Fan Bingbing Reveals the Reason for Breaking Up With Li Chen

Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) has kept a relatively low profile since being caught for tax evasion in 2018. The scandal led to her being dropped by numerous sponsors, and films and she also broke up with her fiancé Li Chen (李晨). After the breakup, Bingbing never publicly discussed Li Chen until finally breaking her silence and revealing the reason behind their split in an interview yesterday.

“I do not regret any part of this relationship, and I want to thank Li Chen for giving me beautiful memories.” The 39-year-old praised Li Chen for being a very good man, “He is someone who is really worthy of my respect and my efforts. That is why we are still very good friends until this day, and I hope that everything goes well for him in the future.”

She acknowledged that her tax scandal had caused a lot of inconvenience for Li Chen and her younger brother, Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞). “Many people would try to defame them. They weren’t standing in our shoes, and they didn’t understand how hard it was for us to even take a step forward. Because of me, all of their work stopped and they suffered a lot. I worried a lot about them, and the only thing I could do was to let them leave me so that I can try my best to not affect them.”

The pair started dating in 2015 and announced their relationship on Weibo. As the couple grew closer, they bought a house together in Qingdao. Referring to Li Chen as her last boyfriend, Bingbing accepted his proposal at her 36th birthday party three years ago. During her tax scandal, Li Chen continued to support her publicly and also on social media, stating that they would get through this together.

But the mounting pressure from the tax scandal was too massive for them to bear together. When Li Chen withdrew his shares from his joint company with Fan Bingbing in January 2019, it was speculated that the pair would part because of the scandal. In June 2019, they officially announced their breakup on social media, stating that they would always be there to support one another.


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  1. Well, she is likely going to date someone really rich…. She got herself into this situtation. I dont feel sorry for her….Everyone pay taxes. Why should the rich always gets away giving less??

  2. From what she says seems likely they may get back together in the future or possibly fake break-up in order not to involve Li Chen in the scandal.

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