“Modern Dynasty” Finale Hints at Sequel

[Spoilers ahead!]

With a mostly Hong Kong cast led by Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯), Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Rain Li (熊黛林) and Him Law (羅子溢), heavyweight drama Modern Dynasty <家族榮耀> aired its finale episode recently on Chinese streaming platforms.

Story Wraps Up

The Ma family rejoiced after Zhen Xin’s (Tavia) various crimes were exposed, and she was sentenced to jail. The typical happy ending played out–eldest sister Choi Mei (Lynn) had a change of temperament and became more cordial and affable, third sister Ciu Ci (Rain Li) is again pregnant, while fourth sister Zhaoci (Toby Leung 梁靖琪) and Jason Wu (胡卓希) reveal their mutually feelings for each other.

Sympathy for Tavia’s Character?

Couple dynamics in the feuding wealthy family

Even though Zhen Xin’s underhanded means and ill intentions deserve punishment,  many viewers were sympathetic towards her given her pitiful encounters and cheating husband Joe (Raymond Wong 黃浩然) had fathered a child with his extramarital partner. Having to fend for her parents, brother and family, there also appeared to be no single person who cared for her besides Chilam.

In contrast, her two sisters-in-law had a better lot in life – Choi Mei had a moody temperament at first, enjoying gossiping and showing off, yet was doted on by her husband (Derek Kok 郭政鴻). Although she married into the Ma family to execute her revenge plans, Rain was showered with love from her husband (Him Law 羅子溢) and adored by a male friend (Hu Jiong Long 胡炯龍), while receiving her father’s clandestine protection and care.

Twist + Hints of a Sequel

Tavia is ambushed in the laundry room while serving her sentence; Gallen hints at his intentions.

Imprisoned, a reformed Tavia abides by all the rules, but was stabbed by a sharpened toothbrush by a fellow inmate who resembled Liu Yue (劉悅), her husband’s mistress. Instead, she reveals herself to be Liu Yue’s sister. While Tavia is not critically wounded, having the camera stop at the scene of her injury seemed to hint at a turn in the situation, setting the stage for a sequel.

Making a short but critical appearance in the final episode was the mysterious third uncle Ma Shixing (Gallen Lo 羅嘉良) who looked extremely swag in a coat, leather gloves, and shades.

A short but telling conversation he has with Chilam reveals that there might be more than meets the eye regarding his real intent for returning. It also turns out that he had all along been in cahoots with Mr. De Rossi, the alleged mastermind behind the millionaire involved in the acquisition of the Ma Group. Gallen had also been involved in the acquisition, and it might even be possible for Tavia’s injury to be their arrangement as well.

Gallen makes a striking presence in the final episode.

While the plot disclosed that Gallen had been in Singapore all along, he did not appear when the Ma family was in trouble, but only returned to Hong Kong after his brother’s death. He resolves to “get back what he deserves this time,” making it likely that he is actually the mastermind of it all, and had possibly made use of Chilam to deal with the Ma Group. With hints of a sequel, fans are speculating if Gallen and Tavia will join hands to deal with the Ma family, or if Chilam and Him will work together to target their common enemy.

Source: HK01

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  1. I looked up the ages of the leading actors in this series. They are in their 40s and 50’s. It’s hard to believe that TVB thinks their aged actors can pull it off as newlyweds, living under one roof and under their parents’ thumb. No wonder they are losing audience.

    1. But majority dont look their age anyways so it doesnt make it look weird in dramas. Say they get someone who is 90 years old like law lan and make her play a newlywed…Now thats weird hahahah!

  2. High-budget production, but Tavia and Rain playing pageant winners that were in their 20s is almost stretching it. I watched all 30 episodes and the most pleasant people to watch were Rain Li, Jason Wu, and the guy who plays Rain’s biological father and her childhood friend. All 3 males I mentioned didn’t have much screen time either. Rain Li’s character was just likeable albeit a little unrealistic at times. Lynn was good but dramatic.

    1. Lol there where some Chinese news reporting that Rain looked like a transvestite because maybe she the makeup artist didn’t like her. Actors aside the plot is extremely linear laughable. Not to mention you get a bunch of A list actors with subpar acting. Kinda wasted with a shitty script.

      Julian is overrated. He acts the same in every show I’ve seen. Tavia type casted baddie in both mainland and HK, typical but she’s not even that bad, most of the events happened without her consent and she just went with the flow save for the final decision to take over the company.

      That Rain biological father is stupid and weak. Died from a push horrible writing. Would make more sense Tavia hired gangster to bury or something.

  3. I just want to comment that the grammar in this article is horrible. I think someone should proofread it before posting. There are spelling and capitalization mistakes as well.

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