money’s just going to go from her directly into the the pockets of the corrupted officials. too bad for the chinese people not able to get their fair share of the wealth.

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